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					Pediatric OT and PT Students
First Day Information

Due no later than two months prior to your start date:
   Student Health Screening Form
   Computer Access Information Form
   Confidentiality Agreement Form
   Student Data Form

These are available on the website at .

Where to come:
All pediatric OT and PT students will come to the outpatient clinic on their first morning
at 8:30. Outpatient Pediatric Rehab is located at:

Vanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks
719 Thompson Lane, Suite 21000
Nashville, TN 37204

The clinic is just inside Entrance G, which is at the back of the building on the end
closest to Guitar Center. There is a parking lot just outside Entrance G. Have the front
desk page Administrative Assistant when you arrive.

What to wear:
Please read the dress code prior to your first day for this information. Please note that a
lab coat is not recommended.

What to bring:
      1. Vehicle Registration and Driver’s License
      2. Check for Parking
      3. Clinical Education material from your school
      4. Money for lunch or snacks. A refrigerator and microwave are available.
What to expect on your first day:
All students should arrive in the outpatient clinic at One Hundred Oaks by 8:30 to meet
Administrative Assistant. You will travel to the main campus to have a picture taken for
a Vanderbilt ID badge and to obtain parking pass. You will tour the facility and meet
some of the staff. You will complete orientation training and will activate your computer
access codes. Time will be provided to review Hospital and Rehab Services Policies and
Procedures. You will meet with your clinical instructor after lunch, who will orient you
to your assigned area and discuss the plan for your Vanderbilt clinical experience.

For OT Information: contact Missy Bryan
E-mail address:
Phone: (615)343-6445         Fax: (615)343-0506
Pager: (615)831-4215

For PT Information: contact Heidi Kessler
E-mail address:
Phone: (615) 343-6445         Fax: (615) 343-0506
Pager: (615) 831-8127

If you have questions or concerns, please call or email us prior to your assigned date of


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