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									                                 Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional
                                                         Tahun 1997
                                                   Bahasa Inggris

   BACAAN I                                                   EBTANAS-SMP-97-07
   Pertanyaan nomor 1 sampai dengan 4                           Mahdi started working in the post office in 1980.
   Read the whole dialogue and choose the best word             He ... in the post office for 14 years.
   to complete the dialogue.                                    A. .works
                                                                B. is working
   Adi  : Where is your father, Tono?                           C. worked
   Tono : He is a t... (1)                                      D. has worked
   Adi  : Is he a teacher?
   Tono : Yes, he is. He ... (2) English                      EBTANAS-SMP-97-08
           What's your father, Adi?                             Manager : Have you seen Tuti?
   Adi : He's the ... (3) of PT. Surya Company. He runs         Secretary : Yes, sir. She ... a letter in her room now
           the company very well.                               A. was typing
   Tono : I see. Does he have a ... (4)?                        B. is typing
   Adi : Sure. Her name is Andini.                              C. has typed
           She types well and is trustworthy.                   D. typed

EBTANAS-SMP-97-01                                                        THE GRAND BALI BE ACHHOTEL
  A. the office
  B. the bank                                                          Bali Beach Hotel was only a remembrance. It was
  C. work                                                        burnt and only one room left. The room number 327.
  D. school                                                      Today this'' room is considered a holy place. (They put
                                                                 a "sesaji" in that room there times a day and this room
EBTANAS-SMP-97-02                                                is not for sale)
  A. learns                                                            They only needed seven months to rebuild the
  B. explains                                                    hotel. Nowadays it is a really wonderful hotel. They
  C. teaches                                                     named hotel "Grand Bali Beach Hotel". This hotel
  D. studies                                                     consist of there buildings. The first building has ten
                                                                 floors, the second building has two floors and the last
EBTANAS-SMP-97-03                                                one a cottage.
  A. director                                                          In the cottage we can find room '2041' which is
  B. specialist.                                                 not for sale. Someone who has a supernatural power
  C. typist                                                      says that he hears a strange voice from 'Kanjeng Ratu
  D. telephone operator                                          Kidul'. She said that she wants the room for herself.
                                                                 That's why: this room is completed with the furniture
EBTANAS-SMP-97-04                                                and most of them -are green. They think this room is a
  A. clerk                                                       holy one, so a girl who gets her period is not allowed to
  B. cashier                                                     enter this room.
  C. secretary manager                                                 An interesting thing in this hotel is that we can get
  D. husband is a driver                                         to get to-the sea around 10 minutes and in the morning
                                                                 we can see the sunrise clearly. We would feel that we
EBTANAS-SMP-97-05                                                have seen the best sense of art if we stay in this hotel.
  Tuti works, at a factory, and … husband is a driver.
  They have got married.                                      EBTANAS-SMP-97-09
  A. her                                                        Room 327 is holy because it was ... from fire.
  B. my                                                         A. safe
  C. your                                                       B. only one
  D. mine                                                       C. attacked
                                                                D. burnt
  Soni : ...                                                  EBTANAS-SMP-97-1
  Tono : Yes, of course. Don't forget to return it soon.        "The hotel is very interesting to stay in".
  A. Do you need a typewriter?                                  The sentence above is the main idea of paragraph ...
  B. Is the typewriter expensive?                               A. 1
  C. Do you have a typewriter?                                  B. 2
  D. May I borrow your typewriter?                              C. 3
                                                                D. 4
EBTANAS-SMP-97-11                                         EBTANAS-SMP-97-15
  Why is room 2041 not for sale?                            How long does the event last?
  Because it is ...                                         A. Fifteen minute
  A. a supernatural power                                   B. Forty-five minutes
  B. Kanjeng Ratu Kidul                                     C. One and fifteen minute
  C. green decorated                                        D. One hour forty-five minutes.
  D. someone's room
EBTANAS-SMP-97-12                                           Which of the following is not a country where the
  Room 327 is a holy place.                                 dances in Culture Adventure come from?
  The synonym of the underlined word is ...                 A. The United States
