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									                                                July 2006 Issue
                                          CENTENNIAL EDITION, Volume 7
                  www.aeolianyc.com                                                           Betty Sawyer, Editor

2006 Master Mariners Regatta-Aeolian's make their mark
Five Aeolian boats entered the 2006 Master Mariners
Regatta this May and all five placed in their class!
Flotsam, Vixen, Unda, Bier Rose & Bongo.

 Flotsam, 1st place Marconi 3 & Aloha Trophy for the: “Best Elapsed
Time”, Marconi Division 30' to 40' on Deck”, owners Brad & Geoff Clerk.
The Aloha trophy will arrive soon at Aeolian to be on display for the year.
FLOTSAM is an Alamedan built in 1963 at Alameda Boatworks, Fortman
Marina by John Linderman, Geoff & Brad's Great Uncle. John and Jack
Erhorn first spotted the Yankee One Designs on the East Coast on their
way home from WWII. Both working for Lester Stone, they convinced him
to build one. YANKEE CLIPPER was the first built for Stone, Jack built
FLAME for himself, one more was built for Stones and then John built
three more, VENTURE, TARFON, and lastly FLOTSAM for himself,
building around design flaws such as incorporating thicker full length planks, larger laminated oak frames and bronze reinforcements
where needed. John raced FLOTSAM until '72 when she was sold to Don Keleher who raced and won many awards, then passed
her on to his son, Don. Geoff and Brad Clerk bought her in January '04 and are having a blast racing her.

                                          Vixen, 2nd place Marconi 3, owners Steven & Linda Kibler. The Vixen is a local girl, still
                                          racing at 102 years old. She was built in 1904 as a gaff rigged sloop. She was rebuilt in
                                          1961-1967 and is now a Marconi rigged yawl. Her birth place was the Frank Stone
                                          Boatyard on Beach Road in Tiburon/Belvedere. She raced very actively for the first 50
                                          years of her life, and then became a family pleasure boat in about 1953. She began
                                          actively racing again in 2005. Vixen has seen many Yacht Clubs as home port, and has
                                          her name on many trophies: 1910 San Francisco Yacht Club, 1923 Aeolian Yacht Club,
                                          1924 Corinthian Yacht Club, 1927 San
                                          Francisco Yacht Club, 1934 Richmond Yacht
                                          Club, 1938 Corinthian Yacht Club, 1941
                                          Berkeley Yacht Club & 2005 Aeolian Yacht

                                           Unda, 4th place Marconi 1, owners Dean Gurke
                                           & Barbara Ohler. "UNDA" was designed in
                                           1938 and built in Denmark in 1948. She is a
heavily built canoe stern Marconi ketch. Dean and Barbara have managed a substantial
re-fit on this boat over the past 2 years and are about 80% complete. "UNDA" was a
member of the Sacramento Yacht club and was berthed in Berkeley since being shipped
to the USA almost 40 years ago. Last year she won 1st in the Master Mariner's Marconi 2
division, and this year 4th out of 14 boats. "UNDA" is 40 ft on deck. She flies the Aeolian
Centennial burgee either at the top of the main mast on a pig stick or, if at a Master
Mariner's event, at the starboard spreader. More information inside.
Commodore’s Report – Sue Roderick

Happy Summer! As is typical with the summer days, members are busy with
graduations, weddings and vacations. Hopefully, some of those special times will find
you down at the club and harbor enjoying Aeolian’s great events and spending time on
your boats. After all, that’s what it is all about.

Our July 4th picnic and fun day at Aeolian is coming up really soon! It is always a
great day to bring family and friends to enjoy the day of friendships, complimentary
food, and beverages – not to mention the sailing and horseshoe contests. Shirley
Ross, Judy Barker and Dona Fuller have been hustling vendors and companies with
great success and will be putting together wonderful gift baskets for our raffle. We hope you all will join us for the day.

Have you noticed how nice the clubhouse and harbor look? There have been lots of volunteer member activities around
Aeolian at work parties and at other times – thanks to all of you for the extra efforts given to keep it up. We can’t do it
without you.

At its June 15th board meeting, the board of directors elected the Nominating Committee for 2006-2007. They are: Shirley
Ross, Bob Wagner and Richard Geiger. If you are interested in being on the board, to serve on a committee, or to help
out in any other way, please be sure to get in touch with any one of the Nominating Committee.

As we have reported to you previously, one of the high priorities of the board this year is to secure the appropriate permits
and to handle the processes for our dredging project. Port Captain Jon Hamilton continues to work on the details as he
meets with all the agencies involved. It is progressing and we are still on target for August-October. I want to personally
thank Jon for all the work he has done to coordinate and oversee the dredging for us. Thanks, too, to Steve Kibler and
others who are assisting in this most important project for us. Please see Jon’s report in this JIB for more details.

