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									The newsletter of the HertsCam Network: December 2006: Issue 3

                                                                 Building knowledge about teaching and learning in Hertfordshire schools
                                                                 Welcome to the third issue of HertsCam Voice, our Network newsletter. We will continue to use this
                                                                 publication in 2006/7 to inform you of the wealth of development activity found within our Network.
                                                                 Please pass any comments/suggestions for future items to ieconsultants@tiscali.co.uk

                                                                     Using reflective practice to
                                                                  support subject area development
                                                                 In a further innovation this year, the HertsCam Network is offering
                                                                 new TLDW groups focused on specific subject areas, the first of
                                                                 which are MFL and ICT Across the Curriculum. There are
                                                                 undeniable benefits in collaborating with colleagues from other
                                                                 subjects and phases. However, there are occasions when
                                                                 teachers need to come together to debate and explore issues
                                                                 pertinent to them as subject specialists. This is the focus of the
                                                                 new TLDW groups, which we hope will help build research-based
                                                                 understanding of relevance to many teachers and educators.
                                                                 Modern Foreign Languages development activity
                                                                 With regard to MFL, the time for creating such a participative body
                                                                 of knowledge is ripe. At one end of the spectrum, take-up for MFL
                                                                 is dwindling at KS4 and KS5 with the subject now optional;
                                                                 whereas at primary level, the government has launched its
                                                                 primary languages initiative with the expectation that all primary
                                                                 school children will be learning a foreign language by 2010. It is
                                                                 within this context that we have sought to create an opportunity
                                                                 for teachers of MFL, both primary and secondary, to build
                                                                 knowledge about languages teaching pedagogy.
                                                                 ICT across the curriculum development activity
                                                                 While the appropriate use of ICT to support learning in other
                                                                 subjects is a current government initiative, the vision of embedded
                                                                 ICT is one that is frequently not achieved by many schools
                                                                 (OFSTED, 2005). Teachers and schools across the country
                                                                 readily accept that the technology can be motivational and
                                                                 inclusive, engaging pupils in learning in ways which are frequently
                                                                 not possible by other means. Developing ways of maximising this
                                                                 potential and achieving the vision are areas ripe for further

                                                                 Developing a body of shared knowledge
                                                                 Our expectations are that teachers involved in both groups will be able to engage with other practitioners about issues
                                                                 pertinent to either MFL or ICT across the curriculum. Our consultancy and advisory work focuses on supporting and
                                                                 developing teachers’ practice and we know already that teacher-led development work has a substantial impact on
                                                                 teachers and students alike, creating leading professionals who can guide others in developing their teaching.
                                                                 Facilitating teacher leadership can only benefit student learning.
                                                                 We hope that these groups will flourish and that we can encourage the development of other subject specific TLDW
                                                                 groups in the future. Through this, we plan to provide a new route for advisers and consultants to work together with
                                                                 teachers and educators to improve teaching and learning and to contribute to CPD within Hertfordshire.
                                                                 Sheila Ball, Secondary Strategy Consultant/ Shelagh Mackenzie, Primary ICT Adviser, Hertfordshire CSF
                                                      Building a knowledge-based community

