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            Employment News Journal Best Place To
            Learn About Jobs In India
             Business > Careers | By: naukrinews (10/06/12)                             Views: 2

                                                                 Employment New s w eekly
                                                                 new spaper is still unchanged
                                                                 even in this w eb dominated
                                                                 era. A copy of this w eek can
                                                                 be found in all major public
                                                                 libraries. Those students w ho
                                                                 do not have any internet
                                                                 facility can have this
                                                                 new spaper and find lucrative
                                                                 government jobs. This journal
                                                                 is published in many
                                                                 languages namely English,
                                                                 Hindi and Urdu.

                                                               This w eek is the largest
                                                             ? distributed career guidance
                                                               journal in India. The w eekly
            had helped aspirant Indian youth, interested in Government jobs find a bright
            future since 1976. Although there w ere some other journals similar to it like
            Competition Success Review , Employment New s is a unique and one of its kind
            journals by all means. Here is a slight introduction on w hat you can find in this
            know ledge source.

            • In this w eekly new s paper you w ill find details about all the state and central
            government jobs.
            • Here you w ill find here number of new s of all about the public sector
            openings, banking jobs and jobs in the education sector.
            • The w eekly gives details about the various examinations necessary to get
            these jobs and the applications for them.
            • Notifications on all major examinations like Union Public Service Commission
            (UPSC) and the State Services Commission (SSC) are published in this w eekly.
            The results of these tests are also published in the w eekly New s Jobs.
            • Rojgar Samachar is the Hindi version of the w eek. You w ill find this version of
            new s paper online too.
            • This paper comprises of applications for all the professional courses in public
            schools, details about the fee structure and exam details.
            • You w ill find vacancies of all the self-governing colleges and Universities in
            India are advertised here.
            • In the editorial section of Employment New s w eekly features useful articles

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                         • In the editorial section of Employment New s w eekly features useful articles
                         w hich assist people in select the career best appropriate for them. The articles
                         in this section provide sufficient information about the new fields, the future
                         opportunities in the less know n areas and many more.
                         • All details necessary to w rite railw ay, bank and Civil Service exams are
                         provided in this w eek, including test dates and application forms.
                         Recipients of the w eek are poor rural youth. Most of them are attending school
                         first generation in their families. They require a stunning description and
                         guidance of w hat to do and w hat not to do w hen it comes to government
                         employment application. The w eekly papers provide exactly the same.
                         Government jobs in metro are still a dream for many rural students from
                         backw ard communities. These students have the brain and academic record to
                         land the same. The only thing missing is the guidance. Employments New s
                         w eekly serves as their silent companion that helps them make their dream
                         come true.

                         In addition to the printed version of the new spaper can also go online and you
                         can find out about job vacancies in government, search by location, category
                         and keyw ords. You can also subscribe to installing email alert and get
                         information straight to your inbox and online career guidance through Q & A
                         segment. You can even avail the facility of submitting online forms. The payment
                         of claims can also be made through credit cards or net banking.

                         About the Author
                                        Neelam Kumari is an expert job counselor and also provides
                                        online recruitment services in India w ith the help of
                                        Naukrinew s.com. For more detail about the company visit:
                                        http://w w w .naukrinew s.com/

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