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									There are 3 avenues that I deal with and where I will focus on….The problem is I am not sure how to talk
about all 3 on one website. The entire idea was to have one company to talk about. TOP Consulting is a
solution center for many problems ….how they actually all come together is where I have the issue and           Formatted: Not Highlight
need help. The 3 categories Financial Solutions, Small & Home Based Business Solutions, Professional
Partner Program

Financial Solutions-Your Financial Gas Tank
Debt is a silent problem. For the majority of Americans, it is only felt when your credit is declined or your   Formatted: Highlight
monthly payments are 90% interest.

If you had a car where the gas tank was leaking…How long would it take for you to fix it? Not long,
right?All too often, debt solutions are the furthest thing from a person’s mind. This silent time bomb is       Formatted: Highlight
dropped by the wayside in favor of fixing IMMEDIATE issues such as car trouble and mortgage
payments. However, debt should be regarded with the same immediacy.

Not only does debt affect your financial future, it can have disastrous effects on your personal life. We
have found that most Americans have a leak in their wallet. Let me explain. Debt is a silent leak, you
can’t hear it, a lot of cases you can’t see it either although it is certainly felt when making the payments
month after month. Countless couples are heading to divorce or bankruptcy court this year because of
the financial stress associated with debt.                                                                      Comment [DMM1]: Case study...from beginning
                                                                                                                to end getting them out of debt

Do you know if you are in need of debt solutions? Give yourself a quick litmus test by                          Formatted: Font: 14 pt

searching your Truth-In-Lending form on your mortgage. Are you a homeowner? Did you ever actually
look at your Truth- In- Lending form the day you closed your mortgage? The figure all the way over to
the right at the top of the page is most likely is over double what you borrowed! Are you surprised by
the staggering amount of interest you are paying each month? You may want to go get that form out
now and take a look at it for yourself…… Most people will quickly forget that number and just go about
their life. Although iIf you are one of those people that haunted by that number can’t forget that
number or are frustrated in with the amount of interest you are paying on other debt and are looking
want to change brighten your financial picture future, than please read onthen you are a candidate for
TOP Consulting’s Financial Solutions!.

Don’t blame yourself. You see mMany of our financial habits are just passed down or learned as we get
olderfrom the experiences we have early on with credit card companies. Remember the first time you
received a cCredit card application s quickly appear in our the mail? It all starts the day we turn 18 box
starting in college. Offers such as;, twelve months same as cash or, zero down interest for 90 days, haves
created a buy now, pay later mentality. These These offers areare great marketing ideas selling points
for the companies offering them, but leave the average American wondering how they got to this low
point in their personal finances. Honestly there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of those types          Comment [DMM2]: Want better wording
of offers. What is wrong with the picture is how the average American views their finances.
Our award winning system acts as a personal financial GPS system, guidingwill guide you through the           Comment [DMM3]: Do you really want to say
fastest way to becoming debt free. It takesWe take everything into the equationconsideration when
                                                                                                              Formatted: Not Highlight
developing your personal financial solution,; your income, debt, rate, term, and monthly expenses are
factors that allow us and isto gain a more thorough interactive with you and understanding of your
financial situation. Our unique services Itgive allows you piece of mind. Imagine to see knowing
beforehand how the purchase of a new car or set of golf clubs will affect your overall financial picture.
what happens to your overall financial picture if you buy a car or a new set of golf clubs before you
actually buy them. Our average client is out of debt pays off their mortgage in half the slated time or       Formatted: Not Highlight
less. (mortgage and all) in half the time or less. Did I mention you didn’t don’t have to refinance to do     Formatted: Not Highlight
this? The Our system is designed to make the most of what you have usingyour financial situation using        Formatted: Not Highlight
smart money principals that banks have been using for centuries. Principals banks have been using for         Formatted: Not Highlight

centuries.                                                                                                    Comment [DMM4]: What is a principle bank? Is
                                                                                                              this what you consider yourself?
                                                                                                              Formatted: Not Highlight
                                                                                                              Formatted: Highlight
If you are serious about your financial future, let us lay the groundwork and get you on your way to          Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Highlight

With one call to TOP Consulting, we will determine if you qualify for our award winning services. To
begin your journey to debt-free, contact us now. Typically in one simple phone call we can determine if       Comment [DMM5]: Link to contact us page
you qualify for this award winning service. Let’s be clear. This is for people who are serious about their    Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Highlight
financial life. Let us tell you what we are not. We are not a bi-weekly pay structure, debt roll down
program, a mortgage refinance or a consolidation loan.

