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					Accessories PC Product Announcement Summary

                                                                                             For Business Partners

                                      ThinkPad Battery
                                         35+ and 84+ (6-Cell)

         Announcement date: July 2011

         ThinkPad Battery 35+ and 84+ (both are 6-cell) can extend your laptop’s operating time.

         Stay unplugged longer with the ThinkPad Battery 35+ or 84+. These rechargeable six-cell
         batteries use Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) technology and can be used as replacement for aging
         system batteries or as a convenient spare battery.

                                                       Pricing and Availability
           Part                                                                 List Price   List Price
                                      Description                    Warranty                             Availability
          Number                                                                AUD (inc.)   NZD (ex.)*

          0A36292       ThinkPad Battery 35+ (6-cell)                             $148.00      $205.00
                                                                       1 year                              05 July 2011
          0A36290       ThinkPad Battery 84+ (6-cell)                             $148.00      $205.00

         * Excludes GST.
         Pricing valid at time of launch and may change over time.

         ThinkPad Battery 35+ & 84+
Accessories PC Product Announcement Summary

                                                                           For Business Partners

         Features and Benefits

                  Battery 35+ supports ThinkPad X121e; Battery 84+ supports ThinkPad E320
                  Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) technology
                  Six cells, rechargeable system battery, 62Wh
                  Standard system battery specifications
                  Over-discharge protection

         Technical Information

                  Six cells
                  Lithium Cylindrical


                  Output voltage:                    11.1 V or 10.8 V dc (nominal)
                  Battery Performance Amp-Hour:      5.6Ah or 5.8Ah
                  Battery Performance Watt-Hour:     62.4Wh

                PRODUCT                ThinkPad Battery 35+ (0A36292) / 84+ (0A36290)
             Physical specifications
                   Height (mm) 20.5
                    Width (mm) 207
             Depth/length (mm) 55
                    Weight (kg) 323
             Physical specifications (packaged in a carton)
                   Height (mm) 54
                    Width (mm) 262
             Depth/length (mm) 110
                    Weight (kg) 405
             Operating environment
                   Temperature 5 deg to 35 deg C (41 deg to 95 deg F)
              Relative Humidity 8% to 95%
                          Shock 50cm free drop
                       Vibration (Random RMS) 1.04 G (2 Hz to 200 Hz)

             Agency Approvals               CE MARK
                                            UL/cUL
                                            ACA/C-Tick
                                            PSE
                                            KC

         ThinkPad Battery 35+ & 84+
Accessories PC Product Announcement Summary

                                                                                                                    For Business Partners
              Compatibility                        Description                    Machine Type                Model
                                                   ---------------                -------------------         ---------
                                0A36292            ThinkPad X121e                        All                     All
                                0A36290            ThinkPad E320                         All                     All


         One box (plain brown box -- not packaged for consumer)
             Battery
             Publications

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         ThinkPad Battery 35+ & 84+

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