FOSSILS FOR ENVIRONMENT

Problems fossil energy crisis and global environmental thinking has led researchers and policy
authorities chose to move forward the use of biofuels (biofuels) as a primary solution. The
Indonesian government responded with a birth condition accelerate the supply of biodiesel policy
in Indonesia. Jarakisasi (widespread jatropha development) is seen as a program that can provide
answers to the energy crisis and the improvement of people's welfare.

Another reality show that an energy strategy that selected country is without merit. Coupled with
the desire to develop nuclear energy as a source of electrical energy to the people who have kept
actual latent disaster for the country in future generations. Not a few funds that have been
allocated by the state to support the development of bio-energy ambitions. Even the country's
researchers are racing to facilitate continuity of government programs, without ever doing a more
complete study of the root of the problem. At the district level, and even has made development
of biofuels as a flagship program.

When unpacking energy state of this country, it will be found that the actual domestic fossil
energy sources has been exploited not for their country, but to meet the interests of the
industrialized world in the northern hemisphere. Petroleum, natural gas and coal have very easily
controlled by global corporations, which also has become the ruler of the land that the
government had proclaimed its independence. Transfer capacity of the child domestic fossil
energy and processing technology, which should have been owned by the country of millions of
children, has been a neglected part. Yet clearly, the founder of this country have designed so that
the phase of development of the country, natural assets should have been controlled and
managed, and owned by the people of Indonesia, not by global corporate interests.

The energy crisis that has been going on for years in this country, not apart from the pattern of
colonization of new styles launched by foreign investors in the country. The entry of foreign
companies and investors based on the policy of the state, has been shown to create the adversity
of life of the people and the destruction of ecology in different regions of the archipelago. Error
regard the existence of energy today by the country's public servants, assisted by the opportunist,
in the foundation of the sovereignty of the country have tergadaikan. Furthermore, any
alternative energy development, will slowly erode the cultural fabric and livelihood of the
people, which in turn will create a loss of generation in the next phase.
Choice of biofuel as an alternative energy development is crooked path to be traversed the
country. Some have even suggested biofuel is the answer to the wrong question. Lessons from
                     By : Gumirlang Sucahyo//                           1
Brazil and the United States who have decades to develop bioethanol from sugarcane and corn,
instead requiring energy sources far more in the treatment process, which of course is the source
of energy derived from sources that are available at that time, in the form of fossil energy
sources. It has also been demonstrated that indirect biofuel development has provided additional
greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Another issue would then arise in developing biofuels in
this country when it turns out that the development is to be carried out in a very wide area scale.
Energy supply for luxury cars to industries that until now very unclear contributions to the
welfare of the people, will result in the decline of people's living systems.
Development of crops for energy on a large scale would result in the loss of productive land of
the people, as well as the loss of forest area. This has happened in many parts of Indonesia,
where a quibble on the development of biological energy sources and planting critical areas,
actual done on land that has been the source of livelihood of the people, and also in locations that
actually still have eligibility to be considered as forest .

In fact, when examined more deeply, that the current energy crisis is seen on the needs of the
middle to upper socio-economic groups, and not in the interests of energy that has not been
prosperous society. Energy sources are becoming a necessity for local community groups
eventually had to be replaced with a carpet of plants, prepared to meet the needs of energy
conservation for the rich. Firewood is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain because there is
no more forest, until then slowly lost productive land that no longer owned food sovereignty.
Blind conscientious public servant made the country by investors interests jargon that is always
said when seeking support for a public vote on election day to be forgotten. Welfare of the
people, a keyword that is always heard, in the end only a memory.

It's time for local community groups to stand in a position of sovereignty over the source of life,
by not allowing the ecological damage caused by the development of a single plant products
(monocultures) on large area in and around the location berkehidupan. Submit soil monoculture
industrial interests for the sake of energy conservation, the same spirit of community life by
pulling gently.

Air, water and soil, as well as forests, which had been sustaining life will break down slowly.
That ultimately led to the creation of new deserts are so unable to give life to the next generation.
Options that should be taken by this country is to take over the management of fossil energy
sources are controlled by foreign investors, for limiting the exploitation of fossil fuels, and
developing natural energy technologies are very abundant, but untapped, such as wind energy,
water, and sun.

                      By : Gumirlang Sucahyo//                            2
Ruler policies should fix the public transportation system, shut down the energy-intensive
industries, and perform product developments that are really needed for the life of the people.
Not with the rise of consumerism in the country directing this. More fully, should be re-
interpreted the Constitution 45 and amendments thereto, that the sovereignty of the natural asset
is the people, not the government and investors. Terminology good environment governance
should be interpreted with more whole, not just a matter of a healthy environment, but rather in
the people's sovereignty over the sources of life, including the energy sources. And submit to the
management of the country's foreign investors, is tantamount to restore this country to a new
style colonial system.

                     By : Gumirlang Sucahyo//                          3

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