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					                                           III Flakkorps
On 6 June the 1. Flaksturmregiment was deployed between                complained that he would place an 88 in one position only to
Isigny and Bayeaux. The other three regiments were in the              have it move based on orders from Pickert. The III Flakkorps
Somme estuary, but they quickly began moving to Normandy,              deployment policy was NOT to deploy on the front line.
the first units arriving on 8 June. Losses en route amounted           They would deploy to defend the rear area, though aware they
to 20 guns, 110 heavy vehicles and over 100 small vehicles.            may be required to defend against an Allied breakthrough.
Even with these losses the III Flakkorps deployed between 100-         The most interesting occurrence was at the Liaison River on
130 8.8cm FlaKs on 23 June. With the 1. Flaksturmregiment              8-9 August 1944 where up to 150 Allied tanks were sup-
near Bayeaux and the other three supporting forces between             posedly destroyed with 88s playing a prominent role. But
the Orne and Vire Rivers. They were able to maintain force             III Flakkorps’ kill claims for all of Normandy amount to 92
levels and receive substantial ammunition and armament                 tanks, with 12 of those being destroyed by Panzerfausts.
reinforcements. This resulted in claims of 462 Allied aircraft
                                                                       The III Flakkorps greatest moment was as the Falaise gap was
shot down while the III Flakkorps was in Normandy.
                                                                       closing. The III Flakkorps concentrated its units at its main
Pickert and his III Flakkorps had difficulties with their own          supply depots and expended all the ammunition available to
allies. At Caen Sepp Dietrich, commanding 5. Panzerarmee               aid the withdrawing units.

 0 to 1 Anti-AircrAft AssAult PlAtoon

  HQ Section with:
       2 Anti-aircraft Sections                      125 points
       1 Anti-aircraft Section                        70 points

  • Model 8.8cm FlaK36 guns with eight or more crew
     and increase their ROF to 3 for +10 points per gun.
  • Add Sd Kfz 7 half-tracks for +5 points.
  Any German company from Festung Europa fighting
  in Normandy can field a Anti-aircraft Assault Platoon
  instead of a Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon (p. 47,
  Festung Europa). An Anti-aircraft Assault Platoon is
  Reluctant Trained.

The III Flakkorps supported a number of German units fighting in Normandy offering anti-aircraft, anti-tank and artillery

                                    German arsenal
                                                  Infantry Teams
 Team                             Range       ROF       Anti-tank Firepower    Notes
 SMG team                        4”/10cm       3            1         6        Full ROF when moving.

                                                         Gun Teams
 Weapon                                Mobility           Range   ROF     Anti-tank Firepower Notes
 8.8cm FlaK36 gun                      Immobile         40”/100cm 2          13         3+    Gun shield, Heavy anti-aircraft, Turntable.
    Firing bombardments                                 88”/220cm -           3         5+

                                                Transport Teams
 Vehicle                               Mobility          Front     Side  Top                       Equipment and Notes
 Sd Kfz 7 (8t) half-track             Half-tracked         -         -    -


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