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Business Solutions

Being in business for your self can be overwhelming at times. If you are like most business owners, you
may have felt overwhelmed in with all of the tools available on the market placeto small business
owners. TOP Consulting understands that owning your own business requires a lot of know-how and
decision making such as a website, advertising, contact management systems, auto responders,                  Comment [DMM6]: Hosting, design?
newsletters, video tracking, drip campaigns, web conferencing and organizing your tax records.

These decisions affect not only the future success of your business, but your wallet too! Effective
business management tools are essential to grow your revenue and increase your market share, but It           Formatted: Not Highlight
can be time consuming and expensive to say the least.these services are often out of reach for small          Formatted: Not Highlight

Our all inclusive “Business in a Box” product solution contains all of the essential features to that small   Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Not Highlight
businesses need to thrive in today’s internet focused business market. TOP Consulting’s business
solutions offer countless programs, from management tools to marketing systems, to boost your
bottom line at an affordable price.

It combinesWe offer the following capabilitiessolutions for your small business needs:
     Contact Management System-                                                                      Formatted: Not Highlight
                                                                                                      Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
            o    Feel secure with web based accessibility and less risk                               Formatted: Not Highlight

            o   Maximize your marketing success with personalized broadcastincludes customizable
                emailsbroadcast system                                                                Formatted: Not Highlight

            o   Streamline client follow up with our, automated system                                Formatted: Not Highlight

            o   Simplify organizational tasks with auto responders, drip campaigns, video tracking,
                calendar-Multiple business capability and customizable groups and more

     Marketing System –                                                                              Formatted: Not Highlight
                                                                                                      Formatted: Not Highlight
            o Keep in touch with clients and generate leads with easy email templates and monthly     Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
                Nnewsletters Templates

            o Place ads locally on Google for a fraction of the cost

            o Create effective campaigns with pay per click and direct mail advertising, a complete
                how to guide on pay per click advertising, direct mail, internet marketing, Google

     Web Conferencing-

            o Host conferences or pitch to potential customers from the convenience of your           Formatted: Bullets and Numbering

            o Allow attendees to view your desktop presentation from their location or conference
                call with over 1,000 attendees without long distance chargesEmpowering you to host
                web meetings for up to 1000 attendees

     Tax Tracking

            o Take control of your deductions with our iInteractive, Wweb based tax software          Formatted: Bullets and Numbering

            o -Teaches you how to eEffectively manage your records and maximize the your tax
                benefits of a small or home based business.

     Personal Development-

            o Receive your Mmonthly Subscription of SUCCESS Magazine                                  Comment [DMM7]: This would look good in
                                                                                                      bullet format on the site
This is a user friendly, web based, secure back up and user friendly Business in a Box.               Comment [DMM8]: ?

Link to purchase
Small businesses are often at a loss when contemplating online advertising, however, web based
advertising solutions are critical to the success of any business. Advertising on the web for a small
business can be like flushing your money down the toilet. Not knowing what to dowhat steps to take
typically will result in either one of two things. One the business owner forgoing online advertising will
not do anything at all or you will spending way too much on something options that withgives you very
little resultsreturn on investment.

For a fraction of the current industry advertising costsrate, your business can take advantage of our
exclusive geogeographically-targeted advertising software. With this exclusive software and spider           Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Not Highlight
technology, you are able to connect to with local customers in your target area who are looking forin        Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Not Highlight
need of your services in your targeted area.                                                                 Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Not Highlight
                                                                                                             Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Not Highlight
TOP Consulting’s unique services ensure that your company’s listing will be viewed on the most popular
search engines and social networks; including We take your listing and push it on to the web through         Formatted: Highlight
our partner websites and your listing can be seen on all the most popular sites, major search engines        Comment [DMM9]: Probably don’t want to
                                                                                                             mention this
and social networks. (I want the search engines shown here ( the actual logo) Google, Yahoo, Facebook,
                                                                                                             Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Highlight
MySpace, DIGGS, Linkedin, ISupply and over 100 other search engines. ((((I will have to show you)))
                                                                                                             Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Highlight
Your local page is more than just a listing. With TOP Consulting’s advertising service,

