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									         Fairway Villas @ CIC Homeowners Association

SPRING , 2009
                Fairway Villas Times                                                                               VOLUME 4, ISSUE 1

    In Recognition
         to our
                                                                DEVELOPING NEWS
 Newsletter Advertisers              Fairway Villas Marketing and       whatever reason wants to sell     Manager and Partner, will be
                                     Sales division is pleased to       their home. We know the           our licensed agent.”
It is a pleasure to recognize        announce a new affiliation         community, the prospects
our advertisers who have             with Bolte Real Estate to list,    come to the sales center and      In late May Tony will be
purchased ads in your news-          market and sell Fairway Villas     now our affiliation with Bolte,   licensed and able to help you
letter. We appreciate their          Resales. According to Tom          we will gain from their           with all your resale needs. In
generosity. In turn, please          Bohlander a partner                             expertise and        the meantime, you can contact
                                     at Fairway Villas                               experience and be    Phillip Bolte at 419-341-1275
offer them the support they                                                                               regarding this new program
so well deserve.                     “This gives us the                              able to list the
                                     opportunity to                                  homes on M.L.S.      and listing your home at
                                     provide a service to                            Tony Corona,         Fairway Villas now for the
                                     our owners who for                              Operations           upcoming season.
                COCKTAIL                                     Winter on Catawba Island
                 PARTY               The winter of 2008-2009 will      back to 1948 when records          bounty of fresh catches on the
                Fairway Villas       soon not be forgotten.            began being monitored. The         frozen Lake Erie tundra. This
                  Clubhouse          January’s continuous waves of     average January temperature        created an influx of tourists
                  Saturday,          heavy snowfall and endless        of 16.3 degrees resulted in        anxious to experience the ice
                  April 18th         sustained wind chill factors      eighth place. February             or simply drive around and
                 @ 5:00 p.m.         created an environment of         remained cool as well. March       view nature’s best.
                                     past childhood memories. In       gave frequent short lived teas-
                Bring a Favorite                                                                          For many of our snowbirds,
                                     the midst of the deep freeze      ers of the warmth of spring
                Hors d’oeuvre                                                                             your winter temperatures were
                                     however, numerous days were       followed with heavy rainfall.
                 Beer & Wine                                                                              also below normal. We are
                                     beautiful, clear and sunny.
                   Provided                                            Life on Catawba Island was         hoping for a warm and early
                                     A total of 30.7 inches of snow    the scene of a winter wonder-      spring. Needless to say, we
                   No RSVP           blanketed the area in January     land playground. Hundreds of       deserve it! Welcome home to
                   required          alone. This was second place      ice fisherman enjoyed the          all our residents.

   CIC Blessing                                    Community Landscape Brightening
           A blessing of the boat-   Last month, the landscape          perennials in order to enhance    coincide with the seasonal
           ing fleet and the 2009    committee met to discuss           your investment for the future.   color format.
           season will be held on    plantings for the upcoming         The annual colors will remain
Sunday, May 24th. The event will     season. Fairway Villas has won     pink, blue, red and yellow.       Gratitude is extended to
be held at CIC. All members and      awards for the best landscap-                                        Marilyn Swayngim, Carol
families are encouraged to at-       ing by the Epcon Community.        Potted plants are permitted at    Schemmer, Carolyn Oakley,
tend. Festivities will begin at      The award reflects the very        your entrance sidewalk area       and Marcia Sprenger who gave
11:45 a.m.                           positive images of the             and patio area. Flowers may be    of their time to give input and
                                     neighborhood. This year we         planted inside the patio fence    ideas. Special thanks to Steve
This will be a new CIC family        anticipate a continued wave of     or directly outside the patio     Coughlin from Barnes Nursery
tradition to honor our country       color as a result of meticulous    fence in the existing mulched     for his professional expertise
and the men and women who            upkeep by our grounds crew.        area. Only flowers not            assisting the committee. The
serve and protect it! Reservations                                      exceeding the height of the       2009 season will definitely
are required for the ceremony         The committee decided to          patio fence shall be planted.     offer a lush environment of
and for lunch.                       introduce a few new species of     Colors of the flowers need to     beauty.