As of the writing of my article, the special 100-year old yacht club cruise in had not yet occurred. It is scheduled for June
24-25 with a special dinner and program on Saturday, June 24th. If you were not able to attend, we apologize for not
being able to have everyone for this special dinner as we could only accommodate 120 people. We hope those who were
not able to join us this time will save the date of September 23rd which is the date for our Founders’ Ball. No, you don’t
have to wear your formal wear! And, women, you don’t have to dress like Scarlet O’Hara!! It is called a “ball” because it
is our anniversary month and we are planning a wonderful evening with a catered dinner, special celebratory program and
concluding with some great music for your listening and dancing pleasure! So don’t worry about what to wear – just come
and help us celebrate one hundred years!! The Founders’ Ball will also be limited to 120 people so make your
reservations early by calling Sherri in the office.

PICYA will once again sponsor a 10-day cruise next year. The date is scheduled for May 21st to Alaska. Cost is from
$949-$1,999 per person, double occupancy. If PICYA gets at least 35 people to go, PICYA will receive a check for
$2,500. If anyone would like more information, please contact Johnnie Owen at 916-776-1836 or jowen@teal.net.

There are several scholarships available for graduating high school students whose parents or grandparents are
members of a yacht club belonging to PICYA. The Western Boating Safety Group (WBSG) and PICYA have joined
together to offer three $2,500 college education scholarships this year! Applying is very simple: fill out an application
form, enclose official school transcripts, and write an essay of not more than 250 words. Topics and suggestions for the
essay and more information on the scholarships are listed in the flyer insert to this JIB. I’m sure we have Aeolian family
members who would benefit greatly from this scholarship! See Sherri in the office for an application form.

Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
History Corner - Richard Geiger
I’m again continuing on last month’s theme exploring our name: “Aeolian” Yacht Club. Perhaps we should write and perform some
music in the “Aeolian” mode at the Club?

From the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Aeolian harp from Aeolus, the Greek god of the winds), stringed musical instrument played by the wind. It is made of a wooden
sound box about 3 feet by 5 inches by 3 inches (1 m by 13 cm by 8 cm) that is loosely strung with 10 or 12 gut strings. These strings
are all of the same length but vary in thickness and hence in elasticity. The strings are all tuned to the same pitch. In the wind they
vibrate in aliquot parts (i.e., in halves, thirds, fourths . . . ) thus sounding the octave, 12th, second octave, and succeedingly higher
harmonics of the string's fundamental note.

The principle of natural vibration of strings by the pressure of the wind has long been recognized. According to legend, King David
hung his kinnor (a kind of lyre) above his bed at night to catch the wind, and in the 10th century Dunstan of Canterbury produced
sounds from a harp by allowing the wind to blow through its strings.

The first known Aeolian harp was constructed by Athanasius Kircher and was described in his Musurgia Universalis (1650). The
Aeolian harp was popular in Germany and England during the Romantic movement of the late 18th and 19th centuries. Two attempts
to devise a keyboard version using a bellows were the anémocorde (1789), invented by Johann Jacob Schnell, and the piano éolien
(1837), by M. Isouard.

Eolian sound also spelled Aeolian, sound produced by wind when it encounters an obstacle. Fixed objects, such as buildings and
wires, cause humming or other constant sounds called eolian tones; moving objects, such as twigs and leaves, cause irregular
sounds. A wind that flows over a cylinder or stretched wire produces a sound the frequency (pitch) of which is a function of wind
speed and the diameter of the cylinder or wire; it is independent of the tension, composition, and length of the wire.

Musical scales in folk music. Generally speaking, the scales of European folk music fit into the diatonic tone system of European
art music. On the whole, the scales of folk music in Asian high cultures are closely related to those consisting of two, three, or four
tones, typically using major seconds and minor thirds. These scales are normally used in single-line songs, such as children's ditties,
game songs, and lullabies, and they resemble the world's simplest music, that of certain tribal cultures. Among the most important
scale types in Europe is the pentatonic, usually consisting of minor thirds and major seconds; it is found throughout the continent but
especially in songs and song types not strongly influenced by the art music and popular music of the cities. Diatonic modes are the
third important group. The modes most frequently used are Ionian (or major), Dorian, and Mixolydian, but Aeolian, Phrygian, and
Lydian are found as well. The Ionian mode is most common in western and central Europe; others are found in eastern Europe,
Scandinavia, and England (as well as in English-derived music around the world). Scales with a predominance of small intervals
close to minor seconds are found in the areas once influenced by Middle Eastern music.

Prospective new members

Bob & Frances Metzger, live in Alameda and own a Power Boat and a Sail boat. They enjoy pleasure
boating. Bob was Rear Commodore at Ballena Bay YC . They are sponsored by Les Clark & Bud Fuller.

