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									                                                                                                                                      Suite 508
                                                                                                                         301 North Lamar Street
                                                                                                                       Jackson, MS 39201-1495
                                                                                                                           Phone: 601-359-1395
David L. Litchliter, Executive Director                                                                                      Fax: 601-354-6016

Memorandum for General RFP Configuration
To:              Vendors with a current valid proposal for RFP Number 3421 for
                 Windows/Apple/UNIX Hardware and Software and Micro EPL RFP Number 3410,
                 including HP equipment

From:            David L. Litchliter
Date:            March 2, 2005
Project Number: 35706
Contact Name:               Melinda Simmons
Contact Phone Number: 601-359-9535
Contact E-mail Address:

The Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services (ITS) is seeking the hardware
described below for purchase by the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT). Our
records indicate that your company currently has a valid proposal on file at ITS in response to
RFP Number 3421 for Windows/Apple/Unix Hardware/Software and/or Micro Express Products
List (EPL) RFP Number 3410 for Windows-based desktops, notebooks, printers, projectors, and
peripherals, including HP equipment. We are requesting your configuration assistance, if
appropriate, for the components described below.

1.         General Letter of Configuration (LOC) Instructions

           1.1              Beginning with Item 4.1, label and respond to each outline point as it is
                            labeled in the LOC.

           1.2              The Vendor must respond with “ACKNOWLEDGED,” “WILL COMPLY,”
                            or “AGREED” to each point in the LOC.

           1.3              If the Vendor cannot respond with “ACKNOWLEDGED,” “WILL
                            COMPLY,” or “AGREED,” then the Vendor must respond with
                            “EXCEPTION.” (See attached instructions regarding Vendor exceptions.)

           1.4              Where an outline point asks a question or requests information, the Vendor
                            must respond with the specific answer or information requested.

        Board Members – David G. Roach, Chairman  Stephen A. Adamec, Jr., Vice- Chairman  Derek Gibbs  John Hairston  Cecil L. Watkins
                                  Legislative Advisors – Representative Gary V. Staples  Senator Billy Thames
     1.5        In addition to the above, Vendor must provide explicit details as to the manner
                and degree to which the proposal meets or exceeds each specification.

2.   General Overview

     The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is requesting eight (8) HP
     DesignJet 815 Multifunction devices for division and district offices. MDOT has
     standardized on HP printers, with at least 95% of their current printers manufactured by
     HP. The requested devices will replace several large-format, engineering sized scanners
     that are no longer serviceable and have reached their end of life. The new multifunction
     devices will be used to scan and print engineering drawings. Servers and workstations
     will connect the devices to the network. The MDOT division and district offices that will
     received these devices are located in Tupelo, Batesville, Yazoo City, Newton,
     Hattiesburg, and Jackson, Mississippi.

3.   LOC Project Schedule

     Task                                          Date
     Deadline for Vendor’s Written Questions       March 7, 2005
     ITS Addendum with Vendor’s Questions          March 9, 2005
     and Answers
     Proposals Due                                 March 16, 2005
     Proposal Evaluation                           March 17 - 25, 2005
     Notification of Award                         March 31, 2005

4.   Statement of Understanding

     4.1        Vendors are required to propose new equipment.

     4.2        Vendor must propose equipment that is 100% functionally equivalent to the
                equipment detailed below.

     4.3        Vendor must be aware that ITS reserves the right to purchase this equipment
                from multiple Vendors if advantageous to the State.

     4.4        Vendor must be aware that ITS reserves the right to make additional
                purchases at the proposed prices for a six (6) month period.

     4.5        Vendor must be aware that the specifications detailed below are minimum
                requirements. Should Vendor choose to propose equipment that exceeds the
                requirements, Vendor must indicate in what manner the proposed equipment
                exceeds the requirements.

5.   Technical Specifications

     5.1        Vendor must answer or acknowledge each specification listed below.

               5.1.1      Eight (8) HP DesignJet 815mfp (#Q1279A) with network
                          configurations (#H4518E) and installation (#H7604E).

