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                                                                                                                      We are the Army's Home

                                                                                                                                                       August 9, 2012

  S pe c i a l
      Provided by Winn Army
       Community Hospital
     Congratulations, moms and dads,
  for welcoming your newborn into the
     The Summer season continues
  with a number of new baby boys, girls
  and bundles of joy. The Frontline
  baby birth special highlights June
  and July births, which include the
  Fort Stewart and Hunter Army
    Airfield baby births.

               June 17                                                                    Photos by Kaytrina Curtis
               Tyler Alden Jarrells,
                                          Stewart-Hunter Deputy Garrison Commander Michael
            boy, 8 pounds, 4 ounces,
                                          Biering; Stewart Installation Chaplain (Col.) Robert Meek;
            born to Amanda Lynn
                                          Stewart-Hunter Garrison Cmd. Sgt. Major, Louis Felicioni,
           Jarrells and Spc. Travis
                                          and 3rd ID Commander–Rear Col. John Hort tour the new
           Austin Jarrells.
                                          SAS building escorted by students Logan Goldsmith and
                                          Amenia Watts, and SAS Director Joan Styles, Aug. 1.

                                          SAS opens in grand style
    June 23
    Jasmine Kim, a girl, 6 pounds,
  12 ounces, born to Capt. Orchid
  Chong and Michael Kim.

    June 25                               Kaytrina Curtis                               After Elicia Bradford sang the                  the new facility versus the World War
    Julianna Kayrose Parry, a girl,       Fort Stewart Public Affairs                 national anthem, Installation Chaplain            II building where he spent time as a
  7 pounds, 13 ounces, born to                                                        (Col.) Terry Meek gave the invocation             child.
  Ashley Parry and Spc. Joshua              Most everyone can appreciate              followed by a welcome from Child                     Family Members, 9-year-old Logan
  Parry.                                  something new and the children and          Youth and School Services Division                Goldsmith, and Amania Watts, an
                                          staff who utilize or work at the new        Chief, Dagmar Peguero-Olinger, who                11-year old rising sixth grader, gave
     June 30                              Austin Road School Age Services             thanked everyone for attending such               tours through the new SAS building
     McKenna Elizabeth Erickson,          building are no different. After a soft     a momentous occasion.                             to some of Fort Stewart’s senior lead-
  a girl, 5 pounds, 15 ounces, born       opening a month ago, the grand open-          As the guest speaker, Col. John H.              ership. Goldsmith and Watts both had
  to Pfc. Caitlin Hallaway                ing ribbon was cut Aug. 1, signifying       Hort, Third Infantry Division com-                the opportunity to cut the grand open-
  Erickson.                               yet another success in the Army             manding general rear detachment,                  ing ribbon and Goldsmith said
                                          Family Covenant—ensuring excel-             gave his experience in Army daycare               although he reminisces over a few
     July 1                               lence in child, youth and school ser-       facilities and spoke about the great              things about the old SAS building, he
     Brycen Shane Jermaine Welch,         vices.                                      differences and better amenities in               enjoys coming to the new facility.
  a boy, 7 pounds, 9 ounces, born         See SAS                                                                                                                        Page 3B
  to Pvt. Brittany Nicole Welch.

    July 2
    Khloe Michelle Purvis, a girl, 6
                                          Youth take field trip to magistrate court
                                          Elvia Kelly                                     Anderson explained to the EDGE!
  pounds, 3 ounces, born to Shandel
                                          Fort Stewart Public Affairs                  students that her position is an elected
  Marie Purvis and Spc. Robert
                                                                                       position. She also spoke to the youth
  James Purvis, Jr.
                                             The Liberty County Office of the          about simple battery and simple
                                          Clerk of Courts in Hinesville, Ga., not      assault, sharing that there is a differ-
    July 3
                                          only serves justice but is a place where     ence.
    Jordan De’on Kissinger, a boy,
                                          Marne youth can learn about the legal           “[Knowing about that] could keep
  6 pounds, 8 ounces, born to Pfc.
                                          system.                                      [youth] out of court,” the chief magis-
  Lakisha Kissinger and Jeffery
                                             Child, Youth and School Services’         trate said. “[Not realizing that a little
                                          Experience, Develop, Grow and Excel          shove] or merely putting hands on
                                          program, also referred to as EDGE!,          another person can get you in trouble.
    July 4
                                          ventured to the magistrate court room,       You can make the touch, turn around
    Aaliyah Sadie Wilkerson, a girl,
                                          Aug. 3.                                      and walk away, but you still committed
  7 pounds, 1 ounce, born to Sgt.
                                             “It is very important that [these stu-    simple battery.”
  Juliana Wilkerson and 1st Sgt.
                                          dents] are exposed to these kinds of            According to the Georgia Criminal
  Reginald Wilkerson.
                                          programs, so that they have some kind        Defense Lawyers webpage, simple bat-
                                          of idea about the legal system, justice      teries defined under Georgia law as
    July 6
                                          system and law enforcement,” said            intentionally causing harm to another
    Lucia Bornacelli, a girl, 6
                                          Melinda Anderson, chief magistrate of        person or touching them in an insult-
  pounds, 7 ounces, born to Adriana
                                          Liberty County. “There are some laws         ing or provoking nature while simple
  Bornacelli and Sgt. Luis Enrique
                                          that are in the books that you don’t         assault is defined by Georgia Statute
  Bornacelli.                                                                                                                                                   Photo by Elvia Kelly
                                          really know that you’re breaking the         as attempting to commit a violent
                                          law when you do it. You can [end] up         injury to another person or putting        Students from the EDGE! pro-
    Imani Nevaeh Dent, a girl, 7                                                                                                  gram stand before the Liberty
                                          getting in a lot of trouble, especially      someone in a situation where it is rea-
  pounds, 7 ounces, born to Martha                                                                                                County Office of the Clerk of
                                          after you’re 17 years old because that       sonable that they will receive a violent
  G. Trevino and Spc. Courtney                                                                                                    Courts in Hinesville, Ga., during
                                          will stay on their record.”                  injury.
  Dent.                                                                                                                           their field trip to the Magistrate
                                          See COURT                                                                       Page 3B Court Room, Aug. 3.
     July 7
     Annaleigh Cantrell Robertson,
  a girl, 7 pounds, 11 ounces, born       FS teens visit WSAV                                    Hunter to celebrate new youth center
  to Jennifer Robertson and Staff         Kaytrina Curtis                                        Bob Mathews                                   as sports and fitness. The
  Sgt. Jason Robertson.                   Fort Stewart Public Affairs                            FMWR Publicity Specialist                     21,000-square-foot, state-of-the-
                                                                                                                                               art YAC was built as a result of the
    July 8                                   When many teens are at home or traveling the          A ribbon-cutting ceremony to                Army Family Covenant for the
    Mattias Baron, a boy, 7 pounds,       country during their summer, six Fort Stewart’s        celebrate the opening of a new                Hunter communities. The center,
  15 ounces, born to Elisabeth            Consolidated Public Affairs Office Red Cross           Youth Activity Center at Hunter               built at a cost of approximately $7
  Baron and Capt. Dmitry Baron.           Volunteers and Hired! Apprentices decided to vol-      Army Airfield will be held at 2               million, is located adjacent to the
                                          unteer their time to help others and learn new         p.m., Aug. 15. The center, in build-          youth sports field.
    July 10                               skills in the process.                                 ing 6054, at 304 North Perimeter                 Summer hours of operation are
    Dyson Allen McCray, a boy, 8             Lee Haywood, a meteorologist with Savannah’s        Road, serves middle school and                from noon to 8 p.m., Monday
  pounds, 2 ounce, born to Niki           WSAV, an NBC affiliate television station, gave the    teens in grades six6-12.                      through Thursday; Fridays from
  Renee McCray and Pfc. Aaron             volunteers and apprentices a tour as a final part        As a chartered member club of               noon to 10 p.m.; Saturdays noon
  Alexander McCray.                       of their training, July 31. Over the summer, the       Boys and Girls Clubs of America,              to 8 p.m. and Sundays from 2 to 6
                                          teens provided more than 600 hours of their time       the center’s activities and pro-              p.m. During the school year, hours
                                          and energy writing for print publications and          grams enforce health and life                 of operation are Monday through
  See SPECIAL              Page 5B        contributing to Marne Television.                      skills, character and leadership              Friday from 2 to 8 p.m., Saturdays
                                                                                                 development, the arts, education              noon-8 p.m. and Sundays from 2
                                          See WSAV                                Page 3B        and career development, as well               to 6 p.m.

