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  BUSINESS                                         •	   Health	Care	Administration                                  •	 Teacher	Leadership
  Associates                                       •	   Medical	Imaging	Science                                     •	 National	Board	Certification	Preparation	
  •	   Accounting                                  •	   Respiratory	Care                                   •	     Adult	Education
  •	   Business	Administration                     •	   Nursing:	RN	Completing**                           •	     Corporate	Training
  •	   Computer	&	Information	Technology           •	   RN-BSN**                                           •	     Curriculum	and	Institution	with	Specializations			
  •	   Human	Resources                             Masters                                                 	      in:	Technology	&	Reading	
  Bachelors                                        •	   Human	Behavior                                     •	     Early	Childhood	Education
  •	   Management                                  •	   Addiction	Counseling                               •	     English	Language	Learning
  •	   Marketing                                   •	   Professional	Counseling                            •	     E-Technology
  •	   Accounting                                  •	   Psychology	with	Specializations	in:	General		 	 •	        Language	(Teaching	&	Learning)
  •	   Applied	Management                          					 Psychology	&	Industrial/Organizational								   	 •	    Math	(Elementary	&	Secondary)
  •	   Business	Administration                     	    Psychology                                         •	     Science	(Elementary	&	Secondary)
  •	   Sports	Management                           •	   Public	Health                                      •	     Secondary	Curriculum,	Instruction	&														 	
  •	   Economics	&	Finance                         •	   Health	Care	Administration                         	      Assessment
  •	   Entrepreneurship                            •	   Nursing:	Nurse	Education                           •	     Teaching	English	to	Speakers	of	Other								        	
  •	   Finance                                     •	   Nursing:	Nurse	Leadership                          	      Languages
  •	   Human	Resource	Management                                                                           •	     Educational	&	Instructional	Technology
                                                   CRIMINAL JUSTICE
  Masters                                                                                                  Specialist (Ed.S.)
  •	   Management                                                                                          •	     K-12	Education	Leadership
                                                   •	   Criminal	Justice
  •	   Human	Resource	Management                                                                           Doctoral (Ed.D)
  •	   Public	Administration	                                                                              •	     Organization	Leadership	with		            	          	
                                                   •	 Justice	Studies	&	Administration
  •	   Business	Administration	with										 	     	                                                      	      Specializations	in:	
                                                   •	 Political	Science
  	    Specializations	in:                                                                                          •	   Behavioral	Health	
        •	   Accounting                                                                                             •	   Education	&	Effective	Schools
                                                   •	   Criminal	Justice
        •	   Finance                                                                                                •	   Higher	Education	Leadership
                                                   •	   Law	Enforcement
        •	   Marketing                                                                                              •	   Instructional	Leadership
        •	   Health	Systems                        GENERAL STUDIES/LIBERAL ARTS                                     •	   K-12	Education	Leadership
        •	   Management                            Associates                                              •	     Education	with	a	Specialization	in	K-12						        	
        •	   Leadership                            •	   General	Studies                                    	      Education	Leadership
        •	   Six	Sigma			           	         	    •	   Para	Legal
                                                                                                           EDUCATION PROGRAMS INCLUDING
                                                   Bachelors                                               TEACHER LICENSURE
                                                   •	   Christian	Studies
  Associates                                                                                               Bachelors
                                                   •	   Ministry	
  •	   Video	Game	Production                                                                               •	     Elementary	Education	with	Licensures	in:		           	
                                                   •	   English
  Bachelors                                                                                                	      Math,	English	&	Science
                                                   •	   English	Literature
  •	   Digital	Entertainment	&	Interactive	Arts                                                            •	     Secondary	Education	with	Licensures	in:				          	
                                                   •	   Global	Studies
  •	   Digital	Journalism                                                                                  					 Math,	English,	Social	Studies,	Biology,															
                                                   •	   History
  •	   Computer	Science                                                                                    	      Chemistry	&	Physical	Education
                                                   •	   Interdisciplinary	Studies
  •	   Information	Systems                                                                                 Masters
                                                   Masters                                                 •	     Education	with	Licensures	in:	
  •	   Information	Technology
                                                   •	   Christian	Studies
  Master of Science                                                                                                 •	   Higher	Education	Leadership
                                                   •	   English
  •	   Computer	Science                                                                                             •	   K-12	Instructional	Technology
                                                   •	   History
  •	   Homeland	Security	&	Safety	Engineering                                                                       •	   Early	Childhood	Education
  •	   Information	Systems                         EDUCATION                                                        •	   Educational	Administration

                                                   Bachelors                                                        •	   Elementary	Education
  HEALTH SCIENCE                                                                                                    •	   English	as	a	Second	Language	Education
                                                   •	   Early	Childhood	Development
  Associates                                                                                                        •	   Secondary	Education
  •	   Healthcare	Administration
                                                   •	   Teaching	with	Specializations	in:	                          •	   Special	Education
  •	   Medical	Billing	and	Coding
                                                         •	   Autisum                                            *Programs	vary	by	state.
  Bachelors                                                                                                      **These	programs	are	designed	for	registered	
                                                         •	   Early	Childhood	Education
  •	   Psychology                                                                                                nurses	with	an	associates	degree	or	diploma	in	nursing.
                                                         •	   Educational	Technology
  •	   Sociology
                                                         •	   Special	Education                                          Call 866.564.0254 for
  •	   Addiction	Counseling
                                                         •	   Professional	Learning	Communities                          more information.
  •	   Allied	Health

                                   Lifetime Learning | 7227 North 16th Street Suite #190 | Phoenix, AZ 85020

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