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									Talk From the Walk
The Newsletter of the Louisville Area Emmaus Community
                                                                ,,..,did not our hearts burn within us? Luke 24:32
Message from our President:                                                                               September 2008
 Running the Race

 I Corinthians 9:24: Know ye not that they that run in a race run all, but only one receives the prize? Even so run; that ye may win.

 I know that many of you like me took time to watch in amazement the talented young athletes participate in the Beijing
 Summer 2008 Olympics. The difference between 1st and last place was in many instances only a fraction of a second. Yet
 there can only be one winner and only that person receives the coveted gold medal around his/her neck.
 I thought about this passage in I Corinthians. I am now far removed from athletic competition, but I know that my
 Christian walk is a race for my Lord. In order to run a race, and be successful, one must be prepared. So as the apostle
 Paul, one must deny oneself. In this way the apostle acted. He did not run with uncertain steps, as one who did not see
 the true end, or who did not pursue it seriously as a known thing. He knew well what he was pursuing, and he pursued it
 really, evidently, according to its nature. Every one could judge by his walk. He did not trifle as a man who boasts in
 words, rather he did in action. In seeking that which was holy and glorious, he knew the difficulties he resisted in the
 personal conflict with the evil that sought to obstruct his victory.
 As a vigorous wrestler, he kept under his body, which would have hindered him. There was reality in his pursuit of
 heaven: he would tolerate nothing that opposed it. Preaching to others was not all. He might do that, and it might be, as
 regards himself, labor in vain; he might lose everything and be rejected afterwards himself, if not personally a Christian.
 He was a Christian first of all, then an apostle, and an apostle he was, because he was a Christian first.
 Paul uses runners in the Greek games as examples of how we are to live as Christians. The first thing to notice is the
 utmost tension, energy, and strenuous effort pictured by athletes straining for the finish line in hope off the glory of
 winning. "This is the way to run," says Paul, "if we want to attain our potential."
 This requires steady, intense concentration or focus of the runners. They cannot afford to become distracted by things off
 to the side of their course. If they do, their effectiveness in running will surely diminish. Keeping focused requires
 control—not allowing distractions to interfere with the responsibility at hand. "Seek first the kingdom of God and His
 righteousness," says Jesus (Matthew 6:33). Here, the issue is single-mindedness. James writes, "He who doubts is like a
 wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. . . . He is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways" (James I 6, 8).
 Controlling our focus can go a long way toward making the run successful.
 Paul then says the victorious runner sets Christians an example of rigid self-control: "Everyone who competes for the prize
 is temperate in all things." It is not only a matter of concentrating while he is racing, but in all areas of life because his
 whole life impacts on the race. The runner religiously follows a rigorous program within a rigid schedule each day: He rises
 at a certain hour, eats a breakfast of certain foods, fills his morning with exercises, and works on his technique. After a
 planned lunch, he continues training, eats a third planned meal, and goes to bed at a specified hour. Throughout, he not
 only avoids sensuous indulgences, he must also abstain from many perfectly legitimate things that simply do not fit into
 his program. An athlete who is serious about excelling in his chosen sport must live this way, or he will not succeed except
 against inferior competitors. He will suffer defeat by those who do follow them.
 We can learn a great deal here about self-indulgence and self-control. It is not enough for us to say, "I draw the line
 there, at this or that vice, and I will have nothing to do with these." We will have a very difficult time growing under such
 an approach, as Paul shows in Hebrews 12:1.
 May each of us go for the gold and find victory in Jesus Christ!

 Steve Homola
 Louisville Emmaus Community 2008
                    Emmaus Walk Schedule

                        Dates                    Lay Director(s)            Serving Meals…
                                                                            It is recommended that you
           #119   Sept     18th-19th-20th-21st

                                                 David Blandford            not serve more than once
                           Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun                                during the weekend,
                                                                            especially if you are a
                                                                            sponsor. When coming to

           #120   Oct      2nd-3rd-4th-5th       Pat Elzy                   serve park in the lot to the
                           Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun                                right as you enter the front of
                                                                            the conference center. Enter
                                                                            the building from the back
                                                                            deck--there will be signs
           #121   Mar      5th-6th-7th-8th

