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									                 Good Support Indeed

                                  Rxmedco air transportation service
                                  with full medical assistance is very
                                  good and comfortable.

                                 My father–in–law was facing some
                                 heart problems and a surgery was
                                 required. The doctor I contacted had
                                 referred to a hospital in New Jersey,
as we could avail good treatment there. But, going there was a problem
as traveling by road with medical assistance would take more time and
going without medical assistance by air was a little risky.

After searching some sites, I thought of calling Rxmedco to the rescue,
as they have well equipped medical transportation facility. Though
their facilities cannot be used for emergency services, it was good for us.
I and my wife went along with my father–in–law to New Jersey and the
trip was good. He didn’t face any problem in between and felt relaxed.

The committee staff of Rxmedco always took good care of him en route
and also checked regularly if he was comfortable or not.

As soon as we reached New Jersey, they had also arranged for another
ambulance as they have service in all 50 states and we went ahead with
them to the hospital.

His surgery has been conducted successfully and our return journey
was also with Rxmedco.

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