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					                                     UJIAN NASIONAL TAHUN 2005
                                          BAHASA INGGRIS

   Read the following text and answer question 1 to 4.       EBTANAS-SMP-05-05
                                                               Pinkan : Hi! I am Pinkan, I live in Bekasi. Nice to
                 Animal Experimentation                                 meet you.
                                                               Bella : Hi! I am Bella. I live in Bogor ...
             Animals are widely used in laboratories.          A. I'm a new student
   Mice, rabbits, dogs, and monkeys are a few examples         B. We haven't met before
   of animals used by researches and scientists for            C. We are in the same class
   scientific and medical purposes. Scientists use the         D. Nice to meet you, too
   animal to investigate biological processes in humans
   and animals; to study the causes of diseases; to test     EBTANAS-SMP-05-06
   drugs, vaccines, and surgical techniques; and to            Azka : What about your grandfather? Is he still
   evaluate the safety of chemicals used in pesticides,                 alive?
   cosmetics, and other products.                              Firman : Yes. He is still strong although he is almost
             Many animal function like humans so that                   seventy five.
   they can be good models to understand the human             The antonym of the underlined word is....
   body. Some animal suffer from the same diseases as          A. old
   humans do. Animal also carry a number of genes that         B. young
   are identical to human genes. With those similarities,      C. pale
   scientists are able to learn much about the human by        D. weak
   studying the animals.
EBTANAS-SMP-05-01                                              Ardhi : What does your sister do?
  What do researches scientists do in laboratories?            Bertha : She works at one of the French companies.
  A. make drugs                                                Ardhi : She must be able to speak French well.
  B. do experiment                                             Bertha : A little. But she ... speak English better.
  C. take care of animals                                      A. mustn't
  D. give medical treatment                                    B. must
                                                               C. can't
EBTANAS-SMP-05-02                                              D. can
  Scientists learn about the human body by studying...
  A. certain animals                                         EBTANAS-SMP-05-08
  B. human body itself                                         Vena : I went to Pasar Baru with my cousin
  C. all kinds of animals                                             yesterday.
  D. all living things                                         Jodi : What did you buy?
                                                               Vena : I ... a gold necklace for my mother's birthday.
EBTANAS-SMP-05-03                                              Jodi : nice gift.
  Based on the text, why do the scientists use animals for     A. am buying
  their experiments?                                           B. was buying
  A. Animals are the most suitable objects.                    C. buy
  B. Scientists don't want to use humans.                      D. bought
  C. It easier to use animals than humans.
  D. Animals have similarities to humans.                    EBTANAS-SMP-05-09
                                                               Mr. Dendi : Your uncle sent you two sweaters. The
EBTANAS-SMP-05-04                                                           colours are nice, red and blue.
  "They are used for scientific and medical purposes."                      ... one do you like?
  (paragraph 1)                                                Nil       : I like the blue one.
  "They" in the sentence refers to ...                         A. whose
  A. researches                                                B. what
  B. laboratories                                              C. which
  C. animals                                                   D. when
  D. scientists
EBTANAS-SMP-05-10                                             EBTANAS-SMP-05-14
  Arrange the following words into a good sentence.             "There are many kinds of music ..." (paragraph 2)
  noodles - a bowl - will - of.- have - fried - I               The synonym of the underlined word is....
  1            2      3      4 5          6     7               A. differences
  A. 7-3-5-2-4-6-1                                              B. varieties
  B. 7-3-5-2-6-4-1                                              C. similarities
  C. 7-3-5-6-1-4-2                                              D. elements
  D. 7-3-5-2-1-4-6
   Read the following text and answer questions 11 to 14        Read the following paragraph and complete it with
                                                                suitable word.
                            Music                                          Albar, Binsar, and Novianto are all musicians
                                                                in a ...called The Albino. The name is the fusion of their
             Music may be defined as the art of organizing      names: A/ for Albar, Bin for Binsar, and No for
   sounds and silences into meaningful patterns. Music is       Novianto. Albar plays the piano, Binsar plays the bass,
   one of the oldest arts. In the world history, every          and Novianto plays the guitar.
   civilization is accompanied by any form of music.
