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Statute of the ADLER Veteran Motor Club e. V.
Jun 08, 2012 as amended on

§ 1 - Purpose and Tasks
First The ADLER-Motor Veterans Club (AMVC) is an international association of Friends of the
vehicles Adler, formerly Henry Kleyer AG, Frankfurt / Main.
Second The AMVC pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of "tax-
privileged purposes" of the ABGA-benordnung.
The Association is active. His idealistic purpose is to subordinate the Association's objectives required
to achieve control.
Third The AMVC wants to capture the remaining ADLER vehicles as completely as possible, maintain
and cared to know, to keep them for posterity. He pursued the goal of the vehicles as a form of
technical heritage with monumental character of the people within the framework of exhibitions,
presenting motor sport outings and education for the youth in the area of technical development of
vehicles and contributing to publish.
4th The AMVC wants to help the owners and friends of ADLER vehicles to new connections and to
promote their common interest. This makes the AMVC unselfishly any help.

§ 2 - Name and location
First The club bears the name "ADLER Veteran Motor Club."
Second In short, the club called "AMVC"
Third The administrative headquarters of the AMVC is the residence of the respective 1.Vorsitzenden.
4th The AMVC is registered in the Register of the District Court of Darmstadt.
5th The AMVC on 1 Founded in March 1971.

§ 3 - Membership
First Member of AMVC can - no matter what nationality - to anyone who wants to support the goals set
out in § 1 (full members).
Second Membership is also who do not "ADLER" - owns the vehicle.
Third Legal persons, companies and organizations can be corporate members.
4th People who have made outstanding contributions particularly to the mark "ADLER" or the AMVC
may be appointed by resolution of the General Assembly to honor members of the AMVC. Honorary
members have full membership rights, but are exempt from paying the admission fee and the fee.
5th The AMVC collects annual dues from its members, which is determined by the General
Assembly's contribution is send unsolicited calls annually in advance by 31 March each year, post free
of charge to the club account deposit or he will be recovered following a valid Authority.
6th The admission fee and the annual contribution of Neumitgliedes are independent of the time of
admission within four weeks from the date of the declaration of accession deposited in the club
account, or it is recovered following a valid Authority.

§ 4 Commencement and Termination of Membership
First Membership begins with the written confirmation of acceptance of membership application by the
Board and upon payment of participation fee and recording, the annual fee. Membership is not
transferable, however, the board may allow exceptions to the exercise of membership rights in the
General Assembly may, by written power of attorney to another club member will leave. The same
goes for the right to vote. In a proxy may not account for more than three proxies.
Second The board may reject within a period of twelve weeks to qualify for membership. This decision
is immediately communicated to the applicant, it needs no explanation. Against that decision is
permitted. The Appeal Board shall finally determine the resistance according to language. § 8, clause
Third The membership ends:
a) by death, with corporate members from the loss of legal capacity or on dissolution
b) by resignation,
c) by expulsion.
4th The resignation is the first Chairman in writing. Upon receipt of the notice of resignation at the 1
Chairman of the secessionists of all rights of membership except the ejected has an exit date (no later
than 31.12. Of the year) indicated. A refund of contributions will not be paid.
5th The exclusion from the AMVC can take place:
a) serious violation of the bylaws,
b) if a member of the reputation of AMVC effectively harms or if it appears necessary in the interest of
c) if a member is despite a warning by his post more than three months in arrears.
6th Besides giving the case of the sum due (paragraph 5, c), the Board Member to announce that its
exclusion is intended to give him the reasons for it and give it a period of one month to comment,
unless it threatens the AMVC UNMIT-ately damage by the member, and then eliminates the
announcement of the proposed exclusion. The reasoning may be sent directly to the exclusion of a
member of this trap.
7th The exclusion of the whole board needs to decide unanimously, unless the exclusion affects a
board member, then this is not the right to vote. The Board must also rest in this case unanimously.
5th The expulsion resolution is served on the excluded member.
6th Excluded in the can within one month after service of the first Ausschließungsbeschlusses
Chairman of the AMVC insert loading appeal. The first Chair will forward the complaint to a member of
the Appeals Committee, which decides within a further month on the appeal. This decision is final.
7th During the process of elimination to rest the rights of that member.

