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Strategies to Increase Focus in Work and Learning Part 1

Every student knows that absorption and internalization of learning and quality of output depends upon the
amount of concentration and focus you can bring to bear upon your work. However, one of the most common
causes of frustrations for law students is the inability to focus on work due to non-conducive environments. For
many, the library is usually a safe refuge to do work without interruption. But it does not work for everyone.
Like every other part of the world, law schools too, could have their own shares of unsavory characters and
surroundings. While you can feel in your guts that it is imperative for you to free yourself from distractions and
focus on your work at hand, the level of focus or concentration that your require may be eluding you. This article
would help you with some tried strategies to reduce distractions and increase your ability to focus.

Control your surroundings:                                      mark your “audio” surroundings with something under
                                                                your control. This helps to build your personal comfort
First, make sure that your surroundings are conducive           zone and increase focus.
to the task at hand and would not interrupt your
focus. Surroundings that make you comfortable can               Control your body:
include both physical and mental factors. Using a desk
and chair combination that does not make you feel               Influence your body with time tested techniques.
comfortable is not going to help you focus on your
until you find a situation where you can sit and work           Drink lots of water – the human brain starts performing
comfortably.                                                    at less than peak efficiency due to dehydration much
                                                                before we actually start feeling thirst. If you are
Build Toffler’s zones by placing personal objects to            learning and working, don’t form the habit of drinking
claim stake to space and turn it personal. People turn          water only after you feel thirsty. Drink water at
spaces into personal comfort zone by placing objects            scheduled intervals so that thirst never hits you, and
with which there is a personal attachment, or an                you always remain hydrated.
attachment may be developed. Leaving your hostel
room unadorned is going to affect your mind if you just         Eat properly and at scheduled intervals – improper
continue using what you received. Putting up pictures           intervals and upsets in the timing of food can disrupt
of yourself and your near and dear ones, posters                biological cycles in your body and lead to many
of things or people you love, using objects that are            ailments besides loss of focus. It is imperative that
personal helps to create a personal comfort zone and            to have the best use of your personal faculties you
mark out territory. It is essential that a person should        need to maintain a disciplined regime of food and
feel that a space belongs to him or her at an immediate         sleep. Keep snacks at hand while studying or working.
level to be able to use that space for residence and            Intellectual work burns calories at a rate five times
focus during work.                                              faster than physical work. The difference is that when
                                                                you are physically tired you would be able to quickly
Shutting out distractions is essential and small things         ‘feel’ it, but it might take a long time to realize that
like listening to music or white noise producers can help       you are tired due to mental work. Snacks do help in
you concentrate. By putting in place background noise           studies.
that covers other distracting noise, you essentially

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Don’t neglect physical movement. Many students                  article we would be dealing specifically with how to
become couch potatoes and barely move from their                handle common distractions and focus your attention
‘seats of power’ most of the time. However, to remain           on the work at hand to the exclusion of everything
intellectually active, it is necessary to remain physically     else. Remember, studying is like meditation, if you are
active. Get up, walk around, take a breath outside, and         really studying then you would lose track of everything
come back to focus again on your work.                          else. So, it is important to inculcate the habits of
                                                                drinking water, eating, and sleeping on time to get your
In this article we dealt with what you can add to the           productivity working at its peak.
equation to increase focus. In the next part of this


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