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					                                          Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir
                                                         Tahun 1994
                                                     Bahasa Inggris

   Read the text carefully!                                             Do you love your parents? Of course you do.
                 WALKING IS A SPORT                                What should we do to show our gratitude to our
                                                                   parents? To show our gratitude to them we should:
         Sport helps us to become strong and healthy.              1. always do what they tell us to do.
   There are many kinds of sport : walking, running,               2. never disobey or annoy them.
   hunting, cycling, swimming, and so on. It is- not               3. be a good student and always do our best.
   important what kinds of sport we are going to do as             4. make ourselves useful both to our parent and to our
   long as we are strong enough to do it.                              country.
         Healthy people should exercise regularly, no
   matter how old they are.                                     EBTANAS-SMP-94-04
         The simplest and the best sport is walking. It is        Our parents love us very much. They ... on our
   also the cheapest one, because we do not need money            education.
   to do it. A long walk in the evening may help us sleep         A. get some money
   more than any medicine.                                        B. pay a little of money
         But people today do not like walking. They prefer        C. receive all of money
   to drive a car, though they are not in hurry or travelling     D. spend a lot of money
   a long distance. This kind of "disease" comes from our
   laziness.                                                    EBTANAS-SMP-94-05
                                                                  How to show our gratitude to our parents?
EBTANAS-SMP-94-01                                                 A. we disobey and annoy them.
  What is the cheapest and, the simplest sport?                   B. we always do what they tell us to do.
  A. Running                                                      C. we sometimes even lose sleep at night.
  B. Walking                                                      D. we never take care them as long as their life.
  C. Swimming
  D. Hunting                                                    EBTANAS-SMP-94-06
                                                                  No parents hate care their children.
EBTANAS-SMP-94-02                                                 The word "hate" means ...
  "They prefer to drive a car", (look at line 12).                A. kind
  The word they refers to ...                                     B. ignore
  A. money                                                        C. dislike
  B. people                                                       D. disobey
  C. Sport
  D. medicine                                                   EBTANAS-SMP-94-07
                                                                  Our parents have been looking after us since ...
EBTANAS-SMP-94-03                                                 A. we were born
  This kind of "disease" comes from our laziness, (see            B. we have been alive
  the last paragraph)                                             C. we haven't been born
  A. illness                                                      D. we and our parents have lived
  B. sadness
  C. careless                                                      Read the text carefully!
  D. laziness                                                                         OUR FORESTS

   Read the text carefully!                                              Indonesia has some of the richest forest in the
                       OUR PARENTS                                 world. The total area of forested land is approximately
        What does the word "parents" mean? It means our            120 million hectares.
   father and our mather.                                                These forests have existed for million of years
        How long have our parents been taking care of              and they have munch to offer us. They are important!
   us? This question is easy to answer. As we all know,            for their products, such as timber, rattan (= rotan), resin
   our parents have been taking care of us for as long as          (=damar), etc. They are also important for keeping the
   we have lived.                                                  soil fertile. The leaves of the forest trees fall to the
        We hardly imagine just how good and kind our               ground and become humus is fertilizer for the soil. The
   parents are. They also love us very much. No parent             roots of the trees prevent the soil from being washed
   hates a son or daughter. When we are sick or ill, they          away by the rain.
   look after us very carefully. They sometimes even lose                Some year a go the forest in Indonesia looked
   sleep at night| because of us. And they spend lot money         from the air like unbroken carpet of green. Today there
   on our education.                                               are a lot of bare patches (= bidang-bidang tanah) where
   trees have been cut down and cleared for farms, mines         Read the text carefully!
   and settlements. In some areas the destruction is                                   CAMPING
   continuing at a very rapid rate. If we do not stop this,
   our forests will be gone by the end of this century.          Camping is a good way of spending a holiday away
         Our government realizes this and has taken some         from home. It is cheap, and it is a lot of fun. You are
   steps to prevent the destruction. Some regulations have       free to go anywhere you please, and it is a great
   been issued (= dikeluarkan) to protect the forests. In        pleasure to be able to sleep under the stars.
   addition, reforestation projects are being carried out.
   These projects are as important as other big
   development Rejects. It is our duty as good citizens to
   help the government carry out these programmes