  A. antique                                                B. Indonesia
  B. sacred                                                 C. Scotland
  C. expensive                                              D. Britain
  D. pure
EBTANAS-SMP-97-13                                           How many people are performing at 08,40 p.m.?
  The three building which the hotel has now consist of     A. One
  ...                                                       B. Two
  A. different types                                        C. Three
  B. the same type                                          D. Four
  C. similar type
  D. one type                                             EBTANAS-SMP-97-1
                                                            What does Rinto H. do during the Choir Medley?
EBTANAS-SMP-97-14                                           A. He sings
  Tourist     : I need a room for two nights                B. He dances
  Receptionist: All right, Sir, Could you show me your      C. He conducts the choir
                 identification card, please.               D. He play the piano
  Tourist     : ...
  A. It doesn't matter                                    EBTANAS-SMP-97-19
  B. Yes, of course                                         What does Heidy D. do during the event?
  C. Not too bad                                            A. He introduces the items
  D. thanks a lot                                           B. He directs the musical
                                                            C. He conducts the choir
   BACAAN 3                                                 D. He plays the piano
   Pertanyaan nomor 15 sampai dengan 19
      ST. MARY'S SCHOOL 25th ANNIVERSARY                  EBTANAS-SMP-97-20
                         CONCERT                            All audiences clapped their hands because ...
     Cikini School Auditorium (08.00) Opening Song          A. the show was really interesting
              and Dance by St. Mary's Choir                 B. the show was really boring
                   "We're Doing A Show                      C. they were bored
   (08.10)             Culture Ad venture                   D. they felt tired
      A collection of dances from all over the world.
               Peach Blossom Dance (Japan)                EBTANAS-SMP-97-12
                 Square Dance (America)                     Rendra : "I've to say that I lost wallet in the Taman
                 Tarian Buluh (Indonesia)                             Safari."
               Scottish Folk Dance (Britain)                Marno : "I'm ... to hear that.
   (08.40)       Solo Item by Maria Harjono                 A. very sorry
                 "Somewhere Out There"                      B. very glad
         Piano accompaniment by Rudi Mulyono                C. disappointed
   (08.45)         Junior theatre present                   D. surprised
                 Toy Box A musical mine
   (89.15        St. Mary's Choir Medley                                           Computer
                  "My Favourite Things*'
              **On the street where you live"                      A computer I a machine which is designed to help
                         "Camelot"                           us in all aspects of life. This machine looks very clever
                      Led by:Rinto H.                        because it ca work very fast and finish a great amount
                      Pianist: Chandra                       of work in a relativity short time.
              Master of ceremonies: Heidy D.                       The first computer was made in Bletchlly,
                              &                              Hertfordshire, England. It was called Kolostus. It was
                       Yanti Sumarno                         the biggest computer ever made by men. The complete
          All guests should be seated by 7.45 p.m.           set of this machine filled a large room. The function of
                                                             this machine was to work with numbers. The numbers
   were used in code during the war between England and       EBTANAS-SMP-97-27
   Germany in 1942.                                             Reni : "Would you like to come to Nia's birthday
         Within 40 years its size has become smaller and                party?"
   smaller. A modern computer does not use any                  Dita : "I am not sure yet, but I will come if ... me."
   electronic tube but uses microchips. The invention of        A. she invited
   microchips in 1970 did not only make computer                B. she invites
   become very small but very cheap as well. A pocket           C. she has invited
   calculator is kind of simple computer.                       D. she's going to invite
         A computer consist of the hardware is the
   machine and all its equipment. The software is all the     EBTANAS-SMP-97-28
   system of the computer. If you attend a computer             X : Can you use a computer ?
   course you will learn the computer's software.               Y : Sorry, I can't use it, and you ?
         The whole work of a computer is done by the            X : ... can I.
   keyboard and the input unit, the central processing unit     A. Neither
   and the output unit which is represented bye the             B. Either
   monitor or the screen and the printer. You type some         C. So
   data on the keyboard. Your data will be sent to and          D. Too
   kept by the memory. If you need the data to be
   processed you must push the relevant keyboard and the      EBTANAS-SMP-97-29
   result or the output can be seen on the monitor. This        Ani needs an English book, but she doesn’t have ...
   output can also be printed out.                              money to buy it.
         Nowadays we can find computers everywhere.             A. a lot of
   They are loyal servants of men. It is men's brain which      B. some
   designs their exciting work. Without men computer is         C. any
   just as helpless as the other machine.                       D. no

