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									Scheduling Homeschool High School

As a homeschool parent, if you are just entering the high school years or if you have already begun
there are a few scheduling necessities to keep track of, plan for, and stay up to date with! It’s
important for you not to drop the ball on deadlines plans and requirements. Here are a few benchmark
activities you should make sure you are planning for when it comes to the high school years. For your
students freshman year of high school make sure to choose demanding curriculum! Selecting
challenging material will develop a greater flexibility for when it comes time to college selection. Make
sure you choose curriculum that will enhance your student’s proficiency in math and writing!

When it comes to sophomore year, give some thought to scheduling your student for the PSAT. This
will give your student practice for their junior year when the PSAT is their priority. The PSAT is only $13
sophomore year so it is well worth the experience! As I have already mentioned during you student’s
junior year, the PSAT should be their priority. If taken in October, it will allow them to compete for a
National Merit Scholarship; preparing for it thoroughly can seriously pay off! You can sign-up at your
local public or private homeschool for your student to take the test. There is only one opportunity for
that junior year so make sure you sign up!

The senior year goal is to fill out college applications and register for more tests! Yet, more test, I know
it seems tough, but doing well will make the following years easier on your pocketbook. Try to finish all
applications before Christmas if you want to be first in line for financial aid and scholarships. Your
student needs to take either the SAT or the ACT. Both is usually not necessary but if you would like
your student to take both so they have more opportunities to do well, by all means encourage it! Try
not to burn your student out though, remember high school can be stressful for them, just like it can
seem stressful for you.

In the midst of all these important plans make sure to schedule free time for your students. It will help
them maintain joy and independence. In our family we worked our heavy academic subjects 4 days a
week. The 5th day was when we focused more on delight directed learning, which meant that each
week we had a really exciting and successful day, encouraging our children to do what they loved.
Remember you are your students academic advisor, you are not a dictator or a master of all subjects!
That should be very freeing for you! All you have to do is make sure you are helping your student to
learn! In my experience the best way to help them learn is to help them love learning!

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