                                                 Lew Hawes                  directing you--and proceed to
                           Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun                                the kitchen. The Kitchen
                                                                            Team will give you directions
                                                                            on what needs to be done.
                                                                            Remember that you’ll need to

           #122   Mar      19th-20th-21st-22nd   Valerie Grigsby            be there for approximately
                           Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun                                one hour after the meal to
                                                                            assist in clean-up and setting
                                                                            up for the next meal. Don’t
                                                                            forget to leave your watches,
                                                                            phones, pagers, etc. in the

Snack Agape Reminder:

Please remember to…bring your snack agape to the Sendoff…if at all possible. It helps the Team
to better judge the amount of agape for the weekend and reduces the last minute pleas
(for snack agape) we’ve had on previous weekends.
Take your snack to the Agape Room or give it to an Agape Team member as you arrive for
Sendoff. Or if you have a pilgrim, you can deliver it after the Sponsor’s Hour is finished.
Emmaus Men’s Walk #119:
 Team Details

Lay Leadership
David Blandford                     Lay Director
Glen Greer                         ALD - Inside
Earl Dunn                         ALD - Outside
Wayne Stiles                       ALD - Agape
Vance Taylor                  Emmaus Board Rep      Clergy
                                                    George Davis      Spiritual Director
                                                    Neal Gish
Table Leads           Assistant Table Leads         Paul Neblett
Mike Henney           Lewis Durrett                 Chris Gadlage
Sid Moody             Bill Edwards                  Shawn Golden
Charles Stallard      Marc Gritton
Ken Stringer          Steve McCarty
Steve Stutzenberger   Mike Robinson
Steve Watkins         Jack Schweickhardt
Chuck Young           Ed Small                      Agape
Bob Browning          Perry Probst                  Charlie Grigsby     Wayne Stiles
                                                    Ken Blandford       David Wallace
                                                    Robert Bridges      Lew Hawes
                                                    Kenny Clark         Denis Cook
Music                                               Paul Villagran      Daniel Estep
Tom Hudson            Lead                          Scott Greene        Don Renn
Bernie Koontz                                       Jim Henderson       Mitch Kennedy
Brian Wright                                        Larry Link          Rick Rittenhouse
                                                    Tom Thornton        Todd Trebuna

Kevin Stallard

Talk Details:

Speaker               Topic
Earl Dunn             Priorities
Neal Gish             Prevenient Grace
Lewis Durrett         Priesthood of All Believers
Paul Neblett          Justifying Grace
Jack Schweickhardt    Life of Piety
Mike Robinson         Growth Through Study
George Davis          Means of Grace
Bill Edwards          Christian Action
Shawn Golden          Obstacles To Grace
Ed Small              Discipleship
Steve McCarty         Changing Our World
Chris Gadlage         Sanctifying Grace
Marc Gritton          Body of Christ
David Blandford       Perseverance
Glen Greer            Fourth Days
Emmaus Women’s Walk #120:
Team Details                      (still forming)

Lay Leadership
Pat Elzy                        Lay Director
Judy Elmer                     ALD - Inside
Wendy Turner                  ALD - Outside
Kathy Morse                    ALD - Agape
                          Emmaus Board Rep
                                                    Larry Stoess     Spiritual Director
Table Leads        Assistant Table Leads            Shannon Boaz
Dottie Milton      Eukie Weaver                     CL Jordan
Cathie Foree       Kathie Stoess                    Don Craig
Laura Rankin       Nancy Frank                      Beverly McGuffee
Raynettia Egland   Becky Woo
Ruth Ann Webb      Phyllis Ose
Peggy Neblett      Rachel Hunt
LePrucia Shipley   Laura Merritt                    Agape
                                                    Anita Hawkins           Jatana Pifer
                                                    Carol Marshall          Kim Pifer
                                                    Linda McGohon           Dawn Williams
Music                                               Lisa Thornton           LaDawn Cook
Diane Belt         Lead                             Valerie Grigsby         Ann Bayens
Penny Brodie                                        Pam Tedesco             JoJo McCombs
Mary Tollefsen                                      Leighanne Hallac        Pat Baker
Kelli Grigsby                                       Bonnie Walsh            Margaret Probst
                                                    Donna Clark             Marilyn Glaser
Rhonda Smith

