Keeping Pets Safe from Household Dangers

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                                           Keep Pets Safe From Household Dangers
                                                                  By Ian White

    Most responsible pet owners are aware that we must keep our cats and dogs from certain dangers
in our home. We know that we need to keep them from chewing on electrical cords, from drinking toilet
water that contains self-cleaning chemicals, to keep them away from antifreeze and other chemical
products, and out from under the recliner. But our homes also present many other dangers to our feline
and canine companions that we need to consider and take steps to prevent accidental poisoning or
injury, possibly even death.

Paper Shredders

Most paper shredders have an on/off switch and automatic-feed buttons. The motors may become
warm with use and cats are known to love warm places, and they will walk on anything. It offers the cat
a cozy sleeping spot, and they may get their fur caught in the shredding teeth. There also have been
reported cases of dogs getting their tongues caught in the shredder. Turn your paper shredder off
when not in use, and never leave the auto-feed button on. Better yet, unplug the paper shredder until
you need it.

Cat Litter

Avoid clumping cat litters, especially with kittens. Kittens have died after licking this litter off their paws.
It will swell in their intestine, causing an obstruction. Deodorized cat litters have a chemical base. If
your dog has the unfortunate habit of dining from the cat box, the litter can poison him. Stick with basic
clay litters.

Washers and Dryers

Cats and kittens love warm, enclosed spots. Keep the lid closed on your washing machine when it is
not in use, and make sure kittens aren’t snuggled up in the laundry basket before adding the load.
When loading the dryer, keep an eye out that Fluffy doesn’t decide to jump in and get all cozy.


Pets can get caught in the wheel spokes whether chairs are in use or not. Store wheel chairs in a room

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or closet away from pets when not in use.

Wire Crates Tags and collars can get caught in the bars. Be sure the floor fits properly and covers the
bottom of the wire bars. The pet should have a well-fitted collar and the tags should not dangle down
too far. If the pet will be left unattended in the crate, remove his collar when you leave and put it back
on immediately when you let him out. Don’t put the collar on the top of the crate where he can get to it
and chew on it.

Power Strips and Outlets

Put safety covers on any open outlets to keep your pet from licking the outlet or sticking a nail into it.

Home-Made Play Dough

Kids love play dough and pieces may fall off the table onto the floor. Home-made play dough has a
high salt content and may cause salt poisoning in pets, which can be fatal.

Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

Nicotine can be fatal to dogs. Keep all cigarettes, pipes and tobacco, chewing tobacco, and all other
tobacco products away from pets. Empty ashtrays often.

Plastic Food Wrap

Pets may ingest bits of plastic wrap when licking food residues off of them, and the bits can cause
choking or an intestinal obstruction.

Floor Vents

Your pet’s tags or paws can get caught in the vents, pinning them to the hot surface. Cover all vents by
wrapping them in layers of net and pushing the vent tightly into the floor. They may still catch a nail, but
the net will help protect them burning their paws.


Dogs love to chew rawhide, but small bits may come off and lodge in the throat causing the animal to
choke, or create an obstruction in the stomach or intestines. Rawhide chews may also harbor
salmonella, infecting the dog and family members, and some unregulated manufacturers may use toxic
chemical in the production of rawhide treats.


Even if you don’t use continuous-cleaning products in your toilet, keep the lid closed or the bathroom
door shut. Small curious pets may fall in head first and drown

Christmas Ornaments

They may look like toys to your pet. Broken shards of glass can cut your pet’s paws, and any ornament
can cause a life-threatening emergency if shards are eaten. Tinsel and ribbon are cat magnets, and

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can cause intestinal obstructions if your cat ingests them.

Swimming Pools

Don’t allow your dog access to swimming pools without supervision. Most dogs can’t climb ladders. Put
stair steps in your pool and train your dog how to get out.


Cats especially (and some dogs) may find your liquid potpourri tasty but it is caustic and will burn the
linings of their esophagus or even poison them.


Heavy doors can swing shut quickly on a small puppy or cat and crush them, or injure the paws or tails
of larger dogs.