Our advertising included a website where customers can read and post reviews of your business, access
coupons, see view photos of your establishment, watch videos, and access as well as directions to your
business.                                                                                                    Comment [DMM10]: bullets

We know that your business is constantly changing, that’s why we give youYou as the business owner
have the flexibility to change update your websitebusiness listing with current, coupons, promotions,
pictures or and videos 24/7!.

Do I include prices? A link to a short video or prompt them to call me?? If you are dedicated to making      Comment [DMM11]: prompt them to call and
                                                                                                             inquire about prices
your small business more successful with all inclusive business solutions at a fraction of the current
industry rates, contact TOP Consulting today to see what we can do for you.                                  Comment [DMM12]: hyperlink to contact us
                                                                                                             Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Highlight

Professional Partner Program

TOP Consulting knows that small business owners can benefit greatly from our professional partner
program. We offer several partnering programs to provide you with an additional source of income.

The firstOur credit repair affiliate program is unique to the financial sector and most popular with
realtors, mortgage originators, financial planners, and life insurance agents. If you are a Maryland or
Pennsylvania finance professional, consider adding one of our unique products to your business and
enjoy supplemental income while growing your list of services.
The second is available to individuals or small companies looking to expand their businesses or start a

Real estate, mortgage professionals, financial planners, and insurance agents have a unique opportunity
available with TOP Consulting. Although this is not a one size fits all type program. Those professionals
looking to supplement their income using our unique financial product or our credit repair affiliate        Comment [DMM13]: ? flows into what they do
                                                                                                            already, another strain of income and building their
program should contact the office directly. By adding our unique products you are opening up an             primary business
additional income stream as well as growing your primary business. Different levels of participation are
available and will be curtailed to your individual needs. Our credit repair affiliate program is only
available in MD and PA.

Our professional partner program is also available to individuals or small companies looking to expand
or start a new business. TOP Consulting offers a unique opportunity to train and support our
professional partners.

offers a unique opportunity while growing your business. Many of our business and financial solution        Formatted: Font: 11 pt
products are available and we offer training support to our partners. If you are looking to start for a     Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Not Highlight
small or home based business and are interested in providing any of our solution based products one of      Comment [DMM14]: What products? Business
our products please feel free to contact us to discuss your interest.
                                                                                                            Formatted: Font: 11 pt
                                                                                                            Formatted: Font: 11 pt
                                                                                                            Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Not Highlight
About US and Contact InformationMission Statement                                                           Formatted: Font: 11 pt
                                                                                                            Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Highlight
TOP ConsultingAt Top Consulting we supports individuals and small and home based businesses in their
                                                                                                            Comment [DMM15]: Again, what products?
endeavors by providing highly effective, affordable financial solutions.
                                                                                                            Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Highlight

About US and Contact Information                                                                            Formatted: Font: Bold

Our team whether full or part time. We are a team of entrepreneurial spirited professionals bring 25
years of financial experience to every business solution. We work with individuals and small business
owners because that is our area of expertise.

CEO, Sue Shollenberger, understands firsthand the daily grind of a small business owner. Ms.
Shollenberger has owned and operated her own small business for over a decade. After receiving her
Bachelors from East Tennessee State University in Business Administration, Ms. Shollenberger began her
15 year-career in the mortgage industry during which she was a member of the Pennsylvania
Association of Mortgage Brokers and branch manager for United First Financial.

working together to achieve the goals of our client’s. WeTOP Consulting offers affordable solutions for
today’s most common problems. We have the knowledge and tools to get you where you want to be.
Do you have the guts to get there? (is that corny)                                                          Comment [DMM16]: yes
For more information on our services or to schedule a consultation contact us today!

We can be reached at

Email address: will be associated with url web address: new                            Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Highlight

Phone number 717-332-3380

Fax is 410-833-1960

I will be getting a PO Box today.                                                      Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Highlight

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