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                                  Ujian Akhir Nasional
                                    Tahun Pelajaran 2002/2003


                                      Bahasa Inggris (C2)
                                      SENIN, 19 MEI 2003
                                      Pukul 07.30 – 09.30

                            DEPARTEMEN PENDIDIKAN NASIONAL
                             Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan – BALITBANG - DEPDIKNAS
 02     01-30-C2-P10   03
 02      01-30-C2-P10   03


      1. Perhatikan dan ikuti petunjuk pengisian pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan.
      2. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum Anda menjawabnya.
      3. Jumlah soal sebanyak 60 butir, setiap butir soal terdiri dari 4 (empat) pilihan jawaban.
      4. Laporkan kepada pengawas ujian kalau terdapat tulisan yang kurang jelas, rusak atau
         jumlah soal kurang.
      5. Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas ujian, bila diperlukan.
      6. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian.
      7. Tidak diijinkan menggunakan kalkulator, tabel matematika atau alat bantu hitung lainnya.

      Bacaan untuk soal nomor 1 sampai dengan nomor 3
      My father died of cancer five years ago when I was 3 years old. He left my mother
      and me, their only boy. Last year my mother married Mr. Daud. He was a widower and
      he had got two children, Andi and Siska. Mr. Daud now becomes my step father. Andi
      and Siska become my step brother and step sister. Both of them are older than me.
      We live happily in my step father’s house. Now, we are waiting for the birth of my
      mother’s baby.

 1. How many children did Mr.Daud have before he married the writer’s mother?
       a. None
       b. One
       c. Two
       d. Three

 2. What is the relationship between the writer, Andi and Siska?
       a. Andi and Siska are the writer’s cousins.
       b. The writer is Andi and Siska’s step brother.
       c. Andi and Siska are the writer’s brother and sister.
       d. The writer is Andi and Siska’s children.

 3. “He was a widower” (line 2 and 3)
    What does “he” refer to? “He” refers to ....
       a. the writer’s father
       b. the only boy
       c. the writer
       d. Mr. Daud

 4. Librarian : Stop talking, please!
                You disturb other visitors.
    Students : ... We didn’t mean it.
        a. We are sorry.
        b. We are disappointed.
        c. We are happy.
        d. We are displeased.

C2-P2-2002/2003                  Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS
 02    01-30-C2-P10    03

 5. Putri wants to apply for a job. Now the manager is interviewing her.
    Mr. Susilo : What foreign language can you speak?
    Putri       : English and French.
    Mr. Susilo : …
    Putri       : Yes, fifty words a minute.
        a. Can you help me?
        b. Can you type?
        c. Would you type this letter?
        d. Can you write letters?

 6. Mr. Hasan : Would you get me a cup of tea, please?
    Housemaid : I am sorry, sir. ... no tea left. We have only coffee.
        a. There is
        b. There isn’t
        c. There are
        d. There aren’t

 7. A : Can you take my umbrella, please?
    B : There are four umbrellas here. … is yours?
    A : The black one, please.
      a. What
      b. Which
      c. What sort
      d. Where

 8. Winda : Look ! The flowers are beautiful.
             Who … them?
    Lidya : I did, and I watered them regularly.
        a. are planting
        b. planted
        c. plants
        d. plant

 9. Lidya : There is not any sugar left, Ratna.
            We need … to make cakes.
    Ratna : Okay, I’ll buy it then. Do we need eggs, too?
    Lidya : No, we don’t.
        a. many
        b. a lot
        c. a few
        d. any

C2-P2-2002/2003                 Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS
 02     01-30-C2-P10    03

      Bacaan untuk soal nomor 10 sampai dengan 14

              Your body needs energy, protein, minerals, vitamins, and fibre. In order to
      get all of these, it is important to have a varied and balanced diet, and to eat the
      right amount of food. Your body “burns” food to energy : the amount of energy
      provided by food is measured in units called calories.
              How many calories do you need? This depends on your weight and on what you
      do. When you are asleep, your body uses nearly one calorie an hour for every
      kilogram of weight. So a person who weights seventy kilos uses about 560 calories
      while sleeping for eight hours. More calories are needed for different activities –
      from 100 calories an hour for reading or watching TV, to 350 calories an hour for
      playing football.
              To calculate the number of calories needed per day for an everage person,
      first find out the person’s ideal weight. Then multiply the weight by 40 for a woman
      or 46 for a man. A 60 – kilo woman may need about 2400 calories a day – more if she
      does heavy physical work and less if she is very inactive.

10. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?
       a. To read something for an hour, a person needs 100 calories.
       b. A person needs 350 calories per hour to play football.
       c. Inactive persons do not need calories at all.
       d. Food is burnt by the body to get energy.

11. How many calories do we need? It depends on ....
       a. how old we are
       b. how heavy we are
       c. our weight and what we do
       d. our age and our weight

12. The text mainly tells us about ....
       a. energy
       b. calories
       c. protein
       d. minerals

13. A sportman will need ... a businessman.
        a. as many calories as
        b. not so many calories as
        c. more calories than
        d. less calories than

C2-P2-2002/2003                  Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS
 02    01-30-C2-P10    03

14. “ more if she does heavy physical work and less if she is very inactive.”
    The underlined word means ....
       a. very active
       b. quite active
       c. rather active
       d. not active

15. Suci : What’s the matter with you?
    Bella : I’ve got a headache.
    Suci : Yes, of course.
        a. Could you get me an “Oskadon”, please?
        b. What about going to the doctor?
        c. Why don’t you go and see a doctor?
        d. Could I help you?

16. Mrs. Yanto : What about our new uniform? Are you going to sew it yourself?
    Mrs. Fakih : No, I’m not. I ... to the dressmaker next Sunday.
       a. go
       b. went
       c. have gone
       d. will go

17. Lani    : My father ... to Singapore.
    Sonya   : How long will he be there?
    Lani    : For two weeks.
       a.   went
       b.   goes
       c.   has gone
       d.   may go

C2-P2-2002/2003                 Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS
 02     01-30-C2-P10    03

      Bacaan untuk soal nomor 18 sampai dengan 22
                             Selling Newspaper for Pocket Money

              Yanto lives not very far from my house. He goes to an SMP in the afternoon
      and in the morning he sells newspaper around our neighbourhood. His father was a
      government employee. He retired two years ago. Now he runs a small shop beside
      their house. We can buy groceries in Pak Mario’s shop. The prices are reasonable so
      people like to go shopping there.
              Yanto can collect six to seven hundred rupiahs from selling newspaper
      everyday. He spends it for his pocket money. Yanto saves some of his money in the
              Two months ago, during the school holiday, Yanto withdrew some money from
      the bank and with his family he went to visit his grandmother. Mrs. Mario’s mother
      was happy to see her daughter, son-in-law, and her grandchildren. They stayed for a
      week in Kampung Tanjung. Yanto, his sister, and his little brother enjoyed the holiday
      very much. They went to the rice fields, swam in the river, and learnt some Javanese
      songs from the village children. Yanto promised himself to come again the following

18. Who is Yanto?
      a. My neighbour.
      b. Mr. Mario’s son.
      c. Mr. Mario’s grandson.
      d. A government employee.

19. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
       a. Yanto cashed his saving in the bank two months ago.
       b. Yanto can save money from selling newspaper.
       c. Mrs. Mario’s mother is Yanto’s grandmother.
       d. Yanto spends a lot of money for his pocket money.

20. Mr. Mario has ... children.
        a. one
        b. two
        c. three
        d. four

21. Yanto’s grandmother is probably living ....
       a. not far from Yanto’s house
       b. at the same “Kampung” as Yanto’s
       c. in the city
       d. in a village

C2-P2-2002/2003                  Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS
 02    01-30-C2-P10    03

22. “The prices are reasonable so people like to go shopping there.” (paragraph 1)
    The word ‘there’ refers to ....
       a. a small house
       b. Mr. Mario’s shop
       c. the grocery store
       d. the market

23. Ardiyono : Have you got any plans for us on Sunday morning, Agus?
    Agus      : Yes, we ... to the Safari Park next Sunday.
    Ardiyono : Oh, it’s great!
       a. go
       b. went
       c. were going
       d. are going to go

24. Officer : Could I have your name, please?
    Ali Topan : It’s Topan. Ali Topan.
    Officer : And ... are you, Mr. Topan?
    Ali Topan : I’m 25 years.
        a. how old
        b. how tall
        c. how big
        d. how heavy

25. Ida       : May I go to the concert tonight, Father?
    Father    : … You have to study for your final exam.
    Ida       : But I really want to.
    Father    : You can go next time.
        a.   Of course, you may.
        b.   Why not.
        c.   Yes, please.
        d.   It’s not a good idea.

