by the
commissioners at Halifax from the 1st September, 1784, to the 1st Feby, 1785
and at Warrenton in the year 1786, designating by whom the claims were
receipted for respectively.

No. Names and Rank           By Whom Received      Remarks

34    Levi Dawson, Lt. Col John Daves
38    Nathl. Dickerson. Lt. Chas Dixon
57    William Dennis Capt      H. Montfort     for W. Dennis
63    Wm Davis, Lt. Col         do
69    Joshua Dailey, Capt     Selby Harney
70    Jas. Dupree, Armorer H. Montfort         for J. Dupre
71    Anthony Diggs, Lt.      Thos Armstrong, Jr.
190    John Dillard, Lt.    A. Ramsey
197    David Dodd           John Nelson
214    Exum Drake           H. Montfort     for E. Drake
238    John Davis          Jno. Nelson
391    Hezekiah Dewert        H. Montfort     for H. Dewert
327    Nicholas Duboise       B. McCulloch
350    Jacob Debusk         H. Montfort     for Debusk
388    Corn's Drake, Q M.S. J. Craven
395    Nathaniel Durham        H. Montfort     for Durham
441    Hezrkiah Douglass       J. Craven
533    James Davidson         H. Montfort    for Davidson
548    Jonathan Dollar      David Pasmore
550    John Drury          H. Montfort     for Drury
551    Morgan Drury            do
553    Charles Dailey       John Allen
568    Edward Douglass         A. Lytle
576    Samuel Davis, D.         do
589    Robert Deweze         Chas. Dixon
592    Zachariah Deweze           do
597    Wm Davis               do
608    Wm. Donoho               do
615    Thomas Dobbins            do
616    Jesse Duncan           do
678    Waugh Darnell         Wm Sanders
681    Matthew Davis            do
702    Wm Darnell             do
761    John Dickerson          do
717    Wm Danstan              do
759    John Daily          Selby Harney
763    Wm Duncan             H. Montfort      for Duncan
783    Thomas Dison          John Sheppard
808 Willis Denson        Wm Sanders
888 James Dupreart           do
889 Robert Dane            do
917 Wm Demmett              Archd. Lytle
967 Peter Duffee          do
984 John Durdan          J. Craven
1044 George Duncan          Thomas Person
1090 Benjamin Durdan         B. McCulloch
1109 Richard Douge         H. Montfort      for Douge
1171 Jesse Donaldson       H. Montfort
1174 John Doherty         Tho Tison
1180 Richard Dean         John Bonds
1219 Lewis Daughtry         John Sheppard
1229 Bartley Davis          do
1242 Allen Denmey          Philip Fishburn
1258 John Delaney         H. Montfort      for Delaney
1270 Zachariah Douge        Selby Harney
1282 John Dunnegan
1309 Cornelius Durdan      B. McCulloch
1315 William Dodd         Charles Dixon
1324 Bird Driver          do
1332 Jacob Dean            do
1345 Martin Dickerson        do
1357 Jeremiah Dickson         do
1360 James Daughtry          do
1379 Obadiah Doddy           do
1302 James Douge          Selby Harney
1398 George Dowing          George Claus
1405 James Dyal          John Rochel

