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                    The        SANDPIPER
                                                                            EASTER 2007
I often hear people say that Easter is their favorite holiday. I can understand that. After
all, Easter is the time when Jesus gave us the gift of eternal life. It is a time when many
of us gather with family and friends, and enjoy a special meal together. And not least of
all, the celebration of Easter has not completely succumbed to the commercialism which
so distorts our celebration of our Savior’s birth. What I can never quite understand is that
many of these same people who say Easter is their favorite time of year, would not be
caught dead at a Good Friday service. I always         fail to understand how anyone can
truly experience the exhilarating joy of Easter if he or she has not first experienced the
pain and despair of the Cross.
On Ash Wednesday the priest reads a charge to the congregation which bids them to
observe “with great devotion” the days of our Lord’s Passion and Resurrection. My
Friends, those days are now upon us. Palm Sunday ushers in the only week of the year
which is described as “holy”. Although it begins on a high note, commemorating the
triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, the festive mood soon turns dark and somber
with the reading of the Passion Gospel. The solemn atmosphere remains all pervasive
until the Easter Vigil when the kindling of a new fire at sundown signals the resurrection
of the Christ. Following the recounting from Scripture of our salvation history, and the
renewal of our Baptismal vows, the first Eucharist of Easter is celebrated. At that ancient
service the familiar words, “Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us. Therefore let us keep
the feast”, should send shivers up and down your spine. At no other moment in time are
you so close to literally reliving history.
I know for many of you your days in the sun are drawing to close before you return north,
or you are inundated with invitations to join friends who are leaving town. In many ways
these temptations are akin to the commercial distractions of Christmas. They demand our
time and energy and draw us away from what should be our primary focus. At the risk of
sounding like just another old curmudgeon or killjoy, I urge you to give our church’s
Holy Week services your highest priority. By doing so I can promise you a more blessed
Easter than you might ever have imagined.

Faithfully yours,

Fr. Danner
                           Mark Your Calendars
                                         April 1
                                    Palm Sunday
                                 Eucharist 8 & 10 a.m.
                                       April 4
                           Readings and Organ Meditations
                                       5 p.m.
                                         April 5
                                 Maundy Thursday
                          Eucharist & Stripping of the Altar
                                        5 p.m.
                                   Simple Supper
                                      6:30 p.m.
                                         April 6
                                     Good Friday
                                     Noon Liturgy
                                         April 7
                                     Easter Vigil
                                         5 p.m.
                                         April 8
                                   Easter Sunday
                                   8 a.m. with Choir
                                 10 a.m. Festal Eucharist

                                    Looking Ahead
                                        April 26
                                    Pot luck Dinner
                                       5:30 p.m.
                                          May 5
                                Visit to the Planetarium
                               In Bradenton and Lunch
Senior Warden’s Report
During this time of Lent, I have been reflecting on how fortunate we all are to be in this
area and members of All Angels church. This belief has been reinforced when I attended
the ordination and consecration of Dabney Smith last Friday. The faith, optimism and
strength that was felt by all, makes me believe that our Episcopal Church will grow and
remain strong.
As your new senior warden I am committed to building our membership and offering
even more programs to meet our needs. My task has been made easier by Ed Wheeler’s
leadership as Senior Warden, Father Danner’s continuing inspirational commitment to
our church, and of course the support of all of you. I take great pleasure in reporting to
you that we have met our pledge budget thanks to your support.
The primary task of the vestry this year is to start the ball rolling on our five year plan.
This will consist in expanding our church, our programs, and reaching out to our
parishioners who need assistance. We also are asking all members of All Angels Church
to bring a guest to a church service or to another church event during the next twelve
months. If we are successful in obtaining fifteen new members as a result of this program
it will be a great success.
As always all of us on the vestry are eager to receive your comments and suggestions.
This is how our commitment to continuous improvement is sustained.
Bill Race