                                     Property Management Update
This past winter at Fairway Villas was a      disposed of in the construction dump-           take caution and exercise the use of your
challenge to all who experienced the          sters. This is economically unfair to the       screen for ventilation. This is especially
record breaking season. Spring has been       developer and those who pay for the             important when displaying decorative
slow to progress, however the days are        service. If you need trash collection ser-      wreaths on your doors.
getting longer and the temperatures have      vice please call Allied Waste,
started to climb. As many Homeowners          800-686-2454.                                   Many dates remain available this year for
continue to return to their residences, the                                                   clubhouse rentals. The rental fee remains
spring services for the community will        Eco spider & Pest Control will again be         $75.00 with an additional $175.00 deposit.
begin to unfold.                              applying insect control the first week of       Your clubhouse is an excellent facility to
                                              June; weather permitting.                       celebrate special occasions with family and
Asphalt sealing will resume in May for                                                        friends.
addresses between 2800 and 2830 Canter-       Mayfly season is just around the corner.
bury Circle. However, traffic from the        The grounds crew will take preventative         As the community continues to grow,
main entrance will not be restricted.         measures to attempt to keep the migration       additional precautions need to be taken to
Parking arrangements for those affected       at bay. This includes turning off the exte-     make sure everyone remains safe. Your
will be addressed when a scheduled time       rior garage lights and clubhouse landscape      children, grandchildren, and guests need
has been determined.                          lighting. Homeowners may assist by keep-        to be aware of the rules and regulations to
                                              ing interior and exterior lighting to a mini-   have an accident-free season. Please take a
The pool will re-open Friday, May 22nd.       mum during the migration.                       moment and read the reminders on the
Please be courteous to fellow Homeown-                                                        back page of your newsletter.
ers and when enjoying the pool area, clean    The fertilization program will be applied
up after yourselves and guests. To prevent                                                    In the midst of “spring cleaning”, a re-
                                              by Trugreen this season. Applications will
accidents, do not bring glass objects                                                         minder to please call Ley Property
                                              include five lawn fertilizations, two land-
around the pool area. If you raise umbrel-                                                    Management to assist and direct you to
                                              scape tree & ornamental bush insect con-
las make sure they are lowered to prevent                                                     have requested services completed. This
                                              trol sprays, grub control, a lime applica-
damage resulting from winds. Neglecting                                                       includes housekeeping, window washing,
                                              tion and selective lawn aeration.
to lower umbrellas in the past has caused                                                     interior painting and arranging transporta-
extensive damage to the pool area.            To assist with fire prevention, smoke           tion services.
                                              alarm batteries and furnace filters need to
Please note, the trash pick-up day has                                                        Please do not hesitate to contact Ley
                                              be checked periodically. Ley Property
now been changed to Monday. In the                                                            Property Management 419.732.0140 or
                                              Management can assist with any necessary
event of a holiday, trash will be picked up                                                   e-mail ( with any questions
                                              replacements. Another item of concern
the following day. Trash is not to be                                                         or concerns.
                                              is heat build-up within storm doors. Please

                                              New Year’s Day Party
On January 1st, Fairway Villas kicked off     Complimentary bloody mary’s, beer and                                       Pictured left
the 2009 social season with the annual        wine were also served.                                                      to right,
New Year’s Day brunch and open house.                                                                                     Robin and
Fortunately, a larger crowd was able to       It appeared everyone had a very enjoyable                                   Ruth Raybuck
participate this year, as many folks were     and relaxing day. The party was still going
extended a longer week-end.                   strong in the late afternoon.

