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					What is The Florida State                                                                                                                           PASCO COUNTY
Employees’ Charitable                                                                                                                          FLORIDA STATE EMPLOYEES’
Campaign?                                                                                                                                        CHARITABLE CAMPAIGN
The Florida State Employees’
Charitable Campaign (FSECC) is the                                                                                                                         Visit the FSECC website:
single authorized solicitation of state                                                                                                       
employees to benefit voluntary charities
providing programs to meet human needs
in our community, across the nation and                                                                                                       Please enter fiscal agent code 735 and
abroad.                                                                                                                                           county code 51 on pledge form

       America’s Charities – 1 | Community Health Charities of Florida – 2 | Earth Share of Florida – 3 | Global Impact – 3
                 Independent Charities of America – 4 | Neighbor to Nation – 8 | Partners for a Better World – 8
                            Unaffiliated/independent Organizations – 9 | United Way of Pasco County – 9

                                                                                                                  1017 FATHER FLANAGAN’S BOYS’ HOME
   America’s Charities                                                                                            Provides food, clothing, shelter, education, spiritual, and medical care to homeless, neglected, abused, and
                                                                                                                  communicatively handicapped boys and girls. (800) 448-3000, 14.55%
1000 AMERICA’S CHARITIES                                                                                          1018 FEED THE CHILDREN
Working to build strong communities. Addressing needs of children, families, communities through member           Feed The Children provides food, medicine, clothing, educational materials and other essentials to children
programs, by helping employers and employees support our member charities’ programs.            and their families domestically and internationally. (800) 627-4556, 07.85%
(800) 458-9505, 07.13%                                                                                            1019 GIvE KIDS THE WORLD
1001 “I HAvE A DREAM” FOUNDATION                                                                                  Give Kids The World Village a nonprofit resort for children with life-threatenting illnesses and their families.
Empowering children in low-income communities to achieve higher education by providing guaranteed tuition         Give Kids The World has hosted over 97,000 families. (800) 995-5437, 08.02%
assistance for college and a long-term program of academic and social support.                                    1020 HEALING THE CHILDREN-FLORIDA (212) 293-5480, 22.98%                                                              We make available free healthcare for uninsured children living at or near poverty level. 28% of Florida’s children
1002 A GIFT FOR TEACHING                                                                                          are uninsured-every child deserves medical care. (407) 877-9311, 04.85%
By transferring community surplus supplies at no cost the Free Store annually distributes millions of essential   1021 HOSPICE AMERICA (AMERICAN HOSPICE FOUNDATION)
resources to teachers and classrooms. (407) 318-3123, 03.66%                             Increases access to hospice through public education, professional training, and advocacy to ensure comfort
1003 ALzHEIMER’S AND AGING RESEARCH CENTER                                                                        and dignity for dying people, and compassionate support for grieving families.
Stop the suffering caused by aging-related medical conditions! Your support makes exciting new research           (202) 223-0204, 19.11%
possible. Please help our aging population and their families. (800) 877-0019,             1022 HOSPICE OF THE COMFORTER
05.64%                                                                                                            We provide compassionate and expert physical, emotional and spriritual care to patients with advanced illness
1004 AMERICAN CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE                                                                          and their families, including bereavement, regardless of financial resources.
Specializing in constitutional law, the ACLJ is dedicated to the concept that freedom and democracy are God-      (407) 682-0808, 15.61%
given inalienable rights that must be protected. (800) 296-4529, 12.58%                              1023 KIDS BEATING CANCER, INC.
1005 ARTHRITIS & CHRONIC PAIN RESEARCH INSTITUTE                                                                  Provides life-saving and life-enhancing services for children with cancer, leukemia, and other life-threatening
Chronic pain caused by arthritis, cancer, and other medical conditions cripple 86 million Americans. Help us      diseases, recruits and funds testing identifying marrow donors, costs insurance never funds.
continue our search for new medications to relieve pain. (800) 877-4166, 14.49%    800-4673, 02.73%
1006 BREAST CANCER COALITION                                                                                      1024 LANCE ARMSTRONG FOUNDATION
Dedicated to ending breast cancer through action, advocacy and education. We increase research funding;           The Lance Armstrong Foundation unites people through programs and experiences to support cancer survivors
expand access to care; and ensure advocates influence breast cancer decisions.           and the fight against cancer. Unite and fight cancer at (877) 236-8820,
(800) 622-2838, 08.74%                                                                                            12.19%
Your donation funds cancer prevention research; educates people about how they can prevent cancer; and            We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with
supports community cancer prevention programs. (800) 227-2732, 21.83%                       hope, strength, and joy. (800) 722-9474, 21.78%
FOUNDATION)                                                                                                       Provides national and local programs to educate the public about drunk driving and underage drinking as well
Cancer is the #1 disease killer of children. Please help us reach the day when every child with cancer can be     as provides assistance to drunk driving victims. (800) 438-6233, 22.56%
guaranteed a cure. (800) 458-6223, 05.28%                                                      1027 NAACP LEGAL DEFENSE AND EDUCATIONAL FUND
1009 CATHOLICS UNITED FOR LIFE                                                                                    Fights for equality, access to education, employment, health care, housing, environmental justice, voting rights,
Pro-life Catholic organization dedicated to defending human life from the moment of conception. Activities        criminal justice. Provides scholarships to promising African-American undergraduates and law students.
include sidewalk counseling, educational programs and legal defense of religious liberties. (800) 221-7822, 24.52%
(800) 764-8444, 19.14%                                                                                            1028 NATIONAL BLACK CHILD DEvELOPMENT INSTITUTE
1010 CENTRAL FLORIDA zOOLOGICAL SOCIETY                                                                           Exists to improve and protect the quality of life of children and families through educational programs, tutoring,
Dedicated to preserving the beauty and wonder of animals and their habitats. We are committed to sharing          training, public education, and other community outreach programs. (800) 556-2234,
our knowledge and engaging visitors. (407) 323-4450, 10.90%                             14.11%
1011 CHILDREN’S DREAM FUND                                                                                        1029 NATIONAL ORGANIzATION FOR RARE DISORDERS (NORD)
Celebrating 29 years of making dreams come true for children with life-threatening illnesses living in West       Provides understandable information on rare diseases; peer networking; community resource referrals; patient
Central Florida. (800)456-4543 x6736 (727) 896-6390, 21.95%                             medication assistance programs; research; advocacy for over 25 million people with rare disorders. www.
1012 CHRISTIAN HELP FOUNDATION                                                                           (800) 999-6673, 04.62%
A ministry devoted to preventing homelessness by helping the unemployed find jobs while providing for them        1030 NATIONAL TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERvATION IN THE UNITED STATES
materially and spiritually. (407) 834-4022, 11.69%                                          We help people protect, enhance, and enjoy the places that matter to them. Your support will help save America’s
1013 CHRISTOPHER AND DANA REEvE FOUNDATION                                                                        historic places and revitalize our communities. www. (800) 944-6847, 14.00%
The Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the        1031 NEW HOPE FOR KIDS
quality of life for people living with paralysis. (800) 225-0292, 08.60%                 New Hope for Kids provides specialized grief support for children and families traumatized by a family death
1014 DIABETES RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOUNDATION, INC.                                                                 and grants wishes to children suffering life-threatening illnesses. (407) 331-3059,
Committed to curing children and adults now living with diabetes and leads the world in bringing promising        07.55%
treatments to patients as fast as possible. (800) 321-3437, 19.22%                       1032 ORPHAN FOUNDATION OF AMERICA
1015 DIABETES RESEARCH AND WELLNESS FOUNDATION                                                                    At age 18 most orphans are on their own. OFA and volunteers provide moral and financial support to parentless
Our goal is to fund scientific research into treatments and cure of diabetes. Conducts screenings, education      teens pursuing college and vocational training. (800) 950-4673, 00.59%
programs to save lives from blindness, kidney failure, amputations. 633-3976,       1033 PETSMART CHARITIES
05.41%                                                                                                            Since 1994, our charity has funded over $88 million to support spay/neuter, disaster relief, educational programs
1016 DRESS FOR SUCCESS WORLDWIDE                                                                                  and an in-store adoption program saving 4 million pets. (800) 423-7387,
Dress for Success is an international non-profit organization that promotes the economic independence of          12.92%
disadvantaged women through suiting, career development and employment retention programs. (212) 532-1922, 07.04%
1034 PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF GREATER ORLANDO, INC.                                                                        2013 BRAIN INJURY ASSOCIATION OF FLORIDA, INC.
Serving Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Brevard counties since 1994, PPGO provides affordable reproductive                To create a better future for all persons with brain injuries and their families through brain injury prevention
health care services, education and advocacy to women, men and teens. (800) 230-7526,                      research education support services and advocacy. (850) 410-0103, 17.96%
15.36%                                                                                                                  2014 CAMP BOGGY CREEK
1035 READING IS FUNDAMENTAL, INC. (RIF)                                                                                 Founded by Paul Newman and General Schwarzkopf, provides fun, safe, free medically sound camping
RIF provides free books for children throughout the nation and engages children, parents, and communities               experiences for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.
in reading activities to encourage a lifelong love of reading. (877) 743-7323, 14.38%                       (866) 462-6449, 25.22%
1036 RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE CHARITIES                                                                                    2015 CANCER RESEARCH INSTITUTE
Creates, finds and supports programs improving health and well-being of children through its global network             Cancer Research Institute supports laboratory and clinical research at premier medical institutions throughout
of local Chapters and 294 Ronald McDonald House programs worldwide. (630) 623-7048,                        the United States aimed at preventing, treating and controlling cancer.
13.30%                                                                                                                  (212) 688-7515, 21.28%
1037 SPCA OF CENTRAL FLORIDA/ORLANDO HUMANE SOCIETY                                                                     2016 CARINGBRIDGE
Maintains shelter for homeless and/or abused pets. Vigorously promotes spay/neuter programs, pet adoptions,             CaringBridge provides free websites that connect family and friends to share information, love and support
youth/adult education, cruelty investigation prosecution, volunteer pet visitation programs. www.orlandopets.           during a serious health event, treatment and recovery. (651) 452-7940, 17.04%
org (407) 351-7722, 06.24%                                                                                              2017 CHILDREN’S TUMOR FOUNDATION FLORIDA CHAPTER
1038 THE FOUNDATION FOR OSCEOLA EDUCATION                                                                               Funds research, patient support, and public awareness of the Neurofibromatosis (NF1,NF2, and
Bringing resources and people together to support and enhance public education in Osceola County. Programs              Schwannomatosis)- genetic disorders that cause random tumor growth throughout the body.
include scholarships, mentoring, enhancement programs, teacher grants, and teacher recruitment/retention.               (800) 540-5721, 01.97% (407) 870-4855, 02.30%                                                                        2018 CITY OF HOPE
1039 THE FUND FOR ANIMALS                                                                                               Internationally recognized innovative biomedical research, treatment and educational institution. Physiciians/
The Fund for Animals, founded by Cleveland Amory, operates animal sanctuaries and wildlife centers, and is              scientists dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases.
a leading provider of direct care for animals. (888) 405-3863, 07.89%                   (800) 544-3541, 10.79%
1040 THE HOLE IN THE WALL GANG FUND                                                                                     2019 CROHN’S & COLITIS FOUNDATION OF AMERICA, INC
Founded by Paul Newman, is a non-profit camp and year-round center providing free services to children with             Cure and prevent Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis through research. Improve quality of life for patients
cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. (203) 772-0522, 14.89%                           and their families through education programs and support services. (877) 664-2929,
1041 THE PEDIATRIC CANCER FOUNDATION, INC.                                                                              20.20%
The distinguished leader and driving force in accelerating the discovery of cures for childhood cancers by              2020 DAN MARINO FOUNDATION, INC.
spearheading innovative collaborations of internationally recognized cancer researchers.                 Our Mission is to Open Doors towards independence for children with special needs, teenagers transitioning
(813) 269-0955, 20.86%                                                                                                  from foster care, and young adults with disabilities. (954) 389-4445,
1042 TIGER WOODS FOUNDATION, INC.                                                                                       08.41%
Our Mission: We deliver unique experiences and innovative educational opportunities for youth worldwide.                2021 EASTER SEALS OF FLORIDA, INC. (888) 893-5439, 09.97%                                                                     Therapy and childcare to children with special needs; therapeutic, rehabilitate, protective adult day services;
1043 UNITEDHEALTHCARE CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION                                                                             vocational services to adults with disabilities; and fully accessible camping program.
UHCCF provides medical grants up to $5,000 to children’s families to help pay for non-covered medical services 257-3257, 06.69%
and expenses from their commercial health benefit plan. (952) 992-4459, 03.98%                            2022 EPILEPSY FOUNDATION OF FLORIDA
                                                                                                                        To ensure that people with seizures can participate in all life experiences and prevent, control, and cure epilepsy
                                                                                                                        through services, education, advocacy and research. (305) 670-4949, 11.17%
 Community Health Charities of Florida                                                                                  2023 FLORIDA BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION
                                                                                                                        Founded in 1993, the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation is a non-profit grass-roots organization edeicated to
2000 COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES OF FLORIDA                                                                              ending breast cancer through advocacy, education, and research. (954) 454-4156,
Community Health Charities enhances the operations programs and services of our member health agencies                  22.56%
through advocacy, education and inclusions in employees workplace giving campaigns. www.florida.                        2024 FLORIDA HOSPICES AND PALLIATIvE CARE, INC. (877) 242-3527, 08.97%                                                                              Advocates for the terminally ill, working with hospice programs, the public, and government to assure access
2001 ALS ASSOCIATION-FLORIDA CHAPTER (THE)                                                                              to excellent end-of-life care for all Floridians. (877) 783-1922, 11.44%
Services dedicated to helping patients and families living with ALS. Programs included advocacy, case                   2025 FLORIDA SIDS (SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME) ALLIANCE
management, innovative research, ALS clinic support, respite care and equipment loans.                   SIDS kills over 100 babies in Florida every year. We provide family support, fund research, and provide education
(888) 257-1717, 21.94%                                                                                                  about reducing SIDS/ other infant death rates. (800) 743-7352, 00.88%
2002 AMC CANCER RESEARCH CENTER                                                                                         2026 GIFT OF LIFE BONE MARROW FOUNDATION
Dedicated to raising cancer awareness and funds to support outstanding programs in prevention, patient care,            Gift of Life helps children and adults suffering from life-threatening illnesses including leukemia find donors
education, counseling and research to benefit people across the nation. (800) 321-1557,                     for bone marrow transplants. You can be the match!! (561) 982-2900, 07.03%
                                                                                                                        2027 HEMOPHILIA FOUNDATION OF GREATER FLORIDA
2003 ARC/FLORIDA (ASSOCIATION FOR RETARDED CITIzENS OF FLORIDA)                                                         Is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with related bleeding disorders and their families through
A statewide advocacy association for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities that provides             education information and referral services and advocacy. (800) 293-6527,
information referral, training, and technical assistance. (800) 223-1155, 11.82%                     05.73%
2004 ALzHEIMER RESOURCE CENTER, INC.                                                                                    2028 HYPOGLYCEMIA SUPPORT FOUNDATION, THE
To lighten the burden and improve the quality of life for families devastated by Alzheimer’s disease through            The HSF increases awareness of the causes, effects and latest treatments of hypoglycemia. We offer information,
counseling, support services, research and hope. (800) 330-1910,                        hope and encouragement to those that live with hypolycemia. (954) 742-3098,
14.08%                                                                                                                  21.63%
2005 ALzHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION                                                                                            2029 JUvENILE DIABETES RESEARCH FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL
To provide a support system for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease or a related disorder and their caregivers       Help us find a cure for diabetes. Through research, we can save lives of children and adults who suffer from
through support services, education, advocacy and research. (800) 272-3900, 22.44%                          diabetes and its devastating complications. (800) 533-2873, 17.73%
2006 AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY                                                                                            2030 LaAMISTAD FOUNDATION, INC.
Dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives and diminishing            Owns and operates Lakewood Center, a long-term treatment facility for individuals with chronc mental illnesses
suffering from cancer through research education advocacy and service. (800) 227-2345,                   including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and autism in Metro Orlando.
19.39%                                                                                                                  (407) 331-7226, 14.43%
2007 AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION                                                                                      2031 LUPUS FOUNDATION OF AMERICA GREATER FLORIDA CHAPTER, INC.
The Association’s mission is to prevent and cure Diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by            Dedicated to improving the life of those with Lupus by providing education, emotional support, awareness,
Diabetes through research information and advocacy. (800) 342-2382, 09.75%                             programs and promote research to find the cure for Lupus. (800) 684-9276, 21.81%
2008 AMERICAN KIDNEY FUND                                                                                               2032 MARCH OF DIMES FOUNDATION FLORIDA CHAPTER
To provide direct financial assistance to kidney patients in the United States and education to those at risk for       March of Dimes improves health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality
kidney disease. (800) 638-8299, 03.48%                                                               through programs of research, community services, education and advocacy.
2009 AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION IN FLORIDA                                                                               (888) 663-4637, 23.92%
Our programs save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through research, education                2033 MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY ASSOCIATION, INC.
and advocacy emphasizing asthma, COPD, tobacco control and healthy air. (850) 386-2065,                 Fighting 40 neuromuscular diseases through worldwide research, a nationwide network of clinics offering
23.99%                                                                                                                  comprehensive medical services, and far-reaching professional and public health education.
2010 ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION, FLORIDA CHAPTER, INC.                                                               (800) 393-8552, 27.39%
The mission of the Arthritis Foundation is to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control, and          2034 NAMI FLORIDA
cure of arthritis and related diseases. (800) 672-0882, 10.92%                                        NAMI Florida provides information, referral, education, training, support, advocacy, and policy services and
2011 AUTISM SOCIETY OF FLORIDA, INC.                                                                                    programs for those with mental illness and their families. (877) 626-4352, 15.81%
Volunteer organization providing support, education, awareness and advocacy to families with children and               2035 NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION OF FLORIDA
adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, including Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS and related disabilities.                  To prevent kidney diseases improve health and well-being of individual and their families affected by these 349-2820, 18.13%                                                                                  diseases and to raise organ and tissue donation awareness. (800) 927-9659, 12.21%
2012 AUTISM SPEAKS                                                                                                      2036 NATIONAL MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOCIETY
We fund biomedical research into the causes, prevention treatments and cure for Autism Spectrum Disorders.              Provides more MS research, services for people with MS, professional education programs, and advocacy efforts
Increase awareness and advocate for the needs of affected families. (888) 777-6227,                than any other MS organization in the world. (800) 344-4867, 15.41%