In-Reach Committee Formed
The Vestry has been charged with following up on the recommendations of the Long
Range Planning Committee for areas of improvement for the Parish. With that in mind
Marge Stapleton and Sally Simmons were appointed by the Vestry to look into the" In
reach" needs of the Parish. We then asked Ruth Beliles, Nancy Bremble, Melvia Cheng ,
Don LeWin and Wafa Danner to join us to explore areas of special need.
For one we are examining how we can make the church more welcoming. One very good
thought is help with coffee hour. If an experienced member would volunteer to do coffee
hour and ask a newcomer to help, the newcomer will learn how to do it and in turn can
show someone else and make them feel like a part of the group. It was also felt we should
make more small groups available for everyone such as a book club for men as well as
women, or a camera club. There probably are many of us who would love to know how
to really work our digital cameras our children gave us!! How about a Mah-Jongg group,
or birders or walking group? There are so many interests but what would YOU like and
better still do any of you have experience in leading any of these groups??? Could we use
a stitching group where we could each do our own project or one big project we could all
work on as a service project? Please let us know your ideas.
One thing high on everyone's mind on the questionnaire you were asked to fill out, was
health and wellness. We felt our most urgent need is a group to check with Father Danner
as to those in the parish who are ill or shut in and need some TLC. Perhaps a meal out or
even just a phone call to let them know we are thinking of them. If any of these ideas
appeal to you and you would like to contribute in any way please contact the office or
one of the committee members to offer your help.

Many Thanks. Marge Stapleton

Bishop’s Ordination and Consecration
A flourish of trumpets announced the start of the Ordination and Consecration of The
Rev. Dr. Dabney Tyler Smith on Saturday March 10th which Fr. Danner, Tom and I and
Senior Warden, Bill Race attended.
 Due to the roughly 1500 people attending, the venue was the Roman Catholic Cathedral
of St Jude the Apostle in St. Petersburg.
 The processional to the hymn “Christ is made the sure foundation” began with thurifers
and boat bearers (both refer to incense, for the uninitiated) vergers, deacons, readers,
clergy, banner bearers, and Bishops streaming down all three aisles – quite an impressive
The service began with the presentation and reading of the testimonials of the election
after which the Bishop-Elect made a promise that he believed in the Holy Scriptures and
would “engage to conform to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Episcopal
Church” which he and the witnesses then signed. The congregation was addressed and, as
in the marriage ceremony, asked “if any of you know any reason why we should not
proceed, let it now be made known.”
The litany for ordinations began with responsorial prayers. A passage from Isaiah 42 was
read and Psalm 99 sung. The Epistle was from Corinthians 3 and the Gospel from John
20 was read in English, Spanish and then in Haitian Creole. Following the sermon, the
Bishop-Elect stood facing the bishops and answered questions in “The Examination”,
after which the congregation stood and recited the Creed. The Bishop-Elect then knelt for
the consecration and laying on of hands by other bishops. After a loud Amen from the
people the bishop was vested and presented with a Bible and other symbols of office.
Bishop Lipscomb presented the new bishop to great applause.
A welcome and greetings followed the Peace, and the liturgy for Holy Communion
began. A large, well-organized team of ushers helped to make the administration of
communion remarkably smooth and quick.
Bishop Lipscomb led the post-communion prayer in which we prayed that Dabney “may
be to us an effective example in word and action, in love and patience, and in holiness of
After a nearly two and a half hour service with wonderful organ, choir and cantor, Bishop
Smith kept his address brief. He thanked his family and noted that every bishop under
whom he had served was there.
The final hymn was sung during the recessional, this time using the center aisle only. The
congregation applauded both bishops Lipscomb and Smith.
Once outside, Bill Race commented that he felt as if he had attended a coronation and, in
a way, I agree with him.
Alison Jones

Notice for All Contributors
The Counting Committee would greatly appreciate it if you would put your 2007
envelope or tracking number on the memo line of your check when making a
contribution. If you do not know your 2007 number please call Sue in the office and she
will be glad to give you that information.
PLEASE NOTE: your 2007 number may be different from previous years. Thanks for
your help.

