Pineapple�Average retail price per pound or pint and per cup by J7G2UPN


									Pineapple—Average retail price per pound or pint and per cup equivalent, 2008
                                                              Refuse                                 Size of a
            Form               Average retail price                            Cooking yield
                                                          (inedible share)                      cup equivalent
Fresh, whole                  $1.04        per pound            49%                100%        155          grams
Canned3                       $0.90        per pound            0%                 100%        249          grams
    Frozen4                   $0.48         per pint            0%                 100%          8           fl oz
    Ready to drink            $0.76         per pint            0%                 100%          8           fl oz
Dried                         $4.51        per pound            0%                 100%         70          grams
Note: It is assumed that each product in this table is consumed without further cooking. MyPyramid cup equivalent weight for ca
liquid medium in which the pineapple is packed.

    Excludes random weight pineapples, fresh cored pineapples, and baby or mini pineapples that are sold on a count basis.

 The SR reports that 51% of the weight of a pineapple is edible. The SR also reports that the weight of the edible portion can be
that the weight of the edible portion can be 472 grams. For fresh pineapple sold on a count basis, we estimate the weight of a w
two sizes and the reported edible share, 1350 (688.5/0.51) grams, or 2.976 pounds.

    Includes pineapple packed in juice, syrup, or water; excludes pineapple gel.

    Includes only juice concentrated at time of purchase, which consumers can reconstitute by adding water at home.

    Includes refrigerated and unrefrigerated juice.

 Includes shapes (such as chunks, wedges, rings, and tidits) that have been prepared in a variety of ways (such as dried crispy
style pineapple, dipped dried pineapple, pineapple chips, and pineapple fruit roll.

Sources: 2008 Nielsen Homescan data; USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 21 (SR); USDA Fo
Studies, 3.0 (FNDDS); MyPyramid Equivalents Database, Version 2.0; and
                Number of edible cup             Average price
                   equivalents                 per cup equivalent
                1.492       per pound                 $0.70
                1.822       per pound                 $0.49

                2.00          per pint                $0.24
                2.00          per pint                $0.38
                6.480       per pound                 $0.70
p equivalent weight for canned pineapple includes the weight of the

d on a count basis.

the edible portion can be 905 grams whereas the FNDDS reports
stimate the weight of a whole fruit using a simple average of the

ter at home.

ays (such as dried crispy and tropical dried); excludes dried chili

elease 21 (SR); USDA Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary

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