EBTANAS-SMP-97-22                                                BACAAN 5
  What is the name of the country where the first                                     Transportation
  computer was made?                                                   In big cities we see many kinds of transportation.
  A. England                                                     Several kinds use engines, the rest use human energy.
  B. Germany                                                     Buses, mini-buses, taxis, trains, bajajs and helicaks
  C. Bletchlly                                                   need engine to move, but becaks do not. The number of
  D. Hertfordshire                                               transportation increase every year. Do you know why ?
                                                                       More an more people move from small towns or
EBTANAS-SMP-97-23                                                villages to big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya,
  On what part of computer do we type data?                      Ujungpandang and Medan to get jobs. Those cities get
  A. In the printer                                              more population every year. These people need to
  B. On the monitor                                              move there. That's why, the government has to provide
  C. On the Keyboard                                             more transportation.
  D. In the central processing unit                                    Besides, business and communication also
                                                                 improve every year.
EBTANAS-SMP-97-24                                                      People carry new products from part of the
  Paragraph 4 tell us about ...                                  country to another by using long-distance
  A. Part of computer                                            transportation, for example ships, planes and truck. In
  B. All equipment of computer                                   Palembang an in some other part of Kalimantan people
  C. All the system of the computer                              carry their crops to the market by sampan. They paddle
  D. The advantages of learning computer                         along the river. It also a common sight to see people
                                                                 from outside Jakarta with baskets full of food crops on
EBTANAS-SMP-97-25                                                their bicycles or on mini-trucks.
  The word "nowadays" (the first sentence, last
  paragraph) means ...                                        EBTANAS-SMP-97-30
  A. on time                                                    Becak needs ... to move.
  B. in time                                                    A. engine
  C. sometime                                                   B. human energy
  D. at present time                                            C. sun energy
                                                                D. water energy
  What do you think about computer?
  A. Computer can work by itself
  B. Computer, is not sophisticated machine
  C. Computer is the machine which is very helpful
  D. Now computers are as big as they were many years
EBTANAS-SMP-97-3                                                                        Television
  people use long distance transportation, for example
  ships, planes, and truck, except ...                                 At present, almost every family has television,
  A. bus                                                         especially those who live in big cities. Now, television
  B. bajajs                                                      is not: one of luxurious things anymore because it is so
  C. cars                                                        common that almost every family has one.
  D. trains                                                            Many people - old and young - spend their time
                                                                 watching television, since there are lot of television
EBTANAS-SMP-97-32                                                programs we can enjoy. There are music, film, sport
  In big cities we see many kinds of transportation.             news and many other programs we can choose as we
  Several kinds use engines, the rest use human energy.          wish. An interesting program makes us keep watching
  The italic word mean ...                                       it, so that sometimes we forget that we should do. It
  A. any                                                         can be disturbance for us, but we still love to watch it.
  B. most of                                                           Everything in this world leads to two sides; good
  C. some                                                        and bad, and so does television. As one of mass-media,
  D. the others                                                  television really bring many results. Of course, there
                                                                 are good results, and bad ones. The good results for us
EBTANAS-SMP-97-33                                                are that we get entertainment. It makes happy, and it
  The main idea of paragraph 2 is ...                            also gives information and knowledge.
  A. the kinds of transportation in big cities                         On the other hand, television shows programs that
  B. the increasing of population                                are not suitable for our culture, custom and age. For
  C. how to carry new products                                   example, the romantic and action films, that are shown
  D. the part of the country                                     at noon when children stay at home and watch them.
                                                                       However, in some ways television is very useful
EBTANAS-SMP-97-34                                                to us. We can choose the programmes in line our
  People use ... for long distance transportation.               favourite programs. We, however, should consider
  A. bikes                                                       many aspects.
  B. bicycles
  C. carts                                                    EBTANAS-SMP-97-38
  D. trucks                                                     Now; television is not a ... thing.
                                                                A. cheap
EBTANAS-SMP-97-35                                               B. important
  A: "Everything now is expensive"                              C. luxurious
  B : "I... with you. Even for bus, plane, and ship tickets     D. primary
  A. agree
  B. come                                                     EBTANAS-SMP-97-39
  C. disagree                                                   "We, however, should consider many aspects" (the last
  D. go                                                         line).
                                                                The italic word means ...
EBTANAS-SMP-97-36                                               A. care
  Mira studies at Patimura University, on a different           B. know
  island from her parent stay. When she has a holiday she       C. learn
  goes home by ...                                              D. think
  A. bus
  B. raft                                                     EBTANAS-SMP-97-4
  C. car                                                        Who likes to watch television ?
  D. ship                                                       A. All people
                                                                B. Old people
EBTANAS-SMP-97-37                                               C. Special people
  People from Sulawesi to Java usually use ... to cross         D. Young people
  the sea, and start from a harbour:
  A. an aero plane                                            EBTANAS-SMP-97-41
  B. a bus                                                      The main idea of paragraph 2 is ...
  C. a ship                                                     A. only young people like to watch TV
  D. a train                                                    B. sometimes TV programs disturb us
                                                                C. there are music, film, sport and news on TV
                                                                D. television programs are interesting
EBTANAS-SMP-97-42                                             EBTANAS-SMP-97-48
  How should we watch the TV programs?                          Do this cross word puzzle!
  A. As much we like
  B. Choose the bad one
  C. Choose the good one
  D. Choose the suitable one