Robert & Judy Miller, also live in Alameda and are owners of a power boat. They are interested in
being live-aboards and enjoy pleasure boating. Robert is a machinist. They were sponsored by George
Carmignani and Steve Brandt.

Fred Payne, is moving up to the Bay Area from Santa Maria. He owns a 48 ft. sailboat. Fred also plays
the bagpipes. He was sponsored by Bud Fuller & Susan Worden.

Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
Fishing Report – Dave Cyr
Its on! Both the ocean Salmon fishing and the bay Halibut fishing is just about as good as it gets.

You have to be willing to pay the price at the fuel dock to get to the hot Salmon action. It seems the
best action has been in the area of Pt. Reyes, both below and above it – a long and a longer run. Two
weeks ago, I ran from Richmond up around the corner above Pt. Reyes, half way up ten mile beach. It
was no problem getting the Salmon, but the fuel bill was $250 for the day. Soon they should be
stacked up around Duxbury for about half the price. If I could only pick one sport rig for trolling
Salmon, it would have to be a 0/0 chrome herring dodger located 4’ behind the “dog whistle” sinker
release (#2 weight, #3 if you’re tough – but you don’t need it), behind the dodger 2’ leader (no longer)
to the salmon rotory killer (SRK) baited with frozen anchovies. I’ll give up three more bits of top
secret info about this. One - this rig does not produce if you use a pink lady or deep six in place of the
lead. Two - remember this saying “the right way to spin”- the right side of the anchovies head goes
into the SRK so that it is on the side of the SRK with the fin – trust me. Three - thirty five pulls. It
looks like a great run of fish this year – go get ‘em.

A good friend of mine fished two days this week on the Berkeley flats, off the end of the pier. He
now has #70 of Halibut in his freezer. They had limits for three guys both days with fish up to #30.
All done on the trolling rig I told you I would tell you about a few months ago. Here it is: a three way
swivel with a 10” dropper to the weight (8 oz. works good up to about 15’ deep) and 3’ to a “0” chrome
herring dodger, then 20” behind the dodger to the hooks baited with frozen anchovies or herring
(herring is way more durable). The hook deal takes a little doing to get used to – you tie a #4 treble
hard to the bitter end, then you snell a 1/0 octopus hook onto the line about four inches up from the
treble (it slides on the line). You stick the bait with the 1/0 from under the chin through the mouth
and out through the upper lip (regular deal), then you stick one of the hooks of the treble just forward
of the baits tail, on the upper half. Then you pull on the 1/0 which slides up the leader until your bait
has a slight bend in it (makes bait spin). I almost forgot to tell you about the small rubber band over
the head around the gills to stop them from flaring (important). Troll slow and bounce the bottom (not
drag the bottom) – put more weight if you need it. Hoothies work real good too (no bait), use a big
treble in the hoothie (no second hook on this rig, but everything else the same). A white hoothie stuck
inside a green hoothie works best – what ever color you pick, stick a 6” white twister tail on one of the
hooks of the treble.

I just now gave up a life time of trial and error on the water – I hope it helps you catch “em.
One more thing, Rockfish season opens July 1 and they are going to let us fish out to 30 fathoms this
year. Good Luck, Dave
Classified Advertising
Place your classified ad for Boats or Boat related items in the monthly Jib. Classified ads are
on a month to month basis for only $5 per ad- limited to 2 lines, one item per ad, Cost will be
added to your Aeolian bill. Send your ad to Betty Sawyer at Sawyer55@comcast.net .
Questions, call Betty at 209-736-6723. Ads must be received by the 3rd Friday of the month
for advertising in the following months Jib.
For Sale:
Anchor, Delta Fast-Set, New $260, asking $100
Contact Bob at 209-736-6723 or Sawyerathome@comcast.net
Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
                       The Encinal Yacht Club
                                 On the Estuary in Alameda

                                      A weekend celebration of
                                            Cal Boats
                                      Mark your calendar for September 9-10, 2006,
                                                 and bring your Cal Boat
                                       Regatta, Concours d’elegance, Flea Market,
                                                        Jazz night
                                         Contact: cruisecaptain@encinal.org

                       Nominating Committee Elected
The Board of Directors of Aeolian Yacht Club has elected the following members to serve
on the 2006-07 Nominating Committee:
                               Shirley Ross – 510-337-0458
                               Bob Wagner – 925-556-0692
                              Richard Geiger – 510-582-8593
The primary work of the Nominating Committee is to prepare a slate for next year’s
Board of Directors. The Committee’s work will take place primarily during the months
of July and August.
If you would like to serve on the Board of Directors for this coming year, or if you know of
someone who might be interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact any
member of the Nominating Committee.
The Nominating Committee will be soliciting names for key positions in order to present a
slate to the membership for posting and inclusion in the August JIB (the deadline is the
third Friday in July).
Thanks to those who have volunteered to be the Nominating Committee! And, thanks to
all of you who will be considering running for the Board for this next year. You are all

Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
Aeolian Club Racing - Gary Barker
Course no. 9, Wind WSW 8-15, Flood Tide

  On June 10th, we raced two races. The first race was a make up race for Aprils
abandoned race. The start was under good wind with a moderate flood. Steve Kiblers
"Vixen" in her first Aeolian race took the bullet with Flotsam second, Petite Sirah third
and Free Spirit fourth.

