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SNET Server Hosting Overview


									                                                              SNET Server
                                                          Hosting Overview
Installed Services and Software

IIS, .NET Framework, ASP, VBScript, PHP, Perl, mySQL, SSL, XML, FrontPage Ext.
Outpost Firewall Professional, Bulletproof FTP, hMail Server, Windows Media
Streaming Server, Symantec Antivirus Corporate w/ real-time scanning, Dreamweaver
upload with site management, SMS, email & call support always!!

Machine Specs and Bandwidth

P4 2.8 GHz, 1GB DDR2 533 RAM, 250GB Western Digital SATA2 HDD x 2
AT&T Business DSL (4 Mbps down / 512 Kbps up), 5 Static IPs, Battery Backup

Hosting Services and Pricing
All packages include server-side scripting, FTP, virus protection and custom homepage.

$20    Starter        20MB submersive directory
$50    Basic1         500MB submersive directory
$75    Basic2         500MB website hosting, 5 emails
$100   Advanced       5GB website hosting, 25 emails, maximum bandwidth
$150   Deluxe         15GB website hosting, 1 domain registration, unlimited emails
                      w/ 5 distribution lists, maximum bandwidth
$200   Ultimate       25GB website hosting, 2 domain registrations, unlimited emails
                      w/ 20 distribution lists, maximum bandwidth, free t-shirt


   •   Addresses and also available

Forms of Payment

   •   Personal Check, Money Order
   •   Credit Card / Debt Cards via Paypal at
   •   Cash, beer, food and fair trade welcome

To Do List (Before Official Launch)

       Allow webpage forms to email content
       Purchase a NAT router for additional security
       Offer advanced traffic data and analysis
   •   Full mySQL implementation
       Offer email distribution lists
       Webpage to check email
       Clients’ ability to change own password

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