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                        MAINTENANCE SKILLS TEST

1.    The label on a pesticide container must be followed at all times when
      mixing or applying chemicals.

             a) True
             b) False

2.    Improper grouting or missing grouting may cause:

             a)   wall rot.
             b)   water leakage damage.
             c)   mildew and odors.
             d)   all of the above.

3.    Studs are usually placed on:

             a)   48 inch centers.
             b)   16 inch centers.
             c)   24 inch centers.
             d)   30 inch centers.

4.    If the bolt on a deadbolt strikes the keeper (strike plate) too low, you should:

             a) raise the strike plate.
             b) lower the strike plate.
             c) raise the deadbolt.

5.    Joint compound can be mixed to a paint consistency and used as texture.

             a) True
             b) False


6.    Exterior painting is not recommended if the temperature is below 50
      degrees or above 95 degrees because you may not be able to get a good

             a) True
             b) False

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7.    When a brush is used to apply oil based paints, you should use:

             a) natural bristles.
             b) synthetic bristles.
             c) nylon bristles.

8.    Drywall tape has a special type of adhesive on one side that sticks to
      gypsum board.

             a) True
             b) False

9.    Which of the following is not a possible cause of paint chipping?

             a)   unequal oil absorption
             b)   undercoat was not dry when the final coat was applied
             c)   poor workmanship
             d)   use of improperly formulated materials

10.   Vinyl latex caulking is -not a good caulking to use to weather-strip where
      wood and metal join together.

             a) True
             b) False

11.   The final coat of drywall topping applied to a patch is the last process before

             a) True
             b) False

12.   Water is used to thin                            .

             a)   enamel paint
             b)   latex paint
             c)   shellac
             d)   lacquer


13.   How many times a year ideally should a lawn be fertilized?

             a)   two times
             b)   three times
             c)   four times
             d)   one time

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14.   When moss conditions appear in a lawn, you should                                     .

             a)   cut grass higher
             b)   water more
             c)   increase fertilization
             d)   aerate lawn surface

15.   Leaves should be left on lawns to act as fertilizer.

             a) True
             b) False

16.   Most lawns, other than bent grasses, should be cut to               _______
      length for the best lawn control.

             a)   1/2 to 1 inch
             b)   1 1/2 to 3 inches
             c)   2 1/2 to 31/2 inches
             d)   doesn't make any difference length for the best lawn


17.   The "ohm" is a measure of the:

             a)   intensity of current flow or electric flow in a circuit
             b)   electric pressure or electrical force that is active in a given circuit
             c)   electric resistance present in a particular circuit
             d)   electrical power in an electrical circuit

18.   When a circuit breaker trips or a fuse blows, it is usually for one or two
      reasons. What are they?

             a)   incorrectly sized breaker
             b)   short in the circuit
             c)   excessive draw on the circuit
             d)   grounded circuit

19.   Which of the following statements about the "ground fault circuit interrupter"
      (GFCI) are true?

             a) It detects accidental grounds in an appliance or tool
             b) If a ground occurs, the GFCI will disconnect the circuit in 25/1000
             c) The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires the GFIC on all 15
                and 20 amp outdoor receptacles and on all bathroom receptacles
             d) In 1978 the NEC required a GFIC on all receptacles.

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Chapter 1, Exhibit 2                                                        Page 4


20.   A dishwasher fill valve is operated manually under the sink.

             a) True
             b) False

21. The dishwasher drain hose should be raised as high as possible in the
    cabinet space before attaching to the garbage disposal.

             a) True
             b) False


ELECTRIC RANGES (Questions 22 through 24)

22.   Erratic temperature in an oven is usually caused by a faulty:

             a)   switch
             b)   safety valve
             c)   thermocouple
             d)   thermostat

23.   If the actual thermostat bulb in an electric oven touches the oven liner, the
      actual temperature in the oven will be than the oven setting:

             a) higher
             b) lower

24.   If no elements are working on an electric range, one of the first things to
      check would be:

             a) the circuit breaker or fuse.
             b) the bake element.
             c) the thermostat.

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Chapter 1, Exhibit 2                                                         Page 5

GAS RANGES (Questions 25 through 26)

25.   The safety valve on a gas range opens when the thermocouple detects no
      pilot flame.

             a) True
             b) False

26.   The pilot light on a gas range will not stay lit. The probable cause is:

             a)   bad pressure relief valve.
             b)   thermocouple.
             c)   oven vent blocked or vent closed.
             d)   gas valve.