Talk Details:

Speaker               Topic
Wendy Turner          Priorities
Beverly McGuffee      Prevenient Grace
                      Priesthood of All Believers
Shannon Boaz          Justifying Grace
Nancy Frank           Life of Piety
Kathie Stoess         Growth Through Study
Eukie Weaver          Christian Action
CL Jordan             Obstacles To Grace
Becky Woo             Discipleship
Phyllis Ose           Changing Our World
Don Craig             Sanctifying Grace
Rachel Hunt           Body of Christ
Pat Elzy              Perseverance
Judy Elmer            Fourth Days
Residents Encounter Christ
2008 Schedule

                                        Dates               Lay Director(s)
 KSR                  #26      Sept                         Art Longnaker
 Roederer B           #3       Sept                         Mark Skidmore
 Roderer A            #7       Oct                          Bill Turner
 KCIW                 #44      Nov                          Kim Mahon

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are entering into the Fall of the year and the trees and lawns are beginning to show some of
the wear and tear of the year. A few leaves are dropping here and there and the bright, fresh,
green color of spring and early summer is being replaced by the darker, more dull green of late
Summer and early Fall.

Likewise with the banners we use on the Residents Encounter Christ weekends. The bright, fresh
colors and crisp banners are beginning to show some of the wear and tear of the years of use.
We have a limited number of banners and they are used and reused. Their messages are ever-
fresh, the materials from which they are made are not.

If your reunion group or church group would like to contribute a banner for use on the R.E.C.
weekend, we can use some. If your church has extra banners it doesn't use and they are in
reasonable shape or can be easily repaired we would be interested. If you would like to help
brighten the R.E.C. experience for our sisters and brothers in prison, please contact the Wheat
representatives for the R.E.C. board: Donna Davis dydavis@insightbb.com or Cathy Henney
                                                                R.E.C. Board - 2008
Thanks so much for your continued support                Dennis Foy             President
                                                         Tammy Underwood        Vice President
of the R.E.C. ministry in all the ways that you do.      Lois Vaughn            Secretary
                                                         Shannon Seidt          Treasurer
                                                         Martha Lynn Campbell   Spiritual Director
Dennis Foy                                               Mike Huff              Spiritual Director
President                                                David Blandford        RCC- Liaison
                                                         Tim Heard              KSR- Liaison
Louisville Area R.E.C. Board                             Corey Beatty           Co-Merchandise Sales
                                                         Chuck Young            Co-Merchandise Sales
                                                         Glen Greer             LLCC- Liaison
                                                         Cathy Henney           Weekend Wheat Coordinator
                                                         Donna Davis            Wheat Trailer Coordinator
                                                         Joy James              KCIW – Liaison
                                                         Martha Lynn Campbell   Housing Coordinator
                                                         Lew Hawes              Emmaus Board Rep
                                                September 5-7, 2008
KSR #26:
Team Details            (still forming)

Lay Leadership                                            Clergy
Art Longnaker                    Lay Director             Tim Heard             Spiritual Director
Tammy Underwood                         ALD               Alvin Goodwin
Mike Robinson                           ALD               Clint Parks
Ed Folz                          Wheat Head

                                                          Donna Frerman      Dean Donohue
Table Leads/Assistant Table Leads
                                                          Traci Longnaker    Tony Frerman
Tracy Noe             Don Westfall
Terri Franklin        Wayne Pifer
Dane Anderson         Glenn Smith
Darrell Whitaker      Lambert Franklin
Drucilla Vettiner     Michael Belt
Ed Vaughn             Charlie Barnett
Randy Blinn           David James
John Davenport        Bruce Collier
                                                          Tony Underwood    Music Leader
Amy Davenport         Julie Collier
                                                          Glenn Farquhar
David Luan            Kenny Evans
                                                          Ronnie Dunlop
                                                          Nancy Smith       PowerPoint