  What steps has government taken to prevent the
  A. Prevented soil erosion arid floods.
  B. Cut down and cleared away the forests.                            Next week is a holiday. The students of III A plan
  C. Issued some regulations and reforestation.                  'to go camping in Cibubur. Now they are discussing
  D. Continued ,the destruction and programmes.                  their plan.
                                                                       "Where can we get the tents? " Fitri asked.
EBTANAS-SMP-94-09                                                      "Everyone should his own bedding, a change of
  "Our government realizes this and has taken some steps         clothing and a set of eating utensils. The bedding
  to prevent the destruction"                                    should be light and warm and give you enough
  The word "tto prevent" means ...                               protection against the damp ground," Allan explained.
  A. to stop                                                           "Besides a change of clothing. 1-believe you also
  B. to offer                                                    need a sweater or a jacket. It may be cold at night,"
  C. to realize                                                  Tuti said.
  D. to carry out                                                      "How a bout food?" Fadli asked
                                                                       "It's fun to cook our own food. Why don't you
EBTANAS-SMP-94-10                                                bring the cooking utensils, girls? I think you should try
  The word they in paragraph 2 refers to ...                     to prepare simple dishes in one pan. Then we will only
  A. the leaves                                                  need to carry a few utensils."
  B. the products                                                      "All right." Tuti said. "We'll be responsible for
  C. the roots                                                   the food. Will you take care of the tents, boys?"
  D. the forests                                                       "O.k.,” the boys said. They all look forward to the
  What will happen if we don't stop cutting trees?            EBTANAS-SMP-94-13
  A. The leaves will make the soil fertile                      Who has had a lot of experience in camping?
  B. The forests will be gone                                   A. Andi has
  C. The rain will fall continuously                            B. Allan has
  D. The farmers can't make their farms                         C. Fadli has
                                                                D. Tutu has
  The main idea of paragraph 3 is ...                         EBTANAS-SMP-94-14
  A. the existence of the forests                               The bedding should be light and warm and give you
  B. the importance of the forests                              enough protection against the damp ground.
  C. the destruction of the forests                             The word 'ground' means ...
  D. the forestation projects                                   A. soil
                                                                B. weather
                                                                C. farming
                                                                D. polluted

                                                                Why can Allan answer most of the questions?
                                                                Because he ...
                                                                A. knows where to rent the tents
                                                                B. will take care of the tents
                                                                C. has got a lot of experience in camping
                                                                D. will be responsible for the cook utensils
EBTANAS-SMP-94-16                                              EBTANAS-SMP-94-19
  Now they are discussing their plant'. (Line 6)                 Why is communication the most important things in
  The underlined word 'they' refers to ...                       daily life?
  A. the students of III A                                       A. we can express our mind to other people
  B. Andi, Allan, Tuty and Fitri                                 B. people can't communicate without sound
  C. All of the boys                                             C. it is impossible for gaining something
  D. all of the girls                                            D. someone can use means of communication