   The June 10th race (second race) used the same course with a different result. The
wind was peaking about 15 knots and the tide changed to a 2 knot ebb by the time the
boats were finishing. Petite Sirah and Flotsam dueled from the start and around every
mark to the finish. Flotsam took the bullet with Petite Sirah second, Free Spirit third and
Vixen fourth. Thanks to everyone on the committee boat for a job well done. The
cumulative standings for the races are contained in the table below.

                                                  PHRF       Season
STANDING     BOAT NAME           Vessel Name      Rating      points    Race1       Race 2 Race 3
   1         Brad & Jeff Clerk Flotsam             162              4           2         1      1
   2         Bob Frey          Petite Sirrah       153              7           3         2      2
   3         Gary Barker       Free Spirit.        189             11           4         4      3
   4         Kibler            Vixen                204            12           1         7      4

2006 Master Mariners Regatta-Aeolian's make their mark
(Continued from front page)

Brier Rose, 4th place Gaff 2, owner John Ough.

Bongo, 2nd place Bear Division, owner Jill Lutz. Al and I acquired Bongo in October of 2005. Call it a"rescue"
boat deal. We've had precious little time to sail her, what with all the rain and other boat commitments...but we fixed what
we could and figured the rest could wait til more time and money!
There were 6 Bears signed up for Master Mariners Regatta. This is the first time the Bear Fleet has had a one design
start in ten years! The Bears started 5 minutes after ALMA and the Birds. Only five Bears were at the start, four opting to
go straight across the flood on a windy reach, and Bongo, we decided to head up hard on the wind and we made Little
Harding on one tack! We beat all the Birds and Bears to the first mark! We rounded the mark and headed for Yellow
Bluffs. Our next mark was Blackhaller, but the winds and tide favored heading to the Marin Headlands. As Bongo got
towards the North Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge we were able to bear off a little at a time and finally found ourselves
rounding Blackhaller on one tack. We then went downwind, had a crazy jib-gibe where we decided to put the chute up
only to cover anyone from behind. No one flew a chute so we didn't risk it. We blew the pins in both ends of the
spinnaker pole while taking the pole down from the downwind ride, so knew we couldn't use the pole for the spinnaker if
we got another chance to fly it. We rounded Blossom Rock, still ahead of our competition. We tried to sail around a hole
developing behind Angel Island, but it got bigger than our ability to maneuver. The wind was light to non-existent, so we
were all on the lee side trying to ghost along when my good friend and great crew, Tom Montoya tried to use his weight to
tip us a little further when, bloop, he fell in the water! Our crack foredeck crew, Kit Styket ran back to drive while John
Huetter and I helped Tom back aboard. That's when Trigger Bear ghosted past us and we never caught up to her.
Trigger was the first Bear across the line with Bongo 45 seconds behind for a close second. We beat all the Bird Boats,
so we were happy we had a great race, with very few breakages and a great party too.

Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
                                             First, we listen.
                                         “Nancy and Steve Brandt provide an exceptional real estate service. We were
                                         fortunate to have them represent us in the sale of our Alameda home. From the
                                         beginning to the end, we were pleased each step of the way. They are able to utilize
                                         each others strong points, which for us was like having two of the best realtors
                                         available. The timing of the listing, the marketing, the disclosures, the inspections
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                                         multiple above asking price offers. Their professionalism did not stop there, they
We welcome the opportunity to help       continued to check with us and make sure that the closing transaction went
our fellow Aeolians with any of their    smoothly. We have both sold homes in the past and neither of us has ever had such a
real estate needs. Please call on us     pleasant experience. We highly recommend Nancy and Steve Brandt." Betty and Bob
any time for advice, market updates      Sawyer
or general real estate information.
                                         In this cooling real estate market, the power switching from sellers to buyers. If you
Nancy and Steve Brandt                   plan on making a move in the near future, please give us a call for expert guidance in
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                                         and Steve Brandt