2037 PANCREATIC CANCER ACTION NETWORK, INC                                                                                3013 NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION
A network of people dedicated to working together to advance research, support patients and create hope for               America’s conservation organization dedicated to protecting endangered species and habitats for our children’s
those affacted by pancreatic cancer. (877) 272-6226, 12.59%                                                future and connecting people with nature through education and action opportunities.
2038 PREvENT BLINDNESS FLORIDA                                                                                            (800) 822-9919, 19.73%
A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a lifetime of healthy vision care through advocacy, education,           3014 NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL, INC.
screening and research. (800) 817-3595, 26.75%                                            NRDC defends embattled wilderness, rivers, clean air, coasts, and wildlife across America and around the globe.
2039 RESEARCH TO PREvENT BLINDNESS                                                                                        Saved Baja’s whales, Canada’s Spirit bears, and California’s sequoias. (212) 727-2700, 12.28%
Research to Prevent Blindness (RPB) is the world’s leading voluntary organization supporting scientific research          3015 NATURE CONSERvANCY (THE)
into the causes, cure, and prevention of blinding diseases and conditions. (800) 621-0026,                 Buys and protects ecologically important lands and waters for humans and nature. 119 million acres of land
27.81%                                                                                                                    and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide protected. (800) 628-6860, 12.86%
2040 SICKLE CELL ASSOCIATION OF FLORIDA                                                                                   3016 RAINFOREST ALLIANCE, INC.
Provides screening, counseling, education, seminars and treatment for sickle cell conditions. The organization            Protects ecosystems and the people and wildlife that depend on them by transforming land-use practices,
also provides direct patient assistance, including referrals. (877) 593-2888,                   business practices and consumer behavior. (888) 693-2784, 05.07%
11.70%                                                                                                                    3017 SCENIC AMERICA
2041 SPECIAL OLYMPICS FLORIDA, INC.                                                                                       To safeguard America’s natural beauty by fighting billboard blight reducing visual intrusions protacting open
Empowering children and adults with intellectual disabilities to realize their potential and develop life skills          space preserving the scenic character of public lands. (202) 638-0550, 24.01%
through sports training and competition never charging fees to participate.                3018 STUDENT CONSERvATION ASSOCIATION
(352) 243-9536, 24.41%                                                                                                    Building new generations of conservation leaders by engaging college and high school-age individuals in
2042 THE FOUNDATION FOR AIDS RESEARCH DBA AIDS RESEARCH FOUNDATION(AMFAR)                                                 hands-on service to parks, forests and urban greenspaces natinwide. (603) 543-1700,
Supports innovative AIDS research; educates patients, doctors, and the public about HIV treatment/prevention;             14.73%
works to protect the rights of all people affected by HIV/AIDS. (800) 392-6327, 15.03%                      3019 SURFRIDER FOUNDATION
2043 THE LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY                                                                                      Protects and preserves the world’s oceans, waves and beaches through conservation, activism, research and
While raising funds to cure Leukemia, Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin’s diseases and Myeloma, we provide supportive                 education. Activities include: Water quality monitoring, environmental education and grassroots activism.
services and financial assistance to blood cancer patients and their families. (407) 898-0733,       (800) 743-7873, 16.32%
24.07%                                                                                                                    3020 TAMPA BAY WATCH, INC.
2044 THE SUSAN G. KOMEN BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION, INC. D/B/A SUSAN G. KOMEN FOR                                           Exclusively dedicated to the charitable, educational, and scientific purpoe of restoring the marine and wetland
THE CURE                                                                                                                  environments of the Tampa Bay Estuary. (727) 867-8166, 15.96%
A world without breast cancer-to save lives and end breast cancer forever through community outreach and                  3021 THE CONSERvATION FUND
funding life-saving research and community health programs. (877) 465-6636, 18.23%                          The nation’s most effective and efficient conservation organization-protecting working landscapes, wildlife
2045 TOURETTE SYNDROME ASSOCIATION, INC.                                                                                  habitat, historic and recreation sites-with 97% of funds going directly to mission.
Dedicated to identifying the cause, finding the cure, controlling the effect of TS. Develops and disseminates             (703) 525-6300, 02.29%
educational material to individuals, professionals, agencies to inform, help. (888) 486-8738,             3022 THE PEREGRINE FUND
16.17%                                                                                                                    Saves eagles, condors, falcons, and other endangered birds through research, breeding, and conservation
                                                                                                                          programs. Helps preserve rainforests. Educates children and adults about nature and science.
                                                                                                                 (800) 377-3716, 14.63%
   Earth Share of Florida                                                                                                 3023 THE SIERRA CLUB FOUNDATION
                                                                                                                          The Sierra Club Foundation fights to preserve wilderness and protect environmental quality worldwide through
3000 EARTHSHARE                                                                                                           a powerful combination of education, scientific research and publishing. (800) 216-2110,
Donations are shared among our member groups to protect our environment, health, wildlife, and natural                    07.57%
resources. One environment, one simple way to care for it. (800) 875-3863, 05.24%                      3024 THE TRUST FOR PUBLIC LAND
3001 ALASKA CONSERvATION FOUNDATION                                                                                       The Trust for Public Land conserves land for people to enjoy as parks, gardens, and other natural landscapes,
Premiere link between individual donors nationwide and Alaska’s conservation organizations. Protects Alaska’s             ensuring livable communities for generations to come. (415) 495-4014, 12.97%
wilderness and wildlife habitats by funding the best local environmental groups and programs.                             3025 THE WILD DOLPHIN PROJECT (907) 276-1917, 12.76%                                                                                       WDP gathers scientific date on Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins. Researchfindings are reported to the
3002 AMERICAN FORESTS                                                                                                     scientific community and general public; aiding conservation and education.
Funds private and public land restoration projects; provides satellite imagery of tree loss to cities; educates the       (561) 575-5660, 17.12%
public on the value of trees and forests. (800) 368-5748, 15.91%                                  3026 WILDLIFE TRUST
3003 AMERICAN RIvERS                                                                                                      Empowers local conservation scientists worldwide to proect nature and safeguard ecosystem and human
Working to protect and restore healthy, natural rivers for the benefit of people and wildlife; ensuring clean             health. Healthy, intact exosystems can prevent the spread of disease. (212) 380-4460,
drinking water, natural flood protection and recreational enjoyment. (202) 347-7550,               24.31%
24.43%                                                                                                                    3027 WORLD WILDLIFE FUND
3004 BAT CONSERvATION INTERNATIONAL, INC.                                                                                 Multinational conservation organization working worldwide to combat climate change, save endangered
Worldwide authority on bats committed to their protection through direct habitat conservation, research and               animals, protect wild habitats and transform market forces to act in harmony with nature.
education; facilitating win-win solutions that help both bats and people. (800) 538-2287,         (800) 960-0993, 19.37%
Prevents Pesticide Poisoning of our environment, homes, workplaces, schools, food and water through a
practical information clearinghouse on toxic hazards and non-chemical pest control.
                                                                                                                             Global Impact (202) 543-5450, 05.22%                                                                           4000 GLOBAL IMPACT
3006 CENTER FOR HEALTH, ENvIRONMENT AND JUSTICE                                                                           Supports U.S.-based charities working globally. We provide disaster relief, treat the sick, feed the hungry,
Protects the health of communities and children through grassroots organizing, coalition-building, and                    shelter refugees, teach children to read, train adults for jobs. (800) 836-4620, 02.35%
consumer campaigns to eliminate dangerous chemicals in water, air, homes and schools.                        4001 AFRICAN MEDICAL & RESEARCH FOUNDATION, INC.
(703) 237-2249, 13.32%                                                                                                    Since 1957, has improved health for Africans through training, capacity building and advocacy in HIV/AIDS,
3007 CLEAN WATER FUND                                                                                                     malaria, family health, water and sanitation and clinical outreach. (212) 768-2440,
Neighborhood based action and education programs which join together citizens businesses and government                   10.13%
for sensible solutions ensuring safe drinking water, pollution prevention and resource conservation.                      4002 AFRICARE (800) 709-2837, 20.02%                                                                             Develops self-help programs in Africa to increase food production, develop clean water resources, manage the
3008 ENvIRONMENTAL DEFENSE FUND INCORPORATED                                                                              environment, strengthen health care and deliver emergency assistance. (202) 462-3614,
Environmental Defense Fund’s Scientists, Economists and Attorneys design practical, long-term strategies to               05.86%
protect wildlife and natural resources and safeguard clean air, water and human health.                       4003 AMERICARES
(800) 684-3322, 14.56%                                                                                                    Restores health and saves lives by delivering donated medicines, medical supplies and humanitarian aid to
3009 ENvIRONMENTAL LAW INSTITUTE                                                                                          people in need around the world had here at home. (800) 486-4357, 00.90%
Environmental law that works for you: community-based education + research on national problems = solutions               4004 AMERICAN JEWISH WORLD SERvICE (AJWS)
to protect people and nature. Independent and non-partisan. (202) 939-3800, 13.86%                            Provides non-sectarian, sustainable development assistance, technical support and emergency relief to people
3010 FLORIDA NATIvE PLANT SOCIETY, INC                                                                                    in need in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia and Ukraine. (800) 889-7146,
Purpose of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation and restoration of the           20.26%
native plants and native plant communities of Florida. (321) 388-4781, 19.86%                                4005 AMERICAN NEAR EAST REFUGEE AID
3011 FLORIDA WILDFLOWER FOUNDATION                                                                                        ANERA creates opportunities in education, health and relief services, and job creation programs for people in
Promotes the conservation, preservation and enjoument of Florida’s native wildflowers through statewide                   the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan. (202) 842-2766, 04.62%
planting research and education projects. (407) 539-1816, 10.36%                      4006 AMERICAN REFUGEE COMMITTEE
3012 NATIONAL PARKS CONSERvATION ASSOCIATION                                                                              A movement of people working in partnership with the survivors of conflict and disaster to help them take
Preserves national parks from the Grand Canyon to Gettysburg; protects endangered wildlife and cultural sites;            back control of their lives. (800) 875-7060, 11.29%
promotes new parks; defends against pollution, inappropriate development and overcrowding.                                4007 CHILDFUND INTERNATIONAL, USA (800) 628-7275, 11.67%                                                                                       Helping deprived, excluded and vulnerable children have the capacity to become young adults and leaders
                                                                                                                          who bring lasting and prositive changes in their communites. (800) 776-6767, 17.88%

