Defining the Importance of What You Do at Work

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Defining the Importance of What You Do at Work

Legal staff and paralegals, even the best of them, are often overlooked and taken for granted. Even though
their contributions may not be any way less than those who are earning close to ten or twenty times more by
making “appearances,” paralegals remain unappreciated. On the other hand, there are those law firm staff and
paralegals that are greatly respected and deferred to even by law firm partners. What sets those top paralegals
apart, besides their obvious work quality and output, is that they have learned how to draw attention to their
contributions so that they do not pass unnoticed.

If you do not wish to be taken for granted, then                 In workplaces, rewards are proportional to perceived
this article provides you with strategies that work              levels of contribution. If your contribution remains
to define your value to stakeholders without risking             invisible, rewards would remain inaccessible. By
the appearance of a dissident or activist. Law firm              rewards we do not always indicate financial rewards
partners and lawyers are usually lost in their own world         or incentives – sometimes a little bit of respect
with little thought to spare for invisible workers. The          and appreciation can also make the day, though an
following strategies would help you to increase your             accompanying check can make it even better.
visibility and find appreciation, when trying hard or
doing your best is insufficient.                                 Ask for feedback: Remember that it is not necessary
                                                                 to insist upon clarity or identify and discuss work
Insist upon clarity: While it seems obvious, and you             challenges always in regular work. Usually, it is
may know the ins and outs of the work assigned, still            reserved for appropriate situations that are when work
it is helpful from many angles to reconfirm goals and            outside your ordinary routine comes in. However, it
establish clarity. Doing so, makes the work easier by            is helpful to seek feedback upon scheduled intervals,
having defined goals, time limits, and apportioned               bi-weekly or monthly, listing the work and asking for
responsibility. Insisting on clarity not only helps to get       guidance. The process helps management to recall your
the work done in a better fashion, it also helps to avoid        contribution at decision-making tables and think about
misunderstandings, and forces your boss to rethink the           what you are doing. It helps both to improve your work
extent of your contribution.                                     and establish great relationships. Never forget asking
                                                                 for feedbacks on periodic intervals.
Identify and discuss the challenge: The work may
not be challenging, but it is essential for your boss to         Just maintaining the above strategy would help you
understand and appreciate the challenge in the work.             to gain a place in the minds of your employers and
Otherwise he/she is never going to appreciate your               management. It’s much better than stamping your feet
contribution. You do not get this done by hankering              and making demands. And awfully better than being
for attention or by insisting that you are working more          relegated to the position of a non-entity who can be
than you should. Discussing out the challenges in the            included in any layoff list made in the board room.
given work and asking for guidance would also lead
your boss to reassess the situation and understand the
level of your contribution.


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Description: The following strategies will help you as a paralegal in making sure you are not overworked or overlooked in a law firm.
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