                                        Then we produce results that
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     Nancy and Steve Brandt
     Realtors®, SRES, e-PRO
     510.814.4823 or 510.814.4889
     Website: TheBrandts.hbrhomes.com
                                                                                                       Harbor Bay Realty
     Email: nbrandt@hbrhomes.com or sbrandt@hbrhomes.com                                                885 Island Drive
                                                                                                      Alameda, CA 94502
          Above ad is paid advertising, contact editior at Sawyer55@comcast.net if you would like to place a paid
                                             advertisement in this newsletter

 In Memory of…

 Angel Keleher Mahoney, sister of Don Keleher, passed away June 5, 2006 surrounded by loving
 friends and family. Angel was an Oakland Fire Department Dispatcher, Napa firefighter, Member of
 “S.F. Oil Can Gang,” Tug Boat and Water Taxi worker, San Francisco Earthquake Museum Docent,
 Tour Guide for San Francisco Walking Tours and taught fire safety to elementary school classes.
 Angel loved fire engines and working on them. She remains a local poet of note. She was a crew
 member of her father’s yacht “Flotsam” winning many races and several Aeolian Yacht Club races.
 Aeolian Yacht club sends condolences to Don and the entire Keleher/Mahoney families.

 Mary Eleanor Delventhal passed away at home in Piedmont surrounded by family on Saturday,
 May 27, after a brief illness. Eleanor was preceded in death by her husband of 63 years, Leo
 Delventhal (an Aeolian). She is survived by her sons, Burk Delventhal of San Francisco and Mark
 Delventhal (an Aeolian) of Piedmont. She was predeceased by her son Kent Delventhal and
 daughter-in-law Claude Delventhal. She is also survived by her two precious grandchildren, Ivan
 and Juliette Delventhal, both of San Francisco, daughter-in-law Monica Martin Delventhal and was
 sister-in-law to Aeolians Pearl and Erbon Delventhal. Our condolences are sent to the entire
 Delventhal family.

 Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
Vice Commodore Report – Bud Fuller
Well, June has been pretty quiet so far. Perhaps we all needed
to slow down and take a deep breath and bask in the warm
sunshine after such a busy first 5 months. There was the
always fun Friday night Hors d’oeuvres Pot Luck in the bar on
June 2nd. Everyone was enjoying themselves so much at the
bar that they decided not to hold the Charlie Thau Bingo event
that evening. Dorothy Bowers was willing to play, so Bob Frey
gave her a $1 for her “Consolation Prize”, which she promptly put in the bar kitty. But we all had a
good time and just wanted to relax and stay put. There was also the Race day on June 10th and the
cruise-out to Marin YC the weekend of June 17th-18th. The JIB is coming out a little early this month
to make sure you get it in time to remind you of the big July 4th BBQ at the club. I am sure you
will hear all about that cruise-out and the big Centennial Cruise-In the weekend of June 24th. That
event is going to be a big one too. As a matter of fact, our Events Committee has had to close the
list for dinner that Saturday evening! Vallejo YC is coming in with 9 boats, San Francisco YC has 6
boats participating & we expect a couple of boats from some of the others, with a total of about 30
visitors from both land and sea representing the other 5 yacht clubs who have reached their 100th
Anniversary. It should be a fun weekend with lots of stories to fill the evening’s testimonials.

Don’t lose the insert of the upcoming activities in July. Fun things like the 4th of July BBQ, July
22nd Birthday Dinner/Oyster Point Cruise-in and Friday night Hors d’oeuvres Pot Luck on
July 28th are on the AYC calendar. You’ll note there is no bingo night scheduled for July. The last
Charlie Thau Bingo Night will be held Friday, August 4th, the same night as the $5/Dinner at the
bar. Dona has raised some pretty spectacular prizes for the final bingo night of the year (like
$100 US Savings Bonds from the Bank of Alameda, a $20 Gift Certificate from Encinal Market
etc). Of course, there is the Blackout $ prize too! You don’t want to miss it. If you plan on having
dinner, be sure to sign up so Frank Piper and Jack Selvey know how much to cook. And August
12th is our annual Swap Meet/Open House. Be sure to remind friends you want to encourage to
join to stop by. Also, reserve your table to display your items. And, don’t throw away items you
think are saleable…donate them to AYC’s table. It’s a great way to contribute to the club
without digging so deep into your pockets (or purses)!

