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Primal Stress is a package that includes several unique components: the book, revive flow videos, flow physique videos, thrive flow videos, resilience breathing video and the famous “Live Boldly” book by the same author.

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									More and more people are stressed today, either because of their demanding work,
or simply because they have a large family and must meet all their children’s needs
and desires. This is where this Primal Stress review comes in. This modern and
unique program explains the negative impact of stress on your body and teaches you
step-by-step how to easily recover from stress and how to optimize your life in order
to regain your peace of mind.

The Best Book on the Market

There are many similar products on the market, but none of them even comes close
to this program. Created by Scott Sonnon, Primal Stress features 224 color illustrated
pages that teaches you everything you need to know about stress: how it impacts our
lives, what are its side-effects and how to fight them. Moreover, this program reveals
the best bodybuilding techniques and tips in order to help you burn the extra fat,
build up your muscles and tone up your body.

According to the majority of specialists out there, this program is one of the best
because of its proven results. Most people who tried it declared themselves extremely
happy about it. The truth is that inward calm can’t be achieved and maintained until
we constantly replenish our physical strength. The creator of this breakthrough book
realized that without regular exercises, he can’t recover from the daily stress.

Therefore, after studying various techniques to remove stress that are used in other
cultures, he assembled them all together in one book. Primal Stress is considered a
new evolution of exercises and training programs that were used in other programs
Sonnon wrote in the past, such as TACFIT Warrior, TACFIT Commando and Tactical

Put the Stress on Your Health with Primal Stress!

Program Features
Primal Stress is a package that includes several unique components: the book, revive
flow videos, flow physique videos, thrive flow videos, resilience breathing video and
the famous “Live Boldly” book by the same author.
The book: containing 224 pages with high definition photos and illustrations, the
book details the most important reasons why the stress impacts our lives, health and
fitness and explains how we can recover from it in order to be able to adapt to it.

The book contains 3 sections. In the first one and probably the most important,
called “Revive”, we can discover all the stress factors present in your life. From
hydration, nutrition and vocational to financial and relational stress, these factors
influence our lives in a negative way and make us lose our peace of mind and self-
esteem. This sections provides practical and concrete solutions to fight these factors
and to overcome them with ease.

The truth is that anybody had at least one moment in his life when he felt drained
and was unable to go on with the daily tasks. The second section of the book, called
“Survive”, gives you important tips on how to revive your potential. This easy-to-
follow program helps you become the man or woman you’ve always wanted to be.

After you managed to change the way you think and act by reading the first section,
you will find discover how martial arts practitioners survive in difficult conditions
and how they can survive when fighting more than one opponent. These survival
patterns are hidden from centuries, at least in our western culture. In addition to
helping you unlock your inner power reserve, they will protect you from injuries and
pains that are usually associated with stress-induced reflexes.

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In the last section of the book, suggestively named “Thrive”, you will discover the
complexity of our brain and will also learn to master its power. This section is
extremely useful, because it contains practical steps that will help you enhance your
health and conquer your fears, in order to become free of stress. These three sections
prove that we as humans possess three important biological gifts: flinch-reflexes,
form-reactions and flow-responses. This book is in the same time very complex and
extremely simple, being a useful tool for both experts and novices.

Revive Flow videos: the 7 instructional and 7 demonstration videos are extremely
useful in the recovery process. If you practice the exercises on a daily-basis, you can
experience a restored mobility, more stability and less pain. You can try all the
exercises if you want to discover your problem areas, because it will be easier for you
to know exactly what exercises needs to be practiced. After 3 weeks, your posture
should begin to improve, while your productivity will accelerate and your energy
levels will be high again.
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Flow Physique videos: considered as one of the most complete and beneficial
bodyweight fitness system ever, Flow Physique is used everywhere, from the U.S.
military to the Air Force to improve the soldier’s stamina, endurance and strength.
The 18 instructional videos help you visualize the exact exercises many cutting-edge
coaches and scientists use to improve their body’s resistance and posture.

Thrive Flow videos: in order to thrive, you need to know how to concentrate on
your whole body, not on some individual muscles. These 6 instructional videos gives
you insights on your muscle and how to address each one of them in order to expand
and increase your movement potential.

Resilience breathing video: includes a series of techniques that will enhance
your breathing process and help you breathe normally. These techniques teach you
how to easily reclaim control of the speed of your breath, how to lengthen the
inhalation process and how to calm your nervous system by focusing on the
exhalation. These techniques, when combined, will help you prevent any stress
related illnesses and will also increase the quality of your life.
Live Boldly: in this famous book, the author shares his life experiences and
motivates the readers to live boldly. If he overcame trauma, abuse and obesity,
anybody can.

Put the Stress on Your Health with Primal Stress!
Primal Stress Review
Most customers that tried this product rated it with 5 stars and gave it excellent
reviews. Some of them declared:

“This book is simply amazing. Couldn’t believe I can find the single-best bodyweight
training program on the market, since I tried almost all of them. Thank you Scott.”

” Primal Stress is extremely refined, but simple and easy-to-follow. The quality of my
life has greatly improved since I bought this book, and I strongly recommend it.”

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