If it’s happening                                                                                                                             THE ULTIMATE NEWS
                                                                                                                                           RESOURCE FOR OUR LOCAL

WE’VE GOT IT!                                                                                                                         w
                                                                                                                                             MILITARY COMMUNITY:
2B The Frontline                            August 9, 2012
                                                                              At the Movies

                          Sasha McBrayer                   those hiding inside the church. These are about a dozen      and “Curse of the Golden Flower.” Given his previous
                          Frontline Contributor            convent schoolgirls; George, the deceased priest’s           titles, I’d say it’s alright he’s little melodramatic. It’s just
                                                           young protégée; and about a dozen prostitutes from           his nature.
                             Last week I offered my .02    Nanjing’s famed Red Light District. The schoolgirls             I was genuinely moved by this picture. They say light
                          cents regarding the latest       don’t take kindly to the whores at first, but have no        shines more brightly in darkness and that line ade-
                          Batman flick, “Dark Knight       choice but to hide them in the wine cellar.                  quately sums up this story.
                          Rises.” What part did               What comes next is a fragile opportunity for escape          Without giving too much a way, I’ll just say some of
                          Christian Bale play just         from the Japanese.                                           our characters decide selflessly to give their lives for
                          before returning to the cape        “Flowers of War” was reportedly the most expensive        some of the others and this made the movie one I’m
                          and cowl? You’ll find out in     Chinese film ever made.                                      not likely to forget.
                          today’s review.                     Chinese, English and Japanese are spoken on screen.          Christian Bale is right on target, but it’s the charac-
                            “Flowers of War” is on DVD     And the film features stunning visuals.                      ter of George that still haunts me, not necessarily in a
now. This Chinese drama is being called the first ficti-      Critics of the film had called it melodramatic. They’ve   bad way.
tious film to come out about the very real Japanese        also attacked the Chinese director for being anti-Jap-          I’m a fan!
occupation of Nanjing in 1937. In the film, Bale is an     anese. Critics have also argued that there should not           If you don’t mind some subtitles, check out “Flowers
American mortician traveling through the battlefield       have been an American character at all, that a Chinese       of War,” but be warned, this period was called the Rape
to reach a Church and bury the priest who has died         tale should be told through Chinese eyes.                    of Nanjing for good reason. Parts of this film are hard
there. Despite the atrocities happening around him,           Seems to me they are first calling the director too       to watch.
Bale’s character hopes to do his job, get paid, and then   Chinese and then not Chinese enough. Sheesh. Give               If I’m going to nitpick, there’s a Chinese soldier in
move along.                                                the guy a break. This is pretty much Zhang Yimou’s           the film who shows amazing courage, and I wish his
   Instead, he becomes the only hope of survival for       first “serious” historical drama. He also made “Hero”        character were more developed.

                                                                                                    Friday              through                    Saturday
The Amazing Spiderman                      in a story inspired by his real life. The
  Friday — 6 p.m.                          film follows Mike as he takes a young
  Saturday — 3 p.m.                        dancer called The Kid under his wing
  (Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone )           and schools him in the fine arts of
  Peter Parker finds a clue that might     partying, picking up women, and making
help him understand why his parents        easy money.
disappeared when he was young. His            Rated R for pervasive sexual content,
path puts him on a collision course with   brief graphic nudity, language and some
Dr. Curt Connors, his father's former      drug use.
  Rated PG-13 for sequences of action
                                           Films are subject to availability.
and violence.                              AAFES strives to show films according
                                           to the published schedule but
Magic Mike                                 reserves the right to reschedule,
  Friday — 9 p.m.                          cancel or substitute showings as
  Saturday — 6 p.m.                        needed. For more information, call
  (Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer)          912-767-3069 or go to www.
   Set in the world of male strippers,     shopmyexchange.com/
"Magic Mike" is directed by Steven         ReelTimeTheatres/Movies-
Soderbergh and stars Channing Tatum        FtStewart.htm.

                             Share your comments at www.twitter.com/3rdIDMediaTeam
                                 or visit the Team Stewart Web site at stewart.army.mil.
                                                                                                          August 9, 2012                  The Frontline 3B

                                                                                           COURT                                                                  from Page 1B
                                                                                                For one 12-year-old EDGE! youth,          session with one final message.
                                                                                            he found the topic of simple battery             “I think the most important thing
                                                                                            particularly interesting during his field     that the kids can learn as well as adults
                                                                                            trip to the court room.                       is to do unto others as you would have
                                                                                               “It was a new experience. I like the       them do unto you,” she said. “Because
                                                                                            way the court room looks; it’s pretty nice    the golden rule is one of the first rules
                                                                                            and it’s clean,” said Dwight Coles, who       and that still stands. If we all abide by
                                                                                            is going to middle school. “[The topic        that then we won’t have the need we do
                                                                                            of] simple battery is when you touch          for as many jails, as many courts or
                                                                                            somebody, it’s considered simple bat-         policemen . . . treat everybody with
                                                                                            tery and you can be charged for it.”          respect that you wish to be treated
                                                                                               Anderson concludes the field trip          with.”

                                                                                           WSAV                                                                  from Page 1B
                                                                Photo by Kaytrina Curtis
                                                                                              The teens wrote commentaries for
Standing in the atrium of the new Austin Rd. SAS building, Fort Stewart-
                                                                                           Military Teen Talk for The Frontline
Hunter Army Airfield Deputy Garrison Commander Michael Biering,
                                                                                           newspaper,           anchored       ‘Teen
Stewart-Hunter Garrison Command Sgt. Major, Louis Felicioni, and 3rd
                                                                                           Perspectives’ on Marne TV, edited and
ID Commander–Rear, Col. John Hort, are given a tour of the new Austin
                                                                                           photographed events throughout the
Road SAS building escorted by students Logan Goldsmith and Amenia
Watts, and SAS Director Joan Styles, following a grand opening ceremo-
                                                                                              Lyrick Dent, a junior at Liberty
ny, Aug. 1.
                                                                                           County High school, first thought work-
                                                                                           ing for PAO would be boring, yet after
SAS                                                                from Page 1B            the first day she said she quickly
                                                                                           changed her mind.                                                           Courtesy Photo
   “I kind of miss it because I miss the     SAS building. Buchanan added that he
big kids’ room that used to be there,”       appreciates the design of the new                “The energy in the office is totally        Standing (l-r) Tyrone Robinson,
Goldsmith said. “I think the new build-      building and said with the atrium style       amazing; everyone just seems as if             WSAV morning show director, and
ing is way better because there is a PS3,    the staff is able to keep a visual on         they’re in a great mood,” said Dent.           WSAV Meteorologist Lee Haywood,
there is a Wii, there is a foosball table,   everyone.                                     “This summer was filled with the three         gave a tour of the television station
there is a pool table and we have all           “Whereas in the old building, we had       E’s: excitement, energy and editing.”          to Seated: (l-r) Red Cross Volunteer
new stuff and it is really fun. My mom       rooms back in the back where you                 Haywood gave sage advice to the             Bobby Reynolds, Hired! Apprentice
was surprised that we have all this          could only rely on the camera,” he said.      high school students who had the               Caitlyn Oliver, PAO Deputy,
stuff.”                                      “But the way that the atrium is set up        opportunity this summer to find out if         Command Information Kaytrina
   Harvey G. Buchanan Jr., an admin-         now, you can have your eyes on the            they truly enjoy working with the pub-         Curtis and Hired! Apprentice Lyrick
istrative assistant with SAS, agreed with    whole area.”                                  lic.                                           Dent, July 31.
Col. Hort’s observations about the new          Watts has aspirations to become               “Find something that you’re really
building.                                    either a doctor or a singer expressed         passionate about and work really hard          the best of both worlds,” Haywood said.
   “I think it’s a 100 percent improve-      her gratitude for the opportunity to be       at it,” Haywood said. “I don’t care if         “You’re getting a pay check and it’s
ment. They’ve updated a lot of the chil-     one of the tour guides.                       you’re looking at being a nurse one day,       something that’s fun. Find something
dren’s games … that they have here for          “And I also got to cut the ribbon          an educator, a scientist or a lawyer, just     you enjoy. That’s the best thing.”
                                             today,” Watts said. “It was the greatest      really study it and work hard.”                    But no matter what career field the
the kids,” Buchanan said. “We have a
                                             honor, because I have never have got-            Since working with PAO, a few of the        teens choose in the future, their hard
lot of kids coming back because they
                                             ten the chance to do something like           teens have decided to take different           work and dedication to the PAO mis-
have seen the new building. Then, we
                                             that before in my entire life—this was        career paths. Caitlyn Oliver, a Richmond       sion was evident.
are in a different vicinity now from the
                                             the best day ever!"                           Hill high school senior, plans to become           “I was really impressed,” said Jim
other Child Development Centers, so             Logan, whose parents are dual mili-
parents are enjoying the possibility of                                                    a photojournalist. Bradwell Institute          Jeffcoat, PAO command information
                                             tary, said he thinks the food served at
being closer [to their smaller chil-                                                       freshman Bobby Reynolds said he                chief. “Their contribution to the team
                                             SAS is “awesome” and he is thankful
dren].”                                                                                    aspires to become an actor.                    was very productive. They produced
                                             for the new building.
   The 135 capacity building was built                                                        “My career path has changed since           sound quality products and although
                                                “I think that I am very grateful for
at a cost of about $5.5 million and has                                                    I’ve been working at the P     .A.O,” Dent     there was a learning curve, their prod-
                                             the amount of money they have put
a computer technology lab, a high per-       into this building," he said, "and I think    said, “I now want to be a journalist           ucts were seamless. They were always
formance room, art and science rooms         that they have done a really good             instead of a lawyer.”                          professional and I look forward to wel-
and an open atrium which doubles as          job.”                                            Haywood acknowledged a job in any           coming them back next summer.”
a multipurpose room.                            The SAS offers fee based before and        environment can be challenging, yet if             Haywood advised the teens to get
   Buchanan, a former Marine, and            after school care, as well as summer,         in the right career field, working may         internships and put their passion
father of three said the Army Family         winter and spring camps for youth in          not feel like work.                            behind it. “I think if you do that then
Covenant, in part, is being fulfilled        grades 1-6. For more registration infor-         “If you’re at a job where it doesn’t feel   it’s really not like working,” he said, “and
through youth centers such as the new        mation call 912-767-2312.                     like you’re working then you’re getting        who wants to really work?”
4B The Frontline                           August 9, 2012