Our regular board meeting was held on Thursday, the 15th. It was a rather lengthy one, but a lot of
ground was covered, including the dredging of the harbor which is, as always, a very complicated
and lengthy procedure: i.e. permits, scheduling, moving boats and numerous other things that go
into a successful operation. This entire project and its accompanying problems are all being
handled by our Port Captain, Jon Hamilton, who is to be commended for the very efficient job he is
doing. There are many other on-going projects at the club. Our Rear Commodore, Dave McDaid,
has completed the re-habing of our galley and also needs to be commended. He is now tackling
the main upstairs room, which in itself is another major undertaking involving new floor covering and
window repairs. The list goes on and on. So, as you look around you and see the improvements
in progress, remember they just don’t happen by themselves. It takes dedicated people to keep the
Aeolian Yacht Club ship shape as she sails into her second 100 years of life. So, I say to all: Get
involved! Let’s make sure this Grand Old Lady stays prim, proper, healthy and afloat. If we do that,
she will outlive us all. So, as she approaches her 100th Birthday, make your plans now to celebrate
it with her on September 23rd. Remember, she has served her family of members well and
deserves a birthday celebration that will long be remembered. And, in the years to come, we will all
look back and say, “It was one “HULLOFAPARTY!”.

Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
Cruise Out News
The following cruise out report was provided by Sue Roderick, as unfortunately illnesses kept the Wordens,
Frey Sr. and Barkers from cruising.:

Cruise out to Marin YC – had many sign up but for one reason or another did not come. Those who did
cruise out were:
      Passport – Erbon & Pearl
      Memory – Cindy Weiss and Terry Sanders
      Zephyr – Richard & Ching Ching Purdy
      Star Quest – Jack Selvey & Frank Piper (Maggie drove over for Saturday night)
      Saga – Anders & Gunnel Nyberg
      Rod’s Roost – John & Sue

Zephyr and Saga arrived Saturday, rest came in on Friday. Had appetizers on Jack’s boat Friday afternoon
then went to the yacht club bar for drinks and enjoyed a good dinner at the yacht club that night. There were
so few of us, we were all at one table!

Saturday everyone worked on their boats, went for walks, dinghy rides, reading and relaxing, swimming in
their pool, etc. We gathered on Passport for appetizers with the Purdys and Nybergs having arrived.
Richard and Ching Ching fished as their cruised over on Saturday and Nybergs enjoyed a great day of
sailing. Everyone had dinner on their own Saturday evening.

Weather was wonderful! Sunny and warm – just really nice. Cindy did Coast Guard vessel safety checks
for us, and Richard Purdy kept everyone awake as he adjusted his hailer (the horn kept blasting over and

Terry Sanders & Cindy Weiss                                  Anders & Gunnel Nyberg

From Sue Worden regarding next months cruise out to Coyote Pt. YC:
Our cruise out on July 15th weekend can begin Fri the 14th. Our 8-10 vessels half S/V-P/V will find
better water on that weekend as the depth of the guest dock area is -7 at MLLW. We will find
Coyote Pt Bar open and a special Salmon feast on Sat. or the BBQ grill available. Anyone who
wants the Salmon feast on Sat. must let me know on the list oremail by Jul 5th.
Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
Port Captains Report – Jon Hamiliton
It’s July now and it’s that time of year to be honest about progress. Your term is over
half way done and you are faced with the grim realities of schedules and prices. Our
harbor testing did not go all well as expected. In the area between the end of B and
C docks we have a hot spot with twice the allowable mercury level. We will begin a
re-test in this area as well as an addition sample point in the channel between
markers 3 and 4 in San Leandro bay. Results should be in by the end of July.
Further review time and permit processing will take another month should the results
prove promising. Well, there is good news to report as well. We have been told that
a permit will be issued for the partial dredging of the harbor and the replacement of
up to 30 piles. This is really a good thing for several reasons. Our shallowest areas are cleared for dredging and with the
pile replacement contract, our harbor will gain new life. A plot of the revised dredging plan is included as a reference. Our
first job walk is on the 23rd of June.

This is not to say that the job is complete. Recall I mentioned additional testing to be taking place. If the results come in
clean and on time, we can likely get the addendum to the permit for the balance of the harbor in time for the dredger to
add this to the statement of work. The contracts will be bid with a statement of work which calls out various step by step
costs which allow us to tailor our job needs with the availability of permits and money. Remember all work must be
completed by November 30th.

One of the line items in the dredging statement of work will be the removal of material in the channel in San Leandro bay.
We have a shallow area in the channel. The nominal depth of the channel is about 4.5 ft at a zero foot tide between
markers 3 and 4. Should the material prove to be clean and the DMMO approve the shift of this small amount of material
to an area adjacent to the channel, it will make the Aeolian access much improved. This will be treated outside our
standard harbor maintenance permit. The cost is not likely to be high, but the overhead in terms of permitting time is likely
to be high. So don’t hold your breath on this one quite yet.

On another note, the work on the end of B dock should be complete by the first of July. I think that the large stable dock
area on the end of B dock is going to be a great place to hang out should you desire to be free of the back porch gossip.
Be sure to thank both Mike and John for quality work on the docks. This has been a larger task than anyone had originally

We have a few empty slips in the marina at this time. It seems the price of fuel has motivated some to sell. This has not
impacted the sailors in the club yet though. There has been a real up tick in new membership and the call for new
berthing. The boats coming into the marina look great and the new members have been active in making the Aeolian a
good experience for all.