§ 5 - Organs
The bodies of the AMVC are:
a). the General Assembly,
b) the Board,
c) the Complaints Committee.

§ 6 - General Meeting
First The General Assembly is the supreme body of the AMVC.
Second The General Assembly will be from 1 Chairman at least once a year.
Third At the written request of at least 20% of the members must first Chairman of an extraordinary
general meeting convened by half within three months.
4th Time, place and agenda of each member must be in writing one month before displayed. Timely
publication of notices in the club and on the website at AMVC meets deadlines. Three days after
sending of the document (or CM) as it is received.
5th The General Assembly elects the Board approved and released, the box office and annual report
adopted, the budget plan, determines the amount of initiation fees and annual membership dues and
elect the members of the Committee and the auditors Beschwerdeaus.
6th Agenda items to be discussed also in the General Assembly must, in writing to the first Chairman
be requested. Applications can only be made by AMVC members. The request must be two weeks
before the members' meeting at the 1st Chairman present.
7th Motions to be published in the invitation to the Annual General Meeting, a request must be
received 6 months before the General Meeting of the Board.
8th With two-thirds majority of members present at the General Assembly may also take additional
points (urgent applications) will be placed on the agenda, which are then treated in the order received
in the agenda item "Miscellaneous".
9th The agenda must be at least once a year include the following points:
a) Report on the past and current fiscal year,
b) financial report and budget plan
c) Discharge of the Board.
10th In the General Assembly leads the 1.Vorsitzende or its representatives the chair. In the General
Assembly shall exercise the 1st Chairman or his representative of the house rules.
11th Each member has one vote.
12th The General Assembly has a quorum regardless of the number of members present. You decide
by simple majority of votes cast. This includes votes from absent members, in written authorization. A
tie means an application is rejected, two-thirds majority required for decisions on
a) The amendments to the Statute,
b) the approval of urgent requests,
c) the dismissal of members of the Board.
13th Requests for amendments can not be set as urgent motions on the agenda. They are to be
submitted by the Board with its opinion to the next General Assembly for decision.
14th For decisions of the General Assembly Minutes shall be prepared and shall be signed by
1.Vorsitzenden, the secretary and another member of the Board. The minutes shall be published in the
next club release.

§ 7 - Executive Board
First The Board consists of the following offices of the AMVC:
a) 1 Chairman
b) 2 Chairman and Deputy
c) Motorcycle Officer
d) Car Speaker
e) Secretary
f) Treasurer and Deputy
g) editor
Second The first Chairman shall represent the club alone. On his behalf, also the second Chairman of
the club alone represented. The representative of the Chairman is authorized to represent. The terms
of office of the 1st Chairman, the car speakers, the treasurer and the editor on the one hand, the
second Chairman of the motorcycle officers and the Secretary must on the other hand is the differ by
one year. A board member may exercise up to two functions.
Third The members of the Board are elected for two years by the General Assembly. They can be re-
elected. The term of the elected board begins on 1 the election of the next calendar month and ending
at the end of the calendar month in which the successor is elected.
4th The candidacy of members present at the General Assembly requires no written form.
5th A board member may be elected in absentia. The candidate must provide a written notice at least
14 days before the General Assembly to determine the 1.Vorsitzenden. In it, the candidate must
declare that he, in the case of an election at this-takes.
6th Run multiple members at a Board office, must take place for a secret vote by ballot.
7th The division of tasks within the Board regulates this through an allocation to be decided by him,
and rules of procedure, which is published in the club's message.
8th Board meetings are convened by 1.Vorsitzenden or in his absence of 2 Chairman or his deputy
convened. All committee members must be notified to do so. Board meetings can be held as an audio
/ telephone conference, however, at least one board meeting per year convened with physical
9th The Board shall decide by simple majority of votes cast. A tie means an application is rejected. It
must contribute at least three members where a decision. Telephone or written decision is permitted.
About a board meeting, a protocol is being drawn up and signed by the 1.Vorsitzenden, the secretary
and another member of the on-state. The minutes of all board members is served.
10th The Board and also the first Chairman may appoint individual members of the AMVC with their
consent, with special responsibilities for the AMVC and also determine that a member of a club in this
way is to perform the task assigned by this exclusively. A duly appointed member of the board in this
manner shall report to the Executive Board at its request at any time and at termination of the task and
11th In addition, the Board may by a majority of individual club members special club functions
transferred. These members are co-opted Board members attend the board meetings without voting
rights, and report to the General Assembly on her department.
12th At the end of a term, the outgoing board member of all the relevant documents to the AMVC
chosen successor has transferred to eng. Be made no later than eight calendar days after the
expiration of the period the transfer. Receives a sitting board member documents, parts, photos,
sketches, etc. for the AMVC, this is to notify the Archivist of the property as a club lists.

