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A Message From the Principal
                                                                                Volume 26, Number 7                                           June 2006

Dear Parents and Loudoun Valley Community,

      The 2005-2006 school year has drawn to a close with special ceremonies celebrating the
achievements and accomplishments of our seniors. This newsletter contains a listing of some of
the many awards – both monetary and honorary – received by our students. What a wonderful
graduating class. I trust these seniors will take to heart the expectation that to those who have
been given much; much is expected. Our seniors are a smart, talented, service - oriented group
who will change the world.

      As we look toward life at Loudoun Valley for the next academic year, course requests
for school year 2006-2007 were sent home with the final report cards. Once again, it is very
important that you review these requests with your child and call the counselor with any
questions or concerns you may have. We need to know of any changes in course requests by the
end of June, 2006.

      A deeply rewarding school year has come to a close. Thank you all so much for not only
the amount of support you give Loudoun Valley High School, but for the depth and quality of
support you show us day in and day out. Your contributions are measured best by the pride in
our students’ hearts as they graduate from a school that is a truly among the best there is!

                                                                                 Susan Ross

       Farewell Class of 2006!

        The graduating class of 2006,     *   New York University
is heading in many directions and the     *   Northern Virginia Community College
colleges they'll be attending span many   *   Pennsylvania State University
states. Here are some of the more         *   Radford University
popular destinations for our graduates:   *   Randolph-Macon College
                                          *   Savannah College of Art and Design
 *   Boston University                    *   Shenandoah University
 *   Bridgewater College                  *   Shepherd University
 *   Brigham Young University             *   Sweet Briar College
 *   Christopher Newport University       *   University of Alabama                                                Congratulations
 *   Coastal Carolina University          *   University of Mary Washington
 *   College of William and Mary          *   University of North Carolina                                       2006 Graduates!
 *   East Carolina University             *   University of South Carolina
 *   Elon University                      *   University of Virginia
 *   Frostburg State University           *   Virginia Commonwealth University                                        Inside:
 *   George Mason University              *   Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
 *   Indiana University of Pennsylvania   *   West Virginia University                              Social Sciences Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
 *   James Madison University                                                                       Claude Moore Charitable Foundation . . 2
 *   Liberty University                                                                             Community and School Awards . . . . . . . . . 3
 *   Longwood University                                                                            College Scholarship Recipients . . . . . . . . . . . 4
 *   Mount Olive College
  Social Sciences Students Earn Awards
       Congratulations to the following Social Sciences students who received awards at the
  Social Sciences Fair on May 31, 2006.
       Listed below are the categories, student winners, and placement information:

      * Local History - Virginia Horne - 1st place and the winner of $250.00 from the Porch Project
      * Movers and Shakers - Courtney Marcellin- 1st place
      * Citizenship/Government - Freedom of Religion - Heather
        Shoushanian and Tiffany Gerczak - special recognition
      * Opposing Viewpoints - Matt Sutton - 1st place
      * Geography - Brittany Duffy - 2nd place
      * Human Sciences - Lexi Vangsnes - special recognition
      * Recreation, Arts - Alyssa Dunson - 1st place
      * Family History - Catherine Miller - 1st place
      * What If - Daniel Smith - 1st place

  THANK YOU!!!                                                                                                  NOTICE
                                                                                                      If, due to a disability, you need
  The Claude Moore Charitable Foundation has continued its                                               assistance to enable you to
 support of the LCPS all night alcohol-free graduation parties with a                            participate meaningfully in school-spon-
                                                                                                  sored events, please contact the school
 sizeable donation. The funds are distributed based on the number                                office at least five business days prior to
 of students in each graduating class. Participating high schools                                the activity. Sign language interpreters
 received their checks in mid-May. Thank you to the Claude Moore                                           available upon request.
 Foundation for your generosity and support!