   The HertsCam database
                                                              What are you looking at? –
The long-awaited Hertscam database is                          MEd Projects revealed
now with us. This gives details of projects            What are you looking at? - A dubious phrase in some
completed       by   HertsCam        members,          circumstances but thankfully not here. Instead, these are
together with school contact details. A draft          the areas for strategic inquiry as shared with us at our
paper copy of the database was made                    MEd. residential conference in September 2006.
available at the HertsCam Network event.
It will also appear on the LA Good Practice            Pupil - led learning and ICT – Adrian Stephenson
website www.thegrid.org.uk/goodpractice/hertscam       The use of interactive whiteboards in D and T – Sam Mackinde
in the near future.                                    AfL at KS3 and the use of ICT – Steve Newman
                                                       Self-assessment in a primary school – Susan Davis
Currently we are only able to publish the              Assessment for learning – Dan Nearney
details of a percentage of Hertscam                    E-learning in a secondary school – Janice Chalmers
members’ projects. We need you to return               School amalgamation and the leadership for learning project – Matt
the Permission to publish letter to                    Roberts
Lyndsay Upex if you have not yet done so               Teaching from the middle – James McAleese
to enable us to share your project with                Faculty leadership and teacher leadership – Andrew Celano
others. We are convinced that teaching and             ASTs and Teacher Led Development Work – Adrian Raymond
learning can be improved for children in               Distributed leadership – Kathryn Pleydell
Hertfordshire through teachers building on             Student leadership – Tom Murphy
developing knowledge. Please also send                 CPD to support Early Years practice – Kari Esterhuizen
any amendments to the draft database to                Developing writing in a primary school federation – Rosie Turner
Lyndsay.                                               Multi-modal approaches to narrative at KS1 – Caroline Mander
                                                       The role of drama in developing writing – Michael Catchpool
                                                       The role of drama in developing writing in a primary school – Tracie
   New HertsCam doctorate                              Gaiteri
Part of the commitment when HertsCam was               The use of radio to support writing– Andrew Emms
established was to create a route of progression       Reading for pleasure in a primary school – Rachel Bartlett
from certificate to doctorate. Planning for the new    Developing positive attitudes to learning at KS2 – Rachel Forster
EdD is now moving quickly and 15 HertsCam              Maths and gender at KS2 – Jenny Hopping
members have already expressed an interest.            The underachievement of Pakistani children in primary school – Anne
Watch this space!                                      Heywood
                                                       The impact of mentoring on boys – Peter Creber
                                                       Boys’ underachievement in a secondary school – Val Hill
                                                       Meta - learning in Science - Wayne Thornton
    Teacher Leadership in the                          Developing metacognition strategies – Paul Rose
           spotlight!                                  Strategies to support the development of understanding in A level
                                                       Science - Anne Kenney
We were very proud that, at the recent                 Independent learning in A level Science – Nana Asante- Ansong
Collaborative Action Research Network                  Peer tutoring for reflection - Nancy Freeman
(CARN) conference, Teacher Leadership                  Effective thinkers in secondary school – Ian Murdoch
was soundly praised by none other than                 Gifted and talented and learning styles – Chris Bloomfeld
John Elliott. He was very excited that                 Tackling passive learners – Mona Chiriac
teachers were being given a voice with                 Evaluating enterprise education – Helen Pritchard
which to share their development of
             The second issue of the
pedagogical practice.                                  Is there something here which resonates with the project you
               journal will be published in            undertook/are about to undertake? Could a conversation be useful?
               the new year. Please get in
               touch if you would like to
                                                       Make use of the HertsCam Network. Contact Lyndsay Upex –
                                                       lju20@cam.ac.uk - and let her put you in touch.
 Such events are so valuable for sharing
 expertise and experience across the                               Reflections on the
 Network                                                       September MEd residential
                     Shelagh Mackenzie                         Day 1
                MEd graduate and LA link                       It wasn’t exactly panic that woke me at 5am
                       Having completed the two years          on the morning of the 8th September. It
                       working on the MEd it is exciting,      was more a feeling of slight trepidation, a
                       nerve-wracking and very satisfying      feeling that I might just have bitten off more
                                                               than I could chew. So here I was drinking
                       to be able to share the journey         coffee, making smalltalk and hoping that I
                                                 Patti Outen   could manage two days of a residential
                                       Workshop presenter      conference without appearing cerebrally
                                                               challenged. I still felt a fraud and hoped that
                                                               no one else would notice.

                        The Network                            In one of those warm up sessions where we
                                                               all find out a little more about our colleagues
                           event -                             around us, my partner and I quickly
                                                               discovered we were among friends and that
                        21 November                            we all felt a little nervous about the
                                                               forthcoming two years.
                                                               It was then onto the more academic section
                                                               of the day and then lunch and a walk
I am very excited to be part of                                around the grounds. As I walk it dawns on
this, particularly as I am about to                            me that the afternoon session is dedicated
lead my own Teacher Led                                        to a critique of the essay I thought was only
Development Work group in my                                   going to be seen by my tutor. There is little
                                                               time to panic as I find myself with a Year 2
school.                                                        student clutching his essay and we wander
                   Denise Greason                              off to find some shade under a tree. We
                    HertsCam tutor                             read each others work and we comment
                                                               and we write. An hour soon goes and I’m
             The expertise in school improvement               beginning to realise I’m ready for this.
             lies in the people here this evening.             It’s off to the Eagle pub until we wend our
                                              Judy Durrant     way back for pre-dinner drinks. Dinner is
                                           Keynote speaker     great and the wine flows freely.

