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					                                                Gloucestershire Hospitals
                                                                                      NHS Foundation Trust
                                                                                         Department of Postgraduate Medical Education,
Associate Director GP for Gloucestershire:   Community Education Advisor:
     Dr Kim Hearn                                Damian Kenny                                                 Sandford Education Centre,
Programme Organisers GP StR3:                GP Clinical Tutor Tutor:                                       Keynsham Road, Cheltenham
      Dr Colin Burgess                            Dr Damian Kenny                                            Gloucestershire. GL53 7PX
      Dr Judith Brooke                       GP Clinical Tutor for Learning Groups:
      Dr Bill Foster                              Dr Wendy Peek                                                      Tel: (08454) 223037
Programme Organisers GP StR1&2:              Medical Education Manager:                                              Fax: (08454) 223242
      Dr David Martin                             Kate Bartlett                                         e-mail: hilary.carter@glos.nhs.uk
     Dr Simon Silver                         VTS Administrator:
                                                  Hilary Carter                                                  website: www.gpvts.org

CO Initials/HJC


Name and address of Trainer


                                                   Re: Review of Training Year

I enclose forms for completion by you and your GP Registrar as your training year draws to a close. Part I
should be completed by you and your GP Registrar together and should be signed by both of you. Part II
is to be completed by yourself and Part III by your GP Registrar.

The reports in Parts II and III are confidential to the Course Organiser responsible for your training
practice and relevant information will be passed to the Gloucestershire Education Forum when they review
the training in your practice. The report made by the GP Registrar on the Half Day Release Course also
provides useful information.

If any difficulties or problems do arise with any of your GP Registrars, I hope that you will advise one of
the Course Organisers as early as you can. In this way most problems will hopefully be resolved before
completing the form.

Please let me have the completed forms (Parts I and II) as soon as possible. The GP Registrar should
complete Part III and return under separate cover. Please remember that Form VTRI should be forwarded
to the School of General Practice, 1st Floor, Academic Centre, Frenchay Park Road, Bristol BS16 1LE for
authentication of the GP Trainer’s signature before forwarding it to the PMETB in order to avoid delay in
obtaining certificates of prescribed experience. These forms can be obtained from the Severn Institute
website: www.gpschoolseverninstitute.org.uk/docs/gprvtr1_1105.doc .

Yours sincerely

Dr Name of CO
Course Organiser

     Chair:                                                                                                 Chief Executive:
     Dame Janet Trotter DBE                                                                     Dr Frank Harsent, PhD, MBA.

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