Talk Details:
Speaker                          Topic

Don Westfall                     Priorities
Clint Parks                      God Is Calling
Wayne Pifer                      Prodigal
Alvin Goodwin                    Change of Heart
Glenn Smith                      Sacred Scriptures
Lambert Franklin                 Prayer
Michael Belt                     God Is Love
Charlie Barnett                  Christian Life
Tim Heard                        Means of Grace
David James                      Single Life
Bruce & Julie Collier            Marriage
Kenny Evans                      Christian in the World
Art Longnaker                    Beyond REC
Roederer #3:                                 September 12-14, 2008
Team Details           (still forming)

Lay Leadership                                            Clergy
Mark Skidmore                Lay Director                 Steve Rudy              Spiritual Director
David Stoess                         ALD                  Clint Parks
                                     ALD                  Jim Butler
Cathy Stoess           ALD – Wheat Head

                                                          Judy Skidmore
Table Leads/Assistant Table Leads
                                                          Michael Stoess
Lois Vaughn           Gary Toth                           Robbie Mueller
Rodney Elzy           Chuck McFarland                     Mary Mueller
Steve Watkins         Joni Watkins
Bob Browning          Judy Croucher
Garland McFarland     Revel Dawson
Bill Croucher         Marcia Toth
                                                          Daniel Daigneault
                                                          Mark Monfalcome


Talk Details:
Speaker                          Topic

David Stoess                     Priorities
Clint Parks                      God Is Calling
Gary Toth                        Prodigal
Jim Butler                       Change of Heart
Daniel Daigneault                Sacred Scriptures
Judy Croucher                    Prayer
Revel Dawson                     God Is Love
Marcia Toth                      Christian Life
Steve Rudy                       Means of Grace
Bob Browning                     Single Life
Steve & Joni Watkins             Marriage
Chuck McFarland                  Christian in the World
Mark Skidmore                    Beyond REC
                                                                                                 All Chrysalis and YAC (Young
                                                                                                 Adult Chrysalis) activities are
                                                                                                 held at Flaget Retreat Center.

2009-2010               Schedule                                                                 1935 Lewiston Drive
                                                                                                 Louisville, Kentucky 40216

                                                                                                 Directions are available on the
2009                                             Lay Directors        Spiritual Directors

                                                   Kara Thompson
              Journey           Fri-Sat-Sun
                         Jan                            Wright
                #13             9th-10th-11th
                                                   Scott Whonsetler
                                                                                                    For all YAC Journeys
                                                                                                    and Chrysalis Flights,
                                                                                                    event times are as


               Flight                                Dottie Shaw
                         Jan                                             Nancy Tinnell
                #41             17th-18th-19th       Ron Cutler                                     Send Off:        8:30am
                                                                                                    Candlelight: 8:00pm
                                                                                                    Closing:         4:00pm


                #42             26th-27th-28th


              Journey               8th-9th-10th
                #14                                                             Chrysalis Board - 2008
                                                                                Donna Haskell             President
                                                                                Randy Rowland             President-Elect
                                   Sat-Sun-Mon                                  Dee Dee Hurt              Registrar

                                   16th-17th-18th                               Ron Cutler                Treasurer

                          Jan                                                   Dottie Shaw               Secretary
                                                                                Frank Bayen               Travis Spaulding
                                                                                Jamie Heinz               Kim England
                                                                                Mel Wilhelm               Becki Curry
                                    Fri-Sat-Sun                                 Angie Wagner              Tony Wagner

                                                                                Jeff Klingeman            Jake Frederick

                          Jun                                                   Buddy Howard              Tiffany Linton
Please mark your calendars.....Cornerstone Chrysalis is planning a Hoot on

                              Silver Heights Camp and Retreat Center
                            P.O. Box 1733   501 Camp Ave    New Albany, IN 47150

All senior high youth and adults are invited for a time of fellowship and worship. Senior high youth groups
and sponsors are encouraged to attend. This is a great opportunity to invite youth you may be sponsoring
on an upcoming Chrysalis. Join us for a fun evening of praise and worship. Music will be provided by Bloom.