                                                                                                                                                 Fort Stewart
                                                                                                                         Catholic                      Location               Time
                                                                                                                         Sunday Mass                   Main Post Chapel      9 a.m.
                                                                                                                         Weekday Mass                  Main Post Chapel 11:45 a.m.

Counsel for carrying during uncertain times
                                                                                                                         (Confession available daily and before Sunday Mass)
                                                                                                                         Protestant (Sundays)
                                                                                                                         Chapel First                 Marne Chapel             11 a.m.
                                                                                                                         Gospel Worship               Main Post Chapel         11 a.m.
Chaplain (Capt.) Russell D. Woody                            revealed many years before through God’s prophets.          Traditional Worship          Marne Chapel              9 a.m.
5/7 Cav. Regt, 1HBCT Chaplain                                What did Joseph do? He saluted and acted as                 Lutheran Worship             Heritage Chapel          10 a.m.
                                                             ordered.                                                    Kids’ Church (K-5th Grade)   Main Post Chapel         11 a.m.
                                                                                                                         PWOC (Wednesday)             Main Post Chapel       9:30 a.m.
   Military Families are often faced with uncertainty.          Finally, God spoke to Joseph in Egypt through a third
As much as we might like to plan, military life rolls        and a fourth dream, directing him to take his Family                          Hunter Army Airfield
with the shifting circumstances of world affairs and         back to Israel and the town of Nazareth. The Scripture      Catholic
                                                                                                                         Sunday Mass                  Hunter Chapel            11 a.m.
the needs of our nation. This can cause a great deal of      again says this was a fulfillment of God’s plan, revealed
                                                                                                                         Weekday Mass (M,W,F)         Hunter Chapel         11:45 a.m.
frustration. The ability to deal with such a life success-   many years before through God’s prophets. What did          Catholic CCD                 Building 129           9:30 a.m.
fully requires a helpful perspective. My own frustra-        Joseph do? He saluted and acted as orders.
tions have forced me to seek such a perspective, which          How might Joseph have faced his uncertain life? Was      Sunday Service               Hunter Chapel                9 a.m.
I found in Scripture.                                        he happy to marry his pregnant fiancé when the whole
                                                                                                                         Kids’ Church                 Hunter Chapel                9 a.m.
   It may seem a strange time, but the biblical writer       village suspected she had been sleeping around? Was
                                                                                                                                                       Fellowship Hall
Matthew reminds me in the Christmas story of our             he happy to take his pregnant wife, by donkey, many                          Religious Education Contacts
current circumstances. Matthew (Matt. 1:18-2:23)             miles away from their home to pay taxes? Was he happy                Fort Stewart Religious Education, Toni Bolton,
narrates three instances in Joseph’s life where he faced     to travel to a foreign country with his young Family?                                 912-767-9789

uncertain circumstances. Each time, God gave Joseph             Scripture does not reveal Joseph’s state of mind.            Hunter Army Airfield Religious Education, Charles Archer,
partial information, expected Joseph to obey without         Scriptures does tell us Joseph heard God speak in
knowing the full picture and indicated his direction         dreams and he obeyed God. Scripture also tells us his
was a fulfillment of what he had been planning for           direction to Joseph matched God’s overall, previously         Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield
thousands of years.                                          designed plan. I suspect Joseph trusted God was total-
   First, Joseph decided to “divorce” his fiancé when        ly in control and knew the outcome of his directions               Chapel Youth Ministry
he heard she was pregnant with someone else’s baby.          to Joseph from the beginning.
God spoke to Joseph in a dream, indicating, incom-              So, I ask myself in my own uncertainty. Is God in         Stewart-Hunter youth ministries exist to share
prehensibly, that the baby was actually God’s, and           control? Does God know the outcome of my circum-            “Biblical Truth” with middle and high school age
telling Joseph to marry her anyway. The Scripture says       stances? Can I trust God? Based on my own experience          youth, to disciple them in the Christian faith
this was a fulfillment of God’s plan, revealed many          and examination of the evidence for God, I answer all
years before through God’s prophets. What did Joseph         of those questions with a resounding, “Yes.” What will      and to equip them for lives of Christian service.
do? He saluted and acted as ordered.                         I do? How will I face another day of not knowing what         For weekly meeting information, go to
   Second, Joseph took Mary, his wife, to Bethlehem,         the next mission will be; where the next assignment              www.twitter.com/ftstewartyouth
according to the decree of the government, to pay            will take our family; or whether I will be here, training            or contact Phil Parsons,
taxes. In Bethlehem, Mary delivered the baby, whom           in another state, or in another country next week, next      Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield Youth
Joseph named Jesus. God spoke to Joseph in a second          month, or next year? With God’s help and my confi-
                                                                                                                                  Ministry representative
dream, telling him to flee with Mary and Jesus to Egypt      dence in him, I’ll salute and carry on as ordered. All
because people were coming to kill the baby. The             the while, I’ll do so thinking, “Yes, Lord. You know the                 for Club Beyond
Scripture says this was a fulfillment of God’s plan,         deal. You know the plan. My confidence is in you.”                       at 913-683-1793.
                                                                                                              August 9, 2012                 The Frontline 5B