C2-P2-2002/2003                 Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS
 02     01-30-C2-P10   03

Bacaan untuk soal nomor 26 sampai 28

      Pub, Karaoke & Café                                                      March 10th

      Present Tuesday Evergreen
      Singers show from Jakarta:
             Paramitha Rusady & Desy Ratnasari
      with Imperial Band

      For this month
              DOME will perform Michael Jackson from America

      Jl. Tunjungan 102 Surabaya

26. What is Dome? It’s the name of the ….
       a. singer
       b. band
       c. show
       d. cafe

27. When will Michael Jackson have a show in the café?
       a. After March 10th
       b. Before March 10th
       c. On March 10th
       d. Next April

28. What does the advertisement tell you about?
       a. Where the singers come from
       b. What events there are in the café
       c. Who the owner of the café is
       d. Where the café is

      Bacaan untuk soal nomor 29 dan 30

                                     Numbers of Audience
                            May               June            July
       Nusantara            8,706            9,576           7,343
       Metropole            9,851            7,869           7,013
       Plaza Senayan        7,686            8,607           7,876
       Atrium               6,182            9,141           8,763

29. How many people have seen the films at Atrium in three months?
       a. 24,086
       b. 24,733
       c. 25,625
       d. 26,243

C2-P2-2002/2003                 Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG       DEPDIKNAS
 02     01-30-C2-P10    03

30. Which cinema has the least audience?
       a. Nusantara
       b. Plaza Senayan
       c. Atrium
       d. Metropole

31. Yani     : Where are you going next holiday?
    Didin    : ... yet, but I might go to Solo.
        a.    I don’t doubt
        b.    I’m ready
        c.    I’m not sure
        d.    I don’t believe

32. Rosa     : Next Sunday we will have a holiday, won’t we? What about going to Mount Bromo?
    Rima     : ... because the air in Mount Bromo is too cold. I am sure we cannot stand of it.
       a.     I disagree
       b.     I agree with you
       c.     That’s a good idea
       d.     There is no doubt about it

33. Look at the pictures.

                               Rp               Rp
                         89.900,00          199.900,00
      The rice cooker is ... than the iron.
         a. expensive
         b. as expensive as
         c. more expensive
         d. most expensive

34. Tourist A : Jakarta is a lovely city, ...
    Tourist B : Well, but I prefer Yogyakarta.
       a. is it?
       b. does it?
       c. isn’t it?
       d. doesn’t it?

C2-P2-2002/2003                  Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS
 02     01-30-C2-P10       03

      Bacaan untuk soal nomor 35 sampai dengan 38
       You won't believe your eyes, you'd think you
       were in a sultan's palace in an age gone by, but
       you're in the Puri Agung Convention Centre. The
       sheer size and the grand scale of which is unlike
       anything, anywhere.

       Featuring traditional Javanese architecture and
       symbols, with the colors and lighting in keeping
       with ultra-modern taste. The Puri Agung can
       accommodate up to 4,000 guests for cocktails,
       3,000 in theatre and 2,000 classroom style or
       1,600 for sitdown dinner. It has a complete
       array of electronic and audio visual equipment
       that a convention could possibly need.

       And where is this luxurious news taste of the
       art convention centre located? In Singapore,
       Hong Kong, or San Francisco? Not in the least.
       It's the new Sahid Jaya Hotel & Tower
       Convention Centre on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman in
       the heart of Jakarta.

                                 86, Jalan Jenderal
                                 Jakarta 10220-lndonesia
                                 Tlx. 46331 SAHID IA.
                                 Tel. (021) 5704444
                                 Fax. (021) 583168

35. What does the advertisement offer us?
       a. A luxurious art.
       b. A traditional architecture.
       c. A good accomodation.
       d. A complete array of electronic.