Trash Cans

Dogs love to rummage through the trash can, but there is much kitchen and household waste that can
injure your dog or make him ill, even poison him. Seed and pits from apples, apricots, cherries, and
plums contain a chemical that can cause cyanide poisoning. Onions and garlic can cause anemia in
dogs. Coffee grounds and tea bags contain caffeine and tannin which are toxic to dogs. Cat love string,
rubber bands, ribbon, and yarn, which can cause intestinal obstructions if swallowed. Pop bottle lids
and bread tags are choking hazards. The edges of food cans and lids removed with a can opener can
cause severe cuts to the tongue if they try to lick the rest of the food out, or cut their paws if they step
on them. Keep the trash can covered with a tight-fitting lid or keep it under a counter with a child-safe
door latch (smart pets can open doors that don’t latch!).


Your children’s’ plastic toys that have small pieces that can be removed, and stuffed toys with eyes
that can be chewed off are all potential choking hazards to your pet as well. When buying toys for your
pet, be sure they are well made with any parts that can’t come off. When toys start to wear or become
chewed, or the stuffing starts to come out, throw them away and replace them.

Avoid tragedy by pet-proofing your home. Treat your dog or cat as if it were a curious child, ready to
get into everything. Take steps to protect them from their own inquisitive nature, and have pet-safe
toys for them to play with to keep them entertained and out of mischief.

Copyright © 2007, Ian White Acess 2000 Pty Ltd

Author Ian White is founder of Pet Sitting Services Directory See if pet sitting is a
solution for you when you go away.

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                                    Pet Health Hazards Most Commonly Found At Home
                                                               By Andrea V. Smith

For most pet owners, pets hold a special place in the household. They are much more than merely
animals that live with the family; they are actual members the family. So where their well-being is
concerned, we should be very aware of what elements in or around the home either are or could
become threats to them.

 When considering your pets’safety, you should bear in mind that pets have absolutely no notion of
danger and care should be taken so as to prevent a fun moment from becoming a nightmare. Though
potential dangers could be many, here are some of the most common.

 Electrocution: One of the biggest dangers for many pets are electrical cords. They are attracted to
them and are often tempted to chew on them. A good solution to this is CritterCord™ ,which is a cord
cover that acts as protective tubing and is infused with a citrus scent. It is specifically designed to help
protect your pets from the dangers of chewing on electrical cords.

 Poisoning: Poisonous household plants like the azalea, dieffenbachia (dumb cane), lilies, mistletoe,
and philodendron, among others, are extremely dangerous to pets. Insect control products, such as
insecticides should also be carefully considered. Also, human medications can be toxic to animals.
Keep medication containers and tubes of ointments and creams away from pets who could chew
through them, and be vigilant about finding and disposing of any dropped pills.
 Pets can develop allergies, the same way a human being can, so beware of spiders, scorpions, bees,
and other insects.
 Choking: Toys with removable parts—like squeaky toys or stuffed animals with plastic eyes—can pose
a choking hazard to animals. Take the same precautions with pets as you would with a small child.
Also, plastic bags must be considered potentially hazardous. Leashes must be removed if the dog is
not being walked, since there is always danger of strangulation. Rawhide doggie chews should be
offered to a pet only with supervision, as they can pose a choking hazard as well. They may also be
contaminated with Salmonella, which can infect pets and humans who come in contact with them.
 You should also be equally cautious outside the home.

  Swimming pools must be monitored carefully. An Above-Ground Pool Eye Alarm is great for
this. This easy-to-install safety system alerts you with a loud siren if your pet or child accidentally falls
into the pool.

  Cars, too. Leaving your pet inside your car is not always a good idea. A HotDog can come
in handy here. The Hotdog detects and reacts to deadly temperature changes within your vehicle. Also
BreezeGuard™ Screens are a great solution to let your dog enjoy the fresh air keeping safety in mind.
They are mobile pet window extensions custom made to your vehicle.

 Check out these and other fantastic Pet Gadgets to keep your pet safe and out of harm´s way.
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