Visit Bamboo Farms, Coastal Garden                            erings for the whole Family and gifts with membership.
   The Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens will provide           Come train for the ‘Rock and Roll Marathon’ and half
education, public outreach and applied research in hor-       marathon with other health-minded people or just join
ticultural and environmental sciences. The Bamboo             us for our regular group sessions. Weekday training
Farm and Coastal Gardens will be a premier destination        opportunities are on-going in Savannah, Fort Stewart
for horticulture, educational and gardening practices.        and Richmond Hill. For more information, log into www.
It is located at 2 Canebrake Road, Savannah, Ga. For          savystrider.com. Not (yet) a runner? The Striders are
more information, call 912-921-5460 or visit their Web        always looking for volunteers to help with local races.
site at www.bamboo.caes.uga.edu/index.html.
                                                              Tunnel to Towers Run Savannah planned
Prepare for the Baby Expo                                        Applications for military teams are now being accept-
   At Winn Army Community Hospital, the Winn Baby             ed for the 'Tunnel to Towers' run at 8 a.m., Sept. 15, in
Expo is slated from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Aug. 25. Free edu-     Orleans Square between Hull and Perry streets, adjacent
cation related to your baby, free information about your      to the Civic Center. Cost is $25 for members of the mil-
care and door prizes will take place. Don’t miss out on       itary, firefighters and police officers. The race is new in
the baby dance-off competition and much more. It is           Savannah and is being held to honor firefighters, military,
free and open to the public.                                  and law enforcement members and their Families. The
                                                              run began after September 11, to honor a 34-year old
Win gift basket at expo                                       firefighter, Stephen Siller who perished in one of the
   Do you know ya’ll have a local military Happy Mama?        towers. In New York City, the race will retrace Stephen's
As your local Happy Mama, I provide Families with spe-        footsteps and others who perished to save others in their
cial military coupons for use in the commissaries. At         route through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the World
every event such as the recent Back-to-School Fair and        Trade Center. To register, go to www.t2trun.org or to
this upcoming Baby Expo at Winn Army Community                Fleet Feet Sports in Savannah, 3405 Waters Avenue. For
Hospital, a free gift basket is given away. Don’t miss your   additional information call Jane Grismer at 912-313-
opportunity to get a gift basket at the Baby Expo, Aug.       4806.
25. For more information, e-mail vsmith@happyfami-
lybrands.com.                                                 Back to School party planned
                                                                 Taking place from 5:30 to 7 p.m., Aug. 15, Families are
Get ready for “Rock and Roll Marathon"                        invited to a waterworks back-to-school party at First
  Soldiers, Family Members and Civilians are invited to       Presbyterian Church on the church grounds. There will
run with the Savannah Striders Track Club. The Savannah       be waterslides, refreshments and music. The event is
Striders offer training programs for all fitness levels,      free. For more information please call 843-681-3696 or
organized daily group runs, encouragement from expert         visit the Web site at www.hiltonheadisland.org/event-
runners, provides a great group of mentors, social gath-      calendar.

                  Special Deliveries Provided by Winn Army Community Hospital
     July 10                                                   es, born to Shavonne Latrice Mayo and Spc. Javares           and Staff Sgt. Joseph Shannonhouse.
       Makayla Marie Steele, a girl, 7 pounds, 8 ounce,        Durell Mayo.
     born to Sgt. Latasha Risher and Sgt. Michael                                                                           July 26
     Steele.                                                   July 20                                                        Dallas Raye Criss, a girl, 8 pounds, 2 ounces,
                                                                 Landen Michael Duran, a boy, 7 pounds, 12                  born to Sgt. Marta D. Criss and Latwanisha Criss.
       Hunter Gavin Justice, a boy, 7 pounds, 3 ounces,        ounces, born to Sarah Duran and Pfc. Michael
     born to Jessica Jo Justice and Spc. Bradley Dale          Donald Duran.                                                   Kyler Alexander Harkleroad, a boy, 6 pounds, 6
     Justice.                                                                                                               ounces, born to Amber Harkleroad and Spc. Paul
                                                                                   Noah Xavier Neal, a boy, 9               K. Harkleroad.
     July 11                                                                     pounds, 7 ounces, born to Cecilia
       Lydia Ellianna Chrusciel, a girl, 6                                       Anita Neal and Sgt. Johnathon              July 27
     pounds, 5 ounces, born to Melissa                                           Eligh Neal.                                  Scarlett Olivia Danielle Caudill, a girl, 7 pounds,
     Chrusciel and Sgt. Chris Chrusciel.                                                                                    13 ounces, born to Amy Caudill and Spc. Chad
                                                                                   Michael Robert Nobles, Jr., a            Caudill.
     July 12                                                                     boy, 6 pounds, 9 ounces, born to
       Trey Thomas Weil, a boy, 7 pounds, 7                                      Nancy Nobles and Spc. Michael R.             Serenity Joy Marie Dixon, a girl, 6 pounds, 10
     ounces, born to Spc. Stacey Weil and KC                                     Nobles, Sr.                                ounces, born to Dyshekia Gloria Taylor and Pfc.
     Weil.                                                                                                                  James Maurice Dixon.
                                                                                    Ellie Dawn Nicole Searcey, a              Clayton Murdoch James, a boy, 7 pounds, 15
     July 13                                                                     girl, 8 pounds, 5 ounces, born to          ounces, born to Kemsie Elizabeth York and 1st Lt.
        Lacey Corynn Allen, a girl, 9 pounds,                                    Ashley Searcey and Spc. Cody               Ryan Murdoch James.
     1 ounce, born to Hannah Allen and Pfc.                                      Searcey.
     Cory Allen.                                                                                                            July 28
                                                                               July 21                                        Martin Warren Bannister, a boy, 7 pounds, 10
        Abel Greyson Allerton, a male, 7 pounds, 9 ounc-          Na’Livia JaNae Fenceroy, a girl, 6 pounds, 13             ounces, born to Molasahwa Bannister and Capt.
     es, born to Ashley Allerton and Spc. Cody                 ounces, born to Naterria R. Fenceroy and Spc. Oscar          Warren M. Bannister, Jr.
     Allerton.                                                 J. Fenceroy.
                                                                                                                              Leo Lavette Harden, a boy, 6 pounds, 10 ounces,
        Annabel Faith Havard, a girl, 7 pounds, 15 ounc-         Kinsley Mae Lawton, a girl, 6 pounds, 8 ounces,            born to Nicole Marie Harden and Spc. Marquis
     es, born to Elizabeth Anne Havard and Staff Sgt.          born to Kirsten Nicole Lawton and Spc. Dustin                Lavette Harden.
     Jesse Lynn Havard.                                        Lawton.
                                                                                                                              Sean Matthew Marsh, a boy, 7 pounds, 3 ounces,
     July 14                                                     Annabelle Alice Perry, a girl, 9 pounds, 1 ounce,          born to Brooke Austin Marsh and Spc. Matthew
       Harper Quinn Jackson, a girl, 7 pounds, 12 ounc-        born to Spc. Pamela L. Perry and Spc. Mathew D.              David Marsh.
     es, born to Rebecca Jackson and Spc. Justin               Perry.
     Jackson.                                                                                                                 Jackson Davis Moody, a boy, 8 pounds, 9 ounces,
                                                                 Landon Christopher Gene Shaffer, a boy, 9                  born to Jessica Moody and Spc. James Moody.
     July 15                                                   pounds, 15 ounces, born to Shelby JoAnn Shaffer
       Madison Jae Lisa Smith, a girl, 7 pounds, 14            and Spc. Christopher Shaffer.                                July 29
     ounces, born to Pvt. Courtney Smith and Jacke                                                                            Tabitha Starr Barrick, a girl, 7 pounds, 1 ounce,
     Salmonson.                                                  Gabriel Elijah Totah, a boy, 8 pounds, 12 ounc-            born to Crystal Barrick and Sgt. Shawn A. Barrick.
                                                               es, born to Fatima Totah and Sgt. Brian Totah.
     July 16                                                                                                                July 30
       Peytin Elizabeth Pelkey, a girl, 7 pounds, 12           July 22                                                        Abel Matthew Johnson, a boy, 7 pounds, 10 ounc-
     ounces, born to Katarina Pelkey and Spc. Alan H.D.          Samaya Andreya Vivian Bruhnke, a girl, 7                   es, born to and Samantha Johnson and Spc. Dillon
     Pelkey.                                                   pounds, 2 ounces, born to Fetu Bruhnke and Pfc.              Johnson.
                                                               William Frederick Bruhnke.
       Ian Alexander Hatsady, a boy, 7 pounds, 1 ounce,                                                                       Aidyn Michael Price, a boy, 7 pounds, 9 ounces,
     born to Melissa Marie Hatsady and Spc. Danny                Genevieve Emily Perkins, a girl, 7 pounds, 15              born to Shawndra Blair Price and Spc. Joshua
     Hatsady.                                                  ounces, born to Krysta Perkins and Spc. Alex                 Andrew Price.
     July 18                                                                                                                  Elena Alise Saldana, girl, 6 pounds, 8 ounces,
        Aiden Scott Hall, a boy, 6 pounds, 8 ounces, born        Alexander Costa Yi, a boy, 7 pounds, 7 ounces,             born to Donna M. Saldana and Pfc. Daniel S.
     to Virginia Lea Hall and Spc. Joshua Scott Hall.          born to Lyza Costa Yi and Sgt. Sang Kon Yi.                  Saldana.

