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					Examinations Officer

Purpose of the Role:

To provide efficient and effective co-ordination of the management of the
examinations system in accordance with the regulations laid down by the
awarding bodies. To monitor and provide accountability for the examinations
budget and to ensure the accuracy of entries and for the smooth running of all
examinations within the college (both internal and external).

Hours of Work:

30 hours per week, term time only, plus an additional two weeks in August to
process and analyse the results. Additional work will be required during the
examination periods in January, May and June and therefore some flexibility
in working hours is essential.

Line Management:

The Examinations Officer reports directly to the Assistant Head of School and
line manages the Examinations Secretary, examination invigilators (where
appropriate) and other exam assistants.

External Contacts:

The Examinations Officer is required to form links with the examination and
awarding bodies, the Senior Leadership Team, the Directors of Learning in
charge of each subject area, teaching staff, administration staff, candidates,
parents and other schools. Contact with Examination Officers in other schools
is encouraged.

Key responsibilities:

The main responsibilities of the post will include:

      To co-ordinate information and liaise with all staff with regard to entries
       for examinations;
      Submitting entries for external examinations to awarding bodies in
       advance of deadlines;
      Handle the confidential receipt, secure storage and distribution of
       examination papers, and the daily dispatch to Examination Boards
       following examinations;
      Organising exam materials, providing safe custody of and organising
       examination stationery and materials, including question papers, in
       accordance with regulations;
      Arrange for the availability and booking of appropriate accommodation
       and furniture, and prepare seating plans and labelling for each
       individual examination;
      Organising the examination rooms, in accordance with regulations;
      Co-ordinate the recruitment, training, booking and management of
      Providing a central timetable to include dates, times, venues and
       number of candidates;
      Resolving examination clashes in accordance with regulations;
      Briefing candidates on examination regulations and producing written
       guidelines for staff and students; ensuring candidates are aware of
       their own examination timetables;
      Managing the daily running of external examinations. This will include
       ensuring that all required materials are in the examination rooms for
       the start of the examinations;
      Organising SEN provision, including liaising with the SEN coordinator
       regarding candidates with SEN; applying to awarding bodies for special
       arrangements for such candidates;
      Disseminating information, answering enquiries and dealing with
       complaints regarding external examinations with staff, students and
      Collecting and despatching worked scripts in accordance with the
      Being present and available in school on the days when results are
       notified, organising and overseeing the distribution of results to
      Provide analyses of examination results for the Head of School as
       soon as practicable;
      Overseeing the checking and distribution of official examination
      Processing enquiries about results and requests for return of scripts;
      Ensuring that costs of retakes are reimbursed by candidates and
       departments in line with the Examinations Policy;
      Contribute to the writing of the Tonbridge Federation Examinations
      Keeping up to date with the requirements of the role. Ensuring
       attendance at appropriate awarding body and other INSET training
       meetings, etc and keeping up to date with the latest procedures and
       regulations for external examinations;
      Making external examination arrangements for private candidates;
      Making arrangements for internal examinations, including the
       production of the timetable, rooming and invigilation;
      Contribute to the local examinations officer network with other local
       schools to share best practice and improve the examinations process.

Other Responsibilities:

    To present a positive and professional image of the college; deal with
     visitors, staff and students in a friendly, prompt and efficient manner
     and maintain a tidy and attractive working environment;
    Encouraging a positive examination culture in the school to which all
     staff and students subscribe;
    As a member of the Administration Team, respond as appropriate to
     any reasonable requests from staff and students and manage both
     incoming and outgoing telephone call as required, particularly in the
     event of staff absence;
    To undertake any reasonable tasks as required by the Administration
     Manager or Senior Leadership Team;
    To be responsible for the accurate management of the examinations

Key competencies:

     Must be ICT literate and able to use the internet, eg consult websites,
      access information, download material/make entries electronically,
      operate the school’s database, produce and operate spreadsheet
      packages, produce analyses, use email;
     Have good, written and verbal communication skills and be able to
      relate well to school staff, candidates of all abilities, parents and carers;
     Be able to prioritise and manage workload;
     Be able to work in an organised and methodical way and have sound
      organisational skills;
     Be able to work accurately and to deadlines;
     Be able to work effectively under pressure;
     Be able to maintain confidentiality;
     Have good supervisory skills;
     Be able to create, lead and motivate a team and delegate tasks
     Have good numeracy skills;
     Have a good sense of humour and be willing to engage with all

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