                                   PLEASE NOTE
           The Minority Student                                                                      The administrative newsletter of
                                                          The LVHS administration and staff
 Achievement Advisory Committee                                                                       Loudoun Valley High School
                                                are dedicated to improving our strategies
                                                                                                        340 North Maple Avenue
 (MSAAC) works in partnership with              for increasing student achievement. A                    Purcellville, VA 20132
 Loudoun County Public Schools staff,           formal School Improvement Plan has been                      540-338-6800
 parents, and community to further the          developed by staff, parents, and community                FAX 540-338-6815
 academic, social, and cultural development     members. The plan is reviewed and revised                  Sue Novitch, editor
 of every student and to ensure that the        throughout the planning cycle according
 needs of all minority students are met.        to the results being achieved. A copy of               The VIKING is published
 The group meets in the Park View High          our school plan is available in the school            throughout the school year
 School library on the third Thursday of        office and on our school website at http://         and is mailed to LVHS parents
 each month at 7:15 p.m. All meetings are       cmsweb1.loudoun.k12.va.us/5099012083253/             requesting a hard copy. The
 open to the public. The upcoming agenda        site/default.asp. You may also call us at          Newsletter is available for viewing
 and the minutes of previous meetings           540.338.6800 to have a copy sent home with              on the LVHS web site.
 are posted on the school system website        your child. Please let us know if you wish to           Please direct inquiries
 at www.loudoun.k12.va.us under the             participate in the development or monitoring             to the administrators.
 “School Board” button, and “Committees”        of the School Improvement Plan. We                       Susan A. Ross, Principal
 selection option.                              welcome your input.                                        Assistant Principals:
                                                                                                                Sam Gross
For answers to your questions, check us out on the Web.
                                                                                                          Vicki Dorsey Holstead
     Please check the school’s web page at http://www.loudoun.k12.va.us/lvhs/site/default.asp
                                                                                                          Stephanie Jones Silvis
for school information such as sports practices, try-out dates, game cancellations, club info,
school calendar, etc. The news is updated regularly.

two                                                              the
                                                                       Viking                                                   June 2006
                                Community and School Awards Abound
        This year's school and community awards were                 Loudoun Robey - Sam Clay, Johannah Lovett, Galin
significant for our graduating seniors. Scholarships and                   Markham, Meghan McWilliams, Ashley
awards amounted to more than $2,050,000.00!                                Umbaugh, Kari Wilson
 Community Awards and their recipients are listed                    Loudoun Robey-Bolen - Audrey Flemming
below:                                                               LVHS Roger Blakeney Scholarship - Diana Van Vleet
                                                                     Loudoun Youth Soccer Association - Brad Mitchell
 Alpha Delta Kappa - Beth Babcock                                    Lovettsville Lions - Thomas Haney
 American Legion Post 293 – Anthony Moorcones - Thomas Moran         Lovettsville/Waterford Ruritan Roger Powell Memorial
 American Legion Post 293 – Bruce Coleman - Kathryn Wilkinson              - Nathan Rathjen
 Bailey Foundation - Thomas Haney                                    Lovettsville/Waterford Ruritan Ambitious Spirit - Travis Cope
 Ball’s Bluff Elementary Scholarship - Audrey Flemming               Lovettsville/Waterford Ruritan Community Service
 Barnes Group Investment Awareness Scholarship - Peter Ceo                 Henry & Marty Dyker - Kevin Hayba
 Beat the Odds Scholarship - Jessica Izquierdo                       Miss Aura Nickens - Jake Johnson, James McIntosh
 Bernice Carroll - Jessica Izquierdo                                 Peabody - Mary Lanham
 Blue Ridge Eagles – Ladies - Alexandra Perkins                      Petko M. Petkov Memorial - Bernadette Chepega
 Bluemont Citizens - Jake Johnson, Laurel Snyder                     Purcellville Business and Professional Association - Will
 DAR Good Citizenship Award - Jackie Lewis                                 Cinelli, Ashley Virts
 Darrell Green’s Dulles Greenway Citizenship - Phillip               Purcellville Rotary Club Vocational - Eric Hilgartner
        Harper, Kevin Hayba                                          Purcellville Lions - Ashley Umbaugh
 Hamilton Ruritan Club Memorial - Bernadette Chepega ,               Simpson Memorial - Sam Clay, Matt Hiser, Johannah Lovett
        James McIntosh                                               Stanley W. Hurst Athletic - Matthew Fleming
 Hazel Porter Hess and George R. Hess Memorial -                     Trinity Episcopal Outreach - Alexandra Perkins
        Meghan McWilliams                                            ULLY - Phillip Harper
 Hillsboro Ruritan - Johannah Lovett , Thomas Moran                  Virginia Tech Pamplin - Chris Novitch
 Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Lissa Anderson,                   Virginia Tech Alumni - Eric Hilgartner, Amanda Virts
        Scott Smedile                                                Weichert Realty - Lissa Anderson
 Loudoun County Hunting Heritage and Wildlife                        Westport Corporation Scholarship - Matt Hiser
        Conservation - Ashton Echols                                 Western Loudoun Optimist Club - Shane Heskett, AJ
 Joshua’s Hands A Servant’s Heart Scholarship - Megan Burns                 Moon, Amanda Virts
 Kathryn Holden Slater Best All Around Senior - Phillip Harper       Young Old United to Help Award - Kevin Hayba
 Loudoun County Farm Bureau - Kristen Dillon, Amanda Virts
 Loudoun Education Foundation - Stephanie Richards
 Loudoun Educational Media - James McIntosh

