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									                              THS MUN Booster Meeting
                         Tuesday, February 1, 2011 @ 6:30 p.m.
                                     Room # 802

Advisors Present: Linda Levine, Kevin Trevithick, Jennifer Kucera
Booster Members Present: Audra Greenberg, Debbie Meier, Julie Shives, Liz Shenton, Evelyn Kroko,
Jenny Donahoo, Bonnie Leventhal, Leane and Hank Kahrs, Tom Ngo, Jeanne Albus, Kelli and John
Dykman, Pam Poucher, Dane Koch, Mary Wigley, Maria Gomez, Linda Giel, Barbara Siebert, Marie
Comahig, Susan Powers, Maryellen Sweeney, Sherrie Boutwell

1. Welcome: Linda Giel called the meeting to order at 6:36 P.M. and thanked all members who
   attended the previous Conference Wrap-up Meeting

2. Approval of Minutes: Jenny Donahoo moved to approve the minutes, Julie Shives seconded the
   motion. Minutes unanimously approved.

3. Treasurers Report: Marie Comahig gave the report. Bank balance is $54, 628.77 with $31,440.00 in
    MUN dues collected. Notices have been sent to students still owing dues, we are expecting
    approx. $5,000.00

    Students can order Euros for the Italy trip through our bank and get a better rate. We are no
    longer using AMEX, going through Wells Fargo. Marie will call each day to obtain the rate so the
    Euros can be purchased at the best rate.

    Per Linda Levine, the exchange rate through AMEX was approx. $1.48/Euro, and $1.44/Euro
    through WF with no service fee. Linda Levine will send an email to the parents advising them of
    purchase instructions. There will also be an optional parent meeting on 2/10/11 for parents of
    children students going to Italy that still have additional questions.

4. Advisors Report: Jennifer Kucera reported on the Mission Viejo conference. 100 delegates
    attended, 20 of those were Novice. Of the Novice delegates we won 1 Best Delegate, 5
    Outstanding and 5 Commendations. The Advanced delegates won 4 Commendation awards and
    several research awards.

    This was a difficult conference and demonstrated to the students that they need to be better
    prepared for future conferences. Many of the seniors did not compete so we had a lot of juniors
    competing with other schools’ seniors. We need to improve our resolution writing skills. Overall,
    a good effort. Thank you to all the parent volunteers. Julie Shives (publicity) asked the advisors to
    prepare a one-page write up after each conference so that she can get it in the papers.

    Question: John Dykmanstra asked about the capstone students. Many attended the conference,
    what do they do there?
    Answer: They ask as advisors/mentors for the younger delegates; provide information or help
    them focus. They also take pictures/videos.

 Upcoming Local Conferences – Mr. Trev updated us on the next local conference to be held at
  Laguna Hills High School on Feb. 26th. This is a 1-day conference with 40-45 spots. It is considered
  an Intermediate conference but will have Advanced committees. Fifteen Novice delegates plan on
  attending and the students have already been assigned their committees. Mr. Waldram is point
  man for volunteers for this committeeconference.
    San Diego – Mr. Trev indicated this conference will be predominantly freshmen and will be their
    first travel conference. It is Intermediate. The cost Hotel is estimated to run $200-250 and is
    scheduled for April 29 through May 1 at UCSD. This is a new conference for Freshmen and

    Arizona – Barbara Siebert gave the update. Scheduled for May 24-27, cost is $350 which includes
    meals, travel and accommodations. Deposits of $150 are due by 2/4. Mr. Waldram and Miss
    Kucera sent personal invitations to selected students for this conference. Trip will include a visit to
    Old Tucson Studios and a tour of a Titan II nuclear missile silo (decommissioned and now serving as
    a museum). The hotel is brand new and quite nice. This is a good trip for students who have been
    studying the cold war. Open to Juniors and Sophomores first, then to Seniors depending on how
    many sign up.

    Davis – advertising for this conference will begin after Italy. Cost is expected to be approx. $400
    and is scheduled for May 12-15

    Santa Barbara – No go

 Update on Trips Abroad - Genoa, Italy. 29 delegates attending. The advisors are reading the
  students’ resolutions now and Mr. Trev is calling parents of those students who have not turned
  theirs in yet. Each student must turn in 3 resolutions. There will be mandatory roasting on
  Tues/Thurs from 5-8pm.

