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         result of the body’s white blood cells acting to protect against infection. It has been related to ailments
                                              including rheumatoid arthritis.
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                               An Easier Way To Relieve Your Horse's Swollen Muscle Pain
                                                                By Sierra Lynch

   When a horse takes a direct blow to a muscle, we say he has sustained a contusion. Contusions
are almost always followed by swelling. Your knee-jerk reaction is to ice it. Good choice. But if you
don't have an ice pack available, try this instead…

When it comes to contusions, horses are a lot like humans. A direct blow from a blunt object crushes
the underlying muscle fibers and the connective tissue. The blow may not break the skin, but the tissue
damage can be significant. And it's always painful for your horse.

You want to relieve his pain as quickly as you can. For horse injuries like contusions, think "cold."
Decreasing the temperature of the injured area should be the first thing you do.

--Why Cold Helps Horse Contusions--

The pain your horse feels is from the inflammation of his injured muscles. If you touch them, you'll
notice they're not only swollen, but also hot. So to take down the inflammation you want to make the
surface temperature to be cold.

That's why ice is the best choice to take down the inflammation and relieve the pain. You see
professional athletes doing this all the time. Your equine athlete is no different.

Several companies sell chemical first-aid ice packs for just this purpose. You can find them in your
higher-end tack shops. Or if you don't have one in your area, you can get them online. But if your horse
injures himself and you don't have one on hand, what do you do?

--The Next Best Thing To An Ice Pack--

Your second best choice is very simple. And I've seen it work a hundred times. It's called "cold hosing"
and it is as close as the nearest garden hose. Just turn it on and run cold water over teh injured tissue.
Works great - especially in the winter months when the water is naturally cold.

My veterinary manuals say apply cold pack to a contusion for 5 minutes, then off for 15 minutes one

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

time if the skin is intact. In the real world, I've found that may not be enough to take the swelling down.
Sometimes I'll run cold water over it for a longer period of time, depending on how bad a contusion it is.

If the injury is on one of his legs, I'll wrap it in a standing wrap as well. You'll want to do this to put
pressure on the contusion. With cold water and a pressure wrap, you'll be well on your way to taking
the swelling down. And less swelling means less pain.

Yours For Better Horse Care,

Sierra Lynch

Sierra Lynch makes it easy to keep your horse healthy and happy. With over 16 years experience
riding and caring for horses, Sierra will make sure your horse is always ready to ride. Visit Sierra on the
web at Horse IQ

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        The Root Causes of Back Pain, Treatment Options, and Surgery to Relieve Back Pain
                                                         By Stephen M. Seabrook

What is the root cause of back pains? The most usual cause for back pain is strained muscles. This is
true for lower back pain as well as for upper back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Sometimes, a
muscle gets hyper-extended or has the blood flow temporarily disrupted. Pain is the inevitable result.
However, muscle strain is not the only thing that can cause back pain. Injury can most certainly cause
back pain and the fact is that the injury doesn't even have to be directly to your back. If your leg is
hurt, you will favor it as you walk, which means that you aren't walking straight. When you don't walk
straight, your spine is out of alignment, and pain will most assuredly follow.

Injuries can cover a very broad range of events. A sudden jolt can cause back injury and back pain. A
hard blow or a fall can do the same. Falls are often the cause of back pain in older adults. Injuries that
occur when people are engaging in sports, especially amateur sports, are often the cause of back
injury and back pain. Any kind of unexpected twisting motion can bring on back pain as well.

There are many diseases that manifest themselves in the form of back pain. Kidney disease is
probably the one that is most recognized, but it is most certainly not the only one. Heart disease can
very often cause lower back pain, and so can gall bladder disease. The body will actually take care of
a simple muscle strain without any help and there are many over-the-counter products available to help
with the pain until it does subside.

If you know that your back pain has been caused by a simple muscle strain, you don't need to worry
about it. If, on the other hand, you cannot attribute your back pain to a simple and minor injury or
muscle strain, then you should see your doctor.

Back Pain Treatment Options

Most back pain is the result of a muscle strain or sprain and will take care of itself with two weeks. You
can simply take over-the counter analgesics and apply over-the counter analgesic topical ointments to
relieve the pain and discomfort.

For back pain that lasts more than two weeks and is not caused by a simple muscle strain or sprain,
there are many options out there to help deal with pain. Medical doctors can prescribe pain killers and
muscle relaxants that will help deal with the pain. It is important to know that both of these kinds of
drugs are addictive, so please read the labels and warnings, as many side-effects are possible.

After taking x-rays, a chiropractor can perform a spinal adjustment that will relieve the pain almost
immediately. Most often, more than one adjustment is necessary for the spine to stay in alignment and
for pain to be permanently gone.

Acupuncture is another treatment option for the relief of back pain. An acupuncturist places needles in
specific locations on the body in order to restore the balance of Qi. When Qi, Yin and Yang are in
balance, pain is not possible.

Acupressure is also an option for treatment to relieve back pain. The acupressurist doesn't use
needles like an acupuncturist. They only use their fingers and thumbs to put pressure on specific

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points on the body. But the objective is the same as that of an acupuncturist; to restore the balance of
Qi and thus the balance of Yin and Yang.

Physical therapists can help to relieve back pain and restore strength to back muscles by instructing
patients to engage in active exercise as well as passive exercise. Therapists use only their hands to
massage the back muscles that are causing back pain.

Surgery to Relieve Back Pain

Surgery performed on the spine should never be undertaken lightly, no matter how much back pain is
involved. The surgery may or may not relieve the pain, so you need to weigh all of your options before
your opt for back surgery. There are instances when surgery on the backbone or the spine is the only
option available. Serious accidents or injuries to the spine will often require surgery. Surgery to
relieve back pain; however, is a very rare occurrence. Less than 1% of those who suffer from back
pain will be advised by their doctors to have back surgery.

As scientists and researchers learn more and more about the human body and how it functions, back
surgery to relieve pain is being recommended far fewer times. It has been discovered that many
people who have herniated discs or disc bulges have no pain at all and it has been called into question
whether a herniated disc is the actual cause of any back pain.

Even very reputable surgeons now report that they are doing far fewer back surgeries for the purpose
of relieving pain today than they were doing only a few years ago. The reason may be that surgery to
relieve back pain just simply doesn't work very often.

There are those who swear that their back surgery relieved their pain and the fact that they can no
longer engage in many activities is a small price to pay for being able to live without pain. There are
many others who find that after surgery that was supposed to relieve their pain; they still have pain that
has simply taken a different shape and now they are unable to engage in activities that they once
enjoyed. Will surgery relieve back pain? The answer is a very qualified "maybe."

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