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									Whether you have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or have
only prolonged the problem focus from time to time, it is undeniable that
the modern world is now populated by murderers who often wander
concentration. tells some tips to cope with bully’s row
of concentration at work, such as those coming through the following.

1. Social networks in cyberspace

Read comments or post acquaintances in the heart wall can make a mess,
guessing thoughts, reactions to various other distractions. This is
obviously disturbing your focus to ‘fixed’ on the job.

Suggestion: avoid ‘open’ social networking sites while you are still
working. If forced to check, do it during recess. When relaxed, a row of
posts / comments that pass would not be too annoying like when you’re
working. If you are not the type of person who can control themselves,
then bring your laptop to work where there is no internet access.

2. Floods Email

Email … just bobbed in the inbox, and urged   for an answer. Although many
work-related email, entourage incoming mail   still has the potential to
interfere with concentration. You certainly   will not make any progress in
the work when his email replies, every time   he entered.

Suggestion: Set specific times to check mail so you do not disrupted.

3. Cell phone

It was one thing rings is much more annoying than email. Besides his
voice, answering any incoming calls while working will hinder the work
and mess up the focus.

Suggestion: Turn off your phone and check SMS / incoming calls during
certain hours or during breaks only. For families, you can ask them to
contact you at rest, unless there is an emergency.

4. Multitasking

True those men/women can do many things at once, but whether the result
is maximum? This is clearly still in question.

Advice: Do it and finish it one by one, for maximum results, and in a
shorter time.

5. Bored

Boredom can also make a person reluctant to focus due to loss of interest
in things / jobs. While as bored with the job-that’s it; telephone,
internet, clean-up work space can be a great temptation to do.

Suggestion: Make a deal with yourself. If you can accomplish a task, then
you are entitled to an extra 10 minute break. Entertain yourself with a
cup of coffee, a favorite snack, or a walk outside the office can also
refresh your mind is bored. If you can work while listening to music,
then why not?

6. Complaint

A person who filled his mind with complaints and concerns will of course
be difficult to focus. If not controlled, what she thought could be a
boomerang for productivity.

Suggestion: One effective way to remove it from your mind is to write it.
Write down everything that comes into your mind. Having written it, there
must be a feeling of relief and you can re-concentration.

7. Stress

When you feel the ‘plate’ responsibility too full, it can also haunt and
trigger stress. Shoulders so tense, so it is with the head and heart

Suggestion: There are many ways to relieve stress. Convince yourself that
you can finish one by one task, meditation, to take a moment to close
your eyes and listen to soothing music can be an option.

8. Tired

Tired bodies can seize the concentration (of course).

Suggestion: Enough rest. It’s easy.

9. Hunger

Without gasoline, the car cannot turn on, so does the brain without
nutrients. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, is the most lethal
concentration thieves.

Suggestion: Far from the famine could make a fixed concentration of the
road. Do not forget breakfast, eat a high protein snack, avoid sugary
foods, and choose foods with complex carbohydrates such as wheat.

10. Depression

Drowning in sorrow all the time can make a person daydreaming and
concentration difficulty with what was before him. If you have trouble
concentrating, and feeling empty, hopeless, then you probably are

Suggestions: steps can be taken is to consult with an expert. Depression
must be addressed immediately so as not to further protracted.

11. Influence of drugs

Unfortunately, some drugs still have side effects such as causing
Tip: If you are undergoing treatment, you should ask your doctor which
drugs do not cause side effects such as drowsiness and so on.

12. ADHD

Not only the children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
(ADHD), because this disorder sufferers usually lasts until adulthood.

Tip: Of course you should see a doctor and a counselor for therapy and
treatment is needed.

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