36. X : How many guests can the Puri Agung accommodate?
    Y : It can accommodate up to ....
      a. 4,000
      b. 3,000
      c. 2,000
      d. 1,600

37. The following statements are right about Sahid Jaya Hotel except ...
       a. It has an art convention centre.
       b. It’s located at 86, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman.
       c. It can accommodate 1,600 people for sit down dinner.
       d. It is the best place for a complete audio visual equipment.

C2-P2-2002/2003                      Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS
 02     01-30-C2-P10    03

38. “It has a complete array of electronic ...”.
    “It” in the sentence refers to ….
         a. Sahid Jaya Hotel
         b. Classroom Style
         c. Sit down dinner
         d. the Puri Agung

39. Ali and Ani had a vacation. They went to Prapat. They wanted to visit Hadi’s family.
      Mr. Anwar, Ali and Ani’s father, went together with them. They went there by bus.
      They left Medan at six o’clock in the morning and arrived in Prapat at nine. Edi and
      Tati were waiting for them at the bus station.

      What is the main idea of the paragraph above?
         a. Ali and Ani’s vacation.
         b. The Hadi family wanted to visit Prapat.
         c. The Anwar family went to Prapat to visit the Hadi’s.
         d. Edi and Tati were waiting for them at the bus station.

40. Santy    : Nobody can buy the computer. It’s ... expensive for us.
    Bella    : I know, but remember we badly need it, don’t we?
    Santy    : That’s right but let’s try to get the cheap one.
        a.    rather
        b.    a bit
        c.    fairly
        d.    too

41. Laila    : I dropped by Mr. Alfa’s house but I met … there.
    Pesta    : Did anybody tell you where he went?
    Laila    : No.
        a.    everyone
        b.    someone
        c.    anyone
        d.    no one

42. Choose the right order of the following sentences.
    1. It takes place within three or more days.
    2. The more important the person who dies, the more buffaloes they kill.
    3. It is carried out in honour of the dead person.
    4. One of the Torajan traditions is the funeral.
    5. It is done by slaughtering a water buffallo.
         a. 2, 5, 4, 3, 1
         b. 2, 3, 5, 4, 1
         c. 4, 3, 1, 5, 2
         d. 4, 3, 5, 2, 1

C2-P2-2002/2003                  Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS
 02     01-30-C2-P10     03

43. Santi : Wow! It’s cool and nice.
            And look at this seat and that TV …
    Rinto : Yeah, you’re right.
        a. What is a luxurious train?
        b. What train is luxurious?
        c. What a luxurious train it is!
        d. What is it? A luxurious train

Bacaan untuk soal nomor 44 sampai dengan nomor 47
      The Manager of KEN TOUR
      Jl. Ahmad Yani 12

      Dear sir,
      We are sorry to complain about the service that your travel agency
      provided on our school holiday Bali Tour Feb, 22 – 24.
              First, on our arrival we had to stay outside despite of our tiredness after 12
      hours. The people in charge said that all the rooms were still occupied by another
      tour group. We were welcomed to check in after 5 hours of waiting. That means our
      tour was two hours delayed. Consequently we missed one of the places to visit.
              At dinner time, many of us found no food left so we bought dinner outside.
      We look forward to receiving your response.

      Thank you,
      Yours faithfully
      Andi Lala

44. The text above is a letter of ….
       a. application
       b. invitation
       c. introduction
       d. complaint
45. The writer feels disappointed about the following, except ….
       a. the amount of dinner
       b. the canceling of one place
       c. the late welcome from the hotel
       d. the travelling
46. How long was the tour?
       a. 5 hours
       b. 12 hours
       c. 2 days
       d. 3 days

C2-P2-2002/2003                   Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS
 02     01-30-C2-P10           03

47. Which statement is NOT TRUE?
       a. The name of the company is Ken Tour.
       b. The Travel agency did not arrange the tour well.
       c. The students spent their holiday in Bali.
       d. The tour was successful.

