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                                                              Pet Insects And Spiders
                                                                 By Renske Buursma

   Pet insects and spiders might not be to everyone's taste when it comes to choosing pets but they
can bring a lot of fun and enjoyment. They are not cute and cuddly like a dog or cat, but they can be
educational to a child.

And most insects and spiders are very clean and quiet and do not require a lot of social interaction.
They do, though, require the same commitment to feeding, care and maintenance as a more traditional
pet. For example, some tarantulas live for up to thirty years, so be aware of that before choosing one.

For a beginner, hissing cockroaches or a tarantula might be a good choice. Go for something that is
not venomous or delicate. Leaf insects and stick insects are popular but they are quite fragile.

Before buying anything, you need to find out the local laws about keeping your exotic pet. You also
need to find out what its diet, housing and special requirements are. You need to know how to handle
your pet. Some insects are quite hardy but others are delicate and a young child could damage them
without realizing. Find out if your choice of pet is venomous, how to handle it to avoid being bitten or
stung and what to do if that does happen.

Some spiders and insects require special feeding. Hissing cockroaches are easy to feed, preferring
fruit and vegetables, but tarantulas need special prey. Leaf and stick insects like fresh vegetation. An
ant farm might be a good idea if you want something simple to care for. The ant farm only needs
feeding once a week with a little piece of sugary bread and it can be educational for children.

A tarantula makes an interesting pet. Remember they can die from a short fall because their abdomen
is delicate. They are venomous, some types more than others, but being stung is comparable to a bee
sting (unless you are allergic).

Scorpions are interesting, too, and there are several varieties. Scorpions do not like being handled and
they might sting. When handled, they become stressed and this is not good for their health. Scorpions
live up to eight years. If you want a pet you can handle, a scorpion probably is not the right choice.

If you really want a spider or insect as a pet, there is plenty of choice. Make sure, before buying one,
that you know everything about their requirements and do as much research as possible to make sure

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the insect or spider is the right choice for you.

Renske Buursma, pet store owner with lots of helpful articles and a free newsletter about pet care at

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             Garden: 5 Beneficial Garden Pests That You Want to Live in Your Garden
                                                 By Len Q.

Not all garden pests are harmful for your garden. Some garden pests, in fact, provide excellent pest
control to protect your plants from other quite harmful insects. Isn’t nature wonderful? Here are 5
well-known garden pests which you wouldn't object to having in your garden. Some very useful
techniques are also offered on how you can attract these insects that are in your area over to your

 1. Praying mantis. Praying mantises are regarded as the consummate small-sized predator. They are
something to behold in their natural environment. The manner in which they hunt down their prey is
methodical and meticulous. This makes them efficiently dangerous for other garden insects, but they
are never dangerous for your garden. They harm it not at all.

 Praying mantises can immediately put a stop to any pest infestation that may have started in your
area. As a matter of fact, most gardening shops sell praying mantises for this purpose alone. That’s
how useful they are.

 2. Ladybugs. If you're living in North America, then chances are very good that your garden will host
this kind of bug. They are extremely widespread and so are very common.

 Ladybugs feed on soft-bodied insects. These soft-bodies are harmful for your garden. Ladybugs will
even feed on the eggs and larvae of these harmful garden pests. This is what makes ladybugs an
excellent feature of natural pest control.

 3. Spiders. We all know what many spiders do. They capture insects with their webs and feed on
them. In this way, these spiders help to manage pest infestation. Those that dwell in gardens are
usually not poisonous or lethal, and there is virtually no risk of these creatures ever creeping into the

 If you want to attract spiders in your garden, grow some permanent perennials. These kinds of spiders
find perennials very suitable for a home.

 4. Tachinid flies. Grow some pollen and nectar plants, and you'll be able to attract this variety of flies.
Once in your garden, these Tachinid flies will feed on small harmful insects. We're talking about
armyworms, cutworms and cabbage loopers. How about caterpillars, gypsy moths, squash bugs and
sawflies? All of these pests will eat away at your plants and give you a decaying garden. Tachinid flies
to the rescue!

 5. Parasitic wasps. Again, by providing pollen and nectar plants, you'd be able to attract these
beneficial garden insects. They really will help your garden because these parasitic wasps will attack
and feed on the eggs of harmful insects. With parasitic wasps inhabiting your garden, you'd be able to
stop the infestation of dangerous insects by eliminating their very source: their eggs.

 Isn’t that wonderful to have insects that will help your garden grow instead of damaging it? There are
more kinds of insects that can help you in dealing with different types of pest invasions. Take the time
to learn them. Your garden will be better for it.

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