Social Committee News
The Social Committee’s plans for the coming weeks have been finalized and we hope
that you will mark your
calendars and be prepared to join our All Angel’s Family for the following events.
On Thursday, April 5th, there will be a simple, Lenten supper in the parish hall following
the Maundy Thursday church service.
On Thursday, April 26th our annual “Farewell to the Snow Birds” party will feature a
potluck supper in the parish hall. There will be a sign-up sheet in the Gallery for you to
indicate what you plan to bring.
On Saturday, May 5th we will meet at 10:30 a.m. at the Bishop Planetarium, 201 10th St.
West, Bradenton, to enjoy the show and then adjourn to Mattison’s Twin Dolphin
restaurant for lunch at 1:00 p.m.
Please plan to join us for any and all of the above activities. Check the Gallery for sign-
up sheets .
At this time your Social Committee is planning for activities to be held during the June
through September months. There will be some fun things for those of us who “never
leave home” to enjoy.

On Wednesday of Holy Week there will be a service of readings and organ music
reflecting the events of Christ’s passion. The service which will last approximately 40
minutes will begin at 5 pm.
Appropriate music will be offered at services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the
Easter Vigil. Brass, organ, hand bells, and choirs will announce the Resurrection on
Easter Morning.
On behalf of the choir I wish you all a spirit-filled observance of the Passion and a very
blessed and happy Easter.

Library Notes
Our library is functioning again -post Opportunity Sale - since it took a bit of time to
both remove books and then replace them to makefor the Book Section of the
Opportunity Sale.'t it worth all the work, though!!Thank youthose who helped with the
book packing, unpacking and the set-up, especially Pat Hunziker and Will
Wardowski.sold more books this year, especially the paperbacks.paperbacks and
magazines that were left over are being donated to the Manatee County Jail Library.,
thank you for all your contributions.
We were saddened by the recent passing of Barbara Pratt.death was a great loss to the
church.few years back, when All Angels was an infant congregation, she and Father Ben
Barnes began the church library to serve its congregation.The library was a plus for the
church and we are in Barbie's debt for her contributionsthe development and early days
of the library.
Keep visiting the topical book display on the table by the South door.we are featuring
books about the Bible, to coincide with Father Danner's Wednesday Lectures., a new
display will feature readings about Lent and Easter., too, a new book by our new
Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori.
From our Children's Corner: When our young friends come to visit this Easter Season,
do bring them to look at the children's tapes (VHS) and books, which they may
borrow.Please help them with their selections and let them take one small doll or stuffed
animal to keep, to help remind them of the friendly church at All Angels.
We are still looking for published authors among our All Angels Family.With a few
such books on our shelves, we would like to expand that collection. If you are a published
author, or know of one, and would like to share your words and interests with us, do let
us know. These books do not have to be about religion; science, technical, history, craft,
arts books, or fiction interest us all!We'd like to know our constituents' expertise and
Over the next few weeks we will be adding several new books to the shelves, along with
a collection of VHS video lectures on many facets of church history.promise to be
interesting and valuable additions, so look for them and in the next issue we'll write a few
words about them.
Come visit, come browse and Happy Reading! A.J. McFarlin

