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									                                     WINDSOR LOCKS POLICE COMMISSION
                                          Minutes of Regular Meeting
                                         Wednesday, October 12, 2011

     Commissioners present:            Chairman Neal Cunningham, Vice Chairman George Hall, Edward Lanati,
                                       James Gaylord, Dennis Gragnolati, and Roger Nelson

     Commissioners absent:             None

     Also Present:                     Acting Chief Chet DeGray

1)     Call to Order – Chairman Cunningham called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

2) Public Input –
Michael Bracken – 12 Tinker Drive – He stated that he does not think that an Associate’s Degree is enough education
to qualify for the $90,000+ salary of a new Chief. Chairman Cunningham responded that the drafted qualifications as
of now state that the candidate is required to have a Bachelor of Science degree and that a Masters is preferred.

William Rousseau – 407 Elmwood – He stated that he thinks the new Chief should have a Bachelor’s degree in
Criminal Justice and a minor degree in Business Management. The new Chief should also have 10+ years of
experience as a lieutenant or higher and have supervised a group larger than 2-3 people. Chairman Cunningham
responded that the drafted qualifications include 10 years of supervisory experience.

Officer Sebastian Garofalo – He suggested that the Commission look at the pay scales of similar sized neighboring
town’s police departments and that a salary of $100,000 to $110,000 would bring more applicants.

Bob Glamuzina – 108 Southwest Avenue – He stated that he does not want an absentee Chief that works 7:00 to
3:00 only. He said, in his opinion, that the last Chief was an administrator only. He would like the new Chief to be
exposed to the public and involved in the town’s activities. He should know when tournaments and such are being
held at Southwest Park and be sure there is police presence at those times. Dennis Gragnolati asked whether he
was suggesting that the candidates be a Windsor Locks resident. Mr. Glamuzina responded that the new Chief
should live nearby and be involved in the town’s activities.

Michael Bracken – 12 Tinker Drive – He suggested that the Police Chief and Captain be required to wear full uniform
when they are on duty.

William Rousseau – 407 Elmwood – He commented that he believes there are glaring differences between Mr.
Rudewicz’s report and the arrest warrant of Officer Koistinen. He doesn’t agree with Rudewicz’s report that there
was no cover-up.

3)     Approval of minutes for Regular Meeting of September 27, 2011

MOTION: To approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of September 27, 2011.
   James Gaylord                                                       Seconded by Dennis Gragnolati
   Motion Passed Unanimously

       Two typos were recognized. Under Old Business, the verbiage should read Windsor Locks
       Superintendent of Schools rather than Town Superintendent. Also under Old Business, it should read
       that Roger Nelson voted No, not note.

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4) Chief’s Report –
9/20   Attended the Capitol Region Chiefs of Police Monthly meeting.
9/22   Attended a CIRMA training session for on-line reporting of worker’s compensation claims.
9/27   Met with Pleasant Street residents regarding block party/community watch event.
9/28   Attended Connecticut Conference of Municipalities Public Safety Committee meeting.
9/29   The Regional Truck Squad was in town doing truck inspections on Rt. 75.
10/1   Attended Pleasant Street block party.
10/2   Attended Windsor Locks Octoberfest.
10/6   Attended the Town Safety Committee meeting regarding Health Fair on 10/27.

Edward Lanati asked whether any violations were discovered at the truck inspections. Acting Chief DeGray said
there were several and one truck was put out of service. The question was also asked how many applicants there
are in response to the joint search of police officers with Suffield. Acting Chief DeGray answered that there were 307
applicants with another 250 being processed.

5) Correspondence – The Police Commission received a Thank You note from the Gifford family for their support.
Captain DeGray received a letter from John L. Sullivan regarding the recent placement of a stop sign on North Street.

6)   Executive Session – Discuss Sgt. Koistinen’s status.

MOTION: To enter into Executive Session at 7:18. Acting Chief DeGray asked to stay for his expertise.
   James Gaylord                                                        Seconded by Dennis Gragnolati
   Motion Passed Unanimously

MOTION: To end Executive Session at 7:38.
   Edward Lanati                                                                    Seconded by Dennis Gragnolati
   Motion Passed Unanimously

7)   Old Business

     a)   Discuss Budget – No issues reported.

     b)   Discuss hiring process for a new Chief – Chairman Cunningham read a letter from Human Resources
          regarding their concerns about internal officers on the hiring panel. Human Resources felt it could cause
          problems later. Research showed that other towns never had their own officers on their panels. They
          suggested using officers from other towns. James Gaylord suggested that the Union select the officer who
          should sit on the panel. George Hall added that the officer should be an advisory position only and not
          participate in the vote. Dennis Gragnolati agreed with Mr. Hall. The Department’s Union Rep., Officer
          Garofalo, agreed that an officer from within on the panel could cause conflict. Officer Joseph Oliveira
          suggested a questionnaire be compiled by the officers rather than having an officer on the panel. Dennis
          Gragnolati stated that clarifying questions could not be asked by a questionnaire. Officer Oliveira then
          suggested Sergeant Balfour for the panel since he was retiring soon. Sergeant Rochelle stated that there
          could be a claim of favoritism if they put a WL patrolman on the panel. James Gaylord responded that he
          suggested using Rank and File to broaden our base and get different perspectives. Bob Glamuzina stated
          that it isn’t natural to ask lower level employees to interview candidates for higher level positions. Chairman
          Cunningham then asked for a compilation of suggestions from the WL officers for the Commission’s review.

          Chairman Cunningham then stated that Human Resources recommend they do the initial resume
          screenings and then submit a manageable number to the hiring Committee. The Committee would then
          send the final 3 or so to the Police Commission. James Gaylord would like the resumes held rather than
          thrown away because he doesn’t want Human Resources to be the sole decider of who gets through. Roger
          Nelson agreed and suggested that the two Police Commission members of the Committee be involved in the
          initial screening. Chairman Cunningham then read the draft version of the job posting. Edward Lanati
          clarified than an application must be submitted with each resume as well as college transcripts. Officer
          Oliveira suggested that equivalent experience be considered for lack of education. Officer Garofalo asked if
          we were looking at a residency requirement or mileage frame. Chairman Cunningham answered that he
          would check to see if this sort of requirement is allowed. Roger Nelson added that it should be a
          consideration when doing interviews.

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8)   New Business –

MOTION: Motion to add a discussion of the Open Hole Policy.
   George Hall                                                          Seconded by Roger Nelson
   Motion Passed Unanimously

Officer Garofalo – He would like an Open Hole Policy implemented in Town. He wrote a proposal that lists streets
where he feels a cruiser should be when work is being done. This should not be an added expense for the town
because it would be reimbursed by the Vendor doing the work. He stated that this would also ensure an officer is
already there in case of an emergency. The officer would be standing outside his cruiser directing traffic. Officer
Oliveira added that when he worked in Stamford, Vendors needed permits and then had to hire an officer or flagman
if an officer was not available. Acting Chief DeGray said that there is no written policy in effect and Chairman
Cunningham stated that this discussion will continue at the next Commission meeting.

Bob Glamuzina commented on the speed survey that was conducted on Southwest Avenue and was looking for the
results. Acting Chief DeGray told him he had the results and would give them to him if he called him in the morning.
He also stated that no decisions have been made based on this data as of yet.

9)   Adjournment

MOTION: To adjourn at 8:20 pm
    Edward Lanati                                                                Seconded by George Hall
Motion carried unanimously

Respectfully Submitted,

Sharon Pfaffenbichler
Recording Secretary

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