   Thus, music is a part of every civilization.                  The suitable word to complete the paragraph is....
             There are many kinds of music, such as a            A. band
   classical music, waltz, jazz, pop music, and rock'n roll      B. concert
   music. In this text we are going to discuss about jazz        C. orchestra
   music.                                                        D. performance
             Jazz began in the early 20th century as a
   music of black Americans. It was intended for singing,     EBTANAS-SMP-05-16
   dancing, entertaining and party atmosphere. Since then,      It was a bad game.
   jazz continued to develop. There are many leading            You mean our team failed in the game?
   singers, instrumentalists, and composers in the world.       Yes, our team played ...
   Jazz also influenced almost every other kind of music.       A. carefully
   Jazz represents a blending of musical elements from          B. fast
   Africa and from Europe. Jazz uses some European              C. hard
   ideas of harmony and melody, but the rhythms are             D. very badly
   more African in origin. It is irregular in rhythm.
             Jazz has also developed in Indonesia. Most       EBTANAS-SMP-05-17
   people in Indonesia know who Ireng Maulana is. He            Amanda: Look, aren't Mike Tyson and Hollyfield
   and his band often appear on television. His band is                  good boxers?
   one of the leading jazz music bands.                         Linda : Yes. They are both strong, aren't they?
                                                                Joe    : Yes, but Mike Tyson is ... Hollyfield
EBTANAS-SMP-05-                                                 Frank : And Mike can knock out his opponent easily.
  According to the text, jazz music started in....              A. stronger than
  A. America                                                    B. as strong as
  B. Africa                                                     C. the strongest
  C. Europe                                                     D. very strong
  D. Indonesia
EBTANAS-SMP-05-12                                               Yapin     : Hello, Dad. What a surprise! How're Mun,
  What does paragraph two tell us about?                                    Nasin and Melisa?
  A. What music is.                                             Mr.Jomiji : They are fine. Yapin, I'll be in Bandung on
  B. Kinds of music                                                         Wednesday and I ... you the next day.
  C. Development of music                                       Yapin     : Great, Dad. Are you coming to Bandung
  D. The history of music                                                   for work?
                                                                Mr Jomiji : Yes, I have to be at a meeting on Friday.
EBTANAS-SMP-05-13                                                           I'm leaving here early so that I can see
  What is the rhythm of jazz like?                                          you.
  A. Very slow                                                  A. visit
  B. Very fast                                                  B. visited
  C. Irregular                                                  C. will visit
  D. Monotonous                                                 D. have visited
EBTANAS-SMP-05-19                                             EBTANAS-SMP-05-24
  Mother ; I ... you a new dress for the party,                 Ario : I have two free tickets from my uncle.
  Hesti : Oh, yes? Let me see it.                                         Would you accompany me to the theatre?
  Mother : Here it is                                           Wawan : ... but there's no one at home. Mother asked
  Hesti : It's nice. I like it. Thank you, mum.                           me to stay and do not go anywhere.
  A. buy                                                        Ario : OK. I see.
  B. am buying                                                  A. I'm so happy
  C. will bought                                                B. It's boring
  D. have bought                                                C. It sounds nice
                                                                D. I'm so sad
   Read the following text and answer questions 20 to 23.
                                                                Mother     : You look so weird, dear. What's up?
                                                                Lara       : I really don't know why, but I feel hot and
                                                                             my headaches.
                                                                Mother     : Okay, dear.... But let me take you to a
                                                                             doctor just in case.
                                                                A. It is time to stay in bed
                                                                B. You are sorry to say that
                                                                C. I don't want to sorry you
                                                                D. There's nothing to worry about

                                                                Jihan : I must try to have the top scores at the
                                                                Ario : I ... you will get the best score.