     5.2       Vendor must include technical specifications (specification sheets) for
               proposed systems.

6.   Delivery, Installation, and Training Requirements

     6.1       The vendor will be responsible for shipping the equipment to the different
               division and district offices.

     6.2       The vendor will be responsible for installation at each division or district

     6.3       MDOT will coordinate setup/installation/configuration of the devices between
               each end user location and the vendor. Each location will have a separate

     6.4       The vendor must provide end user orientation (i.e., how to use the device) to
               one designated MDOT employee at each location.

      MDOT District 1          MDOT District 2               MDOT District 3 Headquarters
      Headquarters             Headquarters                  1240 Highway 49 W
      1909 N Gloster Street    150 Highway 51 N              Yazoo City, MS 39194
      Tupelo, MS 38803         Batesville, MS 38606

      MDOT District 5          MDOT District 6               MDOT Central Laboratory
      Headquarters             Headquarters                  Building
      7759 Highway 80 W        6356 Highway 49 N             412 E Woodrow Wilson Ave.
      Newton, MS 39345         Hattiesburg, MS 39401         Jackson, MS 39216

      MDOT Administration      MDOT Shop Complex
      Building                 2567 N West Street
      401 N West Street        Jackson, MS 39216
      Jackson, MS 39201

7.   Equipment Warranty/Maintenance

     7.1       Warranty for the devices must be HP Next Business Day Response for three
               (3) years (#U2006E).

     7.2       Vendor must indicate whether warranty service is available past the three
               years for each item proposed. Specify annual cost, if any, and period of

     7.3       Vendor must provide the warranty service directly and/or coordinate these
               services between the customer and the manufacturer to the degree that the

                process to activate the service call is transparent to the customer. Therefore
                the customers will not have to fend for themselves with remote 1-800 support.

     7.4        Is Vendor an authorized HP Plotter Service Provider?

     7.5        When the Vendor receives an initial service call on products, who makes the
                initial on-site call? Does it depend on the client location?

     7.6        Describe response time for initial call response, on-site personnel response,
                and resolution. Include average time as well as a not-to-exceed time frame for
                each type of response.

     7.7        If manufacturer, not the winning Vendor, is providing warranty, Vendor will
                ensure the warranty, regardless of manufacturer or manufacturer’s warranty.
                How does the proposing Vendor provide or coordinate with the
                manufacturer(s) for seamless service?

     7.8        Who performs Vendor’s warranty work? In-house staff or third parties?

     7.9        Under what conditions would third party support be used in lieu of in-house

     7.10       Describe Vendor’s procedures for exchange warranty or warranty after the on-
                site warranty expires.

                7.10.1     Who pays for shipping to the manufacturer or repair facility?

                7.10.2     Who pays for shipping from the manufacturer or repair facility?

     7.11       Vendor must specify if service is available on a call-out basis. Vendor must
                further detail the hourly rate for time, materials, and mileage for a repair call
                outside of the prime shift contract. Vendor must also specify the minimum
                number of hours charged.

     7.12       Vendor must indicate if MDOT personnel will have to be certified to make
                repairs to the equipment without affecting the warranty. If certification is
                required, Vendor must include any and all costs associated with certifying up
                to ten (10) MDOT personnel.

8.   Manufacturer Direct Maintenance

     Section 8 does not have to be completed if proposed items have a three-year warranty or
     if the cost to upgrade the standard warranty to three years is included in Vendor’s

     8.1        ITS understands that the maintenance requested in this LOC may be provided
                directly by the manufacturer. If Vendor is the named manufacturer and will

be supplying the maintenance services directly, Section 8.1.4 – 8.1.13 does
not have to be completed.

8.1.1      Responding Vendor must clarify whether they are the named
           manufacturer and will be supplying the maintenance services
           directly or whether they are a third party reseller selling the
           maintenance services on behalf of the manufacturer.

