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					                                                                                            Terms and Conditions
                                                                                           Emscote Infant School

BREAKFAST CLUB                                                 Late payments will incur a 20% administration fee.
Children will be walked to the school playground at 8.45       If anyone has problems with payments please speak to
am from the Contact Centre.                                    Club Managers ASAP.

AFTER-SCHOOL CLUB                                              CASUAL PAYMENTS
Class teachers will bring children to the school hall and      Full payment must be received at time of booking. No
are then walked back to the Contact Centre.                    credits will be given for unused or partially used
                                                               sessions. Once a booking has been made it is not
ATTENDANCE                                                     possible for you to make any changes or cancellations.
Please inform the Club Managers if your child will not be
attending the Club due to illness etc.                         We accept Childcare Vouchers, Cash or Online
                                                               Banking (Sort Code 30-94-93 Account Number
SECURITY                                                       30575668)
You must sign your child in or out of the attendance
register at each session. A security word may be asked         COLLECTION
for those collecting your child.                               All children must be collected by the end of their session
                                                               by an authorised adult. If you are DELAYED please
BEHAVIOUR                                                      inform the managers a.s.a.p. On 07834 241414.
Scallywags Activity Club operates a behaviour policy           Any late collection will incur a fee, see below
which children are expected to follow, policy is available
on request. If any child’s behaviour is, or becomes, such      LATE COLLECTION
that the safety and well being of staff or other children in   Sessions finishing at 5.15 pm will incur a fee of £1.25 if
the care of the club are threatened, the club may              you collect later. All children collected after 5.45 pm will
terminate contract without notice.                             be charged £5 for every 15 minutes. If your child has not
                                                               been collected by 6.30 pm (and you have not informed
PAYMENTS                                                       the Managers) then the
Fees are due on the first day your child attends the club      matter will be brought to at attention of the Police/Social
whether weekly, monthly or half-termly. A 5% discount          Services.
will be given if payment is received by the first
contracted day you child attends. Once you are                 CANCELLATION
registered for a place you are required to pay even if         6 weeks notice (half term) must be given in writing
your child does not attend. No credit can be given for         or by e-mail to the Club Managers when
any unused or partly used sessions.                            cancelling a place.

I agree to all the terms and conditions above

Parental signature ………………………………………… Date …………………………………………

                                                     t: 07834 241414
                                            e: scallywagskids@yahoo.com
                              The Contact Centre, All Saints Road, Warwick CV34 5NJ

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