27.   The most common refrigerant used in household refrigerators is ________.

             a)   R12
             b)   R22
             c)   R502
             d)   none of the above

28.   What starts a frost-free refrigerator to begin the defrost cycle?

             a) overload
             b) relay
             c) bi-metal strip
             d) timer

29.   What should the low side refrigerant pressure be on a refrigerator while it is

             a)   0 - 10 psi
             b)   10 - 20 psi
             c)   20 - 30 psi
             d)   30 - 40 psi

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Chapter 1, Exhibit 2                                                       Page 6


30.   An effective way for a resident to prolong the efficiency of garbage disposal
      blades is to on a monthly basis.

             a)    run hot water down the disposal
             b)    put a tray of ice cubes down the disposal
             c)    run the disposal while empty for 5 minutes

31.   Most reset buttons for a garbage disposal are located:

             a)   in the breaker box
             b)   on the outlet nearest to the disposal
             c)   on the disposal
             d)   under the sink near the disposal
             e)   none of the above



32.   Electrically operated water heaters usually have two heating elements.
      They normally operate as follows:

             a) if one element burns out, the other takes over to heat water
             b) when rapid hot water recovery is required, both heating elements
                will operate
             c) normally, the lower element does all the heating. But, when large
                quantities of water are used, the upper heating element turns on
                and the lower element turns off. The result is rapid recovery of
                the hot water supply.

33.   The piece of equipment on which you are most likely to find a safety
      (pop-off) valve is a:

             a)   hot air furnace.
             b)   electric fan.
             c)   water heater.
             d)   dehumidifier.

34.   If an apartment does not have a dishwasher, the thermostat on the hot
      water heater should be set at:

             a) 1800
             b) 1600
             c) 1400

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Chapter 1, Exhibit 2                                                       Page 7


35.   On a standing pilot light, the flame should:

             a) just reach the thermocouple.
             b) totally engulf the thermocouple.
             c) be near, but not touching, the thermocouple.

36.   Which of the following should NOT be done if you suspect a gas leak?

             a) open all doors and windows
             b) turn on the lights so you can locate the leak
             c) turn off the gas at the main valve


37.   Overcharging a system with refrigerant (freon) will cause the head pressure
      to be _____________________________.

             a) higher than normal
             b) lower than normal
             c) unnoticeably changed

38.   Upon arriving at an apartment on an air conditioning service call, you find
      water running out of the air handler. The probable cause is:

             a)     refrigerant leak
             b)     condensate line blockage
             c)     leak is not A/C related
             d)     unit is probably overcharged
             e)     none of the above

39.   Identify the letters on a standard 24v thermostat sub-base:

             a) Y                  1. indoor fan motor
             b) G                  2. power supply
             c) W                  3. cooling
             d) R                  4. heating

40. In the evaporator, the refrigerant changes from a:

             a) liquid to a hot vapor
             b) liquid vapor to a gas
             c) vapor to a liquid

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Chapter 1, Exhibit 2                                                       Page 8

41.   Refrigerant (freon) may be found in various physical states in various parts
      of the refrigerant system while the compressor is running. Fill in the blanks
      below using the selections on the right to describe the state the refrigerant
      would be in at that point.

             a) Suction Line = ____________________                  1. Hot Liquid

             b) High Pressure Line between Compressor
                   and Condensor = _______________                   2. Hot Gas

             c) High Pressure Line between Condensor
                   and Capillary Tubes = ____________                3. Cool Gas

42.   A capillary tube or actuator valve is located:

             a) in the liquid line feeding the evaporator
             b) leaving the compressor in the discharge line
             c) in the suction fine feeding the compressor

43.   To maintain a 40 degree evaporator coil temperature, your suction pressure
      must be:

             a) 70 psig
             b) 40 psig
             c) 50 psig
             d) 68 psig

44.   A compound gauge is                                     .

             a) a pressure gauge only
             b) a pressure and vacuum gauge
             c) a vacuum gauge only

45.   At design conditions, you would expect a temperature difference of
      ______________ degrees farenheit between ambient air and the air leaving
      the condenser on an air-cooled condenser.

             a)        20
             b)        10
             c)        40
             d)        30

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Chapter 1, Exhibit 2                                                             Page 9



46.    " L- 160" printed on a heating limit control means the control:

              a)   is rated for 160 hours
              b)   is rated for 160 amps
              c)   is rated for 160 volts
              d)   will open the circuit if the temperature goes above 160 degrees

47.    When checking a resident service request for electrical heating, you find the
       unit is heating but is turning on and off rapidly all the time. You suspect the
       problem is due to:

              a)   weak limit switch
              b)   thermostat is short cycling, too high rating of anticipator
              c)   wrong fuse link installed (rating)
              d)   "W" and "Y" wires are crossed

