Grandmother story by yurtgc548



Grandmother story.
  Done by: Cherlene Nah.
         Her childhood.
My grandmother lived at Fort Canning. She has
 one brother and two sisters. It may seem a
 lot but actually during those times it is
 counted as a very small family.
  She is the third child in the family but
 everyone was treated very equally in the
 family so the age does not really matter.
She does not know how to read or write
 because she never got the chance to study.
My grandmother was very poor at that time
and had to work to support her siblings even
though she wasn't the oldest.
She worked all day and night just to earn a
little to feed everyone.
I do not know what her parents were doing
but apparently they were too old and sick to
do any work so it was actually very tiring for
my grandmother and therefore she did not
have the chance to study.
Even though it was very tiring, she was glad
to be able to show her filialness to her
                   5 senses.
1)Sight: She looks very cute.( I think all old people look
  very cute and innocent. Well...except for the kind
  that push people a lot and shout really loud for no
  apparent reason.)She is just a little shorter than my
  height but is, luckily, not fat.
2)Smell: I don’t smell my grandmother but she does
  not stink.
3)Taste:She is not very fussy about the food she eats
  but she is when it comes to the food she cooks.
4)Touch:Her skin is very dry.
5)Hear: She can hear just like others.
This is a picture of me, my    The picture
sister, my grandmother and     above is of our
my mum.                        whole family.
It was taken in Korea at the   Can you spot
balcony of a hotel room.       my
                               She is the one
                               in orange.
                               Isn’t she cute?
             Lessons learnt.
She taught me to be grateful to my parents
  because they earn money to feed us and let us
  live a normal life and give us a chance to study.
She also taught me never to give up when I meet
  with an obstacle because no matter how big
  and dangerous or small and pathetic it is, there is
  always a way to overcome it. After all, when
  there is a will, there is a way.
(She did not have to speak to tell me these but she
  showed it through actions and her life
The End.

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