EBTANAS-SMP-05-20                                               A. decide
  What is the text about?                                       B. need
  A. How to look after elephants                                C. doubt
  B. Groups of elephants                                        D. hope
  C. The Elephant Safari Park in Taro
  D. Facilities for the elephants                             EBTANAS-SMP-05-17
                                                                Wulan : What the busy friend you are! Would you
EBTANAS-SMP-05-21                                                        like any help
  How much is the entrance fee for child?                       Hening : ... Don't worry, I will finish this work in a
  A. US$2.50                                                             minute. Have a seat, please.
  B. US$5.75                                                    A. No, thank you
  C. US$9.50                                                    B. Yes, please
  D. US$29.00                                                   C. No, I don't
                                                                D. Yes, you're right
  The Elephant Safari Park was officially opened in....       EBTANAS-SMP-05-28
  A. 1997                                                       Kiki   : Where should we stay tonight, Mom? We
  B. 2000                                                                don't have any relatives here.
  C. 2002                                                       Mother : Don't worry, dear. We can stay in a hotel.
  D. 2003                                                       Kiki   : it?
                                                                Mother : It's approximately three hundred meters.
EBTANAS-SMP-05-23                                                        Let's go there.
  "Displays of elephant intelligence and their capabilities     A. how much
  ..." (Paragraph 4)                                            B. how long
  "Their" in the sentence refers to...                          C. how large
  A. visitors                                                   D. how far
  B. trainers
  C. elephants
  D. children
EBTANAS-SMP-05-29                                                EBTANAS-SMP-05-32
  Read the following table to answer questions no. 29              The letter shows that Vivian …
  Pandu's Sport timetable                                          A. has not eaten the day before
                  Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu             Fri     Sat     B. bough all beautiful local art
                                                                   C. has tried the traditional food
   Cycling         √      -     √     -      √      -       -      D. did not have nice holiday
   Running          -     √     -     -      -      -      √
                                                                    Choose the mossy suitable words to complete and
   Swimming         -     -     -     √      -      -       -
                                                                    answer question 33 to 35 of the following text.
   Diving           -     √     -     -      -     √        -
                                                                              Most of the Indonesian farmers use traditional
   Based on the table, Pandu has running exercises ... a
                                                                    tools to ... (33) their fields. They use ... (34) to loosen
                                                                    the soil.
   A. once
                                                                              Modern farm machinery is not needed,
   B. twice
                                                                    because the size of the average farm is small. Farmers
   C. three times
                                                                    also use … (35) to get better crops. They use both,
   D. four times
                                                                    natural and chemical ones.
   Read the following letter and answer questions 30 to
                                                                   A. plant
                                                                   B. till
                                                                   C. look after
                                      Ubud, 7th April 2005
                                                                   D. weed
             Dear Barbara,
                                                                   A. tractors
              Hi there. How are things with you? It's good
                                                                   B. bulldozers
   to know that you are doing fine in business. Have you
                                                                   C. seeder
   received my postcard?
                                                                   D. ploughs
              I am now sitting in my hotel room writing a
   letter to you about my wonderful holiday. I think this is
   the most wonderful holiday have I ever had. The
                                                                   A. pest sprayer
   people are very friendly. There are a lot of interesting
                                                                   B. water
   tourist objects to visit, beautiful local art and craft,
                                                                   C. fertilizer
   tasty traditional food, and much more.
                                                                   D. certain soil
              It's Thursday today. I can't believe this is my
   last day. I wish I could spend more time here. I am
   certain I will stay longer on my next visit.
                                                                   Rearrange the sentences below to make a coherent
              I'll be home at about 3 p.m. tomorrow if the
   flight is on time. On Monday I must go back to work, I
                                                                   1. He lives in a small town and knows every family
   can't wait to show my video to my class.
                                                                        on his route.
              Okay, that's all for now. Send my love to your
                                                                   2. Neil Moore has been a postman for 20 years.
   children. Bye.
                                                                   3. At Christmas many families give him presents.
                                                                   4. They appreciate his dedication and good service.
                                          Best wishes from,
                                                                   5. He has carried mail in heat and in cold, in rain
                                                                        and in snow.
                                                                   6. He has delivered thousands of letters to homes on
   Choose the most suitable words to complete and
                                                                        his mail route.
   answer questions 33 to 35 of the following text.
                                                                   A. 1-2-3-4-5-6
                                                                   B. 6-1-3-5-2-4
                                                                   C. 2-5-6-1-3-4
  The letter tell us about …
                                                                   D. 4-5-6-3-2-1
  A. Vivian’s holiday in Bali
  B. Barbara’s letter
  C. Vivian’s favorite places
  D. Barbara’s plan for Bali

  On what day Vivian going to arrive home?