8.1.2      Responding Vendors must explain their understanding of when or
           whether the manufacturer will ever sell the maintenance services
           directly and, if so, under what circumstances.

             If the responding Vendor to this LOC will only
                              be reselling manufacturer’s maintenance
                              services, it is ITS’ understanding that this is
                              basically a “pass through” process.

             Please provide a detailed explanation of the
                              relationship of who will be providing the
                              requested maintenance, to whom the purchase
                              order is made, and to whom the remittance will
                              be made. If there is a difference in the year one
                              maintenance purchase versus subsequent years
                              of maintenance, the responding Vendor must
                              clarify and explain.

8.1.3      Manufacturer Direct Maintenance when sold directly through the
           manufacturer: Fixed Cost

             If responding Vendor is the direct manufacturer,
                              he must propose annual fixed pricing for three
                              years of the requested maintenance. Vendor
                              must provide all details of the
                              maintenance/support and all associated cost.

             It is ITS’ preference that the Manufacturer’s
                              proposal is a not-to-exceed firm commitment.
                              In the event that the manufacturer cannot
                              commit to a fixed cost for the subsequent years
                              of maintenance after year one, Manufacturer
                              must specify the annual maintenance increase
                              ceiling offered by his/her company on the
                              proposed products. Vendor must state his
                              policy regarding increasing maintenance
                              charges. Price escalations for Maintenance shall
                              not exceed the lesser of 5% increase per year or
                              an increase consistent with the percent increase

                           in the consumer price index, all Urban
                           Consumer US City Average (C.P.I. –u) for the
                           preceding year.

8.1.4   Manufacturer Direct Maintenance when sold through 3rd Party:
        Fixed Cost-Plus Percentages            In the case of a third-party “pass-through” ITS
                           realizes that the responding reseller may not be
                           able to guarantee a fixed price for maintenance
                           after year one since their proposal is dependent
                           on the manufacturer’s pricing or possibly on a
                           distributor’s pricing.            It is ITS’ preference that the responding reseller
                           work with the manufacturer to obtain a
                           commitment for a firm fixed price over the
                           requested maintenance period.

8.1.5   In the event that the responding reseller cannot make a firm fixed
        maintenance proposal for all the years requested, the responding
        reseller is therefore required to provide a fixed percentage for their
        mark-up on the manufacturer direct maintenance that they are
        selling as a third party reseller in lieu a price ceiling based on a
        percentage yearly increase.            In this scenario, Resellers must include in the
                           Pricing Spreadsheets the price the Vendor pays
                           for the maintenance and the percentage by
                           which the final price to the State of Mississippi
                           exceeds the Vendor’s cost for the maintenance
                           (i.e. cost-plus percentage).            Alternatively, Resellers may propose a fixed
                           percentage for their mark down on the
                           manufacturer’s direct maintenance based on a
                           national benchmark from the manufacturer, such
                           as GSA, Suggested Retail Price (SRP) or the
                           manufacturer’s web pricing. This national
                           benchmark pricing must be verifiable by ITS
                           during the maintenance contract.

8.1.6   The cost-plus/minus percentage will be fixed for the term specified
        in the LOC or RFP. To clarify, the State’s cost for the products
        will change over the life of the award if the price the Vendor must
        pay for a given product increases or decreases. However, the

         percentage over Vendor cost which determines the State’s final
         price WILL NOT change over the life of the award.

8.1.7    ITS will use this percentage in evaluating cost for scoring

8.1.8    The cost-plus/minus percentage applies to new products added in
         the categories covered by the Cost Matrix as well as the products
         that are listed.

8.1.9    Periodic Cost-Plus Verification

         At any time during the term of this contract, the State reserves the
         right to request from the awarded Vendor, access to and/or a copy
         of the Manufacturer’s Base Pricing Structure for pricing
         verification. This pricing shall be submitted within seven (7)
         business days after the State’s request. Failure to submit this
         pricing will be cause for Contract Default.
            Vendor Cost is defined as the Vendor’s invoice
                            cost from the distributor or manufacturer.
            The Vendor’s Proposed State Price is defined as
                            the Vendor Cost plus the proposed percentage

8.1.10   Vendor must also indicate how future pricing information will be
         provided to the State during the term of the contract.