                                                               Day 2
                                                               The day starts with a briefing from CSF
   This thing is not about people                              about its priorities followed by the library
   like myself. It is about what                               induction. This is more complex than I ever
   you are doing, building a body                              thought it would be and I end up with 3 user
   of knowledge between you.                                   names and passwords. However I have
                                                               learned to search the catalogue for
   It’s a privilege to scaffold                                academic papers – a partial success.
                       David Frost                             I’m looking forward to the key note lecture
     HertsCam Network Co-ordinator                             even though my body is now on reserves.
                                                               I’m really impressed with Professor Jan
                                                               Robertson’s lecture and the work she has
                                                               done with schools.

Network members reflect                                        Well, I am absolutely bushed, the plenary is
                                                               just about finished and I’m longing for my
                                                               bed. I’m tired but I’m also fired up and
                                                               determined to make a good go of this. The
                                                               weekend has served its purpose.
                                                                                          Wayne Thornton
 The Letchworth Schools Teacher
                                                                Teachers leading development - continuing the
  Led Development Work Group                                         tradition at Sir John Lawes School
                     2006/7                                This year at Sir John Lawes we have a small,
                                                           focused group who have embarked upon the
The Letchworth Schools’ group of teachers from             Teacher Led Development Work programme. Three
St Francis College, The Highfield School and               members of the group are teachers who successfully
Frearnhill School has already established itself as        completed the Certificate of Further Professional
a lively group, keen to collaborate to share their         Studies last year, and have gone on this year to the
knowledge to improve classroom practice. Nine              Diploma. The focus of their studies is yet to be
members of the group are studying for the                  consolidated but may well include an investigation
Certificate of Further Professional Studies and we         into the use of interactive whiteboards in school and
are delighted to have our first Diploma student            work on assessment.
who has continued from last year. Already her              Two new members of the group who have embarked
support and reflections on the work undertaken             upon the Certificate of Further Professional Studies
last year have been invaluable to students and             are hoping to focus on international links and possibly
tutors alike, particularly as we undertake the initial     questioning skills. We are also incredibly lucky to
exploratory tasks and reflect on them together.            have a member of staff in his first year of the
                                                           Cambridge Masters, and one in year two who both
We were delighted to welcome back three                    support the group sessions. We are looking forward
members from last year’s group at one of our               to another year of stimulating discussion and high
early sessions. The new group were reassured by            quality professional dialogue.
their encouragement and practical advice and it
was good to see how their work was continuing to           Maria Santos-Richmond
develop in their schools. The newly opened IT              In-school co-ordinator
suite at St Francis has proved to be a positive
environment in which to work with networked
computers on hand to record reflections on the
work undertaken each session.                                                                    Heather Wadding ton
                                                                                                 of Coates Way
We are appreciative of the support from the in-                                                  Primary School
school co-ordinators, one of whom is a veteran of                                                sharing her fascinating
the Wheathampstead TLDW group, for their                                                         project on Thinking
support and for encouraging collaboration and                                                    Skills at the recent
stimulating discussion. We are looking forward to                                                HertsCam Conference
our day at the Faculty in January when we will be
browsing in the library and thinking in more depth
about the extended projects.
Judith Nash
Tutor Teacher-led         development work – Exploring whole – school possibilities
At Sir Frederic Osborn School we ran a Teacher Led Development Work group for the first time in 2005/6. We
were keen to see how we could support teachers who wanted to investigate aspects of their own practice and
also wanted to ensure that we all benefited from their developing understanding. Six members of staff
investigated a wide variety of aspects of practice including Students as Researchers and peer mentoring.

They presented their projects to a group of staff and governors at an evening event in June. The impact of the TLDW
programme on individuals was very clear from these presentations which were both informative and at times very moving.
We are also beginning to see the impact of the development of teacher leadership on the wider school as staff are now
entering into a dialogue on teaching and learning.

We have another TLDW group running this year with some new members and some veterans from last year going on to
study at Diploma level. This is really exciting and will help the school fulfill its aim of becoming a thriving learning
Sue Lewis
Headteacher: Sir Frederic Osborn School

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