Terms & Conditions by HC121006072026


									       Booking Form: Terms & conditions, Please read carefully.

       A booking is only confirmed after this booking form has been read, signed
        and a deposit of 50% of the total hire charge has been received by

       The final 50% balance/payment outstanding must be received by
        Drybarge, no later than 14 days prior to date of event booked. If the
        balance is not paid within this time frame, then the booking will be
        deemed as cancelled and the deposit will be non refundable.

       In the event of cancellation by you the Hirer, the deposit is non-refundable
        and the Hirer will have no further claim on Drybarge.

Whilst Drybarge will endeavour to operate the cruise on the date and time
agreed, no liability will be accepted for any cancellation that is beyond Drybarge’s
control, some of which include mechanical breakdown, acts of God, failure of
power supply, war, fire, flood, terrorism, drought, lockout, strike or any other
action by employees. The hirer has the right to terminate the hire agreement as
long as it is received in writing before 14 days of the hire date.

 The Hirer must also be aware that the Drybarge is under contract to travel to all
Manchester United Home fixtures and this will have precedence over any other
booking. Whilst Drybarge will strive not to take a booking when a home game is
scheduled the Hirer must be aware that fixtures are occasionally altered. In this
event, another cruise date and time will be offered, if this is not possible then all
monies paid to Drybarge will be returned to the Hirer in full, and there will be no
further liabilities to Drybarge.

       The Hirer will be held liable for any damage caused by their guests/
        passengers to the boat and its contents. Drybarge will not be liable for any
        accident or injury to person embarked nor for any loss or damage to their
        personal possessions, passengers use the vessel, steps and landing stages
        etc. at their own risk.

       Persons deemed intoxicated or not suitable to travel with Drybarge, will be
        refused to board. Drybarge run a zero tolerance to the use of drugs. Any
        person found to be using drugs will be asked to leave the vessel. The
        management reserves the right to refuse admission and has the final say
        on who is permitted to board.

       The hirer and his/her attendees are not permitted to bring beverages on
        board of any nature. The management reserve the right to confiscate such
        from any person found in possession of such. It is the responsibility of the
        hirer to ensure their party are made aware of this prior to the agreed
        departure date.
      Drybarge reserve the right to vary the trip for any reason at the discretion
       of the 'Skipper' who shall be in full charge of the vessel during the trip.
       The Hirer must accept the Skippers decision at all times.

      The craft is licensed to carry no more than 60 passengers by the Marine
       and Coast guard, and the maximum number of passengers authorized
       may not be exceeded, under any circumstances. Any more than 60
       passengers will simply not be allowed to embark the vessel. It is also the
       Hirers responsibility to ensure when organising the group attendance that
       there will be no more than 60 persons invited aboard by the hirer. An
       attendance count is taken by the skipper prior to departure.

What we provide and is included in the hire charge.
. All staff & management
. Sound system suitable for all type of events.
. Club style lighting
. Fully stocked licensed Bar
. Tables & chairs
. Male / female toilets

Any further decorations required ie balloons, confetti etc, must be agreed 14days
prior to the agreed hire date

       Signed Hirer:

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