6 John Dickerson, Lt.                 no receipt
14 Hugh Dobbins, Lt.      John Marshall        do
15 Benjamin Dillow, Lt.     do
1455 John Duggan         William Faircloth
1493 Thomas Daniel        John McNees
1497 John Dean           do
1500 Jesse Duggan        B. McCulloch        for J. Glasgow
1514 Thomas Duggan           do             do
1520 Francis Duggan       John Price
1528 Asahel Davenport       B. McCulloch
1533 Charles Dailey        do          for R. Blount
1563 Robert Dowling        John Price
1573 Joel Deel          do
1668 Lewis Denn           do
1670 Charles Deake         do
1686 Abraham Dobbs            do
1809 Timothy Discent        William Faircloth
1829 James Davenport          do
1864 Joel Dowell         Thomas Butcher
1872 Peter Damon            do
1882 Isaac Dean           do
1896 Benjamin Dowson            do
1897 Joseph Delmore          do
1901 Albert Davis          do
1905 Charles Dowden           do
1910 Joel Doxton           do
1915 Holland Delk         William Faircloth
1917 Isaac Dowsam            do
1918 Jeremiah Duncan          do
1932 Absalom Dinkins          do
1933 Giles Davenport         do
1940 Christopher Dasher       do
1979 Anthony Douglass          do
1987 Jesse Donan         William Faircloth
1999 Absalom Daughtry          do
2015 Alexander Daughtry        do
2018 Sterling Dean        Selby Harney       B. McCulloch for S. Harney
2104 John Davis          Sherd. Barrow
2122 Abraham Dean            do
2127 Gran Duke             do
2134 Edmund Diggins           do
2137 John Dixon            do
2142 Joseph Davis          do
2161 James Davis          Tho. Butcher
   Matthew Dawson
2271 Aquilla Davis        Will Sanders
2318 Griffith Douge, Lt.
2319 Joab Douge, Dr.       Griffith Douge
2336 Malachi Dean            do
2339 David Dobbins, St.     Philip Fishburn
2358 James Douglass           do
2359 Moses Davis            do
2360 Henry Davis            do
2375 David Davis          B. McCulloch       for Art Pearce
2399 George Dunn                       no receipt
2403 Samuel Dowden           William Weldon
2408 Jeffery Dean        Griffith Dange
2438 William Duke                      not receipted for
2460 Eve Dego            William Sanders
2463 John Downs           T. Dixon
2490   Zechariah Davis         John Davis
2491   Acey Davis             do
2492   John Davis            do
2493   Wm Davis, Corpl.           do
2509   Richard Daughtry          do
2539   William Dennis          Saml. Parker
2545   Peter Delight        Will Sanders
2588   Ephraim Downing           John Price
2593   John Duchingham            do
2607   Peter Downing          John McNees
2668   Joshua Davis         John Macon
2676   Sharrod Duke           J. Craven        for Mark Duke
2694   Benjamin Dean           Mar. Johnston       for Ch. Guerard
2724   Moses Dodd             John Price
2726   David Durkett            do
2733   Presley Davis           do
2766   George Dunn, Lt.         Philip Fishburn
2767   John Dawson            James Pearl
2781   Hezekiah Dennis                      not receipted for
2806   James Duke            John Somners
2811   Francis Delong           do
2815   Hugh Davis              do
2821   Elijah Duncan         Tho. Donoho
2842   Charles Driver        Tho. Person
2865   Lewis Denkins          William Faircloth
2871   Julius Dover           do
2876   Nathan Deaver            do
2878   Dempsey Debusk              do
2880   Bartholomew Deloach         William Faircloth
2893   Joshua Dunnagan            do
2900   Granville Davis        Saml. Parker
2901   Cyrus Davis            do
2902   Archelaud Davis           do
2923   James Dillard        John Armstrong
2951   Cornelius Durdan         James Homes
2988   Josiah Dennis        S. Totevine, F. Macwell,
                    J. Garland, Jr., J. Homes
2990   Nathan Dees             do
2995   John Duke            H. Murfree
3002   Thomas Davidson            do
3019   Matthew Dawson            Robt. Fenner
3035   Isham Dyches           John Sommers
3044   Joel Dinbury         Tho. Armstrong
3046   William Daursey            do
3071   John Davidson                        not receipted for
3074   Dempsey Daughtry           H. Montfort
3099   John Douglas, Lt.   Curtis Ivey
3113   Solomon Debury        Neh. Long        for S. Debury
3123   Emanuel Daniel      Timo. McCarthy
3168   Thomas Daniel, Lt.    John Davis       for James Coor
3169   James Dickins      Tho. Person
3211   Stephen Davis      John Marshall       for C. Dixon
3250   Matthew Davis
3276   Stpehen Denkins      John Marshall      for W. Sanders
3370   Ambrose Dudley        Timo McCarthy
3376   Ethelred Daniel       do
1708   Julius Dowd        William Faircloth
1790   Isaiah Digns        do
1803   Isaac Digns        do

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