48. Rini      :   Did you see the play in the cultural night?
    Bella     :   Yes, I did. But the story was boring and the actors were not good.
    Rini      :   ... you did not watch the play up to the end and went home.
    Bella     :   You’re right.
        a.        Because
        b.        So
        c.        Though
        d.        However

      Bacaan untuk soal nomor 49 dan 50
      Amin : Wow, there’s ‘Jakarta Post’ here.
      Akbar : You should … (49) English newspaper.
      Mega : I know it’s very useful for us as students.
              Not only do we get interesting things but we can also improve our English.
      Akbar : I think so. That’s why I read it.
      Amin : But how do you get the paper? Do you buy or borrow it from the library?
      Akbar : No, my father … (50) to the Jakarta Post.

49.      a.       speak
         b.       listen
         c.       write
         d.       read

50.      a.       sells
         b.       subscribes
         c.       reports
         d.       takes

51. Zein :    Can Edelweis grow anywhere in Indonesia?
    Bob :     ... According to the theory, it can only grow in a certain place.
    Zein :    Are you sure?
    Bob :     Yes. If you don’t believe it, let’s ask our biology teacher, Mr. Abraham.
        a.     It’s possible.
        b.     It’s impossible.
        c.     I hope so.
        d.     I think so.

C2-P2-2002/2003                         Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS
 02     01-30-C2-P10      03

52. A    : ... The lion is dangerous.
    B    : Thank you.
         a. Don’t move!
         b. Watch out!
         c. Be careful!
         d. Look out!

53. Rina :    Look! The baby zebra cannot find its food.
    Anto :    It doesn’t know the danger in its surrounding ....
    Rina :    I think so.
       a.      too
       b.      so
       c.      either
       d.      neither

54. Raka      : What are these plants in the pot for?
    Kiki      : I am doing my experiment.
    Raka      : What do you want to prove?
    Kiki      : The importance of water for the plants.
    Raka      : What do you get?
    Kiki      : Look! This plant grows well, ... that one doesn’t.
                Because I treat them differently.
         a.    although
         b.    so
         c.    but
         d.    when

55. Hafifi    : What do you think of Ronaldo?
    Habib     : He’s … confident but also strong.
        a.     nor
        b.     both
        c.     rather
        d.     not only

C2-P2-2002/2003                    Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS
 02     01-30-C2-P10       03




                                                                                   Note :     I     : USA
                                                                                              II    : USSR
                                                                                              III   : England
                                                                                              IV    : France
                       I        II           III      IV         V                            V     : Germany
                                                                             Total of population
                                                                             Total of unemployment

      Germany has ....
         a. the greatest number of population
         b. the great number of employed population
         c. the shortest number of unemployed population
         d. the smallest number of unemployed population

57. X : Did you watch the sport program on TV last night?
    Y : Yes, of course. I think Taufik Hidayat will be a champion in the Indonesia Open
    X : I think so. He played … than before.
      a. carefully
      b. more carefully
      c. the most carefully
      d. as carefully

58. It belongs to reptile; it has four legs.
    It uses its tail as weapon when it fights.
    It is originally from one of the islands of the Indonesian Archipelago.
    People call its name the same as its place of origin. What animal is it?
          a. Crocodile
          b. Alligator
          c. Phyton
          d. Komodo

59. Yuni : Will you come to the meeting?
    Bob : I don’t know. I can’t make up my mind.
           What’s the topic we’re going to talk about?
    Yuni : Water supplies for our village. It’s interesting I think, isn’t it?
    Bob : Okay then. I will come if it ....
       a. doesn’t rain
       b. didn’t rain
       c. isn’t raining
       d. hasn’t rained

C2-P2-2002/2003                          Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG           DEPDIKNAS
 02    01-30-C2-P10        03

60. Anto    :    Indonesia has to import rice next year.
    Mike    :    How come? Indonesia is an agricultural country.
    Anto    :    There are some reasons for that.
    Mike    :    Like what?
    Anto    :    The harvest failed ... natural disasters occured.
       a.       although
       b.       because
       c.       but
       d.       and

C2-P2-2002/2003                     Hak Cipta pada Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan - BALITBANG   DEPDIKNAS

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