4008 CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL                                                                                              4032 UNITED SEAMEN’S SERvICE
Nonprofit, humanitarian organization providing program benefits and services including medical care,                     Provides overseas health and welfare services to the American Merchant Marine and seafarers of allied nations
educational assistance and material aid to poverty-stricken children and families in eleven countries.                   and a hotline for emergency family assistance. (718) 369-3818, 17.25% (800) 888-3089, 18.74%                                                                                  4033 WORLD RELIEF
4009 CHRISTIAN REFORMED WORLD RELIEF COMMITTEE (CRWRC)                                                                   Provides emergency relief and community-based solutions to alleviate hunger and poverty in 20 countries and
Fighting poverty, hunger and injustice through partnerships and locally originated community development                 provides resettlement assistance to refugee in the United States. (800) 535-5433,
programs; responding to disasters with emergency supplies and reconstruction of homes and livelihoods.                   19.77% (800) 552-7972, 15.96%
Church World Service works with partners to eradicate hunger and poverty and promote peace and justice                    Independent Charities of America
among the worlds most vulnerable people. (800) 297-1516, 17.44%
Fights root causes of poverty in 66 countries; special focus on empowering poor women to lift themselves,                Feeding the hungry. Sheltering the homeless. Protecting the children. And healing the sick. America’s finest
their families and communities out of poverty. (800) 521-2273, 09.07%                                       independent charities. Working with you to share - the American way.
                                                                                                                         (800) 477-0733, 01.86%
4012 ECHO, INC.
ECHO fights world hunger by using science and technology to develop agricultural solutions to aid farmers in             5001 ABANDONED CHILDREN’S FUND
developing countries. (239) 543-3246, 24.84%                                                             Replacing despair, hunger, loneliness with hope - providing food, shelter, clean water, healthcare, education
                                                                                                                         and vocational training to desperate children and families - equipping and changing lives.
4013 ENGENDERHEALTH, INC.                                                                                       (888) 884-0567, 01.69%
EngenderHealth is the leading international reproductive health organization working to improve the quality
of health care in the world’s poorest countries. (800) 564-2872, 09.02%                           5002 ACTION AGAINST HUNGER - USA
                                                                                                                         Action Against Hunger prevents and treats malnutrition, saving the lives of malnurished children while providing
4014 EPISCOPAL RELIEF & DEvELOPMENT                                                                                      families with safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. (877) 777-1420,
Episcopal Relief & Development is the international humanitarian agency of the U.S. Espiscopal Church. It                10.70%
creates lasting solutions in response to disaster, poverty and disease. (800) 334-7626,
15.55%                                                                                                                   5003 ADOPTABLE CHILDREN, NORTH AMERICA COUNCIL
                                                                                                                         More than 123,000 foster children need adoptive families. Your donation helps us find loving parents for these
4015 FREEDOM FROM HUNGER                                                                                                 children, support adoptive families and raise awareness. (651) 644-3036, 13.33%
Combines microfinance services with education in health, nutricial and business to fight chronic hunger and
poverty in poor rural areas of the developing world. (800) 708-2555, 18.57%                    5004 ADOPTION AND HUMANITARIAN AID - MAPS
                                                                                                                         Providing opportunities that promote permanency for children through adoption, domestic and international
4016 HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL, INC.                                                                            humanitarian aid, and residential and shelter services for homeless pregnant and/or parenting women.
A nonprofit house builder seeking to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make      (866) 397-6913, 16.04%
decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. (800) 422-4828, 20.88%
                                                                                                                         5005 ADvENTIST DEvELOPMENT AND RELIEF AGENCY INTERNATIONAL
4017 HELEN KELLER INTERNATIONAL                                                                                          ADRA is a global humanitarian organization that assists communites in their development and during disasters
Saves the sight and lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged; combats the causes and consequences of               by providing water, food, security, health, education, and economic opportunities.
blindness and malnutrition. (877) 535-5374, 14.10%                                                           (800) 424-2372, 07.15%
4018 INTERNATIONAL EYE FOUNDATION                                                                                        5006 AFRICAN AMERICAN SELF-HELP FOUNDATION
Saves sight worldwide. Programs to control vitamin A deficiency, “river blindness”, trachoma and cataracts.              Providing emergency financial assistance to single, African-American working mothers. Expressing God’s love
Provides local health worker training, technology transfer, eye surgery, equipment, medicine.                            through hot meals, immunizations, healthcare, education and vocational training for African children. (240) 290-0263, 06.83%                                                                           (800) 514-3499, 01.86%
4019 INTERNATIONAL ORTHODOx CHRISTIAN CHARITIES, INC.                                                                    5007 AIR COMPASSION AMERICA D/B/A AIR AMBULANCE ANGELS
Provides humanitarian and development assistance to people in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East who               Saving significant costs for seriously ill family members needing long distance transportation. A patient advocate
have been devastated by man-made and natural disasters. (877) 803-4622, 06.03%                              for lifesaving air ambulance services. (866) 270-9198, 11.57%
4020 INTERNATIONAL RELIEF TEAMS                                                                                          5008 ALEx’S LEMONADE STAND FOUNDATION
Sends volunteer medical and construction teams to assist disaster victims worldwide. Conducts medical,                   A four year old cancer patient’s front yard lemonade stand evolved to a nationwide movement to find a cure
surgical, and training programs to promote self-sufficiency in developing nations.                       for pediatric cancer. Please join us. (866) 333-1213, 11.69%
(619) 284-7979, 01.49%
                                                                                                                         5009 ALLEY CAT ALLIES INCORPORATED
4021 INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE (IRC)                                                                                Alley Cat Allies Promotes and expands humane methods of care for cats. (240) 482-1980,
Our commitment to freedom, human dignity, and self-reliance is reflected in well-planned global emergency                15.51%
relief, rehabilitation assistance, resettlement services, and advocacy for refugee.
(800) 733-8433, 10.22%                                                                                                   5010 ALzHEIMER’S FOUNDATION OF AMERICA
                                                                                                                         Care related services to those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and related illnesses. Hotline, counseling,
4022 MERCY CORPS                                                                                                         education, referrals to member organizations nationwide. “Caring for the nation.”
Providing lifesaving aid worldwide following a disaster or conflict, and helping local populations design and            (866) 232-8484, 17.63%
implement sustainable programs to promote health and economic development.
(800) 292-3355, 12.70%                                                                                                   5011 ALzHEIMER’S RESEARCH AND PREvENTION FOUNDATION
                                                                                                                         Help fight alzheimer’s disease and find a cure through research and prevention! Committed to ensuring peak
4023 OPPORTUNITY INTERNATIONAL                                                                                           mental performance and optimum brain function throughout our lives.
We collaborate with local partners worldwide to provide microfinance services allowing poor entrepreneurs                (520) 749-8374, 03.50%
to develop steady income, provide for families and create jobs for neighbors.
(800) 793-9455, 10.05%                                                                                                   5012 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BONE MARROW DONOR REGISTRIES, INC.
                                                                                                                         To support the humanitarian heroes who donate their bone marrow to save the lives of strangers. Our testing
4024 OxFAM AMERICA                                                                                                       and registry make the donor/patient match possible. (800) 745-2452, 01.75%
We are an international relief and development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger
and injustice. (800) 776-9326, 17.39%                                                               5013 AMERICAN AUTOIMMUNE RELATED DISEASES ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                                         Autoimmunity causes 90+ diseases. We serve patients through research , patient/physician education programs,
4025 PATH                                                                                                                individual patient responses and interventions, literature dissemination, awareness, and blood registry
Poor communities have the right to safer childbirth, life-saving vaccines, and lives free from AIDS, tuberculosis,       programs. (888) 856-8585, 05.77%
and malaria. We create culturally-relevant solutions for better health. (206) 285-3500,
09.07%                                                                                                                   5014 AMERICAN BRAIN TUMOR ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                                         Exists to eliminate brain tumors through research and to meet the needs of brain tumor patients and their
4026 PAN AMERICAN DEvELOPMENT FOUNDATION                                                                                 families. (847) 827-9910, 13.60%
Helps disadvantaged people in Latin America and the Caribbean by creating economic opportunities, promoting
social progress, strengthening civil society, responding to natural disasters and humanitarian crises.                   5015 AMERICAN FOREST FOUNDATION (202) 458-3969, 11.41%                                                                          America’s forestland is vanishing. Strip malls, suburban sprawl threaten our clean air, water, and wildlife
                                                                                                                         habitats. Help save these precious woodlands before they disappear forever.
4027 PLAN INTERNATIONAL USA, INC. D/B/A PLAN USA                                                                         (202) 463-2745, 18.71%
Founded in 1937, Plan USA workds with children and families affected by poverty. Plan is a global, nonprofit,
humanitarian organization without political or religious affiliation. (800) 556-7918,                    5016 AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR AGING RESEARCH
23.83%                                                                                                                   AFAR provides scholarships and fellowships to students conducting cutting edge molecular, cellular and genetic
                                                                                                                         research on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, aging issues and age related diseases. www.agingresearchfoundation.
4028 PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION OF AMERICA, INC. (PPFA)                                                               org (919) 515-5679, 10.46%
Supports sexual and reproductive health programs in the developing world, in partnership with local
nongovernmental organizations, that promote women’s reproductive health, freedom and dignity.                            5017 AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN WITH AIDS (800) 829-7732, 19.38%                                                                         We provide cost free anti-retroviral medication, supplies, and medicine to combat opportunistic infections for
                                                                                                                         HIV+ children and their caregivers in Sub-Saharan Africa. (717) 489-0206,
4029 SAvE THE CHILDREN                                                                                                   05.97%
Save the Children have been a leading independent organization creating lasting change for children in need
in the U.S. and around the world. (800) 728-3843, 08.19%                                         5018 AMERICAN NICARAGUAN FOUNDATION
                                                                                                                         ANF works to foster opportunity, self sufficiency and dignity for the poor in Nicaragua by developing programs
4030 TECHNOSERvE                                                                                                         in education, medical care, affordable housing and nutrition. (305) 374-3391,
Helps entrepreneurial men and women in the developing world to build businesses that create income,                      01.06%
opportunity and economic growth for their families, communities and their countries.
(800) 999-6757, 14.63%                                                                                                   5019 AMERICAN THYROID ASSOCIATION DBA THYROID ASSOCIATION, AMERICAN
                                                                                                                         Funding excellence and innovation in thyroid research and patient education to help scientists, physicians and
4031 UNITARIAN UNIvERSALIST SERvICE COMMITTEE, INC.                                                                      the public better understand thyroid disorders: causes, treatments, and prevention.
Defends civil liberties and promotes environmental and economic justice with partners around the world,                  (800) 849-7643, 04.54%
while engaging our members to serve as citizen-activists. (800) 766-5236, 20.99%