       Nathan Jon Lainez, a boy, 8 pounds, 2 ounces,           July 23                                                          Kaleb Asanti Smiley, a boy, 6 pounds, 6 ounces,
     born to Tamara Lainez and Sgt. Jonathan Lainez.             Harrison Thomas Bickston, a boy, 7 pounds, 1               born to Ronesha L. Smiley and Spc. Keith E. Smiley
                                                               ounce, born to Amanda Bickston and Sgt. Tyler                II.
        Owen Reese McManamon, a boy, 7 pounds, born            Bickston.
     to Lindsay Marie McManamon and 1st Lt. Richard                                                                         July 31
     Kenneth McManamon.                                           Aubree Alyse Claiborne, a girl, 7 pounds, 10                Mason James Trent Billington, a boy, 7 pounds,
                                                               ounces, born to Clarissa Dawn Claiborne and Spc.             13 ounces, born to Juliana Billington and Staff Sgt.
       Timothy Bernard Phelps Jr., a boy, 7 pounds, 13         Jeremy Allen Claiborne.                                      Aaron Billington.
     ounces, born to Natalia Phelps and Timothy B.
     Phelps.                                                   July 25                                                        Giovanni William Ramierz, a boy, 7 pounds, 12
                                                                 John Michael Budlove Jr., a boy, 9 pounds, 7               ounces, born to and 1st Lt. Mariecell K. Ramirez
     July 19                                                   ounces, born to Wanika Kiana Budlove and Pvt.                and Staff Sgt. William R. Ramierz.
       Preston JahNoah Anthony Greene, a boy, 9                John M. Budlove.
     pounds, born to Priscilla Greene (Dependent                                                                              Callie Anne Paulino, a girl, 7 pounds, born to
     daughter of Sgt. 1st Class Michael Greene).                 Chloe Elizabeth Combs, a girl, 7 pounds, 9 ounc-           Cresilda V. Paulino and 1st Sgt. Manuel L.
                                                               es, born to Alexandria Combs and Spc. Chad                   Paulino.
       Kate Rachel Chelin Lee, a girl, 7 pounds, 8 ounc-       Combs.
     es, born to Maj. Christian Lee and Tamalyn Lee.                                                                          Karsyn Selene Waymer, a girl, 6 pounds, 4 ounc-
                                                                 Jakira Danielle Shannonhouse, a girl, 6 pounds,            es, born to Erica Lynn Waymer and Spc. Randy
        Ja’Nylah Darielle Mayo, a girl, 7 pounds, 6 ounc-      11 ounces, born to Spc. Danielle Shannonhouse                Waymer II.
                                                                                                      August 9, 2012             The Frontline 7B

   Army Community Service
July-Sept calendar of classes online                      building 82)                                               Aug. 16, noon-2 p.m.: Scream Free Parenting (ACS,
   With over 40 free classes and workshops, the online      Aug. 16, 1-3 p.m.: Resumix Workshop (ACS, building     building 1286)
calendar is your one-stop source for complete class       86)                                                        Aug. 17 & 24 (2 sessions), 1-3 p.m.: 10 Great Dates
listings. To register online simply go to www.stewart.      Aug. 16, 5-6 p.m.: Mental Health Awareness &           (ACS, building 1286)
army.mil/acs. Call (Stewart) 912-767-5058 or (Hunter)     Developmental Disability Workshop (ACS, building 86)
912-315-6816 for additional information.                    Aug. 16, 6-7 p.m.: Remember Me Support Group           Financial readiness course offered
                                                          (ACS, building 87)                                         Buying a car is probably one of the biggest pur-
Free Classes offered at Stewart                             Aug. 17 & 24 (2 sessions), 1-3 p.m.: 10 Great Dates    chases a Soldier and Family make. Unfortunately, many
  Thursdays, 1-11:30 a.m.: Play Morning for Infants       (ACS, building 82)                                       people pay much more than the car is worth even
and Toddlers (Bryan Village Center)                                                                                before interest is added to the loan. Hunter Financial
  Mondays, 1:30-3 p.m.: Financial Planning for PCS-       Free Classes offered at Hunter                           Readiness will conduct a Car Buying Workshop at
Your Money and the Move (ACS, building 86)                  Tuesdays, 10-11:30 a.m.: Play Morning for Infants      building 1286, 9 to10:30 a.m., Aug. 29. Let us teach you
  Tuesdays, 8:45 a.m.-noon or 1-4:15 p.m.: Resiliency     and Toddlers (41 Rocky Road)                             how to make a wise car purchase that you can afford
Training for Family Members, Couples & DA Civilians         Tuesday, 1-2 p.m.: Hearts Apart (ACS, building         and that won’t eat up your paycheck with repair bills.
(ACS, building 86)                                        1286)                                                    Call 912-315-6816 for more information.
  Tuesday, 9-11 a.m.: Before Baby Arrives (ACS, build-      Tuesday, 1:30-3:30 p.m.: Living on a Plan-How to
ing 82)                                                   Create a Budget that Works (ACS, building 1286)
                                                            Aug. 15, 9-10:30 a.m.: Volunteer Management            EFMP support group slated
  Tuesday, 1-3 p.m.: Living on a Plan- How to Create
                                                          Training-Retention and Recognition (ACS, building           The Hunter ACS Exceptional Family Member
a Budget that Works (ACS, building 86)
                                                          1286)                                                    Program will host It’s an Exceptional Life - EFMP
  Tuesday, 2-4 p.m.: Infant Care (ACS, building 82)
                                                            Aug. 15, 9-11 a.m.: Before Baby Arrives (ACS, build-   Monthly Support Group at building 1286, 5 to 6 p.m.,
  Aug. 15, 9-10:30 a.m.: Alaska Overseas Briefing (ACS,
                                                          ing 1286)                                                Aug. 28. This support group for EFMP Families is an
building 86)
                                                            Aug. 15, 9 a.m.-noon: Family Readiness Group           opportunity to meet, share experiences and participate
  Aug. 15, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.: Foreign-Born Spouses &
                                                          Treasurer Training (ACS, building 1286)                  in educational seminars. Call for more information at
Hearts Apart Combined Support Groups Meeting (ACS,
                                                            Aug. 15, noon-2 p.m.: Infant Care (ACS, building       912-315-6816.
building 86)
  Aug. 15, 1-3 p.m.: Keeping Your Bank Account in         1286)
Check (ACS, building 87)                                    Aug. 15, 1-2 p.m.: Alaska Overseas Briefing (ACS,      Dads enhance your nurturing side
  Aug. 15, 2-3:30 p.m.: Hawaii Overseas Briefing (ACS,    building 1286)                                              Dads join Baby Bootcamp, an interactive class for
building 86)                                                Aug. 15, 2:30-3:30 p.m.: Hawaii Overseas Briefing      men who are expecting a baby or have children up to
  Aug. 16, 9-11:30 a.m.: Family Orientation (Soldier      (ACS, building 1286)                                     age two. This is also a great way to network with other
Service Center, building 253)                               Aug. 16, 9-11 a.m.: Interviewing Workshop (ACS,        fathers and builds confidence in your ability to parent.
  Aug. 16, 9:30-11:30 a.m.: Family Readiness Group        building 1286)                                           Baby Bootcamp for Dads will take place at Hunter ACS
Advisor Training (ACS, building 87)                         Aug. 16, 9:30-11 a.m.: Newcomer’s Windshield Bus       (building 1286), 2 to 4 p.m., Aug. 28. For additional
  Aug. 16, noon-2 p.m.: Scream Free Parenting (ACS,       Tour (ACS, building 1286)                                information call 912-315-6816.
8B The Frontline August                                    9, 2012