 MUN Open House at THS – Open house for prospective incoming students is March 9. Parent
  involvement is appreciated, probably 5-7pm. We will include a parent panel to answer questions
  regarding the program and what type of commitment can be expected from both parents and

5. Capstone Class Update: The capstone consists of seniors who help mentor and nurture the lower
    classmen. The boosters have asked the capstone students to create “job descriptions” that can be
    compiled into a document.

6. Fundraiser Report: Bonnie Leventhal gave the update.
 Current Fundraisers - We still have Carl’s Jr. coupon books: cost is $5/book with $4 going back to
    your student’s account for each book sold.
 Upcoming Fundraisers - See’s Candies order forms are being distributed tonight and will be
    collected on March 22. Bonnie needs 3 volunteers on March 23 to do the count. On April 5 (1
    hour before the April booster meeting), will need 3 people to organize the orders. Fliers and be
    pick up from Mr. Trev and oOrders can be turned into Mr. Trev. Mr. Trev will be the advisor in
    charge of this fundraiser.
 Additional Fundraising Ideas - Bob’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream – we have submitted our request
    and are waiting to hear back on which date they will give us.
 Bonnie suggested a garage sale prior to the Italy trip, majority of members present thought that
    was a good idea.
 Linda Levine mentioned the Tustin Chili Cook-Off. Proceeds from this event go to non-profit
    groups. We would need to write a grant to be considered. Peggie Winters was suggested as a
    grant writer or advisor as she had written grant for the band last year. Tips for successful grant
    writing: examples of how MUN helps the community, it is an internationally renowned program.
    Proceeds could be used to purchase flags for the gym, tablecloths and tableskirts. Suggested a
    small group be formed to write the grant.
 Red Brick Pizza - Mary Wigley said she is waiting for the manager to call back with dates, hopefully
    in March. No flyer needed, percentage of sales during that day go to MUN. Also, trying for Pat &
       Oscar’s in April, this will be a flyer event. Finally, will pursue Café Rio and see if they can give us a

   7. Old Business: Nothing to report

   8. New Business: Sherrie Boutwelly (Parliamentarian) advised it is time to select a nominating
      committee for next year’s booster board positions. Audra Greenberg and Jenny Donahoo
      volunteered to join the nominating committee. committee The slate for next year’s Executive
      Board will be presented at the March Booster Club meeting. Several members self nominated in
      the following positions:

       Mary Wigley – Vice President, MUN Conference Chair
       Liz Shenton – Senior Class Parent Rep.
       Jenny Donahoo – Treasurer
       Sandy Diaz – Junior Class Parent Rep.
       Audra Greenberg – Secretary
       Bonnie Leventhal – Fundraising (needs co-chair)
       Julie Shives – Publicity

       Executive Board Positions: Must be voted in by the booster club
          President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer

           Auditor/Parliamentarian (can be same person and is appointedappointed position, not voted

    Banquet: Mary Wigley, the banquet is scheduled for May 31 at Orange Hill Restaurant. The
     deposit has been sent in and the invitations will be sent out in April. Will need to gather student
     addresses and the RSVP will most likely be first come first served. Cost is $20/person, the booster
     club covers the additional $1/person portion of the cost. 240 maximum occupancy.

      Meeting adjourned: 7:43 P.M.

   Respectfully submitted by

   Audra Greenberg
   THS MUN Secretary 2010-2011

MUN Upcoming Activities:
The Booster Club Meetings are the 1st Tuesday every month - Please mark your calendar now!
           Feb 10th                Optional Parent Meeting for Italy, Room #805 at 6:00 PM
                  nd          th
           Feb 22 – March 5        Genoa, Italy - Conference
           Feb 26th                Laguna Hills - Novice Conference – Laguna Hills High School
           Mar 1                   Booster Meeting at 6:30 PM-Room # 802 (First Tuesday of the Month)
           Mar 9th                 MUN Open House at THS
           Mar 26th                El Toro Advanced Conference- El Toro High School

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