5020 AMPUTEE COALITION OF AMERICA                                                                                         5044 CHIEF PETTY OFFICER SCHOLARSHIP FUND
Reaching out to empower people affected by limb loss to achieve their full potential through education and                Provides scholarships assistance to children, step-children, and spouces of active duty, reserve, and retired
support, and to promote limb loss prevention. (888) 267-5669, 29.49%                            Navy Chief Petty Officers. (757) 233-9136, 09.47%
5021 ANIMALS AND SOCIETY INSTITUTE, INC./AKA ANIMAL RIGHTS INSTITUTE                                                      5045 CHILD FIND OF AMERICA
Help us speak out for animals! Advancing their moral and legal status and promoting animal right as part of               Child kidnapping prevention and location specialists helping children and devastated parents through free
a just, compassionate, peaceful society. (734) 677-9240, 18.57%                                 investigation, mediation and publicity. (800) 426-5678, 04.84%
5022 ARMED FORCES vETERANS HOMES FOUNDATION, INC.                                                                         5046 CHILDHELP, INC.
Helping America’s wounded warriors from all generations and wars overcome challenges of disabilities and                  Five children die every day from child abuse and neglect in the United States. Join us in the fight to End Child
aging with quality long term care at 147 state veterans homes. (301) 899-8386,                 Abuse Now! (480) 922-8212, 09.32%
12.20%                                                                                                                    5047 CHILDHOOD CANCER ALLIANCE-RALLY FOR RESEARCH
5023 ARTHRITIS NATIONAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION                                                                               Childhood Cancer Alliance raises awareness and funds specifically for childhood cancer research to find better
ANRF provides grants for scientists researching the causes of and new treatments for arthritis. Research results          treatments and cures for childhood cancers. (404) 847-1270, 08.17%
are disseminated through the website, newsletters and professional meetings.                        5048 CHILDHOOD CANCER RESEARCH COALITION
(800) 588-2873, 05.85%                                                                                                    Providing cutting edge children’s cancer research, one-to-one patient and family education services, and life
5024 ASIAN CHILDREN’S ASSISTANCE, LIMITED                                                                                 saving cancer medicines free to needy patients. Your support saves lives.
Saving Asian abandoned, orphaned, destitute, handicapped children by providing hope and opportunity to                    (919) 821-2182, 02.53%
reach their full potential through basic care, corrective surgery, therapy and training. www.asianchildrensassist.        5049 CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS (NACOA)
org (866) 523-3133, 21.52%                                                                                                Those most hurt by alcohol and drugs don’t even use them: Help us protect and save the children of alcoholics
5025 BELIEvE IN TOMORROW NATIONAL CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION, INC.                                                             from physical and psychological abuse. (888) 554-2627, 09.21%
We provide hospital and retreat housing and other services to critically ill children and their families through          5050 CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT
your donations. (410) 744-1032, 07.40%                                                          Rescues America’s children from the ravages of prostitution. Providing shelter, hope and new-beginnings. With
5026 BERGIN UNIvERSITY OF CANINE STUDIES                                                                                  your support we can save more. Our children deserve a fighting chance.
Our Paws for Purple Hearts project helps heal our returning servicemen by teaching those with PTSD to train               (800) 551-1300, 17.56%
service dogs for those with physical disabilities. (707) 545-3647, 03.76%                                 5051 CHILDREN’S ANGEL FLIGHT
5027 BEST BUDDIES INTERNATIONAL, INC.                                                                                     Support our mission to ensure no needy child is denied access to medical treatment, diagnosis or evaluation
Children with intellectual disabilities often experience loneliness and isolation. Change their lives by supporting       for lack of a means of air transportation. (800) 296-1217, 09.32%
opportunities for friendship with non-disabled peers. Inclusion is the key!                           5052 CHILDREN’S HOPES & DREAMS FOUNDATION, INC
(800) 892-8339, 10.35%                                                                                                    Hospitals are frightening! Your pledge places our entertaining educational magazine into the hands of
5028 BIG CAT RESCUE CORP                                                                                                  terminally/chronically ill children. Provides unmet needs for children in disaster situations.
Providing the best permanent home for more than 100 abused, abandoned & retired big cats and reducing            (800) 437-3262, 10.44%
the number of cats that suffer through education. (813) 920-4130, 10.45%                             5053 CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTER FOUNDATION
5029 BIRTH DEFECT RESEARCH FOR CHILDREN                                                                                   We raise funds for Children’s Hospital and Research Center providing extraordinary children’s care regarless of
Hundreds of thousands of children are suffering. Missing limbs, damaged hearts, facial deformities, downs,                ability to pay and to fund world class research. (800) 841-4642, 15.59%
autism, ADHD. We’re a lifeline for families struggling with birth defects. (407) 566-8304,           5054 CHILDREN’S MEDICAL MINISTRIES
05.25%                                                                                                                    Compassionate healthcare volunteers providing free wheelchairs, rehabilitation equipment, food and clothing
5030 BLADDER CANCER ADvOCACY NETWORK                                                                                      to children in despair in urban/rural America and developing countries.
BCAN is devoted to defeating bladder cancer, the fifth most commonly diagnosed cancer, by funding research,      (301) 261-3211, 01.41%
increasing public awareness, and providing information and support. (888) 901-2226,                          5055 CHILDREN’S ORGAN TRANSPLANT ASSOCIATION
23.49%                                                                                                                    The Children’s Organ Transplant Association helps children who need a life-saving transplant by raising funds
5031 BLIND vIETNAMESE CHILDREN FOUNDATION                                                                                 to pay transplant-related expenses. (800) 366-2682, 09.38%
For nearly a decade, we have pioneered support for homes providing healthcare, education, and career                      5056 CONCERNS OF POLICE SURvIvORS
development to once-neglected visually-impaired children in Vietnam. 877-0736,                          Resources for surviving families and co-workers of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty; law
06.13%                                                                                                                    enforcement trauma training; public education. (573) 346-4911, 18.27%
5032 BREAST CANCER ACTION                                                                                                 5057 CONSERvATION AND PROTECTION OF PUBLIC LANDS
Challenging assumptions and inspiring change to end the breast cancer epidemic. Educating and advocating                  Fighting to keep America’s public lands in public hands. Preventing unstable and unsound timber cutting,
for social justice, patients before profits, an environment with fewer toxins. (877) 278-6772,           grazing and mineral/oil production. This land is your land! (703) 629-3166, 06.80%
24.13%                                                                                                                    5058 CONvOY OF HOPE
5033 BROTHER’S BROTHER FOUNDATION                                                                                         Help children and families who are victims of disaster in the USA and around the world by providing emergency
Promotes international health and education through the efficient and effective distribution and provision of             relief food, water, supplies, and shelter. (417) 823-8998, 06.80%
donated medical, educational and other resources for those in need worldwide.                     5059 CORNELIA DE LANGE SYNDROME FOUNDATION. INC.
(412) 321-3160, 00.07%                                                                                                    Please join us in providing light, help and hope for children with CDLS through accurate information, expert
5034 CHADD, INC. (CHILDREN & ADULTS W/ATTENTION DEFICIT/HYPERACTIvITY DISORDER)                                           genetic, medical and educational consultations and family support. (800) 753-2357,
CHADD works to ensure that children and adults with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity disorder reach their full             10.34%
potential through family support, education, and encouragement of research. (800) 233-4050,                 5060 CORRECTIONAL PEACE OFFICERS FOUNDATION, INC
15.88%                                                                                                                    Non-profit charity for Correctional Officers and their families by providing line-of-duty death benefit and
5035 CAN DO MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS                                                                                            catastrophic assistance in cases of accident or illness. (800) 800-2763, 13.22%
We help people and families living with Multiple Sclerosis through comprehensive interactive health and                   5061 DIABETES ACTION RESEARCH AND EDUCATION FOUNDATION INC.
wellness programs that empower them to improve their quality of life. (970) 926-1290,                     We fund research for treatment, revention and cure. Our Diabetes University focuses on alternative therapies.
11.96%                                                                                                                    100% of workplace contributions used for research and program services.
5036 CANCER PREvENTION AND TREATMENT FUND                                                                                 (202) 333-4520, 05.27%
We help adults and children reduce their risks of getting all types of cancer and assist them in choosing the             5062 DIRECT RELIEF INTERNATIONAL
safest and most effective treatments. (202) 223-4000, 01.87%                                       Direct Relief International provides medical assistance to improve the quality of life for people victimized by
5037 CANCER RECOvERY FOUNDATION OF AMERICA                                                                                poverty, disaster, and civil unrest at home and abroad. (800) 676-1638, 01.70%
Helping children battle cancer through “Bear-Able Bag” program. Gift bags with toys, games, give children in              5063 DISABLED AMERICAN vETERANS (DAv) CHARITABLE SERvICE TRUST
hospitals hope spirit. Emergency financial support to families. (800) 238-6479,                    The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust builds better lives for disabled veterans and
11.82%                                                                                                                    their families by: Providing Prosthetics research for amputees, traumatic brain injury therapy, guide/assistance
5038 CANCER RESEARCH FUND OF THE DAMON RUNYON-WALTER WINCHELL FOUNDATION                                                  dogs, and comfort for survivors. (859) 442-2055, 03.58%
Supporting the brightest young scientists seeking innovative treatment and prevention of all forms of cancer.             5064 DOGS FOR DEAF AND DISABLED AMERICANS/NEADS
100% of your donation funds rising stars of cancer research. (877) 788-6897,                          Trains rescued dogs and donated puppies to assist deaf or physically disabled children and adults, assisting
07.52%                                                                                                                    with everyday tasks, enabling independence at work and home. (978) 422-9064, 11.98%
5039 CANINE ASSISTANTS                                                                                                    5065 DYSTONIA MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION
Training great dogs for special people. Invest in freedom by providing service dogs to children and adults with           To advance research for more effective treatments and ultimately a cure, to promote awareness and education,
disabilities. Thank you! (800) 771-7221, 08.19%                                                  and to support the needs and well-being of affected individuals and families.
5040 CANINE COMPANIONS FOR INDEPENDENCE                                                                                   (312) 755-0198, 18.21%
Help give independence to people with disabilities! Canine Companions for Independence changes the lives                  5066 EARTH FORCE, INC.
of children and adults by providing highly trained assistance dogs. (800) 572-2275, 20.02%                    Through out local office, Suncoast Earth Force, we work with adult educators to engage young people in creating
5041 CANINES FOR DISABLED KIDS                                                                                            solutions to environmental issues in their communities. (303) 439-7659, 23.14%
To improve the lives of disabled children by partnering them with trained assistance dogs. We also educate                5067 EqUESTRIAN LAND CONSERvATION RESOURCE
the public about disabilities and assistance dogs. (888) 543-3647, 11.03%                              Where will you ride, drive, race, compete, raise foals, and grow hay? ELCR is the only national organization
5042 CATHOLIC RELIEF SERvICES - USCCB                                                                                     dedicated to conserving land for equine activity. (859) 455-8383, 16.51%
Since 1943 catholic Relief Services has been working overseas to alleviate suffering and assist people in need            5068 EvANGELICAL CHRISTIAN HUMANITARIAN OUTREACH FOR CUBA
without regard to race, religion or nationality. (410) 625-2220, 06.99%                                       ECHO-Cuba provides support to independent Christian Churches in Cuba that offer literacy, microenterprise,
5043 CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY                                                                                               humanitarian relief, and human service programs to local communities. (305) 884-0441,
Protecting human health and the environment by working to change harmful methods of food production                       07.86%
and by promoting organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture. (202) 547-9359,
5069 FACES: THE NATIONAL CRANIOFACIAL ASSOCIATION                                                                         5092 JUNIOR ACHIEvEMENT OF WEST CENTRAL FLORIDA
Children with craniofacial disfigurements require specialized reconstructive surgeries. We take care of these             Junior Achievement educates and inspires young people by providing business economic and financial literacy
children and their families while treatment is received. Rebuilding faces-rebuilding futures.                             education experience to students in grades k-12 utilizing volunteer teachers. (727) 530-0884, (800) 332-2373, 08.05%                                                                              20.55%
5070 FAMILY vIOLENCE PREvENTION FUND                                                                                      5093 KIDNEY CANCER ASSOCIATION DBA KIDNEY CANCER RESEARCH AND EDUCATION ASSOCIATION
Ending domestic and sexual violence through innovative strategies based on promoting respect, raising public              The Kidney Cancer Association funds kidney cancer research and helps kidney cancer patients through patient
awareness, training health and judicial professionals, and building new leaders globally.                meetings, information, and advocacy. (800) 850-9132, 07.83%
(415) 252-8900, 12.76%                                                                                                    5094 LOvE A CHILD
5071 FARMERS AND HUNTERS FEEDING THE HUNGRY, INC.                                                                         Love A Child is a humanitarian relief agency that focuses on poor children and families with an orphanage,
Help put nutritious meat on the plates of hungry children and families in Florida. We pay the butchering fees             schools and a medical and malnutrition clinic. 621-7263, 08.29%
for donated deer and livestock. (301) 739-3000, 11.70%                                                       5095 LUNG CANCER ALLIANCE
5072 GERSON INSTITUTE DBA CANCER CURING SOCIETY                                                                           Lung Cancer Alliance provides patient support and advocacy for those living with or at risk for lung cancer.
Help thousands of people recover from so-called “incurable” diseases, such as cancer, by teaching a powerful,    (202) 463-2080, 19.17%
natural treatment to patients, medical professionals, and caregivers. (619) 685-5353,                      5096 MAP INTERNATIONAL, INC.
15.42%                                                                                                                    Promotes total health to the world’s poorest communities by partnering in provision of essential medicines,
5073 GIvING CHILDREN HOPE/GLOBAL OPERATIONS & DEvELOPMENT                                                                 prevention and eradication of diseases, promotion of community health development.
Rescuing children, providing lifesaving medicines and emergency food to orphanages, clinics, shelters, and                (800) 225-8550, 01.01%
disaster centers serving homeless children in America and poorest-of-the-poor around the world.                           5097 MADRE, INC. (866) 392-4673, 00.67%                                                                                     Rape, abduction, death threats and “honor killings” of women: gender based violence is rising internationally.
5074 GLOBAL ACTION INTERNATIONAL                                                                                          Women and their children need protection and justice. Please help. (212) 627-0444,
Help make a difference! We put your gifts into action by providing food, medicine, education and hope to                  09.56%
hurting children and communities throughout the world. 438-3979, 01.37%                        5098 MARINE TOYS FOR TOTS FOUNDATION
5075 GOSPEL FOR ASIA, INC.                                                                                                We purchase or collect and then distribute toys, books and other gifts for our nation’s less fortunate children
First responders to disasters, educators of outcasts and “untouchables”, ambassadors of God’s love and hope.              during the Christmas holiday season. (703) 640-9433, 02.73%
GFA’s compassion services transform thousands of lives now and eternally. (800) 946-2742,                     5099 MATTHEW 25: MINISTRIES
09.93%                                                                                                                    Helping the poorest of the poor. By rescuing and reusing products from major corporations we can effectively
5076 GRAvES’ DISEASE FOUNDATION                                                                                           provide basic necessities educational opportunities and disaster relief. (513) 793-6256,
Providing patient services public education and funding research to find the cause and cure of Graves’ disease.           00.56%
Support groups and counseling, helping all thyroid patients. (877) 643-3123, 14.28%                          5100 MERCY MEDICAL AIRLIFT
5077 GREENPEACE FUND, INC.                                                                                                Ensures that no needy patient is denied access to distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis or treatment
An independent, campaigning organization that uses non-violent, creative communication to expose global                   for lack of a means of long distance transportation. (888) 675-1405, 10.24%
environmental problems, and promote solutions essential to a green and peaceful future. www.greenpeace.                   5101 MILITARY OFFICERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA SCHOLARSHIP FUND
org (800) 326-0959, 21.23%                                                                                                Provide grants for undergraduate education to children whose military parent paid the ultimate sacrifice while
5078 GUIDE DOGS FOR THE BLIND, INC.                                                                                       protecting America’s freedom. 234-6622, 06.97%
Providing safety, independence and companionship to the blind and love, responsibility and purpose to dogs.               5102 MIRACLE FLIGHTS FOR KIDS
We bring deserving people and exceptional dogs together for life! 295-4050,                        Change the future of a sick child! Your donation provides free flights for children needing to reach medical
13.24%                                                                                                                    treatment thousands of miles away from home. (702) 261-0494, 17.48%
5079 HOPE WORLDWIDE                                                                                                       5103 MOTE MARINE LABORATORY, INC
Provide sustainable, non-sectarian health and education programs to prevent poverty; care for the needy; and              World renowned marine/coastal research lab and aquarium fro research and education to save dolphins, sharks,
empower individuals and communities to rise out of their situations. (610) 254-8800,                       manatees, sea turtles, coral reefs, fisheries and find cancer therapies. (941) 388-4441,
09.57%                                                                                                                    13.35%
5080 HARvEST TIME INTERNATIONAL                                                                                           5104 NCCNHR
Children and families in the US and around the world are hungry, sick and hurting. Help us provide food, clothes,         We are consumers advocates who define and achieve quality for people with long-term care needs, bringing
medical supplies and more. (407) 328-9900, 00.87%                                                    the resident’s voice to public attention, promoting quality care. (202) 332-2275, 14.09%
5081 HELP THE CHILDREN                                                                                                    5105 NATIONAL AIDS FUND
Humanitarian relief organization providing food clothing human services medical dental outreaches orphanages              National AIDS Fund, a philanthropic organization, is a network of community-based organizations promoting
Honduras Children’s Cancer Center, Guatemala Hospital, Japan Children’s Deaf Center. www.helpthechildren.                 leadership and generating resources to support HIV AIDS prevention, care, support services.
org (323) 980-9870, 00.28%                                                                                       (202) 408-4848, 06.27%
5082 HEPATITIS FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL                                                                                   5106 NATIONAL ALOPECIA AREATA FOUNDATION DBA ALOPECIA AREATA FOUNDATION
Hepatitis Foundation International provides education, training, and support programs for the public, patients,           Provides major research funding for alopecia areata, a mystifying autoimmune disease affecting all ages,
educator, and medical professionals about diagnosis, treatment and prevention of viral hepatitis.                         causing one’s hair to fall out. (415) 472-3780, 18.75% (800) 891-0707, 07.95%                                                                        5107 NATIONAL ASSEMBLY ON SCHOOL-BASED HEALTH CARE
5083 HISPANIC SCHOLARSHIP FUND                                                                                            Transform healthcare for America’s children! School-based health centers (SBHCs) bring health care to youth
The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is the leading US Hispanic Scholarship organization providing the Hispanic                  where they are - school. NASBH is the voice of SBHCs. (202) 638-5872, 24.59%
community more college scholarships and outreach programs than any other organization.                        5108 NATIONAL CENTER FOR MISSING & ExPLOITED CHILDREN
(800) 473-4636, 15.79%                                                                                                    Spearheads national and international efforts to protect children from sexual exploitation and abduction, and