Audit Completed
On February 17, 2007, our 2006 audit team conducted an internal audit for all Angels
Church. We reviewed the financial records including: bank statements, checks, check
register property inventory records, Legacy records, vestry minutes, and an approximate
20% random sampling of all financial transactions with vendors and members.
No important variances were noted. Several recommendations were submitted for vestry
consideration to help prevent future potential issues or to improve the audit process.
The 2006 Audit Team Members: Will Wardowski, Chairman, Arnold Cole, Dorothy
Cole, John Connor, Betty Forrester, Don Getz, Lou Getz, Don McLean, Bill Race, Sally
Simmons, and Christie Wardowski. Alan Forrester, our Treasurer, served as a resource
Calligrapher Needed
The Legacy Committee is committed to updating our Memorial Book, located in the
church’s narthex, which displays the record of memorial gifts received in recent years.
While we can employ an outside professional calligrapher, it would be a tremendous gift
to the parish if some member was willing to undertake entering recent donations. One
does not need to be a skilled calligrapher to do this project, but a person with a fanciful,
legible hand. Time is not an issue so the work can be completed at your leisure. If you are
willing to give it a try, please speak to Fr. Danner, Marge Stapleton, or Brad Lang.

Outreach: Episcopal Relief and Development
Many thanks to the parishioners of All Angels who generously donated $1850 to assist
the victims of the deadly tornadoes which ravaged central Florida.
ERD responds quickly to disasters in the U.S. and around the globe, working primarily
through local church-affiliated agencies. The extent of aid available depends entirely
upon your generosity. Those of you who have been making use of the Lenten daily
devotional pamphlet Essentials are especially urged to make a thank-offering to ERD for
these thoughtful meditations. Make your check payable to “All Angels” but be sure to
write “Episcopal Relief” on the memo line.

Episcopal Church Women
I would like to report that this year’s Opportunity Sale was a smashing success! While
the final numbers are not yet in, due to the fact that we have a few high value items on
consignment at the Woman’s Exchange, our net profit will be in excess of $8,000. The
success of our sale would not have been possible without the help and support of all of
you, “The All Angels Team”. I would especially like to thank chairpersons Lou Getz,
Elenor Maxheim, Christie Wardowski and Sandy Wood for an outstanding job. Also
many thanks to all the area chairs and to all the Sandpipers who were always there for us.
       Upcoming events: Wednesday, April 18 – Southeast Guide Dogs
                        Wednesday, May 16 - MCC Chaplaincy Program and
luncheon at MCC
       Please join us for these interesting programs.
Ann Race

From The Gallery
Our February exhibiting artist, Dr. William Vilensky, recently wrote to express his
appreciation for the interest
shown by our parishioners in his photo art. He also commented in his letter about the
ease with which he was able to move his art work in and out and the aid in hanging the
work extended to him by our gallery lady-in-charge, Patty Wrightson. Dr. Vilensky is
looking forward to the opportunity of showing his recent photography which focuses on
his China trip, next season.
The art of watercolorist Jack Nolan has been a very popular exhibit not only with parish
members, but also with many visitors who stopped by during March requesting especially
to view his work. Jack teaches plein air painting at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts
and is a signature member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society. He created the artwork
for the ASID Homes Showcase and has won numerous awards at juried shows.
We are looking forward to viewing Ethel Kovacic’s art which will be on view during
April in our Gallery.