                           Wanted: Sound Equipment
                           Cornerstone Chrysalis is looking for sound
                           equipment for use on Chrysalis Journeys and
                           Flights. If you or your church would be
                           interested in donating used sound equipment,
                           please contact

                                           Tony Wagner
                             Cornerstone Chrysalis Music & Sound Systems

         Come Join Us!                                          Need An Application?
         If you are interested in serving on a                  If you are interested in sponsoring a
         Chrysalis team or on the Chrysalis                     teen or young adult on a Journey or
         Board, Board Applications and                          Flight, you can download Chrysalis
         Volunteer Forms are available at                       applications at:

         http://louisvilleemmaus.com/forms.html                 http://louisvilleemmaus.com/forms.html

                                                                For more information please contact:
   Please remember in your prayers the Lay                      Dee Dee Hurt, registrar at
    Directors for the upcoming Cornerstone                      icanfaux4u@insightbb.com or
  Chrysalis Journey and Flight in January 2009                  Donna Haskell, president at
            at Flaget Retreat Center.                           ddhaskell@gmail.com

Attend a monthly Gathering scheduled on
        the second Friday of the month at 7:27 pm.

Upcoming dates & locations:
 Date         Church          Address                 4th Day Speaker           Communion Celebrant

 Sep 12th     St.Francis                              Bill Receveur             Debbie Apoldo
                              6710 Wolf Pen Branch
                              Road Louisville

 Oct 10th     Crestwood                               Karen Mitchell            Gary Ball
                              7214 Kavanaugh Road

                                           Refer to the complete 2008 schedule located on the following page.

                                                           Don’t forget that them community provides
                                                          childcare services at all Gatherings so bring
Questions or comments                                              your children and leave them in the
    regarding Gatherings?                                                          professional care of
                                                                                           the folks at
         Contact either….                                                                   Family Tree
                                                                                    Childcare Services.
    Perry Probst perry4jc@gmail.com or                                                    A donation of
    Susan Rittenhouse rittenky@insightbb.com.                                         $5.00 per family
                                                                                          is suggested.

 Communiity-Wiide Chiillii Supper
 Commun ty-W de Ch Supper
                        When: Friday, October 10th, 6:27pm
                        Where: Crestwood United Methodist Church – Christian Living Center
                        What: Pre-Gathering Meal and Fellowship Hour

                        Everyone is encouraged to attend this scrumptuous, annual event!
                        Though not a requirement, if you’d like, bring a pot of chili, a side dish, a
                        dessert, etc. to share with the community.

 Note: The supper does not replace the Fellowship Hour immediately following the Gathering Service,
 so please remember to bring your Snack Agape!
                                                                  Schedule is subject to change.

       Date            Host Church/Address

       Jan 11     .…   New Goshen Presbyterian Church
                       12900 W Hwy 42, Prospect

       Feb    8   .…   No Gathering

       Mar 14     .…   Audubon Park United Methodist Church
                       3200 Poplar Level Road, Louisville

       Apr 11     .…   Covenant United Methodist Church
                       909 West Jefferson Street, LaGrange

       May 9      .…   Portland Promise Center
                       1831 Baird Street, Louisville

       Jun 13     .…   Jeffersontown United Methodist Church
                       10219 Taylorsville Road, Louisville

       Jul 11     .…   St. John United Methodist Church
                       12700 West Highway 42, Prospect

       Aug 8      .…   Ascension Lutheran Church
                       13725 Shelbyville Road, Louisville

       Sep 12     .…   St. Frances in the Fields Episcopal Church
                       6710 Wolf Pen Branch Road, Louisville

       Oct 10     .…   Crestwood United Methodist Church
                       7214 Kavanaugh Road, Crestwood

       Nov 14     .…   Mosaic United Methodist Church
                       8008 St. Andrews Church Road, Louisville

       Dec 12     .…   Middletown United Methodist Church
                       11902 Old Shelbyville Road, Louisville
               2008 Emmaus Board Members

Spiritual Director                           Don Craig                        222-6039

Executive Committee
President                                    Steve Homola                     241-9003
President-Elect                              Marc Gritton                     241-8419
Treasurer                                    Nancy Frank                      499-8083
Secretary                                    Sue Ehret                        423-9352