   Read the text carefully!                                    EBTANAS-SMP-94-20
         The word communication comes from the verb              The most suitable title of the passage is ...
   communicate, which means to give or exchange                  A. information
   information, news, ideas or opinions by speech or             B. communication
   writing. In other words, communication is the sending         C. knowledge
   of information or news from one person to another, or         D. electricity
   the exchange of such information or news between
   people.                                                     EBTANAS-SMP-94-21
         Through communication people learn from one             Mr. Eries is my uncle. He has a daughter. Her name is
   another the things they want to know. Imagine if              Ratna.
   human beings should not communicate with one                  Ratna is my ...
   another. If a person cannot communicate, he will not          A. aunt
   talk to other people, and no other people will talk to        B. sister
   him or teach him any thing. So it would be impossible         C. daughter
   for him to learn anything. Can he learn anything by           D. cousin
         How could a child learn to do anything at all if he   EBTANAS-SMP-94-22
   did not have the chance to communicate with other             Look at the map!
   people, especially with his parents, brother and sisters?     Where do you go if you want to buy an aspirin?
   He would not learn to talk and would not learn to do          A. On jalan A. Yani
   any other things either. Someone must teach the child.        B. On jalan Gatot Subroto
   In other words, someone must communicate                      C. On jalan Malabar
   knowledge and skills to the child.                            D. On jalan Asia Afrika
         The main way people communicate with one                                                a. Police station
   another is by speaking. Two people can communicate                                            b. Bank
   in this way when they are near to each other.                                                 c. Kumala Hotel
   Nowadays, however, we can use electronic instruments                                          d. Supermarket
   like the telephone, radio and telegraph as a means of                                         e. Cinema
   communication by writing letters.                                                             f. Book store
         Writing began when men used pictures, to explain                                        g. Furniture store
   their thoughts for others. Now writing has become a                                           h. Post office
   very important means to communicate. Newspaper,                                               i. Papandayan hotel
   magazines, book and other printed materials use                                               j. Drugstore
         Since communication is important for gaining          EBTANAS-SMP-94-23
   knowledge you must communicate actively with other                                     Look at the picture!
   people, especially with your teacher and friends at                                    I and all of my sisters like to eat
   school.                                                                                ...
                                                                                          A. jackfruit
EBTANAS-SMP-94-17                                                                         B. pineapple
  If we don't have a telephone or as radio, we can                                        C. cucumber
  communicate by ...                                                                      D. watermelon
  A. reading newspaper
  B. printed material
  C. reading magazines                                         EBTANAS-SMP-94-24
  D. writing letters                                             Anton : What do you know about an elephant, Andi?
                                                                 Andi    : Oh, it's a ... animal.
EBTANAS-SMP-94-18                                                A. small
  What's the main idea of paragraph five?                        B. short
  A. The human being In modern live.                             C. big
  B. The television broad casting programme.                     D. thin
  C. The kinds of communication
  D. The existence communication apparatus
EBTANAS-SMP-94-25                                            EBTANAS-SMP-94-33
  Father got a very bad headache. He asked me to buy ...       Tono : Hi John. Is that Tim*s bicycle?
  A. an aspirin                                                John : Yes, it is ...
  B. a cigarette                                               A. theirs
  C. a bottle of Coke                                          B. ours
  D. an orange                                                 C. hers
                                                               D. his
  The students are practicing biology in the laboratory.     EBTANAS-SMP-94-34
  They are using ... to see a very small abject.               Susan : Do you have any ideas where Mr. Anto is now?
  A. a microscope                                              Jack : I don't know exactly.
  B. a telescope                                               But I think he is ... in Europe now
  C. a microphone                                              A. somewhere
  D. a conical flask                                           B. anywhere
                                                               C. nowhere
EBTANAS-SMP-94-27                                              D. everywhere
  Ki Hadjar Dewantara was the first ... of Education and
  Culture of Indonesia.                                      EBTANAS-SMP-94-35
  A. Mr.                                                       When Sanusi was in Singapore, he ... although he was
  B. Master                                                    only 20
  C. Minister                                                  A. felt rich
  D. Manager                                                   B. seemed young
                                                               C. looked old
EBTANAS-SMP-94-28                                              D. felt thirsty
  The teacher puts the news on the ... board
  A. announce                                                EBTANAS-SMP-94-36
  B. announced                                                 Tini hasn't finished her exercise yet
  C. announcing                                                She .. it since at 7 o'clock
  D. announcement                                              A. is doing
                                                               B. has done
EBTANAS-SMP-94-29                                              C. was doing
  The ... bring us news in the form of electronic              D. has been doing
  A. speech                                                  EBTANAS-SMP-94-37
  B. library                                                   Mr. Rukma : Kurnia, you should go there
  C. newspaper                                                 Kurnia        : "What time should I go there
  D. television                                                Mr. Rukma : At eight o'clock. Go there on time
                                                                               Please ...
EBTANAS-SMP-94-30                                              A. don't be late
  When the candles were blown out, I can't read in the ...     B. don't be noisy
  A. dullness                                                  C. don't talk
  B. lightness                                                 D. don't go
  C. darkness
  D. brightness                                              EBTANAS-SMP-94-38
                                                               Riris, Yanto and Leo got back their English test paper.
EBTANAS-SMP-94-31                                              Riris got eight, Yanto got nine and Leo got seven
  X: "Do you know those two ...?                               Yanto got the ... mark of them
  Y: "Yes, they are Dedy Mizwar and Didi Petet."               A. best
  A. writers                                                   B. least
  B. actors                                                    C. worst
  C. poets                                                     D. lowest
  D. singers
EBTANAS-SMP-94-32                                              Marto     : Do you know the boy, ...?
  Santi : Where is the dirty cat, Mira?                        Celestina : Yes, I do
  Mira : It's in the living room                               He is my classmate.
  Santi : In the living room?                                  A. who I met last night
  I don't ... it here                                          B. which car had broken down
  A. love                                                      C. where you saw yesterday
  B. want                                                      D. who helped me last week
  C. have
  D. need
EBTANAS-SMP-94-40                                           EBTANAS-SMP-94-46
  Maria Mercedes is a very friendly and helpful girl. All     Arrange each of the following words into a good
  of her friends like her very much.                          sentence
  She is now suffering from illness.                          A. is - the class - Mr. Abas - to - the new lesson -
  All her friends are very ... she is unwell.                     explaining
  A. surprised                                                B. the house -are - behind - the children - not -
  B. sure.                                                        playmg
  C. glad
  D. ashamed                                                EBTANAS-SMP-94-47
                                                              Make one sentence for every picture below into Simple
EBTANAS-SMP-94-41                                             Present Tense?
  Roy             : Where is my wallet, Rita?                 A.                        C.
  Rita            : Oh, I don't know
  Roy             : Would you like to help me to look for
  Rita : ...lam very busy
  A. yes, certainly
  B. I am sorry
  C. Of course
  D. yes, please

