March 15, 2012
                              LANDER COUNTY FIRE HALL
                               15 EAST SECOND STREET
                             BATTLE MOUNTAIN, NV 89820
                                          Draft Minutes

6:00 PM Call to order by Chairman Phil Gray and lead the members in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Attendance: Chairman Phil Gray. Members Scott Torgerson, James Matheus and NDOW
Biologist Jeremy Lutz
The call was made for the approval of the agenda by the chairman motioned and second with
The call for the approval of the draft minutes by the chairman motioned and second with no
discussion and approved.

The correspondences from the Northern Nevada Chapter of the Safari Club International
        regarding the proposed Alternatives for the Nevada Bear hunt Regulations. The member
        discussed the alternatives and being a no action Item recommended to address the item
        in the agenda for the Commission, Member Scott Torgerson ask if the city of Incline or
        Washoe County had regulations in place for bear proof garbage containers?
Public comment The discussion of why did NDOW close area 066 to sheep hunting if there is a
        die off; why not allow a hunters to harvest a legal ram if available?
Agenda Item1 discussion of the Nevada Bear season and area change the LACCAB
recommended the leave the season dates and area the same as last year with no closure of any
of the areas open for Bear hunting.
Discussion of the proposed trapping regulation change for the congested area of county above
100,000 populations, the LACCB discussed the Draft of the Trapping Regulation Committee and
a motion was made and second to approve the draft regulation for Commission approval.

Agenda Item 2 discussion was continued on the placement of deer fence along I-80 to prevent
loses of deer to traffic still waiting on a price of the fencing. The Guzzler project of the Argenta
Rim and Black Maintain is still waiting for the BLM Elko office to complete the EIS for the sites.

Agenda Item 3 Biologist Jeremy Lutz Informed the LAACAB that the Turkeys trapped in Utah to
be released in Iowa Canyon had been left in the cages of 3 days waiting to trap more and the
biologist fell that was to long and released the birds back into the wild. The project is put on
hold until next years trapping conditions.
The Mule deer trapping for the study being conducted had 72 deer were collared 70 in the
Simpson Parks and 2 deer in the Battle Mountains. Thirty two deer were fitted with satellite
collars and 40 with VHF collars.
Jeremy Lutz flew the Fish Creeks Mount Moses and located all 4 of the collars sheep and sited
16 total sheep in the area.
The next Meeting date set as May 3, 2012.
The meeting was adjourned

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