  A. Thursday
  B. Friday
  C. Saturday
  D. Sunday
   Read the following text and answer questions 37 to        EBTANAS-SMP-05-42
   40.                                                         Shopkeeper : It's only about Rp200.000
                                                               Costumer : Rp200,000 you say. Hm, it sounds quite
                                                                            reasonable for me.
                                                               Shopkeeper : So, are you certain to take it?
                                                               Costumer : Well, ... about the quality.
                                                               Shopkeeper : Please don't worry about it. I believe that
                                                                            it will satisfy you. It's a three years
                                                               A. I'm certain
                                                               B. I’m not sure
                                                               C. I'm sure
                                                               D. I don't know

EBTANAS-SMP-05-37                                            EBTANAS-SMP-05-43
  What is the text about?                                      Khoerul : I think a tractor works fast.
  A. A flight schedule of Air Paradise International           Hasin : Well, it's true but the farmers don't like it.
  B. Special routes of Air Paradise International              Khoerul : Why?
  C. Special domestic introductory fares.                      Hasin : Maybe it's very expensive.
  D. Special overseas introductory fares.                      The underlined utterance expresses....
                                                               A. agreement
EBTANAS-SMP-05-38                                              B. disagreement
  Your flight number will be... if you fly from Denpasar       C. certainty
  to Perth on Wednesday.                                       D. uncertainty
  A. AD 062
  B. AD 063                                                     Read this sport paragraph!
  C. AD 066
  D. AD 067                                                  EBTANAS-SMP-05-44
                                                                        They are the tallest animals. They can be 5.3
EBTANAS-SMP-05-39                                              meters tall. They have longer necks than other animals.
  How much is the airfare if you travel with your              Because they have such long necks, the animals can eat
  husband and your 19 years old son from Denpasar to           the highest leaves on the tree.
  A. US$620                                                     Which of these four pictures does the paragraph
  B. US$705                                                     describe?
  C. US$1.155                                                   A.
  D. US$1.192,50

  "Ticket valid 1 (one) year".                                  B.
  The underlined word means being ...
  A. expired
  B. cancelled
  C. postponed
  D. affective                                                  C.
  Siti : Dad, tomorrow is Mother's Day. What are you
           going to buy for Mummy?
  Father : I think I'll buy her a new pair of glasses. She
           needs new ones ...                                   D.
  Siti : Oh, sure she does.
  A. won't she?
  B. doesn't she?
  C. isn't she?
  D. wasn't she?
EBTANAS-SMP-05-45                                              Read the following graph answer questions 49 to 50.
  Look at the picture!
  According to the picture, Seoul is …

   A.   as cold as Moscow
   B.   not as cold as Chicago
   C.   the coldest city                                    EBTANAS-SMP-05-49
   D.   hotter than Moscow                                    The graph tells us about....
                                                              A. indoor children activities
EBTANAS-SMP-05-46                                             B. outdoor children games
  Mei Hwa      : I'd like to book a room for tonight.         C. characteristic of games
  Receptionist : I'm very sorry. But the hotel is fully       D. games for children
                 occupied. Maybe you can find another
                 hotel somewhere else.                      EBTANAS-SMP-05-50
  Mei Hwa      : Can you help me find a nearby one?           The most popular games based on the diagram is ...
  Receptionist : I'm very sorry, I'm busy. Perhaps you        A. snakes and ladders
                 may ask... else to help you.                 B. hide and seek
  A. somebody                                                 C. kite flying
  B. nobody                                                   D. chess
  C. something
  D. no one                                                 EBTANAS-SMP-05-51
                                                              1. In 1890 Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a Frenchman,
EBTANAS-SMP-05-47                                                  decided to try to start the Olympic Games again.
  Angelica : Where is your baggage?                           2. The event lasted for more than 1,000 years but
  Father   : There it is. We are bringing three suitcases          then died out after Greece became part of The
             and two large boxes.                                  Roman Empire.
  Angelica : Wow ….                                           3. He succeeded, and the first Modern Olympic
  Mother : Yes, we had to pay for the extra weight                 Games began in Athens, Greece, in 1896.