The event was attended by 50 Homeown-         The environment was that of celebration
ers and guests. Dag & Pat Parsell donated     and an opportunity to visit with friends         Gratitude is extended to the Parsell’s for
their time and effort to prepare the deli-    and neighbors. Our newer resident, Don           their commitment to assist with the
cious traditional pork and sauerkraut         Raybuck was the proud winner of the              implementation of the brunch. Perhaps
dishes. Additional appetizers, side dishes    50/50 drawing.                                   2010, will even be a bigger bang!
and desserts were supplied by the guests.                                                      Cheers to everyone in 2009.

                         Pictured left,                                    Pictured left,                                      Pictured
                         Tena & Chad                                       Joyce &                                             left,
                         Hill with son,                                    Roger Davis                                         Lee &
                         Alex                                                                                                  Carol
                                                                                                                                 PAGE 3

                                              Golf & Social Events
The Social Committee has been working         all Homeowners and guests to attend.           The beautiful Catawba Island Golf Course
diligently to insure we have many fun and                                                    is in your backyard; take the opportunity
exciting activities to enjoy in 2009. Bob     The beginning of summer will bring a           and time to enjoy the amenities.
Block also has tuned-up the golf schedule     Cocktail Party on Saturday, June 20th.
to keep the balls rolling. A few dates had    A 9 Hole mixed scramble golf tourna-           In the midst of precarious economic
to be changed. We apologize for any in-       ment will be held Saturday, June 27th.         times, we strive to keep events within
conveniences. Scheduling can be difficult                                                    reach for all to participate. Fifty-fifty
                                              Our highlight of the summer social             raffles are held during the parties. Your
due to the many activities planned around     schedule will be the Luau on July 18th.
the neighborhood. An attempt has been                                                        contribution to the raffles enables the
                                              The party will include a traditional pig       expenses to remain at bay.
made to include some of the favorite          roast dinner and live entertainment.
events of past, while trying to implement                                                     An RSVP is sometimes required, espe-
fresh ideas.                                  Activities for August will begin on the        cially if provisions are ordered. Should
                                              8th, with our Progressive Dinner. The          plans change and you need to cancel,
 Please join us for the Welcome Back          second annual Member-Guest Golf
Cocktail Party on Saturday, April 18th.                                                      please call us. As the community contin-
                                              Outing and Homeowner Dinner will               ues to grow, a waiting list may exist; thus
The event was very well attended last year.   be held August 22nd. Our final 2009
Perhaps, this is the result of everyone                                                      we will be able to accommodate last
                                              golf outing is scheduled for September         minute guests. This is a courtesy to fellow
anxiously awaiting the return of friends      13th.
and neighbors.                                                                               Homeowners.
                                              Golf outings always require a sign-up, in       Special thanks to Joe & Sue Payton for
If you have not returned from your winter     order to organize the teams. This year a
residence in time for the above party,                                                       donating the silverware. A need still exists
                                              $10.00 per person entry fee will be            for supplies for your clubhouse. As many
maybe you’ll be back to enjoy Derby Day.      implemented for all golf outings to cover
Our first Kentucky Derby Party will be                                                       of you continue to down-size your homes,
                                              prizes and miscellaneous expenses. The         kitchen items including an ice bucket
held Saturday, May 2nd. Brett Harlett         entry fee does not include the additional
and Tracee Hicks will be your hosts.                                                         would be appreciated.
                                              golf and cart fees.
Traditional mint juleps will be served.                                                      I am anxiously looking forward to a
Brett and Tracee are looking forward to       Fairway Villas events and activities are not   memorable 2009 season. Rest assured,
sharing all the pageantry of the “Run for     to be missed. They are an excellent oppor-     help is always needed to assist with the
the Roses” with fellow Homeowners.            tunity to meet neighbors and share good        implementation of the festivities. Please
                                              fellowship. Bob Block donates time and         do not hesitate to call or e-mail our office
On May 30th, the Fairway Villas 2009          energy every season to enhance the golf
golf season will officially tee off with                                                     with any assistance you may wish to offer
                                              schedule. To our beginners; don’t be shy       with any of the above events.
an 18 hole “Pink Ball Tournament”. A          to join , as many friends will offer encour-
Cook-out will follow the golf outing for      agement to eventually perfect your game.       Thank You, Pam Labbe