  Sri   : What do you want to drink, Am? Milk or tea?          B.                          D
  Siska : Well, I’d like some tea, please
  Sri   : (after a few minutes) here you are
  Siska : Thank you
  The underlined expression is about ...
  A. inviting people
  B. thinking people
  C. offering something
  D. introducing people

  Indra       : Father, this is my teacher, Mr. Abas        EBTANAS-SMP-94-48
  Mr. Amin : How do you do, Mr. Abas?                         Complete these following sentences by using "modals"
  Mr. Abas : …, Mr. Amir?                                     based on the pictures given
  Mr. Amir : Thanks for you coming at my son's                A. you ... enter this street
  Mr. Abas : You're welcome
  A. very well tanks
  B. how do you do
  C. It's good to see you                                      B. you ...limit your speed at 30 km an hour
  D. How nice to see you again

  Ramli : What do you think Indonesia, Bob?
  Bob : It1 s a beautiful country                              C. you stop when the train passes you ... turn here
          I like it very much
  The underlined utterance expresses ...
  A. surprised
  B. invitation
  C. pleasure                                                  C. you .. turn here
  D. agreement

  John : Have you got your report Dwi?
  Dwi : Yes, I have
  John : May I see it?                                      EBTANAS-SMP-94-49
  Dwi : Yes, you may                                          Combine these two sentences using "Too"
  John : Oh very good                                         Mr. Tony is a pilot.
  A. congratulation                                           His brother is a pilot
  B. sure for you
  C. certainly
  D. pleasure
  Arrange the sentences below into a good dialogue
  between Nita and Ika!
  - I'm fine, too. Thanks
    glad to see you here
  - Hi, I'm fine, thanks; and you?
  - Hello, Ika. How are you?
  - Glad to see you, too, Nita.
    Let's go to the canteen.

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