A quick note about work parties, we had a great turn out for June. The following people were at the work party and we
greatly appreciate all of their help in the effort to make the Aeolian a good experience for all (didn’t I just say that?).

George Carmignani, John and Sue Roderick, Maggie Piper, Les and Jeanette Clark, Mike and Bob Wagner, Jeff
Powell, Victor Miller, Michael Craig, Steve Kibler, Dave McDaid, and Bud Fuller.

Please note that the fire equipment on B and C docks is in full working order as of the middle of June. A dock will be
tested and upgraded as required at the next work party. Please plan on making it to the next work part and support your
club. It’s a lot of fun to try out the fire hoses if you haven’t done so yet. The gathering is at 9:00AM on July 1st. Bagels and
lunch will be provided. No one leaves hungry and it’s Ok to show up for a couple hours and be counted. What a deal –

Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
                                  REVISED DREDGING PLAN PLOT

Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
Photo provided by Jeanne Edgar. This original picture of the “Old Timers” was taken
somewhere around 1980. Seated from left to right are: Don Keleher, Bob TenBosch, Harold
Heuter, Gordon Edger, and Bert Johnson. Standing are: Bob Harney, Jack Matthews, Em
Doble,Terry Holmes, Len Long, (Person not identified, anyone know who this is?) Win Foster,
Roland Richardson, Erbon Delventhal, Don Johnson, and Bob Keleher.

   To request to remove your name from the JIB mailing:
     Please notify by email to: sawyer55@comcast.net
   The JIB is now available in PDF format on the website.

980 Fernside Blvd.
Alameda, CA 94501

July 2006

Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
July 4th at Aeolian
                                                                    Time: 12-5 p.m.
                                                             Aeolian Yacht           Club   is
                                                             once again holding its
                                                             Annual July 4th Picnic and
                                                             This year July 4th will also
                                                             be an Open House.
                                                             This is a time to enjoy
                                                             sailboat races, new and
                                                             not so new friendships,
                                                             compete        in     horseshoe
                                                             contests, and just relax for
                                                             a great day at your Club.
                                                             Bring your family and
   Aeolian Yacht Club                                        friends for the entire day.
                                                             Complimentary food and
                                                             beverages will be served
                                                             - (hamburgers, hotdogs,
                                                             beans, salad, sodas, beer
                                                             and dessert).

                                                                  See you July 4th!

Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
                  Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association
                    Western Boating Safety Group
                          Scholarship Program
                                              June 2006

The Western Boating Safety Group (WBSG) and the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association (PICYA)
have joined together to offer three $2,500 college education scholarships. These scholarships are for
students whose parents or grandparents are members of a yacht club that belongs to PICYA.

Applying for the scholarship is simple. There are four things you need to do:
  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. Enclose an official transcript from your school.
  3. Write an essay of not more than 250 words.
  4. Send the above three items to:
   PICYA/WBSG Scholarship Program
   1001 Bridgeway, PMB 450
   Sausalito, CA 94965

The topic for the essay should be any of the following: recreational boating in the Delta and Bay
waterways, youth boating programs, about your community and/or school involvement.

A few suggestions are: boating safety, improvements for the Bay and Delta waterways, boating
education for boaters, effectiveness of youth boating programs, environment concerns/solutions,
community concerns/solutions, school concerns/solutions.

The criteria the Scholarship Committee will use are based on your:
       1. Academic record
       2. Scholarship record
       3. School involvement
       4. Community involvement
       5. Essay

The deadline is August 15, 2006. All applications MUST be postmarked no later than August 15, 2006.

                               APPLICATION FORM

                     Aeolian Yacht Club July Events
Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
Work Party, Saturday, July 1st 9am
Come join your fellow Aeolians spruce up the club. There is something for everyone, all skill levels
are appreciated. Bagels are served in the morning and lunch is provided. Questions contact Jon
Hamilton. If you are unable to attend on this date, ask Jon Hamilton or Sue Roderick for a project
you can work on during whatever time your schedule permits. There is always something that
needs to be done.

4th of July Celebration and Open House, Tuesday, July 4th all day
This is a time to enjoy sailboat races, new and not so new friendships, compete in horseshoe
contests and just relax for a great day at your Club. Bring your family and friends for the entire day.
Complimentary food and beverages will be served - (hamburgers, hotdogs, beans, salad, sodas,
beer and dessert).

Race Day, Saturday, July 8th
Following the race there will be a BBQ & Potluck, bring your own meat to BBQ & a dish to share.
People start gathering on the back porch around 5 pm as the sailors return to the harbor. You won’t
want to miss the exciting sailors’ yarns & tales of their wild adventures.