8.1.11   Vendor must indicate from whom they buy the maintenance:
         directly from the manufacturer or from what distributor.

8.1.12   Vendor must be aware that only price increases resulting from an
         increase in price by the manufacturer or distributor will be
         accepted. The Vendor’s proposed percentage markup or
         markdown for these items, as well as the Vendor’s percentage
         markup or markdown for any new items, MUST stay the same as
         what was originally proposed. Vendor must provide ITS with the
         suggested retail price.

8.1.13   Pricing proposed for the State MUST equal the Vendor’s invoice
         cost from the distributor or manufacturer plus the maximum
         percentage markup that the reseller will add OR the manufacturer’s
         national benchmark minus the cost percentage proposed.

9.    Additional Requirements

      9.1      Installation, setup, configuration, and training are required prior to MDOT

      9.2      If any component necessary for operation of the requested systems is omitted
               from Vendor’s proposal, Vendor must be willing to provide that component at
               no additional cost. This includes, but is not limited to, all cabling, connectors,
               and interfaces to render the configuration fully operational.

      9.3      Vendor must specify the delivery interval proposed by his/her company.

      9.4      Vendor must specify the discounted price for each item. Freight is FOB
               destination. No itemized shipping charges will be accepted.

      9.5      ITS may require a contract with the winning vendor. A sample Purchase
               Agreement has been attached for reference. If the winning Vendor has a
               Master Agreement with ITS, a Supplement may be negotiated instead of a
               new Agreement. If the winning vendor is a Micro EPL #3410 vendor, the
               contract resulting from this process will be a Supplement to the Micro EPL
               #3410 Purchase Agreement executed by all Vendors validated on Micro EPL

      9.6      Winning vendor must be willing to sign the attached Purchase Agreement or
               Supplement to the Micro EPL #3410 Purchase Agreement within 15 working
               days of the notice of award. If the Purchase Agreement or Supplement is not
               executed within the 15 working day period, ITS reserves the right to negotiate
               with the next lowest and best vendor in the evaluation.

      9.7      Vendor must provide the state of incorporation of the company and a name,
               title, and address for the “Notice” article of the contract.

10.   Proposal Exceptions

      10.1     Return the attached Proposal Exception Summary Form with any exceptions
               listed and clearly explained or state “No Exceptions Taken.” If no Proposal
               Exception Summary Form is included, the Vendor is indicating that he takes
               no exceptions.

      10.2     Unless specifically disallowed on any specification herein, the Vendor may
               take exception to any point within this LOC, including a specification denoted
               as mandatory, as long as the following are true:

               10.2.1       The specification is not a matter of State law;

               10.2.2       The proposal still meets the intent of the LOC;

               10.2.3     A Proposal Exception Summary Form is included with Vendor’s
                          proposal; and

               10.2.4     The exception is clearly explained, along with any alternative or
                          substitution the Vendor proposes to address the intent of the
                          specification, on the Proposal Exception Summary Form.

      10.3     The Vendor has no liability to provide items to which an exception has been
               taken. ITS has no obligation to accept any exception. During the proposal
               evaluation and/or contract negotiation process, the Vendor and ITS will
               discuss each exception and take one of the following actions:

               10.3.1     The Vendor will withdraw the exception and meet the specification
                          in the manner prescribed;

               10.3.2     ITS will determine that the exception neither poses significant risk
                          to the project nor undermines the intent of the LOC and will accept
                          the exception;

               10.3.3     ITS and the Vendor will agree on compromise language dealing
                          with the exception and will insert same into the contract;

               10.3.4     None of the above actions is possible, and ITS either disqualifies
                          the Vendor’s proposal or withdraws the award and proceeds to the
                          next ranked Vendor.