 The following additional awards were announced at the               Cardinal Foundations Bookjammin' Hoops - Phillip
school awards assembly on June 8th. Congratulations to                      Harper
these students as well:                                              Harry F. Byrd - Jessica Ray
 Newton Marasco Corporation - Antonia Giraldi, Crossley              Best Buy Children’s Foundation - Meghan McWilliams
        Hawn, Kate Pulman                                            State Fair of Virginia – Herbert S. Bruce Scholarship -
 Loudoun Volunteer Services - Phillip Harper, Kevin                         Amanda Virts
        Hayba, Jackie Lewis                                          Va. Assoc. of Soil and Water Conservation - Amanda Virts
 Chauncey Stokes - Audrey Flemming                                   Loudoun Co. Farm Bureau - Amanda Virts
 Dr. Johnson Commemorative Book Award - Kevin Hayba                  Sam Walton Community - Ashley Umbaugh
 Loudoun Valley Endowment - Katie Heskett                            Randolph MaconWoman's College Book Award - Rachel
 Kenneth Culbert Memorial - Phillip Harper                                  Harvey
 Bootsie Leonard Senior Service Award - Jackie Lewis                 College of William and Mary - Emily Barr
 Loudoun Valley Viking Association - Meghan                          Dartmouth Book Award - Haley Adams
        McWilliams, Phillip Harper, Amber Finlay, Sam                Mout Holyoke Book Award - Brittany Wilt
 FFA - Amanda Virts
 Monsanto Co/National Assoc. of Farm Broadcasters-                      Congratulations students for a job well done!
  Commitment to Agriculture Scholarship - Amanda Virts

June 2006                                                    the
                                                                   Viking                                                  three
College Scholarship Recipients Named
Crossley Hawn - Catholic University       Brad Mitchell - Davis and Elkins       Nick Lee - UNC-Greensboro
Amanda Virts - Virginia Tech              Anthony Moreno - BYU                   Michael Solberg - Bridgewater
Adam Rothschild - Shenandoah              Tracy Nauheimer - Marine Corp          Samantha Mizerak - Bridgewater
Alexandra Sonnenberg - St. Andrews        Allison Watts - Old Dominion           Sarah Culbert - Bridgewater
Tatiana Spotts - USC                      Malorie Weller - Kennesaw State        Shenandoah Dudley - Bridgewater
Joe Regan - Mt. St Marys                  Matt Roberts - Randolph Macon          Elyse Bromser-Kloeden - Savannah
Sarah Rodhe - Wingate                     Alexa Williams - Guilford                      College of Arts and Design
Layla Safiani - Syracuse                  Megan Wiseman - St. Johns              Joannie Werling - Mt Olive
Scott Smedile - U of Colorado - Boulder   Chris Wolcott - NJ Institute of Tech   Eddie Johnston - Longwood
Laurel Snyder - NYU                       Blair Brown - Penn State               Jake Johnson - College of Wooster
Stephen Spurlock - U of Georgia           Patrick Burke - Philadelphia U         Nathan Rathjen - Navy ROTC
Kelsey Stidley - Savannah College of      Will Cinelli - Northwestern            William Overman - Merchant Marine
        Arts & Design                     Tiffany Coombs - Shenandoah                     Academy
Anthony Glasgow - Liberty                 Jennifer Ferris - Emory and Henry      Daniel Cohoon - US Air Force Academy
Megan Grish - Roanoke                     Amber Finlay - Va Tech
Megan Burns - Denison                     Matt Fleming - Radford                   Congratulations and all the best
Amanda Hulsey - Lenoir Rhyne              Audrey Flemming - Boston U             to our graduates. You are wished
Stewart Inman - Lafayette                 Titian Grandforoush - Randolph Macon     much success for your future!
Kelli Irons - Va Tech                     Soney Wright - WVU
Jeff Kirkland - Widener                   Jill Zelonis - Niagra U
Elizabeth Labrecque - Indiana U of Pa     Renee Albro - Limestone                 Please note: the awards and scholarships listed
Mary Lanham - USC                         MT Boland - Va Tech                    within this newsletter reflect only those that have
Jackie Lewis - U of the Sciences          Katherine Boltz - Sweet Briar          been reported to the guidance department.
Johannah Lovett - Liberty                 Claudia Borgelt - Emory

      Loudoun Valley High School
      340 N. Maple Ave.
      Purcellville, VA 20132

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