New Jersey State Fair�/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show from A to Z by J7G2UPN


									  New Jersey State Fair®/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show
                         from A to Z

A is for Agriculture: the largest Agriculture fair in the state.

B is for Bees: honey in the comb, bees in the hive, beekeeper giving
lectures in a cage of bees.

C is for Conservatory: it’s beautiful, it’s green, it’s stuffed with
flowers and plants.

D is for Dairy cows: black, white, red, brown, 4-H & open shows.

E is for Elephant: Beulah the elephant gives rides.

F is for Fair Food: candy apples, cotton candy, curly fries, everyone
has his favorite.

G is for Goats: big, small and dairy.

H is for Hay: in the Forage Show, in the hay maze and in the

I is for Ice Cream: cones, sundaes, milkshakes.

J is for Jumpers: jumping classes and the Grand Prix.

K is for Kids: lots of fun, free things for them to do all day.

L is for the Learning Center in the 4-H building with demonstrations
and storytime.

M is for Milk: at the Milking Parlor you learn how it goes from cow
to cup.
N is for Nighttime: you can see the lights of the Fair before you get

O is for Oreos: rewards for the Paddling Porkers.

P is for the Flying Paiges, aerialists with free shows in the Family
Entertainment Area

Q is for Queen of the Fair: who is the fairest?

R is for Rides: all kinds for all ages, with Pay One Price days.

S is for Strongman Competition… who’s the strongest on the

T is for Tents: housing crafts, food, vendors, animals and games.

U is for Under the commercial tent: bargains by the bagful.

V is for Vegetable: Heirloom or run of the mill, you’ll find them in
the greenhouse.

W is for Wood: carved into fantastic sculptures by chainsaw &
auctioned on Sunday, Aug. 12.

X is for Xmas: Christmas Trees- locally grown beauties.

Y is for Yarn: from sheep in the sheep show to shawl in the knitting

Z is for Zoology for beginners: cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, horses,
steers, rabbits, donkeys and others.

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