  A. What an exciting trip!                                   4. He wanted to promote how to strengthen the mind
  B. That’s good idea                                              and spirit shown in the Classic Greek Olympic
  C. How heavy is the baggage?                                     Games
  D. What heavy baggage you have?                             5. The Olympic Games were first held in ancient
                                                                   Greece approximately in the year 776 B.C.
EBTANAS-SMP-05-48                                             The correct arrangement to make a good paragraph is
  Albar   : My elder brother is a pilot, but he is also       ...
            active in an organization.                        A. 5 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
  Deni    : …                                                 B. 5 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 3
  Albar   : That’s right. What about your brother?            C. 5 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 4
  Deni    : He is a traffic controller                        D. 5 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
  A. So your brother is quite busy then.
  B. But he enjoyed the flight.                             EBTANAS-SMP-05-52
  C. Because he prefers his job.                              Choose the suitable sentence to complete the paragraph
  D. In short, he lost job                                    .... It is now a part of our daily life. It is not only a
                                                              source of news and information. Television is also a
                                                              valuable tool for science, education and industry.
                                                              A. Television works in the same way as radio in
                                                                     some ways.
                                                              B. There are many quiz programs on televisions as
                                                                     well as on radio broadcasting.
                                                              C. C Watching television has made great changes in
                                                                     people's lives all over the world.
                                                              D. Television is the most important source of
                                                                     entertainment for great numbers of people all over
                                                                     the world.
EBTANAS-SMP-05-53                                           EBTANAS-SMP-05-58
  Zidan : Will our school team take part in the football      Bagus : Most people like watching ‘sinetron’
           competition?                                                nowadays.
  Mulhaim: I think so ... the players practice hard every     Bondan : You’re right. So, that why there are a lot of
           day.                                                        ‘sinetron’ broadcast on television. Do you
  Zidan : Good! I hope they can do their best.                         like watching them too?
  Mulhaim: I hope so                                          Bagus : No, I don’t. How about you?
  A. Both of                                                  Bondan : … I prefer watching news programs and
  B. All of                                                            some quiz programs.
  C. Each                                                     A. So do I
  D. None of                                                  B. So am I
                                                              C. Neither do I
EBTANAS-SMP-05-54                                             D. Neither am I
  Chaidar: Why do we have to save our forests, Mom?
  Mother : Because they are very important for us.          EBTANAS-SMP-05-59
  Chaidar: Are they?                                          Habib      : We are going to Botanical Garden
  Mother : Yes. ... do they keep the balance of the                        tomorrow. Would you like to come along
           environment ... produce wood.                                   with us?
  A. Not only - but also                                      Muihaimin : I’d love to, but I have to ask my parents
  B. Either-or                                                             permission first.
  C. Both – and                                               Habib      : That’s good.
  D. Neither-nor                                              Muihaimin : Yup. If they … me, I … with you.
                                                              A. permit - will go
EBTANAS-SMP-05-55                                             B. will permit - go
  Hilman  : I heard that Taufik Hidayat lost the              C. will permit - will go
            match.                                            D. permit - go
  Irfan   : Yes, he did.
  Hilman  : Who defeated him?                               EBTANAS-SMP-05-60
  Irfan   : Bao Chunlai ...                                   Choose the statement with correct grammar,
  A. is                                                       punctuation, and spelling.
  B. was                                                      A. 'Kompas' are one of the national newspapers
  C. did                                                          published in Indonesia.
  D. does                                                     B. A headline is the title of a newspaper article
                                                                  printed in large letters.
EBTANAS-SMP-05-56                                             C. Can you give me some information about
  Farah : How's the new driver?                                   subscribing the newspaper please?
  Dina : A good one so far.                                   D. If you want to receive newspapers or magazines
  Farah : Is he?                                                  regularly you have subscribe to them.
  Dina : Yes. He drives the car ... .than the former one.
  A. carefully
  B. less carefully
  C. more carefully
  D. most carefully

  Bintang : ...!
  Bonita    : What’s up?
  Bintang : The floor is wet. You might fall down.
  Bonita    : Oh, thanks for the warning.
  A. Look
  B. Have a look
  C. Fire
  D. Look out

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