                    DFMWR Briefs
FMWR on Web, Facebook                                          $45 for civilian guests. For more information, call 912-          sponsored by GM Military Discount, patrons must visit
  Visit the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation          315-9115.                                                         AFRCresorts.com, click the game web banner, register
Website for information about what FMWR has to offer           Company Level Flag Football sign-up                               for a chance to win and play the online memory-match
Soldiers and Families at Fort Stewart-Hunter Army                 Registration is under way for Company Level Flag               game. The sweepstakes closes Aug. 31. Picture yourself
Airfield. The site is at www.stewartmwr.com/. Also, like       Football League play, scheduled Aug. 27 through Nov. 15           on a seven-night getaway. Whether it's strolling the sands
us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/                            at Bennett Sports Complex. Here’s a chance to prove               of Waikiki Beach, sightseeing historic European castles,
FortStewartHunterFMWR.                                         who has the best team and company in the Third Infantry           cruising around Seoul's prime shopping districts or vis-
                                                               Division. There’s no charge to compete. Companies inter-          iting the enchanting Walt Disney Resort - Armed Forces
Pre-K registration update at Stewart                           ested in playing need to submit a memo to the sports              Recreation Center Resorts offer vacation getaways that
   Registration is underway for those children who were        office in the Bennett Sports Complex building 471 or call         will leave you and your Family with a lifetime of memo-
selected, through a lottery, to attend the State of Georgia    912-767-8238. Registration will close Aug. 15.                    ries.
funded Pre-K program at one of the two Fort Stewart
Child Development Centers offering the program. If you         Jacksonville Jaguars tickets on sale                              Atlanta Motor Speedway tickets on sale
were notified in April of your child's selection, but have        Tickets for 2012 home games of the Jacksonville Jaguars           Be at Atlanta Motor Speedway for the biggest Labor
not completed the registration paperwork or been called        are on sale at Leisure Travel Services at Stewart, building       Day Party in the USA. Experience the thrills and sounds
to complete the paperwork, please call the CDC, building       419 (inside AAFES PX Furniture Mall) and Hunter, build-           of the “NRA American Warrior 300” on Sept. 1 and
475, 912-767-1038 to inquire. Orientation and Open             ing 1286, Home opponents are New York Giants on Aug.              “Advocare 500” on Sept. 2. Saturday tickets for “Upper
House for children who will be attending the Pre-K pro-        10; Atlanta Falcons on Aug. 30, Houston Texans on Sept.           Champions Reserved” section are $43; Sunday tickets
gram at CDC, building 403, 912-767-3202 was scheduled,         16; Cincinnati Bengals on Sept. 30; Chicago Bears on Oct.         for “Petty Rows 16-33” are $65.50 and “Elliott Rows 21-39”
by room, for Aug.7, 8 and 9 beginning promptly at noon         7; Detroit Lions on Nov. 4; Indianapolis Colts on Nov. 8;         are $43.25. For more information, call 912-767-2841
on each of those days. Orientation and Open House for          Tennessee Titans on Nov. 25; New York Jets on Dec. 9;             (Stewart) or 912-315-3674 (Hunter).
children who will attend the Pre-K program at CDC,             and New England Patriots on Dec. 23. Military prices for
building 475, is scheduled for Aug. 15 beginning at 10         seats range from $38 to $58 for 400, 200 and 100 seat             Paintball hours changed due to heat
a.m. Pre-K classes start on Aug. 20, in conjunction with       sections. For more information, call 912-767-2841                    Fort Stewart’s Paintball facility is closed Sundays and
the Department of Defense education Activity calendar.         (Stewart) or 912-315-3674 (Hunter).                               operating on a half-day basis Saturdays due to dangerous
For more information, call 912-767-1038.                                                                                         heat conditions. The heat-dictated hours will remain in
                                                               GC Golf Scramble slated at Taylors Creek                          effect until the end of August. The Paintball facility, locat-
Childcare space availability update                               The Garrison Commander’s four-Person Golf Scramble             ed in the Holbrook Pond Area off Highway 144, opens at
  Childcare service is available on Fort Stewart and           at Taylors Creek Golf Course will begin with a shotgun            8 a.m. on Saturdays. For more information, call 912-
Hunter Army Airfield. As of Aug. 6, available childcare        start at 1 p.m., Aug. 24. The cost is $25 for active duty,        435-9303 or 912-435-9313.
spaces at Fort Stewart are five Infant, 55 Pre-Toddlers, 33    military retirees, Army Civilians and golf club members
Toddlers and 55 Pre-school age. Pre-K/Kinder and School        and civilian guests. The registration deadline is Aug. 22         2013 Army Soldier Show recruitment
Age Children Summer Camps are coming to an end and             or when the first 25 four-person teams have signed up.               Army Entertainment is seeking technicians and per-
the spaces are now for Before- and After-School Age Care.      For more information, call 912-767-2370.                          formers for the U.S. Army Soldier Show, Army Concert
There are 73 spaces for Before School Care and 23 spac-                                                                          Tour and other entertainment programs. Don’t miss this
es for After School Care. On Hunter, childcare space           Vie for powerlifting, bench press award                           opportunity to showcase your talents, whether it’s in the
available is 5 Infant, 39 Pre-Toddlers, 17 Toddlers, and 54        Newman Fitness Center will hold “The Rock”                    spotlight or behind the scenes. Auditions are open to all
Pre-school age. Also, Summer Camps are coming to an            Powerlifting and Bench Press Competition for men and              Soldiers – active, Reserve and Guard – who have sufficient
end and the spaces now are for Before and After School         women Aug. 25. Weigh-in begins at 8 a.m. and the com-             time in service remaining. Visit ArmyEntertainment.
Age Care. There are 70 spaces for Before School Care and       petition at 10 a.m. Contestants will be placed into one           net for applications and additional requirements need-
90 spaces for After School Care. For more information,         of 12 weight classes, and must complete a successful              ed for submission. Nominations are due by Nov. 1.
call Parent Central Services at 912-767-2312 (Stewart) or      attempt in all three lifts (bench press, squat and dead           Becoming a member of Army Entertainment's cast/
912-315-5425 (Hunter).                                         lift) to qualify for an award. Each competitor will be given      crew provides Soldiers an opportunity to work with the
                                                               three lifts per event, for a total of nine lifts. The top three   entertainment industry's latest equipment and tech-
“Back to School Blast” at Corkan                               lifts will be combined, for a total weight lifted, to deter-      nologies, learn valuable skills, train and learn from the
   Celebrate the first week of school with a special laser     mine a contestant’s final place. Awards will be present-          industry's best, all while delivering a world-class expe-
tag and roller skating treat for the kids, from 3 p.m. until   ed to the top lifters using the Schwartz-Malone Power             rience.
9 p.m., Friday at Corkan Family Fun Center, building 449.      Lifting formula. The cost to compete is $10 for those who
Our $10 per person combo includes two games of laser           register by Aug. 20, and $15 for those who register late.         Renew Hunting/Fishing permits online
tag, roller skating and one 16-ounce soda. For more            For additional competition details, or to register, visit            Sportsmen who hold recreation, hunting or fishing
information, call 912-767-4273.                                Newman Fitness Center or call 912-767-9336.                       permits for Fort Stewart or Hunter Army Airfield may
                                                                                                                                 now renew them online through WebTrac at https://
Hunter GC Golf Scramble slated                                 Great Getaways Vacation Sweepstakes                               webtrac.mwr.army.mil/webtrac/stewarthunttrac.html.
  The Hunter Garrison Commander's four-person Golf               Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation patrons               The service is available for permit renewals only. The
Scramble will begin with a shotgun start at 8 a.m., Aug.       have an opportunity to win one of four all-inclusive              Stewart office is in building 8093 and the telephone
17 at Hunter Golf Club. The event will accept the first 25     "Great Getaways" vacation packages to an Armed Forces             number is 912-435-8061. The Hunter office is in building
four-person teams. Register your team by Aug. 16. The          Recreation Center (Dragon Hill Lodge & Resort, Hale Koa           1286 and the telephone number is 912-315-5163. For
cost is $35 for Taylors Creek and Hunter Golf Club             Hotel, Shades of Green and Edelweiss Lodge & Resort).             information about Georgia hunting and fishing licens-
Members, active duty, retirees, and Army Civilians. It is        To enter the "Great Getaways Vacation Sweepstakes"              es, or to obtain one, go to www.georgiawildlife.com.