48     The quickest way to electrically check and see if the elements on a forced
       air electric heater work or come on properly is to check:

              a)   the thermometer
              b)   the limit switch
              c)   with an amp probe
              d)   the continuity checker


49.    Flashback occurs when the flow velocity of gas-air mixture from the burner
       port is:

              a)   higher than the burning speed
              b)   lower than the burning speed
              c)   both A& B
              d)   none of the above

50.   The time delay fan switch on the furnace does not come on immediately

              a)   it conserves energy
              b)   it allows the vent system to create a good draft
              c)   it allows the heat exchanger to warm up
              d)   all of the above

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Chapter 1, Exhibit 2                                                        Page 10

51.   When inspecting a gas furnace, you notice a scorched front and wires. The
      problem could be

             a)   a clogged flow meter
             b)   a bad thermocouple
             c)   a hole in the heat exchanger or improper draft
             d)   all of the above


52.   Shutoff valves can be located in which of the following areas of an
apartment unit

             a)    by the meter
             b)    near each fixture
             c)    by areas within an apartment building
             d)    all of the above

53.   A wax seal is used on the

             a)   kitchen sink trap
             b)   tub P-trap
             c)   bathroom stool
             d)   all of the above

54.   For general conditions, the best temperature to set a water heater is at

             a) 1400
             b) 1600
             c) 1800
             d) 1200

55.   The most common wrench used in the removal of a faucet assembly is a:

             a)   basin.
             b)   monkey.
             c)   flat.
             d)   Combination.

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Chapter 1, Exhibit 2                                                          Page 11

56.   A flux is applied during a brazing operation primarily to

             a)   prevent fusion and penetration throughout the joint
             b)   prevent formation of oxide films in the area of the joint
             c)   reduce the electrical conductivity of the joint
             d)   reduce the surface hardness in the area of the joint


57.   Green boards would most likely be installed in

             a)   living room walls
             b)   bathroom walls
             c)   bedroom walls
             d)   roof


58.   Before drilling a hole in a steel plate, an indentation should be made with a

             a) center punch
             b) nail
             c) drill bit
             d) pin punch

59.   A miter box is used __________________________.

             a) for locating dowel holes in two pieces of wood to be joined
             b) to hold a saw at a fixed angle while sawing
             c) to hold a saw while sharpening its teeth
             d) to clamp two pieces of wood together at 90 degrees


60.   Roofing nails are usually

             a)   brass
             b)   cement coated
             c)   galvanized
             d)   nickel plated

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Chapter 1, Exhibit 2                                                       Page 12

61.   If moisture is trapped between the layers of a 3 ply roof, the heat of a
      summer day will:

             a)   dry the roof out.
             b)   cause blisters to be formed in the roofing material.
             c)   rot the felt material.
             d)   have no effect on the roofing.


62.   The principal reason for the grounding of electric equipment and circuits is

             a)   prevent short circuits
             b)   insure safety from shock
             c)   save power
             d)   increase voltage

63.   When working with or handling hazardous materials (refrigerants,
      chemicals, asbestos, etc.), you must wear the following protective gear:

             a)   safety glasses
             b)   respirator
             c)   gloves
             d)   all of the above

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Chapter 1, Exhibit 2                                     Page 13

                                 TEST ANSWERS

  Question             Answer               Question   Answer
    No.                                       No.
     1.                   A                   33.          C
     2.                   D                   34.          C
     3.                   B                   35.          A
     4.                   B                   36.          B
     5.                   A                   37.          A
     6.                   A                   38.          B
     7.                   A                   39.      3, 1, 4, 2
     8.                   B                   40.          B
     9.                   A                   41.       3, 2, 1
    10.                   B                   42.          A
    11.                   B                   43.          D
    12.                   B                   44.          B
    13.                   B                   45.          D
    14.                   D                   46.          D
    15.                   B                   47.          B
    16.                   C                   48.          C
    17.                   C                   49.          A
    18.                 B, D                  50.          C
    19.                A, B, C                51.          C
    20.                   B                   52.          D
    21.                   A                   53.          C
    22.                   D                   54.          A
    23.                   A                   55.          A
    24.                   A                   56.          B
    25.                   A                   57.          B
    26.                   D                   58.          A
    27.                   A                   59.          B
    28.                   D                   60.          C
    29.                   A                   61.          B
    30.                   B                   62.          B
    31.                   C                   63.          D
    32.                   C

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