5084 HOLT INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S SERvICES, INC.                                                                         to locate and recover missing children. 843-5678, 05.59%
Every child deserves a home of his own. Holt International’s child welfare programs preserve families and place           5109 NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR ADvANCEMENT IN THE ARTS
abandoned and displaced children with adoptive families. (541) 687-2202, 21.03%                          Young Arts/NFAA identifies and supports the nation’s most talented high school seniors in the performing,
5085 HOMES FOR OUR TROOPS                                                                                                 literary and visual arts; offering educational opportunities and monetary awards.
We build specially adapted, handicap-accessible homes for severely injured veterans across the country. These             (305) 377-1140, 23.88%
homes are provided at no cost to the veterans. (508) 823-3300, 03.81%                           5110 NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR ECTODERMAL DYSPLASIAS
5086 HOSPICE FOUNDATION OF AMERICA                                                                                        Provides dentures, support services and hope to children left toothless from Ectodermal Dysplasia, a rare
To provide leadership in development and application of the hospice philosophy with the goal of enhancing                 disorder. Funds research to find improved treatment options and cures. (618) 566-2020,
the role of hospice in the American healthcare system. (800) 854-3402,                          21.1%
15.82%                                                                                                                    5111 NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR TRANSPLANTS
5087 HUMANITARIAN UNIvERSAL CONNExIONS (HUCO), INC. D.B.A. HISPANIC CHILDREN AND                                          Our advocacy, fundraising expertise and grants help organ and tissue transplant patients nationwide receive
FAMILIES FUND                                                                                                             lifesaving treatment, medications and medical care they otherwise could not afford.
Supporting local charitable organizations that provide health care, education and various social services for             (800) 489-3863, 19.97%
poor children, families and the elderly in Colombia, and El Salvador.                           5112 NATIONAL GREYHOUND FOUNDATION DBA GREYHOUND FOUNDATION, INC.
(850) 893-9793, 05.75%                                                                                                    Retired racing Greyhounds live in cages, die in desperation. Thousands are killed each year. We rescue and find
5088 INJURED MARINE SEMPER FI FUND                                                                                        them homes. Your gift saves their lives. (352) 628-2281, 01.49%
Serving those who preserve our freedom, IMSFF provides financial assistance, handicapped homes,                           5113 NATIONAL MARINE SANCTUARY FOUNDATION
transportation and equipment to injured and critically ill marines, sailors and their families. www.semperfifund.         Protecting marine life in the Florida Keys and throughout America by promoting and inspiring responsible
org (760) 725-3680, 06.15%                                                                                                stewardship of ocean resources, especially your national marine sanctuaries.
5089 INSTITUTE FOR BLACK CHARITIES                                                                                        (301) 608-3040, 03.60%
Improves the quality of life for black people in need worldwide through crisis relief, efforts, ourtreach, economic       5114 NATIONAL MINORITY AIDS COUNCIL
initiatives and international aid to bridge the divide. 722-5050, 04.76%                      To deliver technical assistance and education opportunities to community organizations in Florida to help them
5090 INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIANS AND JEWS, INC.                                                                enhance programs for persons living with HIV/AIDS in the state. (202) 483-6622, 21.10%
Promotes understanding between Jews and Christians. Provides relief in Israel and the former Soviet Union.                5115 NATIONAL PARK TRUST, INC.
Airlifts Jews to Israel through ‘On Wings of Eagles’. (312) 641-7200, 20.95%                                 The American Park Experience: Preserving and protecting critical, endangered parklands and promoting
5091 JEWISH WOMEN INTERNATIONAL                                                                                           programs that send youth outdoors to experience our nation’s parks. (301) 279-7275,
JWI is the leading Jewish organization championing the security of women and girls, promoting healthy                     22.26%
relationships and economic independence through innovative programs, advocacy, and philanthropic initiatives.             5116 NATIONAL S.A.F.E. HOME FOUNDATION INC./DBA CHILDREN’S FIRE & BURN FUND (800) 343-2823, 19.05%                                                                                        Help save childre’s lives! Our programs help provide free smoke alarms and fire prevention education to help
                                                                                                                          local firefighters reduce child fire death and injury. (800) 877-1250, 23.06%
5117 NEIGHBOR TO FAMILY, INC.                                                                                           5140 SPACE FRONTIER FOUNDATION
Neighbor to Family provides innovative foster care that keeps siblings together. We also provide intervention           Dedicated to opening the space frontier to human settlement through support for education, space technology
programs designed to help high risk families remain intact. (386) 523-1440,                    development, scientific research and grassroots public outreach and involvement.
15.28%                                                                                                                  (800) 787-7223, 15.74%
5118 OPERATION COMPASSION                                                                                               5141 SPECIAL OPERATIONS WARRIOR FOUNDATION
Help us distribute life sustaining food and supplies to hungry, starving children; single parents struggling to         To provide college scholarship grants and educational counseling to the children surviving special operations
survive; widows living in poverty; homelessness created by disasters.                       personnel who are killed in combat or training missions. (813) 805-9400, 05.86%
(423) 728-3932, 00.11%                                                                                                  5142 ST. BALDRICK’S FOUNDATION
5119 OPERATION HOMEFRONT-FLORIDA, INC.                                                                                  Shaving heads to conquer kids’ cancer is serious fun! A cure is a serious dream. Help make it come true by
Operation Homefront-Florida provides emergency assistance and morale to our troops, the families they leave             funding lifesaving research. (888) 899-2253, 19.60%
behind, and the wounded warriors when they return home.                              5143 STARKEY HEARING FOUNDATION
(888) 390-0843, 02.26%                                                                                                  To promote Hearing Health Awareness through education and research and provide the gift of hearing to those
5120 OPERATION USA (DBA CALIFORNIA, INC)                                                                                in need around the world. (866) 354-3254, 08.50%
Operation USA assists communities to alleviate the effects of disasters disease and endemic poverty throughout          5144 SUPPORTOURTROOPS.ORG (SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, INC.)
the world by providing disease and endemic poverty throughout the world by providing privately-funded relief            Show your support for today’s deployed heroes by helping us provide them with care packages, positive public
and reconstruction and development. (800) 678-7255, 01.82%                                                support, and assistance as well as special events. (386) 767-8882, 03.33%
5121 ORGANIzATION FOR AUTISM RESEARCH                                                                                   5145 SURGICAL EYE ExPEDITIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC.
Parents of children with autism never stop seeking answers. We’re here to provide those answers and fund                Restores sight to people blinded by cataracts and other treatable eye conditions living in developing countries
studies that provide practical information on lifelong care. (703) 243-9717,                     through volunteer opthalmic surgeons. (805) 963-3303, 02.28%
15.61%                                                                                                                  5146 THE ADOPTION ExCHANGE, INC.
5122 PARENTS OF MURDERED CHILDREN, INC.                                                                                 There are 123,000 abused children in foster care WAITING for permanent, adoptive families. Don’t make them
Assistance in keeping murderers in prison; assist unsolved cases; prevention and awareness programs emotional           wait! Help us find families for neglected children. (800) 451-5246, 20.20%
support information and advocacy for any survivor of a homicide victim. (888) 818-7662,                    5147 THE ASTRONAUTS MEMORIAL FOUNDATION
06.18%                                                                                                                  In honor of our Fallen U.S. Astronauts, AMF implements innovative space-related technology training programs
5123 PARTNERS IN FOSTER CARE, INC.                                                                                      for educators nationwide and built and maintains the Space Mirror Memorial. (321) 452-2887,
We help to protect abused and neglected children and make them feel safe by providing a home, advocacy,                 43.44%
training, scholarships, resources and more worldwide. 274-9111, 15.37%                            5148 THE CARTER CENTER
5124 PARTNERSHIP FOR A DRUG-FREE AMERICA                                                                                Waging Peace. Fighting Disease. Building Hope. Led by former President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter,
Our research based educational programs provide parents and caregivers the comprehensive tools they need                the Center advances human rights and alleviates unnecessary human suffering.
to help families lead healthy drug freen lives. (212) 922-1560, 23.32%                                 (800) 550-3560, 18.56%
5125 PEARL S. BUCK INTERNATIONAL, INC.                                                                                  5149 THE CHARITABLE CHILDREN’S FUND OF AMERICA
Dedicated to advancing Pearl S. Buck’s legacy of improving the lives of children and promoting cross-cultural           We provide higher education, mental and physical healthcare assistance to children whose parents perished
understanding through adoption, health and educational programs. (800) 220-2825,                     on 9/11 or while fighting terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. (661) 633-9076, 05.56%
10.15%                                                                                                                  5150 THE CHILDREN’S HOUSE AT JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL, INC
5126 POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS CHARITABLE FOUNDATION                                                                     Provides a warm ‘home-away-from-home’ when its needed most for children battling life-threatening illnesses
Provides medical supplies and equipment to Poland’s hospitals, rehabilitation centers, orphanages and the               and their families from throughout the United States. (410) 614-2560,
elderly and sponsors other health care programs including neonatal training and research.                 05.53%
(773) 763-9944, 14.44%                                                                                                  5151 THE COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS, INC.
5127 PROJECT INFORM-AIDS TREATMENT & INFORMATION                                                                        A child’s death is a devastating experience. We offer family support/community education through grief-related
Stop needless deaths from HIV/AIDS due to inadequate treatment, prevention, and healthcare access; fight to             resources to help the bereaved reach physical/emotional health.
eradicate HIV/AIDS with knowledge and ultimately a cure. (800) 822-7422, 12.31%                   (877) 969-0010, 15.43%
5128 PULMONARY HYPERTENSION ASSOCIATION, INC.                                                                           5152 THE FOOD ALLERGY & ANAPHYLAxIS NETWORK
Seeking a cure for Pulmonary Hypertension, a rare, life-threatening disease, through caregivers and medical             To raise public awareness, provide advocacy and education, and to advance research on behalf of all those
professionals, health education and awareness. (301) 565-3004, 10.99%                             affected by food allergies and anaphylaxis. (800) 929-4040, 21.91%
5129 RAPE, ABUSE AND INCEST NATIONAL NETWORK                                                                            5153 THE MICHAEL J FOx FOUNDATION FOR PARKINSON’S RESEARCH
Operates national sexual assault hotline, free, 24/7, helps 120,000 people/year. Programs prevent             Dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease through an aggressively funded research agenda. Ensuring
rape, help victims put rapists in jail. Largest anti-rape organization. (800) 656-4673,                   the development of improved therapies for those living with Parkinson’s. (212) 509-0995,
19.51%                                                                                                                  12.22%
5130 REACH OUT AND READ, INC.                                                                                           5154 THE NASW FOUNDATION, INC.
Pediatricians on military bases and in civilian healthcare settings give free books to young children and advice        Social workers are vital to helping people in crisis. Proper training and preparation enables them to care for
to parents about the importance of reading aloud. (617) 455-0600, 14.98%                        those in need and improve their lives. (202) 408-8600, 18.91%
5131 REFLEx SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY SYNDROME ASSOCIATION                                                                  5155 THE SEEING EYE, INC.
Promotes awareness of this painful, debilitating neurological syndrome that may affect millions. Providing              The mission of the Seeing Eye is to enhance the independence, dignity, and self-confidence of blind people
crucial information to patients, families, medical professionals, educators, pain advocates and more.                   through the use of seeing eye dogs. (973) 539-4425, 23.19% (877) 662-7737, 07.98%                                                                                     5156 THE TMJ ASSOCIATION
5132 RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME FOUNDATION, INC,                                                                            Provides comprehensive information on temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders, offers patient support,
Increase awareness, improving treatments and funding research to find a cure for restless legs syndrome.                educates healthcare professionals and public about TMJ disorders, advocates for scientific research.
Working for a better future for everyone living with RLS. (877) 463-6757, 23.37%                   (262) 432-0350, 12.41%
5133 SALvADORAN AMERICAN HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION (S.A.H.F.)                                                             5157 THE vHL FAMILY ALLIANCE, INC
Provides free medicines, medical supplies, and equipment to nearly 3,000 hospitals, clinics, rural health posts,        Children stricken with VHL cope with a series of tumors their whole lives. Help us cure VHL, kidney cancer, and
private voluntary organizations and rural health promoters throughout El Salvador.                         many other tumor conditions. (800) 767-4845, 17.98%
(800) 992-8858, 00.31%                                                                                                  5158 THOMAS MORE LAW CENTER
5134 SAvE THE MANATEE CLUB, INC.                                                                                        The conservative answer to the ACLU; a national nonprofit public interest law firm defending the constitutional
Advocating for manatee and habitat protection. Promoting public awareness and education; sponsoring                     rights of Christians, family values, and sanctity of life. (734) 827-2001, 20.48%
research and rescue, rehabilitation, and release efforts; Join Jimmy Buffett, Save the Manatee!                         5159 UNITED STATES ASSOCIATION FOR UNHCR (407) 539-0990, 19.06%                                                                           The United States Association for UNHCR supports the UN Refugee Agency’s (UNCHR) humanitarian work to
5135 SCHOLARSHIP AMERICA, INC. DBA DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS                                                                 protect and assist refugees around the world. (800) 770-1100, 19.95%
Make a difference, change a life! More than scholarships, we also connect students and parents with mentoring           5160 vETERANS SUPPORT FOUNDATION
and tutoring programs to build strong communities. (800) 279-2083, 05.97%                    Our organization is a humanitarian and educational oragnization concertrating on improving quality of life for
5136 SHRINERS HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN                                                                                     deserving veterans and their families through our various programs.
Provides pediatric specialty care for children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft       (800) 882-1316, 21.95%
lip and palate - at no charge. Also conducts research, education. (813) 281-8465,             5161 vETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS FOUNDATION
182%                                                                                                                    Return the favor. Telephone time for troops overseas and needed financial help for their families. Veterans
5137 SISTERS NETWORK, INC.                                                                                              Administration claims assistance and community service programs. All free!
Stop the silence. Speaking with one voice, empowering women through education and advocacy. Increasing                  (816) 968-1128, 11.61%
the number of mammograms which saves lives. (866) 781-1808, 03.79%                            5162 WATER FOR PEOPLE
5138 SKIN CANCER FOUNDATION, INC.                                                                                       Water For People is an international organization that supports the development of sustainable drinking water
You have skin cancer, now what? The Skin Cancer Foundation is the only global non-profit dedicated to                   resources, sanitation facilities and hygiene education programs. (303) 734-3490,
eradicating skin cancer through prevention, education and research. (212) 725-5176,                  12.80%
14.69%                                                                                                                  5163 WILDLIFE CONSERvATION FUND OF AMERICA
5139 SOUTHEASTERN GUIDE DOGS, INC.                                                                                      To protect and advance outdoor sports through public education by introducing youth and their families to
Our mission: To create and nurture a partnership between a visually impaired individual and a guide dog,                wildlife management’s vital role through the Trailblazer Adventure Program.
facilitating life’s journey with mobility, independence and dignity. (941) 729-5665,                  (614) 888-4868, 13.42%
16.45%                                                                                                                  5164 WORLD HUNGER YEAR, INC.
                                                                                                                        Helping hungry people access food, shelter, job training and government benefits in addition to supporting
                                                                                                                        grassroots solutions that create self-reliance and economic justice. (212) 629-8850,
                                                                                                                         6023 OPERATION BLESSING INTERNATIONAL RELIEF AND DEvELOPMENT CORP.
   Neighbor To Nation                                                                                                    Dedicated to alleviating human need and suffering throughout the world through hunger relief, clean water,
                                                                                                                         medical aid, disaster relief and community development programs since 1978.
6000 NEIGHBOR TO NATION                                                                                                  (800) 730-2537, 00.65%
People in deed serving people in need, in our local communities, throughout America and the world. Providing             6024 SAMARITAN’S PURSE
life-sustaining assistance and hope for the future. (877) 841-6839, 02.54%                      Christian relief agency, led by Franklin Graham, providing food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and other emergency
6001 ALPHA-1 FOUNDATION                                                                                                  assistance to victims of war, poverty, disease, and natural disasters. (800) 528-1980,
Supports research towards a cure for Alpha-1, a deadly genetic disorder causing liver and lung disease, affecting        11.13%
over 25 million Americans who are unknown carriers. (888) 825-7421,                            6025 SUICIDE PREvENTION FOUNDATION OF AMERICA
15.57%                                                                                                                   Exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research and education and to reaching
6002 ASSOCIATION OF CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL                                                                      out to people with mood disorders and those impacted by suicide. (888) 333-2377, 17.14%
Empowering Christian schools and educators worldwide to provide Christ centered schooling, PreK through                  6026 THE SOCIETY OF ST. ANDREW
College, to effectively prepare students for life through transformed thinking and living.                  Gleaning America’s fields to feed America’s hungry. A Christian, ecumenical ministry saving edible produce
(866) 401-4801, 19.19%                                                                                                   from going to waste, using it instead to feed the hungry. (800) 333-4597, 07.45%
6003 ASTHMA AND ALLERGY FOUNDATION OF AMERICA                                                                            6027 THE v FOUNDATION
Supports research to cure asthma and allergies and helps patients through educational programs, advocacy,                The V Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to saving lives by raising money to fund cancer research
free information and a national network of chapters and support groups. (800) 727-8462,                     and awareness projects. (800) 454-6698, 07.09%
17.53%                                                                                                                   6028 UNITED LEUKODYSTROPHY FOUNDATION, THE
6004 BREAD AND WATER FOR AFRICA                                                                                          Provides patients and families specific information, networking opportunities, assists identifying sources of
Strengthening African initiative for self-sufficiency through grassroots health, clean water, education,                 medical care, funds direct and indirect research leading to clinical trials and therapies.
orphanages, vocational training, agriculture and micro-credit programs focusing on women and children.                   (800) 728-5483, 11.64% (888) 371-6622, 03.83%                                                                             6029 WORLD vISION, INC.
6005 BREAST CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION, THE                                                                              Relief and development organization helping children worldwide by tackling causes of poverty and developing
Make a difference. Breast cancer claims over 40,000 lives annually. Your support funds lifesaving breast cancer          access to clean water, food, health care, education, and economic opportunity.
research worldwide: Prevention and a cure in our lifetime. (866) 346-3228, 07.44%                       (888) 511-6548, 13.25%
6006 CHILD AID                                                                                                           6030 YOUTH LAW CENTER
Helps poor children by providing training, teachers, books, scholarships, hearing aids in Mexico and Guatemala.          Works to protect children in the nation’s juvenile justice and foster care systems from abuse with particular
