Portrait Photography in Santorini

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					Anniversary Portraits in Santorini

    Linda and Matthew from Singapore
      hired me to take some photos of
   their 10th years wedding anniversary.
Here are some photos of this Asian
                       We toured
                       the whole
                       And visited
                       the best
Sunset photo
               We ended the photo
               tour in Oia village,
               the most beautiful
               village of Santorini

               This is where we took
               the final images
               during sunset time.
The photo session lasted 6 hours.
We had a great time all together.
Thank you Linda and Matthew for hiring me as
your photographer in Santorini.
             How to reach me
If you arriving in santorini and would like to hire
a photographer to take some beautiful images
for your anniversary or engagement, then you
can visit my website at:
It will be my pleasure to discuss with you all
your photography needs in the most beautiful
island of the world, Santorini

Description: A few photos of an Asian couple that celebrated it's 10th year anniversary in Santorini.