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					Friday 27th April, 2007


Whilst it was a 4 day working week, let me assure you it felt like it was a 6 day working week??
Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed flying into Melbourne on Sunday evening and heading off
early Monday morning with David Cutting to visit with some of our Franchises in VIC.

So the week that was. There are a number of items for this weeks Communication Update starting

Victoria visits

   I had the pleasure of David (Peter) Cuttings company - sorry about that one from 2 weeks ago
    David, and heading off down to meet with the Guys at Moe - being David Power, George
    Cornelis and Carl Richardson. It was great to catch up with the Guys and have the opportunity
    to spend some time in their home town.

   From there we headed further East, I had no idea which direction we were heading to be
    honest however David assured me it was East, to Janeen's office in Bairnsdale. Again, it was
    great to see the professionalism of the office that Janeen has established and also the
    commitment of the staff in the Bairnsdale office.

   We stayed overnight in Bairnsdale and headed off early on Tuesday morning where David
    handed on the baton (the baton being me) over to Rod Hudson. We had the opportunity to
    speak with Pierina Poole and also Matthew Power being a new adviser with Pierina. We were
    later joined by Stuart Jackson who came over from Dandenong. Unfortunately Bill
    Merambeliotis was overseas (not unfortunate for him but for me) and I was unable to catch up
    with Bill.

   Following that we moved on to the Dandenong office and met with Michael and all the staff at

   Once again, I was very impressed overall by the quality of premises, the commitment shown
    by each and every adviser and staff in the 4 offices that I visited.

Shelf Space

Today we will be sending out to every Franchise a detailed explanation of the Shelf Space,
including what is and isn't included on the 4 preferred platforms. Just as a reminder, the 4
preferred platforms again are:-

   ING's platforms
   Colonial First Choice
   Perpetual Wealth Focus
   Aviva's Navigator

I trust the full explanation will allow you to understand what is and isn't included in relation to
payment on Shelf Space. Again, I need to reiterate that we needed to make the change to pay on
all 4 platforms to avoid conflicts and to be more independent on advice. If you have any further
questions, please feel free to discuss with your PDM.

Appin Hall
I was overwhelmed by the response I received to the 2 emails which were "prompters" in some
way, however the response from each and every one of you has been absolutely fantastic! In total
we raised $42,900 and whilst I don't want to signal any 1 individual out, George Flack's
contribution of $5,500 really was a stand out. I have found George to be very generous when it
comes to his time and his support of charities overall.


This week we launched the RI "e-insight" report which is a major part of the formula for success
for referral relationships through our Alliance Partners in keeping top of mind RetireInvest and
what we can provide in terms of services and expertise for our Alliance Partner's clients.

If you wish to set up your own mailing list for your office and use this facility, all you need to do is
contact Marketing - its that easy.


Outside of all of this, we continue to work through and prepare for the upcoming PAC Meeting
which is on Monday and Tuesday next week. Also the PD Days which kick off in Sydney on
Thursday and Friday next week, followed by Melbourne and Brisbane consecutively the following

Overall, thanks to everyone who has communicated with me this week and also the reassurance
that there is plenty of business in the pipeline. I will be sighing with relief as I am sure most of
you will when it all hits the books which will put us back on track to achieve our objectives for this

All the best to One and All for the weekend - we have a full week next week and hopefully we will
have a great improvement week on week leading up to June and beyond to 20 September.


Greg Dunger
Managing Director RetireInvest Pty Limited

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