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					2012 Post-Campaign Checklist
Employee Campaign Manager (ECM)
Name                                          Organization

Phone #                                  Email
          Will you be the ECM next year?           Yes                No
    If not, please provide contact information for the 2013 Employee Campaign Manager.
Name                                                  Title
Phone #                                  Email
    If your company has not participated in Days of Caring before, would you
         like to be contacted about participating in 2013 Days of Caring?

                        Please check as you complete the following:
   Verify that a Corporate Pledge Card is completed and signed by the appropriate decision maker.
   Remind donors that all gifts of $750 or more will be recognized as Key Club gifts in 2012.
   Work with your Loaned Executive to follow-up with last year’s donors who did not make a pledge this year.
   Determine how many Key Club pins you need:
   Determine how many New Hire packets your organization needs:
   Collect any unused campaign materials to return to your Loaned Executive.

                Attach the following to the OUTSIDE of the Report Envelope:
   Completed Confidential & Lapsed Donor FORMS indicating which donors are no longer with
   your organization. (if not previously returned already)
   A completed Best Practices FORM.
   A LIST of all Key Club donors and their Key Club level.
   A LIST of all Campaign Contacts (ECM(s), Key Club Coordinator, Rosenberry Ambassador and
   Committee Members).
   A LIST of all Special Events including total dollars raised per event.
   This Post-Campaign CHECKLIST.
                                                 FINAL STEPS
       1.   Complete the front of the Report Envelope
       2.   Verify Report Envelope contents and seal.
       3.   Attach paperwork mentioned above
       4.   Contact your Loaned Executive (LE):
                              Schedule time for Report Envelope pick up and Campaign Debrief
                              Tell your LE how many Key Club pins you need
                              Tell your LE how many New Hire packets you need
                              Return unused campaign materials
                                  THANK YOU for all your hard work!
                      You and your campaign team are invited to Campaign Celebration.
                            November 15, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm at Monona Terrace

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