   Share your
  comments at
                                                                                                                                                    August 9, 2012                                    The Frontline 9B

                Teachers, projects, papers, oh my!                                                                                                                 School Crossing Guard Placement
             Caitlyn Oliver         important. Keep work for dif-             few pages of an assigned book.                                                   1 School
             Red Cross              ferent classes in different bind-         When school finally starts, try
                                                                                                                                                               •Pulaski Elementary School
             Volunteer              ers or separated in the same              keeping a journal of dates for                                                         4 Crossing Guards, 2 Patrolmen
                                    binder by labeled dividers.               tests, graded homework and
                 School has         That will make life so much               other important dates. The
               started and of       easier when you need to pull              journal will keep you from for-
              course we’re all      out the graded homework or                getting anything significant                                                                  Patrolman
dragging our feet since it          research paper you’ve worked              and help you prioritize what
means less beach time and           on for a couple of months.                to get done first.                                                                           Crossing Guard
more time spent hitting the         When you finish homework or                  As much fun as it is to hang
books (for some people that         get an assignment back, put it            out with friends and party on
                                                                                                                                                          Appendix B is subject to modification based on resources and
might not be a figurative say-      in that class’s section so you            the weekend, make sure you
ing…). But let’s make this as       don’t lose it. I’d recommend              do any homework before.
easy as possible, shall we?         keeping it until you’re done              Otherwise, you might forget or
    To start the year right, you    with that class. I pass my old            just not want to get it done
should have a rockin’ first day     notes to some of my friends               (who wants to do it in the first
back outfit, something that         because they either take the              place?). Get it over with and
says “I am totally confident in     same class the semester after             out of the way. Trust me, it
my abilities and I feel great!” I   me or are a grade behind me.              saves you a lot of guilt, grief
plan on going for the stereo-       It’s a great way to get rid of the        and stress later. Playing catch
typical cute-school-girl look,      work I don’t want rather than             up is a rough game no one
simply because I can. I like        just trashing it.                         plays willingly.
dressing according to my                Study, study, study. If you              Take a deep breath. Getting
mood and I figure it would be       have a class that requires sum-           back into the swing of things
appropriate for the first day       mer work, get it over with as             will take time but once you get                                      Flashing
                                                                                                                                                  Speed Sign
back. It is ALWAYS a good idea      soon as you can so you aren’t             the routine down and get a feel
to plan your outfit the night       rushing to catch up when it’s             for your teachers everything                                                                                                                                                 Flashing
before so you don’t have to         finally due. Besides, once it’s           will smooth out. Just stay on                                                                                                                                               Speed Sign

worry about rushing the next        done, you won’t have to worry             top of your work, stay orga-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Hunter Army Airfield
morning in case you run a           about it and can work on your             nized, avoid the Walk of Shame,                                                                                                                                            Pulaski
little late. How about we try       tan like you’ve planned on                and you’ll be just fine. I wish                                                                                                                                          Elementary
avoiding mismatching clothes        doing all summer. It’s less               you the best of luck this next                                                                              New Callaway/New Savannah
and wearing two different           stressful and gives you more              school year!
shoes because we’re about to        time to fine tune an
miss the bus?                       essay if you need to or
    Organization is incredibly      finish reading those last
                                                                     LOCAL MOVIES
                                                                 HINESVILLE                                                POOLER                                          The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13) Fri.-            RiffTrax Live: Manos: The Hands of
                                                                                                                                                                           Thurs. 12:05, 12:35, 3:20, 4, 6:35, 7:15, 10:05,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Fate (NR) Thurs. 8
                                                                 Liberty Stadium Cinemas                 Pooler Stadium Cinemas 12              10:35                                                                    Carmike Wynnsong 11
                                Name: Kosy                       565 W. Oglethorpe Hwy.    912-408-1000 425 Pooler Parkway         912-330-0777 Ice Age: Continental Drift (PG) Fri.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1150 Shawnee Street                   912-920-1227
                                Soukrasmy-                       The Bourne Legacy (PG-13) Fri. 4:15, 7, The Bourne Legacy (PG-13) Fri.-Thurs. 4:30, 10:25 Sat. 12:30, 7:35 Sun. 4:30, 7:35
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D (PG-13)
                                                                                                                           12, 1, 3:30, 4, 6:30, 7, 9:30, 10               Mon. 4:30, 10:25 Tues. 12:30, 7:35 Wed. 4:30,
                                Biggers                          10 Sat.,Sun. 12:45, 4:15, 7, 10 Mon.-Thurs.
                                                                                                                           The Campaign (R) Fri.-Thurs. 12:15, 2:30,       10:25 Thurs. 12:30, 7:35                       Digital Fri.-Thurs. 12:15, 2:35, 4:55, 7:15, 9:35
                                                                 4:15, 7, 10                                                                                               Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D (PG) No Brave (PG) Digital Fri.-Thurs. 12:30, 1,
                                Hometown:                                                                                  5, 5:45, 7:30, 8, 9:45                          Passes or Super Savers Fri.-Sun. 12:20, 4:15   3:05, 4:15
                                                                 The Campaign (R) Fri. 4:45, 7:20, 9:30
                                Pheonix, AZ                      Sat.,Sun. 12:15, 2:30, 4:45, 7:20, 9:30 Mon.-
                                                                                                                           Hope Springs (PG-13) Fri.-Thurs. 12:15,         No Passes or Super Savers Mon.-Thurs.          The Watch (R) Digital Fri.-Thurs. 5:25,
                                                                                                                           2:45, 5:15, 7:45, 10:05
                                Volunteering Title:              Thurs. 4:45, 7:20, 9:30                                   Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (PG)
                                                                                                                                                                           12:20, 4:15, 7:40, 10:30
                                                                                                                                                                           Ted (R) Fri.-Thurs. 12:40, 3:50, 7, 9:35
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              8, 10:10
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Norma - Teatro Antico Taormina
                                HSC FRG Leader                   Total Recall (PG-13) Fri. 4, 7:05, 9:50                   Fri.-Thurs. 12:15, 2:30, 4:45, 7:30, 9:45       Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness                      (NR) Digital Sun. 2
                                                                 Sat.,Sun. 1:10, 4, 7:05, 9:50 Mon.-Thurs. 4,                                                              Protection (PG-13) Fri.-Thurs. 1:10, 4:20,
                                Why do you                                                                                 Total Recall (PG-13) Fri.-Thurs. 1:15, 4:15,
                                                                                                                                                                           7:20, 9:55                                         Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (PG)
                                                                 7:05, 9:50                                                7:15, 9:55
                                volunteer?                       The Watch (R) Fri. 5:20, 7:40, 10 Sat.,Sun.               The Watch (R) Fri.-Thurs. 7:45, 10               Step Up Revolution (PG-13) Fri.-Thurs.            Digital Fri.-Thurs. 12, 4:15, 6:50, 9:15
                                                                                                                                                                           1, 7:20                                            Madagascar 3: Europe's Most
                                I Volunteer                      12:30, 3, 5:20, 7:40, 10 Mon.-Thurs. 5:20,                The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13) Fri.-
                                                                                                                                                                            Sparkle (PG-13) No Passes or Super Savers         Wanted (PG) Digital Fri.-Thurs. 12:05, 2:50
                                because it makes                 7:40, 10                                                  Thurs. 12, 2, 3:30, 5:30, 7, 9                  Wed. 7:30                                          The Amazing Spider-Man (PG-13)
                                                                 The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13) Fri. 3:30,                  Ice Age: Continental Drift (PG) Fri.-           Step Up Revolution 3D (PG-13) No                   Digital Fri.-Thurs. 12:25, 4:05, 7:05, 10:15
                                me feel good to                                                                            Thurs. 12:30, 2:45, 5, 7:15, 10:15              Passes or Super Savers Fri.-Thurs. 4:10,           Hope Springs (PG-13) Digital Fri.,Sat. 12,
                                                                 6:15, 7, 9:45 Sat.,Sun. 11:15, 12, 2:45, 3:30, 6:15, 7,
                                know that I have                 9:45 Mon.-Thurs. 3:30, 6:15, 7, 9:45                      The Amazing Spider-Man (PG-13) Fri.-            10:10                                              2:30, 5, 7:30, 10 Digital Sun. 7:30, 10 Digital
   helped the Families in the company.                           Ice Age: Continental Drift (PG) Fri. 4,
                                                                                                                           Thurs. 12:30, 3:45, 7:15, 9:30                  Total Recall (PG-13) No Passes or Super            Mon.-Thurs. 12, 2:30, 5, 7:30, 10
                                                                                                                           Ted (R) Fri.-Thurs. 12:45, 3:15, 10:05          Savers Fri.-Sun. 12:15, 12:50, 3:40, 4:05, 6:40,   Savages (R) Digital Fri.,Sat. 12:45, 4:05, 7:10,
   What do you like most about volunteering?                     6:45, 9 Sat.,Sun. 1, 4, 6:45, 9 Mon.-Thurs.               Brave (PG) Fri.-Thurs. 12:05, 2:25, 4:45   7:10, 7:40, 9:30, 10, 10:30 Mon.,Tues. 12:15,           10:15 Digital Sun.-Thurs. 1, 4, 7:15, 10:15
                                                                 4, 6:45, 9                                                                                           12:50, 3:40, 4:05, 6:40, 7:10, 9:30, 10 Wed. 12:15,
   Knowing that I was able to lend a helping hand.                                                                  SAVANNAH                                          12:50, 3:40, 4:05, 6:40, 9:30, 10:20 Thurs. 12:15,      The Bourne Legacy (PG-13) Digital Fri.-
                                                                 Ted (R) Fri. 4:10, 7:10, 9:40 Sat.,Sun. 1:15, 4:10,                                                                                                          Thurs. 12, 12:30, 3:05, 3:35, 6:10, 6:40, 9:15, 9:45
   Giving back to the community is a good feeling                7:10, 9:40 Mon.-Thurs. 4:10, 7:10, 9:40            Regal Savannah Stadium 10                         12:50, 3:40, 4:05, 6:45, 7:10, 9:30, 10
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Magic Mike (R) Digital Fri.-Thurs. 12:10,
   in itself.                                                    Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (PG)                1132-34 Shawnee St.                  912-927-7700 Ice Age: Continental Drift (PG) Fri.
                                                                                                                                                                      12:30, 7:35 Sat. 4:30, 10:25 Sun. 12:30, 10:25          5:15, 6, 7:50, 10:15
                                                                 Fri. 5, 7:15, 9:30 Sat.,Sun. 12:30, 2:45, 5, 7:15,  Marvel's the Avengers (PG-13) Fri.-Wed. Mon. 12:30, 7:35 Tues. 4:30, 10:25 Wed. 12:30,                   The Campaign (R) Digital Fri.-Thurs.
                                                                 9:30 Mon.-Thurs. 5, 7:15, 9:30                      12:45, 3:45, 6:50, 10:15 Thurs. 12:45, 3:45      7:35 Thurs. 4:30, 10:25                                 2:50, 6:40, 8:45, 9:35
10B The Frontline                            August 9, 2012