No fancy offices, no big salaries, just hope for kids. (503) 223-3008, 06.29%                          attention to improving outcomes for infants and toddlers. (888) 543-3379, 05.30%
Give children with cancer a chance for a brighter future! Your support will provide vital financial assistance and
educational resources for children battling cancer. (800) 532-6459,
                                                                                                                          Partners For A Better World
6008 CHILDREN’S FOOD FUND/WORLD EMERGENCY RELIEF                                                                         7000 PARTNERS FOR A BETTER WORLD
“Give children a living chance” through emergency relief, food, medical care, schools, orphanages, and micro             From schools to hospitals to human rights organizations, we represent charities working on the ground for
economic assistance in 33 countries, including Native Americans.                            stronger communities and a better world. (866) 672-1097, 00.00%
(888) 484-4543, 02.99%                                                                                                   7001 AMERICAN COMMITTEE FOR THE WEIzMANN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE
6009 CHILDREN’S HUNGER RELIEF FUND                                                                                       Supports science and technology research in israel for the benefit of humanity, including advancements in
Nine million innocent children needlessly die before age five! Help us provide millions of meals, healthcare,            medicine and health, agriculture, education, the environment, and new technologies.
clean water, housing, education, God’s love and stop starvation. (888) 781-1585, 01.91%            (212) 895-7900, 16.43%
6010 CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN AND AGING                                                                         7002 AMERICAN FRIENDS OF FUNDACION CARDIO INFANTIL
One hundred percent of contributions received through CFC help fund scholarships for students in developing              The organization was established to provide grants for qualified medical care to treat children who do not have
countries. Scholars provide community service and participate in leadership activities.                  any resources and suffer cardiovascular ailments. (703) 319-0934, 05.25%
(800) 875-6564, 05.45%                                                                                                   7003 AMERICAN FRIENDS OF TEL AvIv UNIvERSITY
6011 CHRISTIAN RELIEF FUND                                                                                               Supports Israel’s leading center of higher education uniting Americans and Israelis dedicated to excellence in
Fighting hunger and poverty internationally by providing food, medicine, educational support, Christian disaster         scholarship, research and community building to expand our global future. (212) 742-9070,
relief and humanitarian aid to children and families in developing countries.                10.84%
(800) 858-4038, 11.35%                                                                                                   7004 ARISE FOUNDATION
6012 DIABETES NATIONAL RESEARCH GROUP                                                                                    Traumatized teens locked behind bars are abandoned, abused, mistreated and need help. They require social
Nicknamed “The Silent Killer”, diabetes affects 23,000,000 Americans. We support medical research to find                skills usually learned from families. We give them a future. (561) 630-2021, 20.76%
treatments, and possibly cures, for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. (800) 877-3457,                 7005 CHILD & ADOLESCENT BIPOLAR FOUNDATION
03.88%                                                                                                                   We educate families, professionals, and the public about pediatric bipolar disorder, connect families with
6013 DISABLED AND ALONE/LIFE SERvICES FOR THE HANDICAPPED, INC.                                                          resources and support research on the disorder and it’s cure. (847) 492-8519, 13.90%
Families with disabled children ask, “What will happen to our disabled son or daughter when we are gone?”                7006 CHILDREN, INC.
We help families deal with this concern. (800) 995-0066, 15.05%                                 For less than $1 a day, you have the power to provide a child in the U.S. or overseas with food, clothing,
6014 GATEWAY FOR CANCER RESEARCH (FORMERLY CANCER TREATMENT RESEARCH FOUNDATION)                                         healthcare, and education. (800) 538-5381, 20.03%
99 cents of every dollar received funds research focused on developing innovative cancer treatments with the             7007 EARTH UNIvERSITY FOUNDATION
goal of saving lives today. (888) 221-2873, 00.67%                                      We support Costa-Rica based EARTH University to provide an environmental or agricultural education to students
6015 LEUKEMIA RESEARCH FOUNDATION                                                                                        who commit to affecting positive change in their countries. (404) 995-1230, 11.70%
Funds research to find a cure for leukemia, lymphoma, and myelodysplastic syndromes and provides emotional,              7008 ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION
educational and financial support to patients and their families. (888) 558-5385,              Civil liberties membership organization protecting online rights to free speech, fair use, innovation, and privacy
22.88%                                                                                                                   through litigation, activism, and educating the public, press, and policymakers. (415) 436-9333,
6016 LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION                                                                                20.98%
Supports Lions Clubs in 205 countries in addressing the various needs of their communities through grant                 7009 EzER MIzION INC.
programs including sight, youth, health and disaster relief projects. (630) 571-5466, 09.68%                We operate the world’s largest Jewish bone marrow registry helping patients overcome cancer. Our programs
6017 MAzON: A JEWISH RESPONSE TO HUNGER                                                                                  serve 650,000 sick, disabled, elderly, and terror survivors. (718) 853-8400, 15.65%
Funds domestic and international organizations that educate communities about hunger, distribute free                    7010 GLOBAL GREENGRANTS FUND
nutritious groceries and help increase the self-sufficiency of people living in poverty.                   We help stringthen the grassroots movements in developing regions by making small grants ($500 - $5000)
(800) 813-0557, 19.14%                                                                                                   to groups striving for environmental sustainability and human rights. (303) 939-9866,
6018 MISSION AvIATION FELLOWSHIP                                                                                         11.07%
Is a Christian organization that uses aviation, communications, and learning technologies to bring the Gospel            7011 NATIONAL CENTER FOR LESBIAN RIGHTS
and life-sustaining services to isolated areas of the world. (800) 359-7623, 19.64%                          Through impact litigation, public policy advocacy, public education and direct legal services, nclr advances the
6019 MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS NATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE                                                                      legal and human rights of lgbt people and their families. (415) 392-6257, 12.76%
Support Florida scientists and their research toward the understanding of human health and the discovery of              7012 PROJECT CONCERN INTERNATIONAL
treatments for diseases including cancer, diabetes, and chronic pain. (772) 345-4800,                      PCI is dedicated to preventing disease, providing humanitarian aid, and improving access to clean water,
09.22%                                                                                                                   nutritious food, and economic opportunity in impoverished communities worldwide.
6020 NATIONAL BRAIN TUMOR SOCIETY                                                                               (858) 279-9690, 15.01%
190,000 individuals per year are diagnosed with a brain tumor. NBTS offers hope to those affected, funding               7013 RHF FOUNDATION, INC. (DBA “AFFORDABLE HOUSING FOR ALL)
brain tumor research and providing supportive patient services. (800) 770-8287,                       Many economically disadvantaged persons make desperate choices between paying rent and purchasing food
22.10%                                                                                                                   or medications. We provide safe, decent, secure affordable housing for those in-need.
6021 NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE EDUCATIONAL TRUST FUND                                                                       (562) 257-5100, 03.64%
Promotes respect for human life through educational programs opposing abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia              7014 THE AMERICAN FRIENDS OF RABIN MEDICAL CENTER
and supports referral and adoption services for women with crisis pregnancies. (202) 626-8800,              Supports Israel’s Rabin Medical Center (1,000,000 patients treated annually) by funding vital equipment,
15.53%                                                                                                                   research, programs; educating the American public; creating partnerships with USA medical establishments.
6022 NAzARENE COMPASSIONATE MINISTRIES, INC.                                                                    (212) 279-2522, 19.57%
Challenged by faith to end poverty. Promotes long-term solutions to poverty through training, gifts-in-kind,
economic and community development, and micro-enterprise projects. (800) 214-4999,
                                                                                                                          8023 SAvE THE CHIMPS, INC.
   Unaffiliated/Independent Organizations                                                                                 Provide permanent sanctuary for the lifelong care of chimpanzees rescued from research laboratories,
                                                                                                                          entertainment, and the pet trade. (772) 429-0403, 16.70%
8000 4KIDS OF SOUTH FLORIDA, INC.                                                                                         8024 ST. ANDREW’S LIGHTHOUSE, INC.
Provide Foster Care Licensing Family Style Housing Independent Living Crisis Pregnancy Pre/post Natal Adoption            Providing short and long-term temporary housing hope and compassion t caregivers and transplant and cancer
Services And 23-hour Protective Facility For Children Entering Foster Care. (954) 979-7911,            patients undergoing treatments regardless of their financial situation. (904) 246-5606,
19.00%                                                                                                                    09.10%
8001 ALACHUA COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY, INC                                                                                   8025 STEP UP FOR STUDENTS
To safeguard the public health by advocating for adoption and rehabilitation of companion animals, humane                 Step Up For Students Distributes K-12 Scholarships To Low-income Children In Florida, Enabling Them To Achieve
education, cruelty prevention and by promoting pet spaying and neutering.                           Their Maximum Potential Through Education. (800) 782-9140, 01.31%
(352) 373-5855, 11.94%
                                                                                                                          8026 SUNSHINE FOUNDATION
8002 BLESS THE CHILDREN, INC.                                                                                             The original wish granting organization, founded in 1976, answering dreams of over 32,400 chronically ill,
We provide abandoned orphaned and impoverished children internationally with good health, education,                      seriously ill, physically challenged and abused children throughout the country.
shelter and nutritional support to help them become productive members of their society.                         (800) 767-1976, 14.00% (727) 631-0088, 01.08%
                                                                                                                          8027 THE ADvOCACY CENTER FOUNDATION FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, INC.
8003 CANCER CENTER FOR DETECTION AND PREvENTION (DBA BREAST CANCER RELIEF FOUNDATION)                                     The Advocacy Center Foundation assists disability rights organizations across Florida in the protection, advocacy
Saving lives throughout the world through direct medical assistance and relief innovative research and education          and advancement of persons with disabilities.(850) 488-9071, 24.18%
assists patients survivors and their families cope with Breast Cancer.
(504) 529-3258, 23.24%                                                                                                    8028 THE NRA FOUNDATION, INC.
                                                                                                                          Supports programs within the NRA, law enforcement and other community-based agencies that foster firearms
8004 CENTRAL BREvARD HUMANE SOCIETY                                                                                       safety and education, constitutional education and wildlife conservation management.
We provide low cost spay/neuter and adoption services for homeless animals, protecting the public by reducing    (877) 672-4483, 14.39%
the incidence of animal bites and communicable disease. 636-3343, 12.72%
                                                                                                                          8029 UNCF-UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND, INC.
8005 CHILDREN’S FUND                                                                                                      Nation’s largest and most successful higher education assistance organization; provides financial support to
Children orphaned, exploited and abused; help us develop grassroots solutions providing food, clothing and                member colleges; manages over 400 scholarships; national advocate for minority education.
medical care; help us build schools, train teachers and promote education.                     (954) 527-3315, 08.72%
288-9320, 13.92%
                                                                                                                          8030 US CHESS TRUST
8006 COALITION TO EDUCATE ALTERNATIvES TO SENSELESS EUTHANASIA, INC.                                                      Chess is a positive alternative for at-risk children. Studies indicate that children exposed to chess show
Providing Florida with a statewide google ad words campaign so people can find low cost animal sterilization              improvement in academic performance. (845) 527-1167, 10.82%
programs. We also pay for procedures when needed. FLASPAY.COM(561) 206-4764, 02.29%
Dreams Come True is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of children throughout Florida
and Southeast Georgia battling life-threatening illnesses. (904) 296-3030,
                                                                                                                           United Way of Pasco County
16.75%                                                                                                                    9000 UNITED WAY OF PASCO COUNTY, INC.
8008 ECKERD YOUTH ALTERNATIvES, INC.                                                                                      Supports 24 human service agencies in Pasco County. Initiatives include: 2-1-1 Helpline and Prosperity Campaign
EYA serves at-risk and struggling youth through outdoor therapeutic and education programs and other caring               which includes free tax-prep with asset development opportunities. (727) 845-3030,
programs designed to give every child the opportunity to succeed. (800) 222-1473,                          22.91%
10.53%                                                                                                                    9001 BAY AREA LEGAL SERvICES, INC.
8009 FLORIDA ASSOCIATION OF REHABILITATION FACILITIES, INC. (FLORIDA ARF)                                                 Bay Area Legal Services is a regional non-profit interest law firm providing the highest quality legal counsel
Promote the interests of people with disabilities by acting as a public policy change agent and serve the interests       to individuals and non-profit groups. (727) 847-5494, 09.91%
of community human service organizations. (850) 877-4816, 03.39%                                       9002 BAYCARE BEHAvIORAL HEALTH, INC.
8010 FLORIDA LITERACY COALITION                                                                                           Comprehensive, innovative behavioral health programs for adults, children and families including prevention,
The Florida Literacy Coalition promotes supports and advocates for the effective delivery of quality adult and            intervention, peer-support, detoxification, treatment and recovery services in inpatient, outpatient and
family literacy services in the state of Florida. (407) 246-7110, 01.91%                          community settings. (727) 841-4200, 17.93%
8011 FOOD FOR THE POOR, INC.                                                                                              9003 BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF TAMPA BAY, INC.
Collects and distributes food clothing money supplies and housing to indigent persons throughout the world                We strengthen our community through high quality, life-enriching mentoring relationships between volunteers
to improve their health economic and social conditions. (954) 427-2222, 02.26%                     and children that are monitored and evaluated on an on-going basis. (813) 769-3600,
8012 GOvERNOR’S COUNCIL FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH PARTNERSHIPS, INC.                                                           16.68%
The GCCHP works to provide summer camp scholarships to children who are homeless in foster care and who                   9004 BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, GULF RIDGE COUNCIL
live in low income homes. (561) 671-4078, 02.19%                                                   Provides programs and activities for youth, ages 7-20, such as camping, outdoor activities, education, safety
8013 JACKSONvILLE HUMANE SOCIETY                                                                                          and food drives for the needy in our local communities. (813) 872-2691, 17.91%
To find loving homes for all animals and provide education and counseling to foster responsible pet-people                9005 BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF TAMPA BAY, INC.
relationships resulting in the humane treatment of all animals. (904) 725-8766,                         Provides social, educational, cultural, recreational, nutritional and day care services for school age children.
31.09%                                                                                                           (813) 875-5771, 15.27%
8014 LEON COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY                                                                                           9006 CATHOLIC CHARITIES DOSP
Improving the lives of pets and families through foster/adoption, spay/neuter, humane education, senior citizen           Provide services to all people through counseling AIDS Programs, elderly services, adoption, immigration,
companion animal services, assistance dogs, statewide networking, disaster response.                   refugee, pregnancy support, affordable housing, homeless prevention, housing counseling and forclosure
224-9193, 12.81%                                                                                                          intervention. (727) 893-1313, 14.81%
8015 NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION, INC.                                                                              9007 CHILDREN’S HOME SOCIETY OF FLORIDA, GULF COAST DIvISION
Educates women on livesaving techniques of early detection of breast cancer; provides support for breast cancer           Provides protection and hope for 5,800 children annually through programs including shelter for abused and
patients; free to low-cost mammography for underserved women.                                neglected children, case management, foster care, adoption, mentoring and counseling.
(972) 248-9200, 17.61%                                                                                                    (813) 740-4266, 16.28%
8016 PACE CENTER FOR GIRLS, INC.                                                                                          9008 COMMUNITY AGING & RETIREMENT SERvICES DBA CARES
PACE provides a holistic highly effective gender responsive education counseling training advocacy continuum              CARES is a licensed home health agency and Medicare and Medicaid provider. CARES operates six senior
to girls in order to provide the opportunity for a better future. (904) 421-8585,                      enrichment centers and ten senior volunteer programs. (727) 862-9291, 10.85%
11.75%                                                                                                                    9009 CONNECTIONS JOB DEvELOPMENT CORPORATION
8017 PRADER-WILLI SYNDROME ASSOCIATION(USA)                                                                               Assists unemployed individuals in the management of their job search and enables their connection with area
To provide to parents and professionals a nataional network of information, support services and research                 employers. Provides resume assistance, computer training, interview tips, more.
endeavors that meet theneeds of afffected children and adults. (941) 312-0400, 16.58%                     (727) 849-4724, 21.18%
8018 qUANTUM LEAP FARM, INC.                                                                                              9010 CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING SERvICE OF GREATER ATLANTA, INC
Provides therapeutic horseback and equine (horse) assisted mental health services benefiting disabled civilian            Consumer Credit Counseling Service provides budget and debt counseling, bankruptcy counseling and education,
adults, disabled veterans, active military servicemen and women and their families.                                       housing counseling, debt repayment plans, and education seminars. 251-2227, 15.02% (813) 920-9250, 19.47%                                                                            9011 DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING SERvICES OF FLORIDA, INC.
8019 REACH OUT AND READ FLORIDA                                                                                           Provides equal access and independence for deaf hard of hearing and speech impaired persons including
Reach Out and Read makes literacy promotion a part of pediatric primary care, so that children grow up with               advocacy education employment specialized equipment case management and referral services.
books and a love of reading. (561) 445-6312, 05.87%                                    (727) 853-1010, 20.40%
8020 RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE CHARITIES OF JACKSONvILLE, INC.                                                                9012 GIRL SCOUTS OF WEST CENTRAL FLORIDA
Provide temporary lodging and support services to families and their critically ill or injured children who are           Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.
being treated at local medical facilities. (094) 807-4663, 18.76%                                     (800) 881-4475, 24.88%
8021 RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE CHARITIES OF NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA, INC.                                                       9013 GULF COAST JEWISH FAMILY SERvICES, INC.
RMHC of NCF provides temporary housing, basic amenities and support to families with critically ill children              GCJFS repairs the world one person at a time through services for children, mental health, employment, elderly,
being treated at area medical facilities. (352) 374-4404, 12.06%                                   disabled and disadvantaged people. (727) 479-1800, 09.38%
8022 RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE CHARITIES OF TAMPA BAY                                                                         9014 SUNCOAST EPILEPSY ASSOCIATION, INC.
Provides a comfortable and supportive home-away-from home for pediatric families receiving medical care                   SEA offers comprehensive services to persons affected by epilepsy. Neurological referrals, case management,
at All Children’s, Tampa General, St Joseph’s and Shriner’s Hospitals.                               prevention and education, vocational assistance, advocacy, information and referral and support groups.
(813) 258-6430, 20.55%                                                                                           546-2856, 08.14%