Cruise out to Coyote Point Yacht Club, July 14th – 16th
Don’t miss the fun at Coyote Point. Cruise over for one night or for two. This area is great place to
visit with lots to do. Sign up on the back porch or contact Susan Worden.

Birthday Dinner& Oyster Point Yacht Club Cruise in , Saturday, July
Bar opens at 5 pm, dinner served at 6:30pm. Come on down and enjoy visiting with your fellow
Aeolians and our visitors from Oyster Point Yacht Club. Sign up on the back porch or contact Sheri
to reserve your spot. Dinner will be BBQ Steak or half-chicken. Expert chefs Laura Crawford and
Linda Kibler will be creating another fantastic dinner, not to be missed!

Catered Breakfast, Sunday, July 23rd , 9-11am
Come join your fellow Aeolians for a great breakfast at a great price. Breakfast is $6 per person.
Jamie returns to our calley, sure to create a delicious fare.

Hors d’ oeuvres Potluck in the Bar, Friday, July 28th
Bring your favorite Hors d’ oeuvres to share. AYC has some great cooks as members, so you are
bound to enjoy this potluck! Bar opens at 5 pm, dinner at 6:30.

Upcoming events in August:
   •   Friday, August 4th, $5 dinner in the Bar and Bingo (Final Bingo Game of the Season)
   •   Saturday, August 5th Race Day with evening BBQ & Potluck/ Work Party Day
   •   Saturday, August 12th Swap Meet at Aeolian and Open House
   •   Saturday, August 19th, Birthday Dinner
   •   Friday – Sunday, August 25-27, Cruise out to Oyster Point Yacht Club
   •   No Breakfast in August

Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com
Officers, Board of Directors, and Standing Committee Members for
Commodore                     Sue Roderick        rodsroost@alamedanet.net            510-521-6754
Vice Commodore                Bud Fuller          donabud@pacbell.net                 510-814-1833
Rear Commodore                Dave McDaid         mcdavidsr@aol.com                   510-658-1190
Secretary                     Regina Kaler        rmkaler@aol.com                     510-522- 6635
Treasurer                     Steve Brandt        sbrandt@alamedanet.net              510-865-7072
Port Captain                  Jon Hamilton        jon.w.hamilton@comcast.net          510-814-9449
Financial Secretary           Susan Worden        suzworden@juno.com                  510-865-3172
Director                      Robert Frey, Jr.    bfrey@alamedanet.net                510-523-6693
Director                      Jerry Lopes         jerry@lopesggj.com                  209-576-0446
Director                      Frank Piper         Snflwrs333@aol.com                  510-326-4527
Office Manager                Sherri Armijo       aeolianyc@aol.com                   510-523-2586 *
Regatta Committee             Gary Barker         barkers@alamedanet.net              510-522-6646
Regatta Committee             Bob Sawyer          sawyer55@comcast.net                209-736-6723
Regatta Committee             Les Clark           NA                                  510-523-7225
Cruise out                    Susan Worden        suzworden@juno.com                  510-865-3172
Fishing Derby                 David Cyr           dcyr@1cba.com                       925-754-0534
Membership Committee          Susan Worden        suzworden@juno.com                  510-865-3172
Events Committee Chair        Linda Kibler        slkibler@yahoo.com                  510-864-9811
Website                       Jon Hamilton        jon.w.hamilton@comcast.net          510-814-9449
Past Commodore                Greg Gibeson        grglrlt@aol.com                     530-581-0686
PICYA Delegate                Greg Gibeson        grglrlt@aol.com                     530-581-0686
PICYA Delegate                John Roderick       rodsroost@alamedanet.net            510-521-6754
PICYA Delegate                Sue Roderick        rodsroost@alamedanet.net            510-521-6754
Bulletin Editor               Betty Sawyer        sawyer55@comcast.net                209-736-6723
Centennial Committee Chair    Barbara Ohler       eldflugan64@hotmail.com             510-523-9824
Boutique                      Maggie              Snflwrs333@aol.com                  510-384-6330
Safety Chair                  Cindy Weiss         profesoracindy@pacbell.net          510-465-2771

       *Aeolian office hours: Mon, Wed, and Fri 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM.

       Back porch telephone: 510-748-0483 [for personal calls and assistance for those cruising to the

       Channel 68 monitored for cruise in groups at the Aeolian

       Website for the club: www.aeolianyc.com [includes directions, channel instructions, and links]

       Email for the Aeolian Office: aeolianyc@aol.com

                             To request to remove your name from the JIB mailing:
                               Please notify by email to: sawyer55@comcast.net
                             The JIB is now available in PDF format on the website.

Aeolian Yacht Club, 980 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-523-2586, www.aeolianyc.com

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