Help keep drinking water safe   Happy Birthday Smokey Bear!
on 'Prescription Take Back Day' DPW Environmental Division turbingly easy to start, especially during
                                                           periods of drought like we are current-
                                                                                                Smokey Bear turns 68 today! In 1944,    ly experiencing. The leading causes of
Shirley Stephens                                Some drugs, including widely used           the U.S. Forest Service decided to intro-   wildfires are campfires left unattended,
ASAP                                         cholesterol fighters, tranquilizers and        duce a new character in its fire preven-    burning trash on a dry and/or windy
                                             anti-epileptic medications, resist mod-        tion campaign. On Aug. 9 of that year,      day, throwing a cigarette on the ground,
   From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sept. 28, Fort    ern drinking water and wastewater treat-       Smokey’s debut poster was released          improper disposal of charcoal, sparks
Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield will spon-      ment processes. Plus, the Environmental        and an American icon was born. For          from lawnmowers and power equip-
sor “Prescription Take Back Day.”            Protection Agency says there are no sew-       generations, Smokey has educated            ment or, in Fort Stewart-Hunter Army
Soldiers, Family Members, Civilians and      age treatment systems specifically engi-       Americans about the critical role each      Airfield’s case, military training maneu-
retirees are able to drop off unused,        neered to remove pharmaceuticals.              of us plays in wildfire prevention. His     vers.
unwanted and expired medications at          (Reynolds, 2003).                              friendly smile and enduring message,            In order to prevent wildfires on the
the commissary parking lots.                    One technology, reverse osmosis,            “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires,” trig-     Installation, Stewart-Hunter’s Forestry
   Why should we support this?               removes virtually all pharmaceutical           gered the longest running public ser-       Branch maintains a proactive con-
   People take medication. However,          contaminants but is very expensive for         vice announcement campaign in U.S.          trolled burning program, which is
drugs in the water come from medica-         large-scale use and leaves several gallons     history, which is now recognized world-     known by national fire experts to be
tions that are flushed down the toilet.      of polluted water that is made drinkable.      wide. However, many people do not           one of the largest in the world. Even
Wastewater is treated before it is dis-      Another issue, there's evidence that add-      know that Smokey was actually a real        though Stewart-Hunter has one of the
charged into reservoirs, rivers or lakes.    ing chlorine, a common process in con-         bear.                                       best Forestry Programs in the
Some of the water is cleansed again at       ventional drinking water treatment                 On a spring day in 1950, a careless-    Department of Defense, wildfire pre-
drinking water treatment plants and          plants, makes some pharmaceuticals             ly discarded cigarette started a wildfire   vention is everyone’s responsibility. So,
piped to consumers. But, most treat-         more toxic.                                    that burned 17,000 acres of the Capitan     help celebrate Smokey's birthday by
ments do not remove all drug residues.          Now that we know we are being               Mountains of Lincoln National Forest        understanding the importance of his
   A vast array of pharmaceuticals —         exposed to other people's drugs through        in New Mexico. In the midst of the          message:
including antibiotics, anti-convulsants      our drinking water, Dr. David Carpenter,       blaze, firefighters discovered a black         Wildfire Prevention Tips
and mood stabilizers— have been found        who directs the Institute for Health and       bear cub clinging to a burnt pine tree.     • Never Leave a Campfire Unattended:
in the drinking water supplies of at least   the Environment of the State University        The cub was flown to a nearby animal        Completely extinguish the fire before
41 million Americans, an Associated          of New York at Albany, states “prevention      hospital, where he was treated for          sleeping or leaving the campsite.
Press investigation shows. Even users of     is always the best strategy for reducing       severe burns on his paws and hind legs.     • Extinguish Cigarettes Completely: Be
bottled water and home filtration sys-       contamination.”                                The cub was named “Smokey” and soon         certain that cigarettes and matches are
tems don't necessarily avoid exposure.          The Stewart-Hunter community will           became the official mascot of the U.S.      extinguished completely before dispos-
Bottlers, some of which simply repack-       support “Prescription Take Back Day,”          Forest Service’s fire prevention cam-       ing of them and never throw them on
age tap water, do not typically treat or     Sept. 28. We can minimize water con-           paign. A few months after his rescue,       the ground.
test for pharmaceuticals, according to       tamination from pharmaceuticals by             Smokey was given a permanent home           • Comply with Local Regulations when
the industry's main trade group. The         proper disposal of medications rather          at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.,    Burning Yard Waste: Contact your local
same goes for the makers of home filtra-     than dumping them down a drain. So,            where millions visited and marveled at      fire department or state Forestry
tion systems.                                don’t flush … bring them to us!                his story.                                  Commission in advance to confirm that
   The presence of so many prescription         Soldiers, remember, six months after             Even today, Smokey continues to        burning is allowed.
drugs - and over-the-counter medicines       a prescription is written, if it is not pre-   remind us of our role in fire prevention       These and many other wildfire pre-
like acetaminophen and ibuprofen - in        scribed again, that medication is no           and his message is as critical as it was    vention tips can be found on Smokey
so much of our drinking water is height-     longer for legal use and if it shows up on     68 years ago. Wildfires are a very real     Bear’s Web site at www.smokeybear.
ening worries among scientists of long-      a drug screen, it cannot be cleared by a       threat in south Georgia, and are dis-       com.
term consequences to human health.           Medical Review Officer.

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