9015 TAMPA METROPOLITAN YMCA                                                                                          9018 YMCA OF THE SUNCOAST
Tampa Metropolitan YMCA builds strong kids, families, and communities via hundreds of programs and outreach           A charitable nonprofit that promotes youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Programs
efforts that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. (813) 780-9622, 08.61%                    include childcare, summer camp, teen development, health and fitness for all.
9016 THE CENTER FOR INDEPENDENCE, INC.                                                                                (727) 375-9622, 13.88%
Reduce the incidence and limit the consequences of developmental disabilities in Pasco County, Florida through        9019 YOUTH AND FAMILY ALTERNATIvES, INC.
education, public awareness, research, advocacy, training and support services.                      Provider of social services to children and families. Includes temporary residential shelter, non-residential
(727) 861-5600, 11.17%                                                                                                counseling, community based care, prevention and diversion services. (727) 835-4166,
9017 WEST CENTRAL FLORIDA COUNCIL, INC., BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA                                                        09.09%
To instill in young people positive values which will prepare them to make ethical choices over their lifetime
in achieving their full potential. (727) 391-3800, 18.29%

WHAT IS THE FLORIDA STATE EMPLOYEES’                                                                                  ADMINISTRATIvE & FUNDRAISING COSTS
CHARITABLE CAMPAIGN?                                                                                                      The FSECC Steering Committee has included the administrative and
   The Florida State Employees’ Charitable Campaign (FSECC) is the                                                    fundraising expense percentage for each charity. This number repre-
single authorized solicitation of state employees to voluntarily benefit                                              sents the percentage of your contribution that goes to administrative
charities providing programs to meet human needs in our community,                                                    and fundraising expenses. Although Section 110.181, Florida Statutes
across the nation and abroad.                                                                                         limits the maximum administrative and fundraising expenses allowable
                                                                                                                      for organizations participating in the campaign, the law permits excep-
Advantages of the Campaign                                                                                            tions if extraordinary circumstances can be demonstrated. Please note
    One campaign is less time consuming and less costly (more help                                                    that for the 2010 campaign, several organizations whose administrative
for human needs). Payroll deduction is authorized (take a full year to                                                fee exceeded the statutory cap were admitted into the campaign for
finance your gift with small payments).                                                                               having demonstrated extraordinary circumstances.
                                                                                                                          Visit the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services “Gift Giver’s
GOvERNANCE                                                                                                            Guide” website to view additional financial information for any of the
    Oversight for the FSEC Campaign is provided by a Steering Committee                                               charitable organizations listed in this brochure:
appointed by the Governor and Cabinet and the Department of Manage-                                             
ment Services, comprised of nine state employees. All charities listed                                                    giftgiversquery.aspx
have been screened by the Committee, which recommends admission
to the Department of Management Services.                                                                             COUNTY CODES LISTING
                                                                                                                          Designations to a county other than the county in which you work
HOW IS MY GIFT DISTRIBUTED?                                                                                           will be for the total annual pledge, and will be transmitted to the fiscal
   You have the choice of designating a specific charity (or charities)                                               agent that serves that county. These designations will be distributed as
and/or umbrella groups to receive your gift.                                                                          undesignated funds by the Local FSECC Steering Committee, as it deems
   Designations to charities that are members of America’s Charities,                                                 appropriate, within the geographic area in which the designated county
Community Health Charities of Florida, EarthShare, Global Impact,                                                     is located. If you choose this county designation option, no further
Independent Charities of America dba America’s Best Charities, Neigh-                                                 charity designations from the brochure can be made.
bor to Nation, Partners for a Better World, or the United Way of Pasco                                                01 - Alachua                23 - Gulf                  45 - Nassau
County, are provided to their respective umbrella groups for distribu-                                                02 - Baker                  24 - Hamilton              46 - Okaloosa
tion. Designated gifts to the independent unaffiliated agencies will be                                               03 - Bay                    25 - Hardee                47 - Okeechobee
transmitted directly. All contributions are subject to an administrative                                              04 - Bradford               26 - Hendry                48 - Orange
charge covering campaign and year-round costs.                                                                        05 - Brevard                27 - Hernando              49 - Osceola
   Undesignated contributions will be distributed proportionally to                                                   06 - Broward                28 - Highlands             50 - Palm Beach
charities providing direct services in your local area that receive desig-                                            07 - Calhoun                29 - Hillsborough          51 - Pasco
nations from other state employees in your area. Undesignated funds                                                   08 - Charlotte              30 - Holmes                52 - Pinellas
remaining after the proportional distribution will be distributed by your                                             09 - Citrus                 31 - Indian River          53 - Polk
Local State Employees’ Steering Committee.                                                                            10 - Clay                   32 - Jackson               54 - Putnam
                                                                                                                      11 - Collier                33 - Jefferson             55 - St. Johns
SUGGESTED GIvING                                                                                                      12 - Columbia               34 - Lafayette             56 - St. Lucie
    There is no single answer to how much of your earnings you may
                                                                                                                      13 - Miami-Dade             35 - Lake                  57 - Santa Rosa
wish to contribute to human needs. Giving is a personal matter and a
                                                                                                                      14 - DeSoto                 36 - Lee                   58 - Sarasota
personal decision. One suggested guide is one hour’s pay each month
                                                                                                                      15 - Dixie                  37 - Leon                  59 - Seminole
for 12 months. This is not a quota or an assessment. Be as generous
                                                                                                                      16 - Duval                  38 - Levy                  60 - Sumter
as you can.
                                                                                                                      17 - Escambia               39 - Liberty               61 - Suwannee
GENERAL INFORMATION                                                                                                   18 - Flagler                40 - Madison               62 - Taylor
   Payroll deductions will begin with the first regular paycheck in Janu-                                             19 - Franklin               41 - Manatee               63 - Union
ary 2011 and will be discontinued automatically after the last regular                                                20 - Gadsden                42 - Marion                64 - Volusia
paycheck in December 2011. The minimum allotment is $2.00 per                                                         21 - Gilchrist              43 - Martin                65 - Wakulla
deduction if paid monthly, or $1.00 per deduction if paid every two                                                   22 - Glades                 44 - Monroe                66 - Walton
weeks. For contributions by check, please make checks payable to the                                                                                                         67 - Washington
Florida State Employees’ Charitable Campaign. Contributions will be                                                   IMPORTANT NOTES
accepted for authorized charities only. Please enter the fiscal agent                                                    A website address is provided for contributors to visit and view
code 735 on your pledge form.                                                                                         financial information for any of the charities listed in the brochure.
                                                                                                                         A county code listing is provided in the brochure for those individu-
PARTICIPATING UMBRELLA GROUPS                                                                                         als who wish their annual gift to go to a different county (see listing for
•	 America’s	Charities                                                                                                designation limitations).
•	 Community	Health	Charities	of	Florida
•	 EarthShare                                                                                                         LOCAL NOTES
•	 Global	Impact                                                                                                         State employees must use the FSECC materials (i.e., pledge form and
•	 Independent	 Charities	 of	 America	 dba	 America’s	 Best	 Charities                                               brochure) from the Fiscal Agent Area that serves the county in which
•	 Neighbor	to	Nation                                                                                                 the state employee works.
•	 Partners	for	a	Better	World                                                                                           Local FSEC Campaigns are managed on a local level by Local Steering
•	 United	Way	of	Pasco	County                                                                                         Committees, made up of state employees just like you.
    In addition, many independent unaffiliated agencies (not associated                                                  Interested state employees can volunteer for their Local Steering
with any umbrella group) also participate in the FSECC. For easy refer-                                               Committee by contacting their local fiscal agent (see contact informa-
ence, you will find these charities listed together in this brochure.                                                 tion in this brochure).
               LEDGE FORM


