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									                       Auburn Riverside Gridiron Club
                                              Gridiron Minutes
                                                February 8th, 2012

In Attendance: Shelly Domenowske, Bob Morgan, Anna Hettinger, Polly Johnson, Kim Petersen, Armenda Hogstrom,
Lanette Knobel, and Tanya Bailey
We have a new Gridiron email. Shelly & Tanya currently have access. This will be listed on the
   Gridiron Meeting Called: 7:05pm

Welcome:         “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
                 “The conditions of everything you do must be choice, love and passion”.

Introductions: Lanette Knobel needs to have past meeting notes sent to her. Make sure to add her to the Gridiron Roster.

Meeting Minutes: January meeting minutes were approved by Shelly Domenowske and seconded by Polly Johnson.

Treasurer Report: These are inaccurate #, the amounts reported were from 2010, revised report will be issued at next mtg.
     2011 End of Year Available Funds: $10,421.49
     Checking Account Balance $4,471.18
     Current Total Available Funds: $10,924.44
Budget Meeting: The Budget Committee met and has provided us with a Budget Proposal. The purpose is to be conservative
and optimistic.
For the 2012 year: $6,974.11 (carried over from 2011)
      Total Revenue: $19,371.00
      Expenditures: $19,371.00
      Coach Wish List Items: $1410.00
      Ending Balance: $5564.11 (if actual met budget goals.)
We will continue to work on adding wish list items. The Lock-in has been approved for this year. Pizza would be the only
      The Gridiron Committee has approved the Budget as presented.
Coaches Report / Wish List:
Coach Shau has moved to California. Coach Bigelow - Offensive Line Coach. Josh Kroskey – Running Backs Coach. He
came from Auburn Junior Football.
Coach and the Coaching Staff are attending the Glazier Clinic: Feb 24, 25, & 26. Eight Coaches are attending the clinic. They
need 2 rooms/ 2 nights. Coach has already paid for them to go. Polly is to reimburse him for the approved expense.
     Future Freshman Night is February 29th. They boys talk to Coach – get their free “Future Raven” t-shirt. Parents
         sign up for emails – Parents get lanyard – coupon card attached.
     Spring Practice will be after May 31th due to snow day.
     UPS Camp will be July 15th – 18th.
***Annual Payment for HUDL is coming up in March: $1400.00.***
Booster Auction Report:
The Auction date is March 24 th, 2012, held at Green River Community College. Tickets are $35.00 each, online tickets will
be $37.00 (processing /handling fee). Theme is “Riverside Roundup”. There will be two Silent Auctions and a Live Auction.
We have received a few items. We are working on getting together an Instant Wine Cellar. Please bring bottles of Wine to
Shelly’s house for the basket. Other Auction items: Experience Auburn Tree – gift cards from local stores. Emergency
preparedness – generator donated or first aid kit?
     Erin Galeno is needing help the night of the Auction in the Check-in / out and Security areas.
Website Update/Design:
Kim Petersen is getting this completed! We will be able to Advertise, sell Spirit Wear. Post all of the Important Dates: Youth
Physicals, Youth Camp, and Practice Dates. Lanette is the owner of Lake She will be coordinating with Kim to
link the two sites together. This way we can have a broader base for information.
Program Sponsors, Auction Procurement:
Jim & Connie Thomson are heading up these areas. They have started now to procure Program Sponsors for the next season.
Last year we budgeted $3600 for advertising with an actual amount of $4225. To recognize the Game Day Sponsors’ and the
Program Sponsors on our website, a form will be created to give the information to Kim to update the website.

Committee Positions: To be filled, if you know of any parent that would like to help. This list will be on the website.
        Fundraising                                                        Game Scouting

        Athletic Physical                                                  Tunnel Cover set-up

        Spring Youth Camp                                                  8th Grade Parent Night

        Team Lock In                                                       UPS Buses

        Blue/Silver Potluck                                                End of Year Banquet

        Awards/Gifts                                                       Videographer

Open Discussion:
        Youth Camp: June 25, 26, 27
        Sports Physicals: Find a Clinic to host.
        Fundraising: Equipment Bags, Sweatpants – Raven down the side or on the butt, Socks

Upcoming Events:
    Future Freshman Night – February 29, 2012 6:30pm – 8:00pm
    Booster Auction - March 24th, 2012

                        ***NEXT Gridiron Meeting: March 14, 2012; 7:00pm ARHS Room 718***

   Gridiron Meeting Adjourned: 8:10pm
Submitted by Tanya Bailey - Secretary

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