Fr. Kenneth & Ruth Higginbotham Join All Angels
All Angels is happy to welcome Fr. Ken and Ruth Higginbotham back to the
congregation. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Fr. Ken attended schools in the area,
graduated from Trinity University in Hartford, Connecticut ,and then graduated from
Berkeley Divinity School (now part of Yale University) in New Haven. He is married
and has eight children.
Ordained in Worcester at All Saints Episcopal Church, Fr. Ken’s first post was as curate
at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in West Philadelphia, PA. It was the first black
Episcopal Church in the United States. About a year later he became vicar at a mission in
Providence and, where later, his congregation went on to build its own church.
After serving in Tennessee and Ohio, Fr. Ken spent seven years in Washington, D.C.
serving at the Washington National Cathedral and working on the bishop’s staff for
mission development. As part of his duties he also served a small mission in southern
Maryland and when fire demolished the church where he was then working, he and his
dedicated congregation built a new one.
In 1979 Fr. Ken moved to Los Angeles. He served for a time as Canon to the Ordinary of
Los Angeles. He also ministered for 14 years as rector of Christ Church. The church was
located in the middle of the area where the 1972 riots occurred, but out of respect for its
ministry to the community, the church was left undamaged. About this time Fr. Ken
became interested in death and dying and through his church started a hospice program.
At that time it was one of only a few churches in the country that had a hospice program.
Retiring in 1993, Fr. Ken spent several months in Jerusalem studying at St. George’s
College. Then he decided to come out of retirement and served as an interim at All Souls
by the Sea in Santa Barbara, California and at St. Matthews, Pacific Palisades.
In 1994 Fr. Ken was asked to go to Nigeria to help build an ecumenical international
conference center which he would then direct. He and Ruth expected to stay there for five
years. They sold or stored most of their personal belongings and flew to Nigeria. They
found the people wonderful but conditions, in general, “not at all what most Americans
are accustomed to”. While work on the center progressed, political forces and civil unrest
eventually forced Ken and Ruth to flee the country with basically “the clothes on their
Returning to the United States, Fr. Ken served as interim pastor of Christ Church in
Bradenton, interim pastor at All Angels by the Sea, Longboat Key, and then returned to
Christ Church. He retired from Christ Church several months ago and now he and Ruth
call All Angels their church home.
We are very pleased to have them as a part of our All Angels family.
       Dorothy Cole

Summer Worship Schedule
At its March meeting the Vestry affirmed a single worship service at 9 a.m. for the
summer months.

Musical Musings
The days of Lent are bringing us to Holy Week and Easter, the greatest Feast of the
Church Year. Our hymns and songs which have reflected penance and solemnity will
soon break forth with joyous Alleluias as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
 I would like to thank the choir for its faithfulness throughout this season as we prepared
for Stainer’s “The Crucifixion” and our usual preparation for Sunday Eucharist. A great
deal of additional rehearsal was necessary and would not have been possible without the
full dedication of the choir members. Thanks, too, to the congregation for the financial
support which allowed us to undertake this musical offering.
Holy Week will begin with our observance of Palm/Passion Sunday on April 1, with the
strains of Faure’s “The Palms” and the singing of “All Glory, Laud and Honor” .

                              Come Celebrate!!!
                                     May 27, 2007
On this important day we celebrate Pentecost, the birthday of the Church,
Fr. Danner’s second anniversary as Rector, and his 30th anniversary as a priest.
A special reception follows a combined, single service at 9 AM.

Let’s Make This a Most Festive Occasion.

      May 5, Parish outing to the Bishop Planetarium
                 in Bradenton, 10:30 a.m.
                                 followed by Lunch
                      at Mattison’s Twin Dolphin Marina Grill.

           Admission to the Planetarium is $7.50 payable to Roe Wheeler

                      Birthdays and Anniversaries

 4 James and Dee Gaylord
 20 Justus and Carol Doenecke
 29 Rudy and Jean Yessin

 18 Bill and patty Dobbling
 30 Joyce and Bill Steele

  1 Raymond Woo
  2 Charles Jamison
 5 Justus Doenecke
10 Eleanor Williams
11 Ruth Beliles
12 Earl Mumford
13 Myrna Whatmough
14 Dorothy Cole
   Bill Walker
24 Alan Forrester
29 Brad lang
30 Heather Lang

 2   Betsy Van Horne
 5   Robert Granger
 6   Richard Joutras
 7   Joyce Steele
 9   Alison Jones
10   Jim Curtis
11   Anna Howell
12   Don Getz
13   Lissy LaFlamme
18   Beverly Joutras
24   Heidi Thomas

                       From the Parish Register

                                 Condolences to
                       the Pratt family on the passing of

                                Barbara Pratt
                       June 21, 1914—January 31, 2007

                             Services and Burial
                              March 17, 2007

     Alleluia. Christ is Risen. The Lord is Risen
                  Indeed. Alleluia.
           A Blessed Easter to Everyone!

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