      10.4     Should ITS and the Vendor reach a successful agreement, ITS will sign
               adjacent to each exception which is being accepted or submit a formal written
               response to the Proposal Exception Summary responding to each of the
               Vendor’s exceptions. The Proposal Exception Summary, with those
               exceptions approved by ITS, will become a part of any contract on
               acquisitions made under this LOC.

      10.5     An exception will be accepted or rejected at the sole discretion of the State.

      10.6     Prior to taking any exceptions to this LOC, ITS requests that, to the extent
               possible, the individual(s) preparing this proposal first confer with other
               individuals who have previously submitted proposals to ITS or participated in
               contract negotiations with ITS on behalf of their company, to ensure the
               Vendor is consistent in the items to which it takes exception.

11.   Scoring Methodology

      11.1     ITS will use the following items to score proposals received.

               11.1.1     Cost

               11.1.2     Exceeds Technical Specifications

                 11.1.3     Exceeds Warranty Specifications

                 11.1.4     References

                 11.1.5     Added Value

       11.2      Each of these categories is assigned a weight between one and 100. The sum
                 of all categories, other than Added Value, will equal 100 possible points. An
                 Added Value rating between 0 and 5 will be assigned based on the assessment
                 of the selection committee. These points will be added to the total score. All
                 information provided by the Vendors and other information available to ITS
                 staff will be used to evaluate the proposals.

       11.3      ITS requests that Vendors provide details on the features and functions of the
                 proposed system that may provide a distinct value to ITS, distinguish your
                 company and its offering from the group, and facilitate our selection process
                 of the lowest and best proposals. In the event that ITS agrees that such
                 features, functions, or other considerations do provide a distinct benefit, the
                 State reserves the right to give the Vendor additional consideration. ITS will
                 make the sole assessment of the relative merits of each added-value proposal
                 to the agency.

12.    Instructions to Submit Product and Cost Information

       Please use the attached CP-6: RFP Information Form to provide cost information. Follow
       the instructions on the form. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

13.    Delivery Instructions

       Vendor must deliver his response to Melinda Simmons at ITS by Wednesday, March 16,
       2005, by 3:00 P.M. (Central Time). Reponses may be delivered by hand, via regular
       mail, via email, or by fax. Fax number is (601) 354-6016. ITS WILL NOT BE
       responsibility of the Vendor that proposals reach ITS on time. Vendors should contact
       Melinda Simmons to verify the receipt of their proposals. Proposals received after the
       deadline will be rejected.

       If you have any questions concerning this request, please e-mail Melinda Simmons of
       ITS at Any questions concerning the
       specifications detailed in this LOC must be received by Monday, March 7, 2005, by
       3:00 P.M. (Central Time).

Enclosures:   CP-6: RFP Information Form
              Proposal Exception Summary Form
              Sample Purchase Agreement

                             CP-6: RFP INFORMATION FORM – 3410
  Please submit the ITS requested information using the following format.

  Send your completed form back to the Technology Consultant listed below. If the necessary
  information is not included, your response cannot be considered.

ITS Technology Consultant Name:                  Melinda Simmons                             RFP# 3410
Company Name:                                                                                 Date:
Contact Name:                                                                                Phone
Contact E-mail:                                                                            Number:

  MFG            MFG #*                      DESCRIPTION                          QTY         UNIT COST          EXTENDED

HP             Q1279A         HP DesignJet 815mfp                                   8

HP             U2006E         HP 3-year NBD Response                                8


                              Other (please specify)


  If any of the items below are included in Vendor’s proposal they must be detailed below.



  *Manufacturer model number, not Vendor number. If Vendor's internal number is needed for purchase order, include an
  additional column for that number


ITS LOC            Vendor Proposal                 Brief Explanation of    ITS Acceptance (sign
Reference          Reference                       Exception               here only if accepted)
(Reference         (Page, section, items in        (Short description of
specific outline   Vendor’s proposal where         exception being
point to which     exception is explained)         made)
exception is


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