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Complete Your Degree                                              Undergraduate Degree Programs
Higher education is a great investment in yourself. Earning       Computer Information Systems (BS)
your bachelor’s degree opens the door to new career options,      You’ll gain the knowledge and practical expertise you need to
leadership opportunities, and higher compensation. It plays       make information technology work in the real world. Our program
a crucial role in your personal development as well as your       emphasizes practical implementation of next-generation technologies
professional growth.                                              in organizations, including computer programming languages,
At Chapman you can earn your degree sooner – and move             computer networking and database administration. You can earn
ahead in your career with year-round terms and selected classes   your IT certification as an elective option while you are earning
online. Get started today – call 866-CHAPMAN today for            your degree or receive academic credit for an existing certification.
more information.
                                                                  Criminal Justice (BA)
“Working toward a college degree as an adult                      Many outstanding opportunities are available for those who
                                                                  wish to prevent crime, protect the public and promote justice.
 can be amazingly difficult. The faculty and staff
                                                                  The program is designed for those with or without experience
 at Chapman understand this and do everything                     in the criminal justice system. Our cutting-edge approach
 they can to help you. You won’t find this level                  encompasses traditional and contemporary views, with special
                                                                  attention on solving problems that affect the fair and equitable
 of assistance elsewhere. The responsiveness of                   administration of justice in today’s urban communities.
 the university is what I would have expected
                                                                  Health Services Management (BS)
 from a smaller school. This makes Chapman a
                                                                  Immerse yourself in a multi-disciplinary study of health
 special place.”                                                  principles that support health promotion, disease prevention and
                        Heidi Doan                                population health management. This program provides the
                                                                  foundation and flexibility for accommodating the dynamic
          Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice ’00
                                                                  healthcare industry through an integrated curriculum of theory
           Master of Arts in Criminal Justice ’02                 and practice. Perfect for mid-career health professionals with
                                                                  expanding responsibilities, those seeking a new career and recent
                                                                  junior college graduates.
Liberal Studies (BA)
Chapman University College’s Liberal Studies program offers two emphases:
— The Multiple Subjects Teaching Emphasis: For the individual wanting to teach in an
elementary school classroom. The program also meets the stringent requirements of the
Multiple Subject Matter Preparation Program. This emphasis encompasses college instruction in
subjects commonly taught in California elementary schools (K-8) and is designed to prepare
you for direct entry into a teacher credentialing program.
— The Humanities Emphasis: Provides a more flexible degree completion pathway. It encourages
multidiscipline exploration to offers students from varied educational, work and life experiences
the opportunity to pursue intellectually challenging courses in language and media arts, fine
arts, and cultural and historical studies.

Organizational Leadership (BA)
Be prepared to harness the human power of organizations and become a leader, communicator
and creator of solutions. This interdisciplinary course of study anchored in humanities, social
sciences and communications provides you with the tools to become an innovative leader who
makes a difference in your organization and community.

Psychology (BA)
Help improve the lives of individuals and communities via health and human services,
management, education, law and sports. The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, methods
of inquiry, research methodology, psychology processes and the application of psychological
principles to diverse areas of human behavior.

Social Science (BA)
Whether your career goal is to become an anthropologist, archaeologist, geographer, historian,
political scientist, teacher or sociologist, this program will help you establish a firm foundation
for the future. This stimulating program will expose you to the range of social science
disciplines and their differing subject matters and methodologies.

Sociology (BA)
This program will prepare you for graduate work or entry level positions in careers such as
journalism, politics, public relations, business, law, education, social work, counseling or public
administration. By analyzing social life, social change and the social causes and consequences of
human behavior, you will learn unique perspectives on groups and organizations and how
people interact.

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