South Asia Unit Test: Chapters 23-25 by gioAqGh


									South Asia Unit Test: Chapters 23-25

Define the following terms:

   1. jute
   2. cyclone
   3. subcontinent
   4. reincarnation
   5. jati
   6. caste system
   7. Chipko
   8. karma
   9. monsoon
Answer the following questions
   11.What are the three major rivers in South Asia?
   12.What major fuel sources is lacking from South Asia?
   13.What is the longest mountain range in South Asia?
   14.What religions started in South Asia?
   15.What geographic feature is between the Ghats in India
   16.What is the approximate population of India?
   17.What is the official language of India?
   18.What country in South Asia has the highest population density?
   19.What country has an ongoing civil war between the Tamils and the
   20.Who led the independence movement of India using nonviolence?
   21.What is the largest city in South Asia?
   22.What groups conquered South Asia throughout their history?
   23.What religion came from the Aryans and the Vedas?
   24.What religion did Siddhartha Gautama start?
   25.What is the ultimate goal of Buddhism?
   26.What is the majority religion of Pakistan and Bangladesh?
   27.What country is the Indus River mainly in?
   28.What is the major food staple of South Asia?
   29.What are four major languages of South Asia?
   30.Which three empires ruled Ancient India?
   31.What way of life do most people of South Asia practice?
   32.What or who are causing most of the environmental problems in
   33.What scientific movement tried to help poor people produce more
      food during the 1960s in South Asia?
   34.Why have dam projects met a lot of resistance in India?
   35.What are three factors that put endangered species at a greater risk in
      South Asia?

Essay: How have mountain ranges affected the civilizations in South Asia?
Look at climate and isolation.

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