§ 8 Appeals Committee
First The Appeal Board shall consist of three members and one alternate who does not belong to the
Board, however, AMVC members.
Second The members of the Board shall be elected for two years by the General Assembly. They can
be re-elected.
Third The Appeals Committee must decide unanimously or submit the matter to the decision of the
General Assembly.
4th The Appeals Committee shall be responsible for deciding on appeals against
a) exclusion of members (§ 4, para 5-7)
b) rejection of membership applications (§ 4, para 2)
c) disputed expenses reimbursements (§ 9, Clause 7)
d) other differences between members and the club members themselves or between organs, as far
as Club affaires.

§ 9 - Use of funds
First Active participation in the AMVC is voluntary. You will not be reimbursed.
Second Means of AMVC may only be used for statutory purposes. The members receive no benefits
from the association.
Third The entire board can decide, if necessary, remuneration under a compensation expense in
accordance with § 3 of the Income Tax Act No. 26 a.
4th No person may benefit from expenses to the purpose of the association, or favoring by the
disproportionally high-who.
5th Each board member - also co-opted members of the Board and the Appeals Committee - may be
granted a lump sum for expenses and expenses related to board work, the amount of each is
determined by the General Assembly.
6th Intended spending money at the expense of AMVC may be initiated by the Treasurer only after
prior consultation.
7th The treasurer can pocket expenses, which has been a member for the AMVC on behalf of the
Board and made AMVC by evidence-has to reimburse the member.
8th The first Chairman and in his representation of the 2nd Chairman may, under the budget plan
cause issues.
9th Any additional expenditure require a majority decision of the entire Board.
10th At least once a year, the cash audit is to be made, by two of the General Assembly to be elected
cashier, which may hold any other office in the club.
§ 10 The communication
First The club teaches its members by appearing in ongoing follow-club communications (CM) and in
the AMVC Internet website. In case of doubt, the writing of the CM.
Second The scope, range and use of the Website AMVC by the Board.
Third Each club member receives the messages and free postage prepaid to the club at the present
address of club member
4th All text ads (including ads with photos) are free for members. This does not apply to commercial
5th About the prices of commercial advertisements by the Board. Display invoices created the
6th Contributing editor to the CM or on the site must be free from any kind of political and religious

§ 11 - Resolution
First The resolution of the AMVC can only be done when it is in the General Assembly by two-thirds of
members present sen-decided and if then the decision of at least two-thirds of all members of the
AMVC will be confirmed in writing. In the absence a member does not within four weeks after
notification, then his silence as consent to the dissolution of AMVC is interpreted.
Second Upon dissolution of the association's assets falls AMVC the VFV (Veteran Vehicle

The Constitution was adopted on 17 May 1981 in Rethem / Aller decided. (Changes: on 1 September
1984 in Sinsheim, on 31 August 1991 in Bad Nauheim, on 21 August 1993 in Erbach, on 25 August
1995 in Nuremberg, on Jun 08, 2012 in Duderstadt)

Associations number VR 454

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