  I was sleeping when my father ... the announcement
  about me on the radio.
  A. heard
  B. hears
  C. was hearing
  D. will hear

  I read ah interesting artic about traffic accident             Fill in the missing words to fill up the cross word
  yesterday, The underlined word mean ...                        puzzle!
  A. from cover                                                  1. Mr. Tono works to make programmes of computer.
  B. deadline                                                         He is a computer ...
  C. story                                                       2. We save or store computer data in a hard disk or in
  D. headline                                                         a ...
                                                                 3. Mr. Bram and Mr. Edi are computer ... They
EBTANAS-SMP-97-45                                                     operate computers of their office.
  There are many kinds of interesting,.. on the television.      4. ... is a machine can be used for storing and using
  A. channels                                                         the data to help people salve a lot of problems.
  B. announcers
  C. programs                                                 EBTANAS-SMP-97-49
  D. pictures                                                   Complete this dialogue!
                                                                Situation: Agus and Tono plan to go to Yogyakarta for
                                                                the coming holiday.
   URAIAN                                                       Tono :Which do you prefer, going by bus or train.
                                                                Agus : ... (1)
                                                                Tono : Why do you prefer train to bus?
EBTANAS-SMP-97-46                                               Agus : ... (2)
  Write down 5 misspelling words or the incorrect               Tono : But, which one is safer?
  punctuations, after that rewrite the letter, (Tulislah 5      Agus : ... (3)
  buah kata-kata yang berejaan salah atau yang bertanda
  baca kurang tepat, kemudian tulis kembali surat             EBTANAS-SMP-97-50
  tersebut dengan menggunakan kata-kata atau ejaan              Here are some pointers written by a commercial TV
  yang telah dibenarkan).                                       reporter on the sport. (Inilah catatan pendek yang
                                                                ditulis oleh wartawan TV komersil di lokasi kejadian).
        Dear mom and dad;                                       - Bank robbery, Artomoro Bank, lunch time. Sudirman
        I've got a new job as a electrician at an               street, Jakarta
        automotive factory in Jakarta. I'm proud of             - Broke the bank safe, carry 50 billions cash,
        joining this company because I can get a lot            - Escape by motorcycles, police investigate. You are a
        of experience and a good salary of course.              TV programmer, please write a good paragraph based
        Please wish me a good luck. I always miss               on the above pointers. (Anda seorang programmer TV,
        you.                                                    tulislah sebuah paragraph yang padu dan baik
        Yours son, Anto                                         berdasarkan catatan pendek di atas.

  Read the dialogue then answer the question.
  (Bacalah percakapan berikut ini kemudian jawablah
  Gentlemen : I want to check out. Is there anyone at
                 the front office?
  Room boy : Yes, Sir. The receptionist is there.
  Gentlemen : Please ask for the bill of room 703.
  Room boy : Yes, Sir
  Where does the dialogue take place?

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