                  Attention: Ladies Golfers                                                           Card Players
 Make New Friends– Play More Golf             handicap whiz, we welcome you to join          During this past year, requests have been
                                              the CIC WGA. Both 9 and 18 hole league         made regarding card playing and various
The Catawba Island Club Women’s Golf          openings are available. Sign up for the        games. Homeowners have suggested
 Association Welcomes New Members             “Opening Day May 7th” in the women’s           bridge, mahjong (Chinese tile game) and
Catawba Island Club Women’s Golf As-          locker room of the CIC pro shop by             euchre competitions. Recently, interest in
sociation invites You to participate in our   April 30th.                                    the above activities has grown within the
weekly golf league. Any interested female                                                    community.
                                              The season membership fee is $45.00.
member of the CIC is warmly invited to        Sign up to play when you can; you need         The teams may be able to meet in their
join our friendly group,                                     not attend every Thursday       homes or possibly at the Clubhouse. As
which tees off every                                         event. For questions or         Fairway Villas continues to grow, the
Thursday morning                                             more information, please        opportunity exists for residents to partici-
from May 7th thru                                            call Karen Coffin at            pate in leisure activities.
October 1st.                                                 419.797.2672.
                                                                                             If you are interested in playing any of the
Whether you are a be-                                        We hope to see you soon!        above cards or games, please call or email
ginner , a determined                                                                        Ley Property Management.
duffer, or a low
  2 0 5 SE C atawba Rd. Su i te C
  P o r t C l in t on , O h i o 4 34 52
  P hone : 41 9 .73 2 .01 40
  F ax: 41 9 .73 2 .0 19 8
  E -mai l : le y@c t

                       Community Reminders and Rules to Live By
You must have a valid driver’s license          turnaround area at the end of the com-       are lowered upon your departure.
  to operate any motorized vehicle on             mon driveways.
  our roads. This includes Golf Carts,                                                       Only authorized construction
  Motor Scooters etc. Golf Cart Drivers          For the safety of everyone, Please obey     personnel are to be on the grounds of
  by law, need to be in the driver’s seat at       the 14 MPH speed limit on all Fairway       un-occupied homes and construction
  all times with full control of the vehicle.      Villas roadways.                            property. Again, this is a safety and
  It is Illegal and unsafe to allow unli-                                                      liability issue.
  censed individuals to drive the above          Grills may be used on your patio or
  vehicles. The Homeowners Association             driveway. However, they need to be         Trash collection containers need to be
  does not have liability insurance to             stored on the patio or in the garage         stored in the garage at all times except
  cover accidents involving the above.             when not in use.                             for trash collection.

Children on rollerblades, skateboards          Fishing is catch and release only.         Under no circumstances are the
  and other means of transportation must           Children must be supervised when             construction dumpsters to be used for
  be supervised while on the Fairway               fishing on or near the pond banks.           private Homeowner use.
  Villas grounds. This is a safety issue, as       Remember: For safety purposes,
  heavy duty trucks, SUVs etc. may not             children should wear life jackets.         Turn off water and set water heater to
  see the children when accessing our                                                           low when leaving for extended periods
  roadways. Absolutely, no child should          Pets must always be on a leash and
                                                                                                of time.
  be on any of the above modes of                  messes cleaned-up as a courtesy to all
  transportation after dusk.                       Homeowners and Guests.
                                                                                              Upon returning to your home,
                                                                                                slowly turn your water valve to the on
 Designated guest parking area adjacent        When using the pool facilities, be
                                                                                                position. Please listen carefully to
   to the putting green is not for Home-           courteous to others around you. If you
                                                                                                ensure the system pressurizes and no
   owners use. No Parking in the                   raise the umbrellas, make sure they
                                                                                                leaks have developed.

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