Members of the Board
Agape Coordinator/KLEC liaison               Steve Ulrich                     966-0089/387-0420
Emmaus Mart                                  Rodney Elzy                      425-6968
Worship/Pastor Follow-up                     George Jones                     633-0197
Prayer Charts                                Mike Welker                      231-1281
R.E.C. Liaison                               Lew Hawes                        228-3536
Reunion Group Sponsors’ Hour Coordinator     Vance Taylor                     425-8775
Transportation/Photo Coordinator/Agape       Robby Hoke                       228-8331
Worship Team                                 Susan Rittenhouse                425-7539
Worship Team Coordinator                     Perry Probst/Susan Rittenhouse   423-7539/489-9918
Worship Team - Music                         Perry Probst                     489-9918
Chrysalis Liaison                            Pam Tedesco                      454-6704
Technical Coordinator - Agape                Mark Young                       241-9065

Emmaus Recruit Team for Church Coordinators:
  Buz Frank - Forest Park Community Church
  David Eager - St. Francis in the Fields
  Catherine Detweiler - St. John UMC

    Church Coordinators:
    Adventure Christian - Joni Pardue               Hopewell Baptist - Bertie Legg
    Ascension Lutheran - Marilyn Glaser             LaGrange Baptist - Steve Homola
    Audubon Park UMC - Marilyn White                LaGrange Presbyterian – Jeff & Traci Clark
    Campellsburg Baptist - George Jones             Middletown UMC - Doug & Sandra Dearen
    Christ Church UMC - Jodi Holley                 Mosaic UMC - George Davis
    Covenant UMC - Todd & Janelle Trebuna           New Castle Christian - Kelly Woods
    Crestwood Baptist - Tony Underwood              New Goshen Presbyterian - Nancy Smith
    Crestwood Christian - Janice Leedy              New Life - Revel and Carolyn Dawson
    Crestwood UMC - Cathy Henney & Karen Mitchell   Southeast Christian - Mark Young
    Fern Creek UMC - Lisa Newman                    St. Francis - Robby Hoke & Mike Simpson
    Forrest Park Community - Perry Probst           St. John UMC - Jennifer Partin
    Gateway Community - Joan Rogers                 St. Paul UMC - Frank & Ann Bayens
    Henry County Christian - Daryl & Joy Davis      Summit Heights - Mike & Betty Welker
    Hartsong - Sherri Luney                         Westport Baptist - Maureen James
  Has your information changed?
         If you have a change of address, e-Mail, church, phone number or name
         since your weekend, please send your updated information to
         Additionally, if you have valid addresses for any members who have
         moved away, those could be useful as well.

  Receiving the newsletter….

 There are three ways to obtain a newsletter:
   1) Hardcopy - contact your Church Coordinator. If your church does not have a Church Coordinator
         perhaps you’d like to serve as one. Otherwise please contact a coordinator from another church and
         request a copy.
    2)   Website – download the DOC or PDF file to view and/or print www.louisvilleemmaus.com
    3)   e-Mail – send your name/e-Mail address to webguy@louisvilleemmaus.com

  Do you have information to share?

         To share information in the Talk From the Walk, (the deadline is
         the 22nd of each month), send your article or information to:
         Jeff and Karen Mitchell at mitchell.ky@insightbb.com
         or call them at 243-3902.

If you want to….
- visit your Emmaus Website:                                                          www.louisvilleemmaus.com
- change your email address, or add or drop:                                     webguy@louisvilleemmaus.com
- add information to the Louisville Emmaus Prayer chain:                                      lemmaus@toths.us
- visit the Emmaus Chatterbox Bulletin Board*:                                    http://tothworld.us/chatterbox
- view/post to the REC calendar/prayer chart:                       http://tothworld.us/webcalendar/month.php

          *Note: use the Chatterbox for questions, items, or discussion topics that don’t quite fit the prayer chain.

For Emmaus applications contact:                                            Barb Gritton at (502) 241-8419, or
                                                                         DeeAnna Oliver at (502) 228-4080, or
                                                                                              visit the website
For Chrysalis applications contact:                                           Dee Dee Hurt at (812) 948-1633,
                                                                               icanfaux4u@insightbb.com, or
                                                                                             visit the website
For R.E.C. Team consideration contact:                                               REC.serve@tothworld.us, or
                                                                                               visit the website

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