Vanier Safety Meeting by J7G2UPN


									                             Together for Vanier
                      Working Group on Beautification
                 Tuesday, October 23th, 2007 - 5:30 to 7:30 pm
                      Vanier BIA – 289 Montreal Road

1. Welcome and Introductions
   Rita Chalabi welcomed everyone and participants introduced themselves.

2. Approval of the Agenda
   Agenda was approved with amendments- Remove Parks and Recreation Presentation

3. Approval of the Minutes
   Minutes from September 25th were approved by members

4. Committee Objectives
     Nancy talked about the follow-up to the Presentation from By-law and Public
      Works and Services: 2 Parks were adopted, 1 cleaning project
     A micro-neighbourhood Grant to CSV to hire a coordinator for 1 year at a smaller
      neighbourhood level
     We need to have clear objectives and how do we meet them
     Debbie Ste-Aubin and husband started the procedures for the adoption of a Park.
     They would like to have the benches removed from Carillon Park –update at next
     meeting–CPTED (Marianne) to have a better plan for the benches
   Concrete Projects:
      After discussions the group decided that there was some immediate projects and
      others to be discussed at further meetings.
      Immediate Projects:
          1. Kiwanis Park (Lafontaine and Levis) clean-up
                   Youth groups from City Church have cleaned up the park
                   Don’t ask for orange vest because residents will think you work for
                      the City- Together for Vanier needs an identity (Sandwich board-
                      T-Shirts written “Ensemble pour Vanier/Together for Vanier”)
                   City to adopt the park and have a sign saying City Church in
                      partnership with “Ensemble pour Vanier/Together for Vanier”
                   Mould on slides and broken swings-dangerous for children
                   United Way has grants of $25,000 that would be available for such
                      projects and Capital project with City Church-Park development
                      Michael Justinich to communicate United Way information to City
                      Church and Franceska to follow-up with City Church members
                      regarding the Capital projects

                        Add information about Together for Vanier/Ensemble pour
                        Vanier on Georges Bédard’s newsletter and website.
                        BIA newsletter can have a section for Together for
                        Vanier/Ensemble pour Vanier
          2. Empty Lot- Mr. Lorenzo Nicolini
                 CSV Vanier and BIA to meet with owner and discussed what can
                     be done with empty lot- (i.e. Public Art-Summer Concerts)
                 BIA to approach Public Art
                 City Church members to keep it clean
          3. Graffiti Removal
                 Debbie St-Aubin and other residents have been removing some
                     graffiti’s in various areas in Vanier (mailboxes, hydro post etc) get
                     supplies from Public Works
                 BIA has a contract to have the graffiti’s cleaned up on buildings

          Other Projects-Next Steps
          1. Communication Plan
                  Reporting tips-being distributed and well used
                  Police fridge magnets were distributed with number to call
                  Recruit more people to be part of this committee-Members to
                     approach their neighbours and recruit residents from Centre
                     Pauline Charron
                  Promote Vanier outside of Vanier-MEOW-CanWest-Now group-3
                     publications throughout Ottawa (West-East-Orleans)
                  BIA Newsletter and Website –show positive side of Vanier
          2. Prettiest house or business in Vanier Contest with prize
                  Show the nice corners of Vanier
                  Have a specific decorated area in Vanier
          3. Business cleanup:
                  BIA did an inventory with pictures and will follow-up
          4. Street Audit:
                  Train the Trainer
                  Michael, Nancy and Bob to follow-up
             Lighting-Marier and Carillon
                  Debbie and Elaine to try and get the City to put more lighting

5. Discussion
     311 calls-When you make calls make sure you ask for a Reference #
     BIA is committing to work on beautification in Vanier with residents (i.e.
      Montreal Road, Beechwood and McArthur)
     Have a 12 foot banner to Welcome people in Vanier
     Why does City give licences to Pawn Shop owners, it doesn’t look good on
      Montreal Road
     Can we get a lower tax for people who own property? No
     Need to attract new businesses

       3 projects are in the works: Claridge Homes-new project Hintonburg common, St-
       Denis redevelopment Group and L’Épine (Amélie on River Road)
       Change people’s mentality-Make it a place where people want to live and be
        proud to live in Vanier
       Wabano is a good support for aboriginal residents
       Michel Gervais said that in collaboration with University of Ottawa’s
       Photography program, the students have been taking pictures of the nicest venues
        in Vanier-Those pictures could be posted for tourists and residents-Could post
        them in the Empty building windows
       What has been done in other area of Ottawa?
            o Bob Ralph gave a brief description on what the Rideau BIA do:
                     Remove event posters on posts-Black posts are privately owned
                     Police have foot patrol on Rideau
                     Ambassador are walking on the street and getting to know the
                     Hired a private security company to patrol Rideau street – drug
                        abuser are intimidated by them.

6. Committee Chair
    Rita Chalabi was voted in as chair
    Elaine Leger voted as vice-chair
    Members to rotate for minute taking-Suzanne to take minutes at the
     November meeting

7. Next Meeting
      November 20th, 2007 from 5:30 to 7:30 at Racine, Robert & Gauthier at 180
      Montreal Road

   Working Group on Beautification-Tuesday, October 23rd-5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
                     BIA offices - 289 Montreal Road
       Name/Nom           Telephone/telephone              E-Mail/Courriel        Present
Beaulieu, Marguerite    613-742-0176    
Beaudoin, Mark          613-580-2424 x 41464
Bélanger, Mauril        613-992-4766    
Berthelet, Hélène       613-580-2424 x28465
Chalabi, Rita (Chair)   613-741-1185           
Coffey, Ann             613-746-8668    
Daviau, Margot          613-741-0469              none
Demers, Francine        613-580-2424 ext. 22454         
Devoy, Desmond                          
Dutrisac, Pierrette     613-746-5127              none                              
Faucher, Serge          613-241-3680              
Gervais, Michel         613-744-2892                
Gnarowski, Franceska    580-2424 ext. 28881     
Graves, Grace           613-842-5395             
Graves, Peter           613-842-5395             
Greer-Close, Kate       613-421-1374    
Hocking, John           613-746-5274    
Justinich, Michael      613-580-2424 ext. 24232       
Lavergne, Léo           (613) 741-0562  
Leger, Elaine           613-745-9524                   
Leuty, Andrew           613-745-8026                
Marcoux, Christian      613-746-4339    
Marleau, Lucie                                     
McCann, Paul            613-580-2424 x13363
O’Reilly,Jill           613-746-5999    
Parisien, Danielle      613-742-7917              French only
Ralph,Lise and Bob      613-747-5546                     
St-Aubin, Debbie        613-746-5274                  
Soikie, Evan            613-745-0405                      
Toole, Grant            (613) 741-0562  
Valiquet, Susanne        613-745-0040             
Worsfold, Nancy         613-580-2424 ext. 28518          


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