             B                                                                                         C


B.    GIVING OPTIONS: There are three giving options (payroll deduction, personal check and cash contribution).
B.   GIVING OPTIONS: There are three giving options (payroll deduction, personal check and cash contribution).
C.    MINIUM PAYROLL DEDUCTION: The minimum payroll deduction amounts are $2.00 for employees who are
C.   MINIUM PAYROLL DEDUCTION: The minimum bi-weekly.
      paid monthly, and to $1.00 for employees who are paid
                                                               payroll deduction amounts are $2.00 for employees who are
     paid monthly, and to $1.00 for employees who are paid bi-weekly.
D.    DESIGNATION BOXES: There are four opportunities to designate to any of the participating charities, as listed in
D.   DESIGNATION BOXES: There are four opportunities to designate toper charitable organization, to help as listed in
      your local FSECC brochure. The minimum annual designation is $5.00 any of the participating charities, keep
      processing costs from surpassing minimum designations.
     your local FSECC brochure. Theamounts ofannual designation is $5.00 per charitable organization, to help keep
     processing costs from surpassing amounts of designations.
E.    COUNTY DESIGNATION BOX: (Optional) This box is not pre-printed. If the contributor utilizes the county
E.   COUNTY DESIGNATION BOX: (Optional) This box isbrochure can be made. contributor utilizes the county
     designation option, no further charity designations from the not pre-printed. If the
     designation option, no further charity designations from the brochure can be made.
F.   PAYROLL DEDUCTION AUTHORIZATION: Payroll deduction contributors MUST write-in the amount per
F.   PAYROLL DEDUCTION AUTHORIZATION: Payrollblue box in contributors MUST write-in the amount per
     pay period that is to be taken out of his/her paycheck in the deduction Part 2, as well as the total annual amount in
     the period that is to 2. The out must also be signed at the bottom of Part for well as the total contributions.
     pay black box in Partbe takenformof his/her paycheck in the blue box inPart 22, aspayroll deduction annual amount in
     the black box in Part 2. The form must also be signed at the bottom of Part 2 for payroll deduction contributions.
August 5, 2010

To my fellow state employees:

As public servants, we work hard every day to make Florida the best state it can be for our
citizens and visitors. Each year, state employees have the chance to give back a little more by
donating to the Florida State Employees’ Charitable Campaign (FSECC).

For more than 30 years, Florida’s generous state employees have given more than $84 million
to various worthy causes, including the many charities that help communities statewide. Even
with the economic challenges of the last few years, many of you still found room in your
hearts to help those in need. Your contributions to FSECC-approved charitable organizations
make Florida a better place by meeting basic human and environmental needs.

As we kick off the 2010 campaign, I hope you will all continue this tradition of generosity
among state employees. Learn more about the hundreds of causes your donation will support,
and play an active part in giving by choosing the organizations you want to receive your

Those who have contributed before, I hope you will continue to join us in the tradition of
giving. If you haven’t, I urge you to consider giving back to your community. Even a small
amount can go a long way to helping someone in need. Together, we can, and will, make a

Thank you for your support of this worthy cause.


Linda H. South

                                 We serve those who serve Florida.

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